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  1. Just on the name thing, even if the official did know everyone's name, it's not beyond the realms of believability that he forgot it at that moment. I don't think we can categorically accuse him of purposefully using his skin colour rather than his name to identify him, that would obviously be massively racist. Despite that, its in any case racially insensitive and the guy needs educating on the issue, as do some on here unfortunately, good luck to those who are trying.
  2. Caught the last 5 minutes on the radio. I could literally feel the release of serotonin when that goal went in.
  3. Yeh like I said, needless post but somehow you managed to post one equally as daft.
  4. It was a needless post but this is a bit of a stretch. The stereotype does exist
  5. FFS I wasn't trying to belittle your writing skills. I was politely advising the use of a space after punctuation. Until you called me a bellend, which prompted me to make a poo joke about you still being at school
  6. I'm sorry for your affliction. I was only being polite until you called me a bellend.
  7. Do I have this correct?.. Maupay scored and did the crying celebration and then actually walked off crying at the end? If so, that's some epic karma
  8. Seriously though, it'll come in handy when you leave school and you're writing application letters, CV's etc.
  9. I don't like being that person but you need to put a space after your punctuation.
  10. OP got off lightly here
  11. Exactly this. And they actually use it as an official reason as to why they won't look at scrapping parachute payments. Some clubs are good at managing finances, some clubs are good at spaffing their cash up the wall, can't be judging how fair these payments are by looking at the outcome on the pitch.
  12. I'm not arguing with the point, just that it has nothing to do with this situation. It's consumer rights, you've paid for a product and it hasn't been delivered so you should be entitled to a refund.
  13. They'd be mad not to offer a full refund. Especially without announcing that the players are taking a pay cut. If you as a fan feel you would want to support the club by rejecting a refund then that's quite commendable but to critisise anyone for not doing so would be laughable. 'Litigation era'
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