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  1. Only at weekends with his high heels on...
  2. I really do think Dawson could do a job for us in league one, he would be a solid league one player although I really am not sure if he could make the step up to championship so I would say if we can find better then absolutely go for that but if push comes to shove there is no point in breaking the bank if we can't really get better... He did amazingly with Exeter at league two level, he struggled at championship level so I think league one is his level..
  3. Given his contract status and age who would offer much more than £500k, we could not find an alternative to him for that sort of money... Didnt we pay around £850k for Winnall and he was much younger... Unless someone comes in with a bid over £1 million then we should not even entertain the idea...
  4. We don't own the ground, DC does, we just rent it so presumably money spent on the ground by DC do not count as part of ffp?
  5. Knowing our luck they would sell him and not pass on the 20% and then declare bankruptcy..
  6. He is staying.. We had a poor start to the campaign but as pointed out if we had hit the ground running we could have got auto's... We have a bit of money now.. Moore did pretty well in the transfer market last year, we have some crucial business to be done this year but hopefully we can concentrate on getting some youth into the team and kick on.. No point in hitting the reset button again as we will just end up in the same place as last year..
  7. No way should Sunderland or us be in this league, Sunderland have been in league one for 4 yrs and are too big of a team and have too big of a support to be in league one... I feel for Wycombe cause I kind of feel like they got cheated last season after it took the EFL so much longer to do a points deduction on Derby than it did us which would have meant they stayed up.. But their time wasting and cheating tactics this year has lost all my sympathy for them.. So I hope Sunderland go up next season, not just because of that but also I don't want us to have to face Ross Stewart again... There was not a lot between the teams but you deserved the win overall..
  8. Didn't we do the same with Carlo's.. Ok not quite the same as he overspent and obviously promised promotion.. However we got rid of him after not making it past the play-offs.. That has not worked out quite so well now has it... Sunderland have been in league on for 4yrs, and there is still no guarantee they will get out this year, with Derby and Barnsley coming down next season and either Wycombe or Sunderland staying in the league it will once again not be an easy task to exit the league.. Darren Moore managed to get us into the playoffs with a rag tag bunch of players that he managed to put together for free, hopefully he will have a modest budget this season so we can keep the top performers and try to get a few diamonds to kick on and be a real force in this league... When you look at the second half of the season and the results we got then we were automatic promotion contenders, what will be important is that we don't have the injuries we have had to endure this season and that we hit the ground running... Bringing in a new manager now will mean it will take time to adjust and we will be back to square 1... End of last season nobody expected an automatic return to the championship.. We have work to do... If you still think Moore should be replaced I will say one final thing.. IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN SO MOVE ON...
  9. To be fair the additions in Jan made a massive difference to our defensive record..
  10. Interesting, although they seem to get injured in games rather than on the training ground... Which would suggest more of an issue with conditioning etc... I think DC has said before he would like us to move training grounds, so would make sense if that is the long term situation that he would not want to plough millions into changing the surface if there is other plans in place to move. Only this year he said it... https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/need-to-move-chansiri-on-owls-middlewood-road-training-ground-going-forward-3581427 Hopefully he is working hard to find us an alternative, especially if it is a highlighted problem..
  11. No we paid him way too much Gregory could have done better.. He sat on his arse for months and then refused to play, he could have been the difference between staying up and going down... So nope.. Bannan and Palmer and Hunt I hold in much higher standing, true loyal servants to the club that should be admired..
  12. Im not so sure, we have Gregory and Windass, so it would make more sense to get a young hungry striker... unless we can get someone like Cole Stockton, although I think he will be looking for a Championship move..
  13. Gregory does that job well, need a Ross Stewart next to Gregory and we would p^^s the league... Although more importantly we need a goalkeeper and additions to defence BPF is not coming back, he was hear for development, its worth enquiring but we should move on very quickly..
  14. There is a lot of work to do for next season. Keeper Wildsmith looks to be shown the door, Dawson could be given the nod, it is not likely that BPF will come back to Hillsborough as reports are his loan spell was that of development, we will need a new keeper either as a backup to Dawson or preferably as a new number one. Defenders We need some more options, Lowe has said he wants to assess Storey in the pre-season so it is not likely we could get him, Harlee Dean is 30 now and we need to lower the team age, these were both important players for us that will need to be replaced Midfield Probably our strongest area however we could do with some more youth as it is an ageing midfield, Bannan will be at the heart of midfield, Byers adds a bit more youth and plays well with Bannan, with Adeniran coming back next season will feel like a new signing, maybe a fast winger or wing back. Strikers Gregory has show he can do his thing at this level, Windass seems to be an ideal partner for Gregory, however I still think someone like Cole Stockton would be a great addition, or some young prem star on loan... We have some work to do, for me number one priority is in goal, BPF was great but I do feel like he took time to develop and that cost us some points at the start of the season, the defence also needed an overhaul in the middle of the season so sorting out the defence will also be important.. Then it will be scoring goals, we made a lot of chances last season but were not clinical enough infront of goal at times so a big signing would be good..
  15. Moore built a team with basically no money, trying to attract players to a toxic club and turned them into promotion contenders.. At the end of last season most were thinking mid table, we had a rough start to the season... We still have a lot of areas to strengthen, especially between the sticks, BPF at the start of the season is a totally different keeper to the end of the season, thats why Burnley wanted him to go out on loan, I don't know if we will be able to get him back, I guess a lot of that will depend on which league Burnley are in next season.. The team too time to adjust, but we have more of a core team, it would be great to bring in one or two of the loan players and keep some top performers that are out of contract so we can hit the ground running, add to that a couple of top league one additions and we should be looking for auto's next season.. Is Moore good enough, yes, and we do not want to start from scratch again, that would be a backwards step.... Moore has done amazingly well second half of this season, lets see that kick on into next season..
  16. Bannan is an amazing player, especially in league one... He is a true servant, he could have gone this season and played in the championship, he probably could have earnt more money doing so... But he stayed because he is loyal.. Even if we wanted to cash in on him then he is 32, who is going to pay much for a 32 year old? We do have an issue that we have relied heavily this season on ageing players, frankly they have been our top performers, Hopefully we will have some money to spend this season.. Last time we were in league one we didnt have DC's money, we have been hampered this season by what went on in the past but we should have the financial might to produce a strong team next season... Sunderland imo should go up, we gave as good as we got and there was little between the teams... We need to rebuild, lets hope Moore can have another season of picking out some gems..
  17. Agree there have been times we have been very poor, we need to regroup and hit the ground running next season..
  18. To be fair I think we cancelled each other out, it was two well worked goals and a mistake thats the difference between the teams, really not much between us.. We just need to regroup, rebuild for next season...
  19. Well done Sunderland, Wednesday can hold their heads high, two very good teams tightly fought game
  20. Looked like it to me.. Player on ground threw himself in the way of Wndass... But ref not in a good position
  21. Seems like a strong line up and looks like we are going to go for it.. May the best team win...
  22. If Moore wins the next two games it will shut up all the haters, if he doesn't then it will make them louder, especially if we have a slow start next year. Surely comes with the territory.. I think he has done a decent job.
  23. Its Wednesday so we will go 2-0 up, then Sunderland will score with just a few mins to go, it will go to ET and Penalties... 50/50 who wins..
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