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  1. Hi Linzi


    did you have any luck with the tickets for villa away ? 

    1. NornIronOwl



      i know you think I’m probably torturing you but I keep missing out on tickets lol can you get back to ASAP thanks 

  2. Juan Cobian gave me, my brother and cousins a lift to the bus stop on Penistone Rd from the training ground back in the day, probably a bit weird if that happened now! Gary Cahill came into the sports centre where I worked a few years ago to use it for the day while he was back visiting his parents. Changed into full Chelsea training kit! Haha. I awkwardly told him there was a limit on the front car park so he wouldn't get a ticket, cringe.
  3. He is quality. Makes me laugh though because if Sasso had produced the same 90mins as Lees and made the mistake with the header at the end he'd have his own thread just for that, slating him.
  4. He kisses the ball too! Proper superstitious that lad!
  5. Absolutely shocking from the get go. People can say we need a new striker all they like, but with the creativity today we could have had any striker up front and they wouldn't have had any chances either. Didn't look like we had any idea what to do with the ball apart from pass it back, I'm all for keeping possession, but not like that. Didn't even threaten. Absolutely robbed PNE today. It's one game though, I'm not about to go overboard about it.
  6. Don't get the Palmer situation at all. I don't particularly rate him but I don't understand why he is constantly the scapegoat. Yesterday before the game even kicked off an idiot behind me was saying how rubbish he was, and at one point wanted the ref to send him off just so he wasn't on the pitch! Also, Loovens was playing him onside, if he had been in line with the rest of the defence it doesn't happen, yet I have failed to see many people recognise that? Maghoma also had far too much time on the ball....don't think we need to pick out individuals when the situation could have been avoided numerous times.
  7. One of my friends is a Norwich fan and he rated Hooper when they had him. First thing he said to me when we signed him was that he enjoys his summers too much and always comes back with a few extra pounds which is why he was down the pecking order come the start of the season. They deserve some proper time off though to enjoy their summers, I'm sure they will be back upto fitness in no time.
  8. I've just got back from the ticket office and they said it will be available at owls in the park
  9. Does anyone know if you get TPP for the preseason games? I was just going to pay on day for Benfica if not.
  10. I'm in with my inflatables and balloons!!
  11. haha I have a springer and he chewed up my Man City tickets, luckily they swapped them for me!
  12. I think that is only if you paid for special delivery. I didn't, mine came the day after I received dispatch email and they weren't signed for.
  13. I would probably contact them if they don't arrive today. Mine came the day after dispatch email.
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