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  1. Radio Sheff Adam Oxley tweeted it was a manager announcement . may be wrong but that’s what he put .
  2. Your right it needs to be sorted ASAP. makes you wonder what has gone on behind the scenes. Is it really as simple as DC just given Bullen a trial to see if he could earn the job and be a safe cheaper option. I’m still confident that this will happen. If there was nothing in it either Wednesday or Lincoln would have dismissed this through the press quite quickly. Sometimes the contracts are that complicated it can take time for them to be rubber stamped. I guess the Cowleys will hold all the cards on this occasion and will want to make sure they don’t lose out if it did go pear shaped. 100% think nothing will be said until this is a done deal or falls through. It would cause carnage to build fans hopes up if it didn’t happen and we had to fall back on Pulis (example)
  3. Because now with social media we see the leaks from a very early stage. We want to know everything all of the time, when it goes quiet people can’t cope and show off. we either get them or we don’t simple as that. I’m sure DC is as concerned as us.
  4. Thats how these things work but our fans give up unless it’s positive news. just let this play out .
  5. Wife and Four children based in the south of England. Does he wait for a better option closer to home. A young hungry manager would make the move maybe someone financially secure can afford to wait for other opportunities
  6. Hughton now 1/2 on Skybet. Going for a lay down
  7. This is how the Bruce to Newcastle betting went .
  8. Ruling current bookies fav Coleman out because you think he would have the job by now if it was going to be ? dont get that at all. Interviews and negotiations can take time. I’d say he’s in the mix along with Rowett.
  9. Sat with a Newcastle fan today on the kop who thought Lazaar and Aarons would do very well for us. He thinks Aaron’s should have been more involved at Newcastle and things he must have had a fall out with Benitez for him to be frozen out.
  10. What I don’t get is the people who think Nixon talks crap actually follow him on twitter and read and comment on Nixon threads on Owlstalk. just stay clear and spend your time doing something else. crazy fools . A. Nixon
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