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  1. Decent start by my picks. Starts getting serious now though .
  2. Speith been in great form for well over a month. But a late finish in Texas cannot be good with The masters only a few days a way. Mentally draining, I just can’t see him winning because of that. Justin Thomas for me. His all round game and form makes Him the one to beat. My fave player John Rahm just had a kid so can’t see him being ready this time. Bryson still not ready for Augusta. Hope a few from the pack are in the hunt on Sunday. outside picks Will Zalatoris 80/1 ew Max Homa 90/1 ew Mark Leishman 100/1 ew
  3. It felt wrong typing that figure. I hope I am wrong. I remember when we beat Leicester on sky to go top of the prem in 95/96 season. I think we had 18K there that night. I really do think there would be a huge drop especially if we didn’t recruit well in the summer.
  4. If/when we go down to league 1, what will happen to ST / pay on the gate prices ? I can’t see an average home gate of over 10-12K if prices stay as they are or increase (surely not) I reckon plenty have already fell out of the routine of going sadly since Covid happened. what will DC do ? Spanner in the work is fans still have multi year STs after a threat that prices could go up significantly if we got promoted. (Even though TV money would have meant ticket revenue wasn’t as crucial in the Premiership. surely DC isn’t going to expect attendance figures
  5. Bonus. Strange one tonight. I tried to watch on the mlb app on the Amazon fire stick. Did not let me login , did not recognise the username/password. it was the right password as I can watch on both iPhone/iPad and my laptop. Bit annoying as it would be good for the big screen on the tv. anyone else use a firestick to watch ?
  6. Nice one I cancelled last season and made do through other ways. I’ve took the £21.99 monthly option up. Well worth it.
  7. Has anyone managed to sign up to MLB.tv yet this season. I have had an error when trying to do it. It’s 155 dollars with the tax on.
  8. Your right about how little there is other than a short sky promo. Maybe because it’s still at beta stage and they will push it later in the year.
  9. Neil or anyone else who watched the Arsenal v Leeds game on Sunday. What’s it like ? Would it work with a full stadium, Would you watch all the game Using the headset or would you do 20 mins here and there. probably April by the time I get mine (decent idea for a birthday present, and just got the PS5 so not sure could justify getting this straight away but really intrigued to see what it’s all about as never experienced VR.
  10. I’d be up for fantasy league if you needed players.
  11. this looks ace. Playing golf during adverts , half time etc . Also the table tennis game looks really good. Seems like pretty close to the real thing listening to reviews.
  12. You have sold it to me ( easy prey). I get wifi pretty good in the garden . Can it be used outside ? Weird question but not seen any vids of any use other than inside .
  13. That’s what I can’t get in my head when you say 100” screen . I’ve seen vids on tv but obviously not the same view from the headset. The games would be an added bonus . It’s the sports for me that would sell it.
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