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  1. In other news.... Stable door just closed 6 months after the horse bolted.. I doubt this really means anything much apart from it would put off any other potential owner who might want to buy us and build us a lovely new modern stadium... Oh well I guess we will have to stick with DC... That was the Trusts aim right? I mean I doubt it makes any difference, if we can't sell middlewood ground which would be a lot more development potential then Hillsborough we wouldn't have much chance anyway.. I love the old girl but I wonder if it would impact any potential development of the stadium which may not be such a good thing.. Unclear of any advantages or disadvantages, I dont think there was much danger of Hillsborough not being the stadium of Sheff Wed and there could be some negatives to this so could be a bit of an own goal or could be good.. Personally im like meh...
  2. Sheffield Wednesday desperately want to sign you.. Oh ok, who else is interested? Anybody else? Literally anybody else? Well Sunderland might be interested.. Yep ill sign for them...
  3. That would have been great, an evolution of the old girl, creating a modern stadium while still keeping its character, every stadium has to evolve.. I don't know even if we were in the prem if we need a stadium as large as ours, not sure if we could turn some of the seating into more modern corporate boxes, although not sure if they would sell.. I hate to say it though but I think Sheff Utd have actually got the better idea, having something like a hotel attached to the stadium that would help pay for the maintenance seems like a good idea.. We could probably make more of our facilities for conferences etc, I think more was being done before covid..
  4. Come on you got to have a bit of character, can you imagine if we all drove exactly the same cars an lived in exactly the same houses.. There has been so many grounds that have been lost or could be lost that had/have so much uniqueness.. You think of Highbury with its iconic facade.. Craven Cottages John Haynes Stand.. Maine Road.. The old White hart lane... The iconic nature of away games, visiting the various different grounds, comparing the good and the bad to your own ground.. But home was always your home ground, its unique quirks.. But its that variety that really makes a something iconic, you look at Hillsborough Stadium and its no mistaking its home of Sheffield Wednesday,, You look at something like the stadium of light and oh is that sunderland, or is it Derby, or Cardiff, or Swansea or Reading or southampton... The list can go on, yeah they are convenient and look all fancy but they have no soul, no history, each on of our stands has a story to tell.. Maybe I am old fashioned but would you drive 100miles to go to a different McDonalds? No because they are basically all the same..
  5. Do you not think though that those generic stadiums are all the same, there used to be a day where in a quiz I could name almost every ground from a photo... With all these modern flat packed stadiums they all seem alike.. I get that there is a huge advantage to a new modern stadium but I really hope we don't get one too soon... Still life in the old girl..
  6. He will fit in very well with the rest of the team... No wonder he wants to come here.
  7. Yeah given what happened at Newcastle do we really want to trade one inexperienced naive chairman with a complete muppet?
  8. To be fair I dont think he is probably used to failing in business and constantly failing.. Probably similar to a gambler who has lost big but is still trying to double down and think but if I put a big bet on this outside chance which I am sure will happen then I will not only regain all my loses but make a mint..
  9. We are where we are... We can't buy any players only free's and free loans. Moore has done ok at best with not being able to spend anything having to create a team from nothing.. If we got rid of Chansiri and we got rid of Moore we are still going to be financially in the same position. I think Chansiri has learnt the lesson, admittedly the hard way, he took a gamble and it failed. Chansiri has a lot to answer for but frankly so does the EFL.. I mean just look at leads, they went into voluntary administration in 2007, we did basically the same sort of thing and gambled but instead of going into administration carried on.. Look at where the two teams are now. If I was Derby owner I with relegation almost a cert I would go into administration and start up again to try and avoid the sort of penalties that are still put on us.. Hopefully next year we might be able to spend a bob or two but given the whole covid issues and being in league one I dont think it will be easy. I know Chansiri needs to take a lot if not all of the blame for our current situation but have to say in the last year or so given our situation he has done about as well as he can and he continues to pump money into the club, who else is going to do that? As for Moore, well his tactics are questionable, we have an unbalanced team and an injury list long enough to keep Bupa smiling, BUT he has had no money to spend, from what the players have said coming in he obviously has been a key factor in them coming to the club and I really can't see a better replacement that would actually want to come here. Unfortunately I think our season is basically over at this point, We can't get rid of Chansiri and frankly I despite his mistakes I dont think he is doing too much wrong at the moment, and as for Moore I dont see the point in changing manager now, having to pay him off and paying a new manager when we arent going to do anything this season with whoever we bring in. Do we stick with Moore or try someone else for next season... I don't know, I think it will depend on can we actually spend anything in the summer and can we get better, maybe Moore just needs some better help, some kind of tactical advisor. (Or just someone to tell him to stop playing players out of position)
  10. Why have we been so injury hit for many years now.. Its not a new problem.. Although losing to Shrewsbury is no offence to them who are doing very well but embarrassing. The problem is just when Moore looks like he should be sacked he puts together a run of decent results.. We will probably lose the next three matches then win 3.. And so it goes on..
  11. So are we still lumbered with him? Is there a two way recall so we can send him back?
  12. He is 73... And would he actually come here? What have we got to offer, no funds for transfers.. And a squad that is lacking so key players. Just cant see it..
  13. The issue of not enough goals still exist from last season... And we still have an issue between the sticks, BPF is better than we have got but nothing special. Were laking in defence.. It wont be easy to fix these issues.. L1 is a tough league to get out of, looking at the clubs that could come down this year its unlikely to get easier.. Were a few players short of a top L1 team, those players would make the difference in the silly last min goals we have conceded meaning a draw rather than a win and scoring a few extra goals turning a draw into a win..
  14. Genuinely though before we start the Moore out... Who would you get in to replace? Is there anyone better that would be willing to come here, we had a merry go round of managers last season, that didnt exactly work out... Sunderland are in great form, it was always going to be tough. We need to strengthen in the transfer window, Moore at least seems to attract players.
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