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  1. Should have kept On reading shouldn’t I lol. POPES DEAD
  2. The NHS track and trace app can be used for that
  3. Another goal that stands out was a late winner at West Ham maybe 91-92 season. Our fans in the pen behind the goal went bonkers. Must be a clip of it.
  4. high profile players.... the type that have got us into this mess. Young hungry players are what we need via good scouting and then with good coaching improve themselves and improve the team and we then sell if big money comes in for them. I do think many fans would be happy to once again throw money around to gamble on promotion rather than draw a line in the sand and do things the right way even if it means the Premiership will be harder to reach . I know you personally wasn’t saying sign high profile players. And I agree with your post by the way. Just
  5. Do the EFL announce our fate or the independent panel ?
  6. I have this on VHS. 60 mins long. Deffo could buy them.
  7. exactly my thoughts too. And I still feel the same
  8. Imagine if they put a shhhhhT on official twitter account 20 mins before announcement ..... and it’s to deduct 21 .
  9. Maybe it’s going to be announced at the Carabo Cup 1st round draw at 4am on a date to be confirmed.
  10. Football fans forum where rumours and opinions are given. I need a lie down.
  11. Sorry if popes dead did this tweet from Nick De Marco make an appearance on here ? cant help but read it as he may need to work on an appeal .
  12. Back to Nick De Marcos twitter posts The time on the watch matches the missing slices of cake.
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