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  1. I bet on the pigs to beat us in every derby. If we win it feels like I've paid for the win which i'd gladly do anyway. If we lose it sucks but I can buy cocaine and hire a prostitute to forget my woes.
  2. Anyone else used to draw it on the back their school books all the time? it was nice and simple to draw (although i never got it perfect). Good luck to kids trying to draw the new one. They probably don't care :(
  3. We should have forced name changes for poo like this. Can I suggest fatbloketalksshit
  4. Would anyone else have taken Rooney as player manager?
  5. Yeh it's sh*t Even if it's the training kit, the main kit will have that pattern. Which is sh*t
  6. Not having Christiano Ronaldo in your best 3 is beyond risible.
  7. Are we sure he didn't just book him for taking too long?
  8. Signed. Played for them in the mid 90s, great memories (despite getting thrashed every week).
  9. I'm still passionate about my national team. I remember it was around 2000 it became popular to tell everyone you didn't care, when you secretly did. Imagine stopping to support a team just because they're sh*t :/
  10. I'd like to see a league table for all time transfer fees received. Reckon we'd be in the 3rd division.
  11. Yeh it was part of a (bobbar) joke. Seriously, that does look shoddy, especially considering what it costs. Shame cos it's a nice shirt.
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