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  1. ruusowl

    World cup bid 2030

    You mean 'couldn't care less'. Sorry
  2. Signed. Played for them in the mid 90s, great memories (despite getting thrashed every week).
  3. I'm still passionate about my national team. I remember it was around 2000 it became popular to tell everyone you didn't care, when you secretly did. Imagine stopping to support a team just because they're sh*t :/
  4. I'd like to see a league table for all time transfer fees received. Reckon we'd be in the 3rd division.
  5. ruusowl

    3rd Kit our tomorrow.

    Yeh it was part of a (bobbar) joke. Seriously, that does look shoddy, especially considering what it costs. Shame cos it's a nice shirt.
  6. ruusowl

    3rd Kit our tomorrow.

    Is that del boy holding up the shirt? I'd be surprised if that was real tbf.
  7. It's got us some much better players that have got us to within a few kicks of promotion twice in a row. Anyway, I'm not arguing that the prices aren't extortionate or that we shouldn't expect better results for our money atm. I just know that things go wrong sometimes and there are no guarantees in football. For me the sensible thing to do is give the manager at least till the end of the season to turn things around, because he's proved before that he can get us playing well enough and there's no guarantee someone else will do better.
  8. You're right and I understand completely. We pay far too much money to watch football as does every other fan in the country. Spare a thought for those fans who haven't had a rich owner take over their club and spent tens of millions on players. So yes, you have every right to complain but that doesn't have any bearing on whether sacking the manager is the solution to our problems.
  9. You lot are really impatient. Expect everything to go to plan all the time and when it doesn't you throw your toys out of the pram. So we've gone backwards a bit in terms of results, it wasn't that long ago we were showing promotion form, I don't see why we can't get that back. How about we do something completely different and actually give the manager the time he deserves to rectify it.
  10. ruusowl

    Adam Reach

    He's been one of our better players this season imo. Certainly not the reason we'll do roger all.
  11. Well I'm not saying he should be hanged but a lifetime ban from Hillsborough is a just punishment Imo that will hopefully deter others. I also agree that we should try to educate him but I don't see anything wrong with calling him a c*nt in the meantime.
  12. I bet he's not a decent bloke :/ What a strange assumption to make based upon the evidence.
  13. ruusowl

    Question to this chap...

    Can you add '(and the owl)' below it?
  14. I really want to fill it with lego supporters and have a small section with angry faces gesturing towards the away end.
  15. Surely the compensation should also take into account the stupidly inflated transfer fees this window.