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  1. He's got plenty of time to make his mark in the game. The perfect example of that is already at Leicester, he's called Jamie Vardy.
  2. I wouldn't be against giving a young up and coming manager like Ryan Lowe a chance......Why not? He knows the club and would probably jump at the chance. We would have to back him though and give him time to get things right. Most of us agree that we have a squad the needs a major overall. It's going to be a very tough job whoever is in charge but I would prefer an hungry, young manager who will actually give us an exciting style of play and dare I say, a plan to move us forward in the short and long term.
  3. Good points mate. I can see why Fletchers wages might be a stumbling block which is understandable.
  4. Hope we keep Fox and Fletcher. The rest can leave for me. Thank you Kieran Lee, true professional and at his best, a wonderful footballer.
  5. I was 9 years old. It was a magical time but I remember being absolutely heartbroken after both cup finals......all three of them!! I could never understand why Chris Woods was Wednesday's number 1, never mind England's. He always worried me.
  6. The skill from Benny against Newcastle was wonderful. Just didn't like us being called "Sheffield" at the start off the clip lol. I'd forgotten about the Prutton goal, that was something special. I remember Akpo destroying Burnley for the first 20 minutes one season, that was fun.
  7. This. If we had kept Big Ron for two to three years we would have been fine. He was the type of old school man manager we needed at the time.
  8. This thread just highlights the fact we've had some right rubbish play for the club since around 1998. Totally depressing. Going back to the Coronavirus thread to cheer myself up!! 😂😂😂.
  9. Twin 😂😂😂 F OFF BARNSLEY!! Amazing halftime entertainment.
  10. If tonight's nightmare isn't virus related, it will be about these two!! 😂😂
  11. Reading this thread reminds me of something else I used to dread seeing......Potter and JOC in central midfield.
  12. This. Otherwise, I think they would've just cleared us of all charges relating to the mentioned individuals and the club.
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