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  1. Joost the right man

    Agree. Watched him before kick off , he almost looked overwhelmed by it all. Think the heavy back pass was totally through nerves.
  2. Joost the right man

    Think credit to Osborn for the run he made. Very difficult to defend against, at least it pushed him wider and made it a tighter angle to score from. Lees still had half a chance to get a block in too. sometimes you just have to accept moments like that will happen.

    Nixon first to break the following Hunt, Bannan, Hooper, forestieri, McGugan, Wiggins, Mcmanaman, Rhodes, May, Abdi and pretty sure more than that.

  5. Nixon has some Wednesday news in today's paper. no idea what.
  6. David Jones today

    6th place and then 4th place finishes !!!! getting no where !!! I think we should have you managing the side. You seem to know what it takes to finish top two. Not Jones biggest fan, his role will never get the glory. But did his job today, made enough tackles and moved the ball quite well at times. Id have Hutch there every week when fit but as a back up he does a job.
  7. Can you name the player?

    Has to be Barry
  8. Mr Tom Lees can I have a dayoooooo
  9. Foreign centre half

    Nixon on the money again.
  10. George Hirst send him out on loan

    Apparently in the stands tonight at the New York Stadium watching Rotherham v Man City u21s
  11. That bannan goal

    Would have been very similar to a Glenn Hoddle goal Against Watford years ago.
  12. Djourou deal back on ?

    A good scratch ususlly sorts that out.
  13. WAWAW????

    never seen a team perform when fans are negative. Team might not deserve it after Saturday but the fans should get behind them Tuesday and Saturday. Give no excuses for poor performances.
  14. WAWAW????

    Have I missed something ? awful yesterday and performances must improve on that performance. BUT so far that's a one off game. We finished last season winning 6 out of 7 of our last league games to finish 4th. And then drawing two playoff games. Hardly manger sacking / black balloon protest form. As every season, ill start to judge them after 4-5 games in. Not after a poor opening day 90 mins
  15. Excellent overlapping run from the fullback and cross for the Villa goal . We could do with some of that ...... Oh it was Alan Hutton !!!!