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  1. Last cryptic comment to Rowett from Jeff Stirling was. “ you will get used to running the clock down again” won’t you. or something like that . Made me think he’s on his way.
  2. Old topic and spelling mistakes. Why did I bother. Bloody iPad predictive text. No wonder I don't post much
  3. Only my 39 th post in 8 years. So don't be harse. I already know it must be discussed every season
  4. Will probably get the we have discussed this so many times reply, but.... I went to my first game back in 1965. Yes that old, although very young for a a first trip to Hillsborough. My Grandad took me to games. He never in his life went Bumhole lane. refused to give his hard earned cash to them. We didn't call them pigs in them olddays. His name for them, like many others at the time was the Bacon Backs. Streaky bacon matching the Red and White stripes. Hence the name reverting to pigs in later years. How and why have they adopted the same name dor us? Only really came to mind with all the increased banter due to the current league positions and visiting Blades Mad for a laugh. They really are bitter and twisting peeps.
  5. Bloody well said. A voice of reason and poetry of note. I am a supporter of many years. I only joined this site at the time of real strife Ken Bates and Dave Allen fight for control of our great club. We will return. Its only the fact that the blunts are doing well that gets to people. Don't look. They have been above us for 10 years another one wont kill us. I know who I support. The negative posts on here after 3 months of "WE ARE MASSIVE" are very poor to say the least. Take the longer term view we will return. The season is far from over with many twists and turns still to come.
  6. job done, Reda got the ban sorted. We don't need a cup run.
  7. Thats really sad and shocking news, only came on to check the banter following the win, not expecting to find such bad news. New John back in the Sheaf and Robin Hood, days Really nice guy. if anyone knows funeral details, please send me a mail> away in Germany this week, but would try to get back. ibatty@veka.com RIP John
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