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  1. Due to the demand, we have now booked an extra coach, so places are available. Booking Details Here
  2. And he's been called a lot worse than 'Old Man'. Can I thank you all for this thread. I was always told that you can never get the years back. Thanks to you guys, I feel like I have just relived 2005 to 2009 all over again. JG
  3. SteelOwl I will be in the Wednesdayite Lounge on Saturday - 12 noon to 2:45pm. If you can make it, come in and we can have a chat. That invite is open to others of course. JG
  4. If, like me you are having problems seeing the website, use Google to search for wednesdayite.com and click on the cache link. That way, if you scroll down, you can see the text of what should be appearing on the front page. At least shows you that it is being updated!!JG
  5. Tooled up??? Are you both coming the the Wednesdayite Lounge? If so do I need to get a metal detector on the door or shall we add to the entertainment with one of those body scanner things with an output to the big screen?
  6. As usual, my colleagues on the Wednesdayite board will be 'on duty' and very busy in several practical ways before the match on Saturday. They will be: - operating the car park (note: you only have to use it 5 times during the season to recover your membership subscription); - distributing Smile Tickets having done all the liaison work with the SCH and other organisations during the week; - Taking bookings for the Wednesdayite Away coach; - working on a 'special' this week of sorting out the buckets and volunteers for the Help for Heroes collection at the match. I have the 'soft job' of opening up the Wednesdayite Lounge at the Niagara as usual at noon tomorrow. I'm quite happy to listen to your views and concerns and to try to answer your questions if you would like to come along. CTO pm me with your email and I will try to answer your questions directly John
  7. Emails have been sent out regularly - the last one was a couple of weeks ago advertising the discussion meeting with LS and the one before that was about the Phil King Charity event. If you are not receiving the emails please pm me with your current email address. We haven't issued printed newsletters for some time - instead we now have a page in the SWFC match day programm which is posted on our website after each match along with other information. JG
  8. Stalker alert! At least I was going past Napoleans!
  9. Actually, as it said on the tin, the meeting was for people to ask questions and get answers - about the past year and the current state. Some of the people who were there -and asked questions - have been to previous meetings, some have even had their individual meetings with Lee. So thank you to all those who attended and especially those who asked questions.
  10. Isn't that the question which was being asked in the idea thread?
  11. you need to check with Jeff - see phone number above.
  12. Open to non-members too - its free but please register using the link above. JG
  13. Yes the web cast (by Arkamel) of the meeting last year was very successful and the effort from several people which went into the process was very much appreciated. We haven't planned to web cast the meeting this time but we will be looking at ways of distributing any information, which comes from it. If you wish to attend, please help us by Registering Here where you can also add questions or comments which we will try to include during the meeting. Thanks JG
  14. From the roundabout at the junction of Penistone Road and Leppings Lane, follow the signs to the Niagara Centre Have a look at a map here: Wednesdayite Lounge
  15. There will be an update on the Smile Tickets next week on the Wednesdayite page in the Doncaster Match day programme. There is also a piece in tonights programme about how some more Smile Tickets were obtained and used at the Plymouth match. For those of you who missed the earlier update (back in November) £3500 was raised by donations from fans. With the help of the club, this was used to purchase 21 season tickets. These were then converted into match day tickets which are distributed, match by match, by Wednesdayite. Thanks to all the fans who donated. Our Smile Ticket fund is open for donations on the link given above. JG
  16. We are aware and are trying to get it sorted.
  17. payment pending note received - thanks dc
  18. Thanks to you too Freshfish, Paypal donation received. JG
  19. Thanks Gandia Owl and Steve. Paypal payments received. Your generosity is very much appreciated.
  20. If you do this can you please pm me (Attica) and tell me your email address and how many tickets you have paid for. This will help to speed things up. Thanks for the offers guys. John Gath
  21. Steve Have a look at our Smile Tickets Scheme http://www.wednesdayite.com/members-servic...le-tickets.html I am talking to James to see how we can help with the generous offers GandiaOwl and others have made. John
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