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  2. He’s bloody brilliant, could listen to him all day. Excellent football mind and he just says it how it is.
  3. We have lots to learn but this is a new squad and it will take time. Today’s result is frustrating but it’s swings and roundabouts…….if Rotherham had scored that penalty last week…….that could have been a totally different story. Lets see what September brings.
  4. He’s right to keep a level head and he talks a lot of sense. I can’t help but like and be impressed by him. DM is the right man for the job and an absolutely perfect fit for us presently.
  5. Went with Iorfa, we really missed him last season and he makes a huge difference. That said, I’ve been impressed with so many so far this season and long may that continue.
  6. Fantastic interview, very natural and honest. Love his positive attitude.
  7. I was shocked with the team line-up at first glance but after thinking about it, came to the conclusion that DM knows what he’s doing far better than I ever will. Its also a long hard season and we need to use our strength in depth to its fullest even at this early stage. I will admit to being a bag of nerves during the first half, Rotherham had so much success getting down our left hand side but second half I thought we controlled the game well. Lady luck was on our side at times but that’s not a bad thing.
  8. It’s bloody fantastic, all we really want is a passionate group of players that want to be at the club and a manager and coaching team who have that same passion and a plan on how to progress us. Seeng the sheer joy and happiness on the players faces after everything that’s happened in the last two years is unbelievable. We are slowly getting our football club back. I was at the game yesterday but sadly not in the away end, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world though. It’s simply astonishing the turnaround we’ve experienced in the last two months to the point it doesn’t seem real. Exciting times!!
  9. I would be happy with this approach to every away game to be fair.
  10. Potentially back in this test, excellent effort today from the lads…….what will do without Jimmy? The England openers are difficult to watch…….I’m nervous every single delivery! I suppose we should celebrate the fact they play proper cricket………no chance of these two going into twenty twenty mode.
  11. My Mrs. is a Rovrum season ticket holder (nobodies perfect!). 21st August will be tense…….last season really didn’t go to plan
  12. Would be great news if we can make this happen.
  13. I believe in DM and the team he’s putting together. It will take time but I feel good vibes from the club, everything seems to be falling into place on and off the field compared to the last two or three years. I’m feeling positive about our club for the first time in ages and that make a refreshing change.
  14. I think if true this could be best for both us and Liam.
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