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  1. rawowl

    Bruce - Football Focus today

    Guessing DC was delaying the Jos sacking for as long as possible due to the Bruce appointment. Obviously the forum response forced his hand in the end. But now I can see why when fans are getting anxious. If he pulled the trigger early new year then fans would have accepted another 2 or 3 weeks to get the Bruce deal done.
  2. rawowl

    Bruce - Football Focus today

    I’m sure Bruce will be involved heavily with transfer dealings without him being involved in training or matchdays. I dont see the big panic.
  3. rawowl

    Is Steve Bruce the answer

    Which is interesting as Adam Reach would be one of those players. But is Reach sold in Jan to enable Bruce to bring in other signings. January transfer window could be nuts.
  4. rawowl

    Jos you've failed.

    And finally someone who really does “get it” come up with this excellent post. Top man.
  5. Also said Stuart McCall for his late equaliser against Newcastle.
  6. rawowl

    Bruce Grobelaar

    John Oster scored a cracker for them
  7. rawowl

    Ian Cranson??

    That was Steve McCall
  8. rawowl

    Ian Cranson??

    Darren Wood another poor signing around that time.
  9. I was told the phone was found at the pub and the lad who lost it has picked it up. Sarcastic comments in this thread and the thread regarding the vandalised cars makes you wonder about some people. WAWAW and all that ? Imagine if something happend to them it would be a different story.
  10. rawowl

    George Boyd

    I would say other than Reach he covered more distance than any other player on the pitch the other night playing all over the pitch. Cannot fault his work rate . yet another boo boy. Plenty of them in this squad who fans like to have a go at when we are not winning games.
  11. Is there a chance this could be on the red button ? its not a sat 3pm kick off so cant see why not.
  12. rawowl

    Give Pelupessy a break

    I thought he did well over the last 10 games or so last season when our results were so good. He's an easy target with many of the regular boo boys out of the side. He just has to accept it and get on with his game.
  13. rawowl

    Another pathetic manager

    First manager for years to give youth a chance and they don’t look like lost puppies. Jos has done a fantastic job since he has been here. of course they will be loads who don’t think this . They never will. Lol
  14. Yeh must have buddy.... good one ha
  15. It was the guy who sits behind me who lost his phone before the game. He has has given me a contact no if anyone found the phone. He thinks he lost it in the forty foot pub before true game.