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  1. I really want to fill it with lego supporters and have a small section with angry faces gesturing towards the away end.
  2. Surely the compensation should also take into account the stupidly inflated transfer fees this window.
  3. Joost

    Loovens dives in a bit too
  4. Don't care who makes it but the sh*t new owl and the lack of stripes actually wee wees me off. Small price to pay I suppose.
  5. Hope Lee's back C'mon Weds!!!
  6. Swfc world record cake

    Wow, it looks both hilariously sh*t and absolutely delicious
  7. George Hirst Off!!

    Not even close. I'll go with the maldini's
  8. He's not really though is he?
  9. Might sound daft but I'd probably have taken a defeat with Rhodes bagging a brace :s
  10. Great tackle at 0:11 @ city's no. 4 thinking ref is a teammate
  11. U23s 1pm ko

  12. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    Agreed, awful song.
  13. It's been asked before. The answer is yes.
  14. 2mil for hirst

    Give the kid what he wants FFS. Leicester are willing to gamble 2m+ on him, so should we. Also he's hirsty's son, presumably he's an owls fan and we haven't had prospect like him in f*ck knows how long. This is what football should be all about.
  15. Female Lino

    Yeh I'm sure she expects it and I'm sure she can handle it. Doesn't mean there's nothing wrong with it :s I find it abhorrent personally but that's just my view.