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  1. In for Peter Zulj at Sturm Graz apparently. Austrian international midfielder.
  2. If that video is a collection of the best things this lad has done on a football field in the last couple of years, I'm afraid its a no from me.
  3. I would be absolutely amazed if we got a transfer fee for Big Dave. Just amazed.
  4. Bad news for the medical staff, they'll be worried about their jobs.
  5. I'm as Sheffield as walking down Wincobank hill to meadowhall and then not being arsed to walk back up so waiting an hour for the number 38.
  6. I think we may have to wait a bit longer for the loan market to pick up, it gets stimulated by the big boys settling their 25 man squads, which has thst ripple effect down the league. Hopefully we'll be one or two ripples further up the chain this time.
  7. Compare how we started against Brighton to how we started against Hull.
  8. This thread has got awesome potential.
  9. Madness isn't it? Worried about a transfer embargo so we impose one of our own...
  10. Has any club actually ended up paying a FFP fine yet?
  11. This, certainly for the time being. As things stand our best XI appears to be slightly stronger with the addition of Fletcher (this is assuming the Pudil deal is in the bag), and none of the loanees from last year were in 'first name on the teamsheet' positions. If we can add quality to mean that the likes of Wallace and Lee arent good enought to get in that XI, then we truly are in business.
  12. A few of the kids got game time v Alfreton but wouldn't be in line for the bench let alone the first team. When people talk about capitalising on last season i think of upgrading on the likes of Sougou, helan, palmer with players that would improve the standard of the first team.
  13. I couldnt imagine Sougou would be considered a first teamer, the lad has been terrible every time ive seen him and didnt get a look in during the last third of the season, even when fit again. Very poor player.
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