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  1. Hello, have a spare adult (£26) for Millwall away. I am southern based so likely will need to be exchanged on day in London / at ground.
  2. Was exactly the same in the pre match warm ups, literally not trying, messing around etc. Its that attitude that is keeping him on the bench and ultimately will end his time here if it carries on. Acting like spoilt child because he wasn't picked.
  3. Hull then? the game he went off before half time.
  4. I post rarely, but this tread on Fox has made me mad. Fox on a few occasions has been okay, half decent, done a job. Some are saying he tried last night and that is fine, but there half been a few occasions where this player has just given up. Someone mentioned earlier in the thread that when someone goes past him he has tried to kick or foul the opposition, that is clearly an indication of giving up. Not only that, but he has clearly just stopped running/chasing on a couple of occasions (a game last season (cannot remember which) and i think Wigan this. I can forgive a player who may be lacking in ability, but this player lacks desire, a will to win, the want to win personal battles if the chips are down and just loses far to many 50/50 balls at the critical moment. This is a cardinal sin and why Fox should never wear the Blue and White again.
  5. Beating Leeds would just paper over the cracks, and delay the inevitable. Since Ipswich away last season this has been the default performance on the pitch.
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned or shared, but this is a fairly new podcast (as per title) i discovered recently and in the latest episode (Championship Play-Off preview) they are very complimentary about our support last season at home to Brighton in the Play-off Semi, and of course at Wembley - basically saying its the best support they have ever experienced. On all your usual pod catchers and apple etc... Think these links will also do the job?! http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/321765155-ntt20pod-32-championship-play-off-preview.mp3 https://soundcloud.com/ntt20pod/32-championship-play-off-preview http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:225824481/sounds.rss UTO
  7. I disagree - but even so, Hooper will hopefully be back soon and he is the type of player that given the opportunties does find the back of the net.
  8. We do not need Rhodes. Waste of money. Lack of goals will be resolved if we start making more chances!!
  9. We need him in Midfield, he should of been in Midfield from the start of the season against the likes of Burton - i am certain we would have been closer to the top 2
  10. i believed after the Leeds game, we have no balls in the middle of the park. Too many tippy tappy footballers.
  11. As mentioned above, we dont play to his strengths. He needs ball to feet in the box - not looping crosses that go for goal kicks. We have barely created any clear cut chances and a poacher does not score if they dont have any chances...
  12. Westwood Hunt/Lees/Hutch/Pudil Lee/Bannan/Abdi/Forestieri Hooper/Fletcher
  13. If we are not close to a permanent solution @ CB get Sasso on loan now for 6 months, continue to search for the long term CB for the rest of the window or in time for the Jan window?
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