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  1. Sunderland fans are all over this site checking us out.
  2. I will be in Brugge. Bad planning but home for second game
  3. Very possible. Hope any old friends see the tribute
  4. There will be a screen tribute to Trevor Beard on match day Portsmouth. Big match, and fitting that such a big crowd will be there. The kinda Day he would have loved so much.
  5. He would love a copy on his fb page. Lots send him old photos
  6. Feel sure a good one will become available, because we are planning a tribute through the club. Will add to the post soon
  7. Season ticket holder in the North Stand, for so many years. Plus a regular in the Old Crown match days. He will be so sadly missed by family and friends. Posted here, because I feel so many will know him. .
  8. So very sad, RIP George. Condolences to all his family and family.
  9. Renewed ticket and found I had a credit on account so discounted my new season ticket.
  10. 2 so-called top teams relegated, why not let Rotherham win.
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