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  1. People often say that no-one is irreplaceable. This certainly does not apply to Steve Adams, it will be impossible to replace this great guy who got on well with everyone he met, and always worked his socks off with cheerfulness and massive enthusiasm. He was always happy to stop and chat about all things Wednesday. I am sure that his friends, all Wednesday fans who met him, the schools he visited, Wednesdayite who helped to fund his Tricky Wingers activities, will all remember him with fondness. My sincere condolences to his family. I will miss him and his “See You on the Far Post” farewell. John
  2. Oh and despite what the blue spectacled person might have suggested (sorry I lost track of most of it) we are not interfering in any way with this new group.
  3. The arguments on here were, especially lately, primarily personal disputes and were not related to the work which Wednesdayite was doing to ensure that the core activities could continue. These include getting the car park ready, sorting out the Lounge arrangements, setting up the Away Travel for the season, making arrangements for distributing Smile tickets and of course the Primary Schools coaching scheme - as well as planning what could be done in the coming season to support the SWFC Academy, Community Programme and SW Ladies. These have all being going on for many years now and we were determined that they should continue despite the recent troubles, so a decision was taken to concentrate on that work and not get embroiled in the ever expanding personal disputes on here. The new season's membership is now rolling out with the delivery of membership packs and car park permits (including concession permits for disabled members). Recently we supported the Owls in the Park day by making the car park available free, after spending a lot of time time cleaning it up and remarking it. The car park was ready and made available for home and visiting fans for the friendly match this week. It will be all systems go when the League season starts and a members meeting is taking place shortly. It has been a busy time for the few people left on the Board but the work has continued - behind the scenes and out of the limelight - as has probably been the case too often over the years! Hope that helps. John
  4. Are you paying the royalties this time Simon?
  5. Grandad's got a bad back and enjoyed the match in an Exec box. I've got a bad back but sat in my usual seat in the North. If only I had a cushion........ What I saw on the pitch was just like those heady days of 1974. I could have put the cushion to good use.
  6. Let's be honest. Gone are the days when someone like Jack Walker could pour money into his home town club for the passion and glory. That is now beyond the reach of anyone likely to have any affinity with the Owls. Anyone investing in anything these days whether from China or elsewhere, will be looking to generate a return of one kind or another and these days they will probably be looking much more short term than in the past. There are several examples of what happens when investors move in to football clubs looking for a financial benefit. Rather than looking at Chelsea, which is a very special case for several reasons, look at Man U and Liverpool and then look at Birmingham and Blackburn and then look at Portsmouth and Coventry to see the range of possible methods and outcomes. MM keeps referring to 'our club' and says he is looking after it and will make sure that it is in good hands when he moves it on. I really do hope so! But I can't help being nervous when I look at what has happened elsewhere.
  7. First match in 1953 on the kop. Sat in the uncovered seats in the South Stand behind the home dug out from 1973 where we endured the almost goal-less 1974/5 season. The 'dialogue' between the fans and the dug out and Director's Box during this period was much more entertaining than what was happening on the pitch. Thinking that things could only get better following the arrival of Jack Charlton, I bought our North Stand season tickets in 1979. I've been there in the same seats* ever since, first with my dad, then with my son and daughter, now with my grandson. From the depths of 1975 to the delights of 1990 to 1995 and the spectacular days at Cardiff in 2005 and at Hillsborough at the end of the 2011/12 season, the football has been emotional. At times, in the last few years, it's been a bit interesting off the pitch too! And as S&T Owl says, we still have a club to support and in its own stadium. Let's make sure that continues. (* Not strictly true - the actual seats have been replaced a couple of times!)
  8. Anyone hit on the head by a carelessly swung rattle would certainly add a bit to the atmosphere.
  9. You can read article here: http://www.wednesdayite.com/voice/programme-notes/972-wednesdayite-programme-notes-v-millwall.html
  10. What Darra said. Keep up the good work and let's hope the other groups trying to organise can follow your example.i
  11. From what I have seen from the edges of this affliation process, there hasn't been any attempt by Wednesdayite to take over, dominate or influence what you guys in the East Midlands are trying to do. Nor do I think there will be. We at Wednesdayite have been listening to what people have been saying and for the last couple of years we have been trying to work out how we could get best help local groups of Wednesday fans to get their own communities established. If any of you saw the presentation which Eddie showed last year, you will have seen that this was part of the way forward which we had been asked to develop by our members and others outside the organisation. It really is sad to see upset being created unnecessarily for a group of fans who are working hard to help their local colleagues. They, and otherslike them in different areas, are doing what they can to put into practice the very things which fans have been asking for. The aim surely, is to create a federation not an empire. Far from increasing Wednesdayite's control 'by the back door', if successful it will allow more fans, local and distant, to be influential and develop their own groups in their own way and then influence the way Wednesdayite (and other groups) work. Thankfully, it seems that those who still want to maintain the splits, fragmentation and antagonisms are getting fewer in number. These days, WAWAW is more than just an acronym. John G
  12. Why are we still obsessed with giving United any credibility at all. They have done as they were told and have gone. We are The Wednesday - This City is Ours.
  13. Interesting sales pitch - was it in the t&cs Won't spoil the day but I won't be ordering anything from them again.
  14. If you don't like donating over the phone or on-line, you will be able to donate some cash at the Wednesdayite Car Park or at the Wednesdayite Lounge at the Niagara on Saturday. So let us all have a great day on Saturday and share some of the good feeling with the people at Bluebell Wood.
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