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  1. Barcelona will, and almost always do what they want.


    Many years ago a Spaniard told me that if a Catalonian, or a Spanish bank chose to call in its debts there and then, it would do them more harm in the short time than the football club itself.





  2. Top 4: City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea


    Relegated: Fulham, Bournemouth, Leeds


    Left field bet: Nottingham Forest to finish higher than Leicester.


    Top Scorer: Salah


    First sacking: Scott Parker


  3. I don't have a problem with anyone coming on here and posting, providing it's respectful, or even friendly banter.


    The Sunderland fans are alright on here, as is the lad who supports Derby.


    Christ, it's a hundred times better than the Rovrum fan who pretended to be all nice, but never took long for his true, bitter twisted hatred of us to come out.


    I find that supporters of clubs who aren't historically classed as our rivals, but do share similar size fan bases are in the main, decent enough folk when it comes to posting on Owlstalk. 





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  4. 4 minutes ago, bladeshater said:

    Me and son were both owed 140 pounds each we just put it in our club account for future season tickets/match day tickets it's not as if we're never going to attend a game again 

    That’s all good and well, but some people may have had to look at life a lot differently as a result of the lockdowns etc. 

    When it comes to watching football matches or trying to rebuild from a huge hit in your own personal income streams, there’s only one winner, or at least there should be.


    The only loser in all this is the club itself. Chansiri once more showing his true colours, not to mention his (lack of) business acumen.


    Its shameful and shouldn’t even be happening, not at any time, least of all on the eve of a new season in which we all are expecting the team to push heavily for automatic promotion.

  5. 7 minutes ago, abrodie2002 said:

    True, but teams like Luton, Bristol City and Millwall who have all been linked would more than likely guarantee game time for him at a higher standard of football. Played last season in League 1 so you’d expect Newcastle would want him to step up to Championship level next.

    Would love to be wrong, but just feel we’d miss out on this one

    He was playing in League Two last season.


    I agree though, if he goes anywhere this summer then it’ll surely be a club in the championship, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steve Bruce connection means that’s West Brom. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Sham67 said:

    You only need pace if you’re looking to play on the break against better teams.  It’s not needed for a team that will totally dominate the opposition.

    Pace is ideal when your winning a game and the opposition are pushing in the later stages, especially from out wide. During Carvahal’s first season he used the somewhat limited but extremely quick Jeremy Helen to good effect in that regard.

  7. 11 minutes ago, yeadonowl said:

    Personally think we need 2 forward thinking players 


    If Wilks is brought in then I’d like to see a penalty box type of striker to feed off knock downs and to be in the right place at the right time. A Ryan Lowe type of forward

    Lee Gregory is already the Ryan Lowe type player. Look back at his goals from last season and the vast majority were scored from close range. The finish against Portsmouth and the goal against Sunderland instantly spring to mind. 

    Gregory’s movement is also a bonus and every time I saw him last season, his first touch when the ball was played into him was always a quality one.

    Him and Smith up front will cause defences in league one a whole load of problems. That’s without talking about Windass, who could easily be given a free role behind.


    Personally I think the type of player we need to look at bringing in is someone with good dribbling skills, pace and the ability to really stretch defences by getting in behind. 

    Overall I’m pretty happy with the recruitment so far. We’ve added experience (Stockdale, Vaulks, James) a promotion winning captain (Ihiekwe) extra height (Heneghan & Bakinson) and a player who scored for fun in the same division last season (Smith) 



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  8. Buffon is the best keeper I’ve seen in my lifetime. Neville Southall was up there with the best.


    A few years ago I’d have said Neuer. Fantastic presence between the sticks. 

    Right now is tricky. Allison and Ederson are both excellent modern day keepers, but not necessarily the greatest shot stoppers. De Gea trumps them both on that score.


    If I’m going for what I think is the best in terms of all round game, then I’d probably have to go with Donnarumma. 



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