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  1. rawowl

    1st fixtures

    That’s the rumour going around.
  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5852641/Fulham-keen-Sheffield-Wednesday-forward-Fernando-Forestieri.html
  3. The last place we need to strengthen is up top.
  4. Gazza 1990 spurs won 4-2 Lineker hatrick. Gazza was unplayable that afternoon.
  5. rawowl

    Destructive critcism

    Mick Hennigan.... reminds me of going to reserve games as a kid mid 80s with my dad. He just came across as a bully and could imagine it wouldn’t take much for him to fall out with someone .
  6. rawowl

    Dejphon Chansiri club statement

    One good thing that has come out of this season is fans seem to be more comfortable and accept that we will look to blood more of our youth players rather than throw millions at players who may or may not even be better than what we have. The “I want an umpa lumpa now” mentality seems to have disolved and we need to be more creative adapting the squad to stay within the FFP limits. the injuries could have been a blessing in disguise. Who knows Carlos may have got us top 10 with only a few players missing but would we have seen the likes of Wildsmith, Dawson, Thorniley, Baker, Clare Stobbs get valuable experience. also we have seen a new life given to Venancio, Joao & Nuhiu under JL. it will be interesting to see how the pre season goes this time around.
  7. rawowl

    That Noise

    I remember an even worse screeching sound at Maine road in the mid 90s when we played them.
  8. rawowl


    Saw that, actually thought at the time it was for the save itself Dawson made in the passage of play before. i think he was a bit rabbit in the headlights 1st 20 mins not helped by the yellow (not his fault). After the team as a whole settled down after we scored , he got into the game and broke play up well and did the job expected of him. hard job to do especially in a weaker side than we would usually expect to see. One of our problems was the lost the midfield very early , a Bannan and Lee combo in front of him would be a huge help for that role.
  9. I read it as players prefer to be played in there correct positions and played to there strengths. Surely this makes them happy fun is going on holiday , theme park etc. they are professionals who play football for a living. Work hard win games and they will be happy. Have fun after the season has finished for a few weeks.
  10. rawowl

    Jos Luhukay

    It’s his win ratio with us that will matter. Agree with an earlier post, because he’s unknown over he and people can’t pronounce his name, he’s being written off by many . who knows !!!
  11. rawowl

    1/6 the new manager

    If bookies arnt sure but a story like the stars come out they will just kill the odds or they will get hammered.
  12. rawowl

    Simon Coleman

    My memory is him giving a penalty away at Forest for handball. Lost 4-1
  13. rawowl

    Graham Hyde

    Paul Williams tap in.