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  1. It's shocking. We always look like we panic when getting a set piece. For every decent cross we see a dozen dreadful attempts.
  2. Ffs...have a bit of class

    United looked to have a good team spirit, were confident, aggressive and worked hard. Sky made the point more than once, that they have a formation and game plan that works for them and it certainly did today. We made errors, were often sloppy, in and out of possession and just looked slow and clueless at times.
  3. Calmed Down Thoughts

    Fantastic opening post, I can't disagree. I just don't see us making the improvements needed under Carlos and his coaching staff.
  4. Nightmare start but we can recover!!!
  5. A little perspective

    It was an awful day in our recent past. How soon we forget, never thought things would change for the better so quickly.
  6. I thought Joe Palmer was brought in last year to help progress us in areas like this? What's improved since? How are we moving forward off the field?
  7. Mansfield Town 15th July 3pm

    My partner lives in Pleasley (nothing to brag about!) so I will be making the short journey to cheer on the boys, if I'm allowed (constantly under the thumb alert!).
  8. Little thought, I've read a fair few comments stating the Wednesday strikers should have stepped up and took a penalty first and foremost, didn't Huddersfield have two defenders step up and score penalty one and two?
  9. Wolfmanjack

    Always enjoyed his posts. He gave his opinion and although it wasn't always shared by others, it didn't seem to bother him! Respectful, informative and a valued member of the site. RIP
  10. Can Pudil play CB?
  11. You've been able to get Radio Sheffield through freeview for a while now. Forget the channel number though!
  12. Spoiling Tactics

    It's part and parcel of the game. It can be extremely frustrating but it shouldn't be outlawed.
  13. 3 wins in 4

    We generally perform better in the second half of the season so if that's the case this year I'm sure we will be in the mix for promotion once again.
  14. Yep, we could really do with offloading a few who just won't feature, Lewis McGugan must be laughing all the way to the bank.