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  1. If its a system error and today is probably the busiest day of renewals with it being the deadline. Surely they would extend it. but saying that i imagine will be fixed this morning at some point.
  2. Just a heads up that Sky worlds did the first 180 pitch view of the season at the weekend. Liverpool v arsenal on Sat and Spurs v Leeds on Sunday. saw a few last season but with being in empty stadiums was hard to stick with. a full new spurs ground was made for it tbh and with the Leeds fans bottom left gave interest off the pitch as well when viewing. There was only the one view high up on the side on halfway. But its a great way to watch the game .
  3. I thought the exact same last night during the game.
  4. Tua beat Bez … thats all im saying
  5. Harsh that he is judged on the levels that Iorfa and Hutch are at. He’s more than competent as the back up centre half. And like a few said would deal with the big target man better than most. Hope the fans start giving the Dunkleys , Patterson’s, etc a bit of a break as long as putting a shift in when they play. 14 new signings this summer I don’t think replacing anyone else in the squad is the answer for the next few months.
  6. nice one . I ordered 2 this morning on line and collected this afternoon. Glad I sorted today and didn’t leave till tomorrow as would have been stressed out with it
  7. Update on mine. Ordered 2 new STs this morning online and just collected both cards from ticket office. Queued for about 1 hour 15 but was expecting longer and no issues when got to the desk .
  8. I’m in same situation as you mate apart from I bought two new season tickets this morning. totally understand it’s not straight forward when leave this late. And understand won’t be straight forward getting response on phone now I’m panicking because looking on the club website it says deadline is Friday 13th Aug for this phase . I am assuming today is the last day and it wouldn’t let me make the purchase if was off sale. guess it will be a trip down first thing in the morning and take a bit of pain for not sorting earlier.
  9. Did you sort that out mate ? I’m in similar situation. Bought 2 season tickets this morning (don’t ask why left so late lol) i understand ticket office will be mental today and tomorrow so would be more than happy just to print off the tickets for Donny and fleetwood rather than collecting at ground . cannot find a way to do it on the ticket site and obviously no chance getting through on the phone line
  10. I wondered if this might have been to put some pressure on Sims to make a decision using our local media. But it looks to be happening .
  11. Think we would be signing someone to be a back up. Not going to get someone of real quality now. Just a body who has some experience at this level it seems.
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