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  1. Did nothing to impress early season but we offered zero creativity in most of the games he played a part in to be fair. We shall see.
  2. Very well done, I like the look of Brennan too. We look to have a defence for the future, fingers crossed.
  3. What a player we have on our hands and one of us too.
  4. I'd be more than happy to see Palmer and Penney get a run of games in the full back positions.
  5. A talented player no doubt, he's been fantastic in previous seasons but I wish he had been moved on when Brentford came in for him earlier this season. We always look for him to make something happen but he often plays too deep and he's not played to the best of his ability at all this season. It's time for a change.
  6. They're playing like they've not been paid. They don't deserve to be!!
  7. We are making Huddersfield look like world beaters. I'm starting to hate this team.....not felt this low about us since Irvine was in charge.
  8. Under Monk we were dull, rubbish and without a goal threat. The only game I've enjoyed all season was Cardiff away. Why are we worried about how we will play under a new manager?
  9. Rotherham have been much like ourselves this season. Play some neat and tidy football at times but don't create many clear cut chances. They also have an habit of conceding in the last ten minutes. The game will be close....could go either way but I'd back us to nick it 1-0 or 2-1.
  10. Yes. I think we will finish in the region of 14th-18th place which will be a fantastic effort from all concerned.
  11. Initially I thought it would be beneficial to offer both a one year contract. However, now we are starting to see a few new signings and more players being called up from the U-23's I feel we should continue freshening up the squad. It's been needed for three seasons at the very least.
  12. Fantastic news. Anything stated regarding the positions of Nicky Weaver and Lee Bullen?
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