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  1. Who on earth would want to buy us at the moment? I know DC has made some mistakes, big ones but the alternative was Allen, DC is investing as much as he is allowed (And a bit more). I mean were really moaning after decades of neglect that our chairman has invested too much money in the club. Yes its not all been spent wisely but hindsight is a wonderful thing... To be fair from the clubs statement it sounds like they checked with the EFL that they were happy with the sale and now they have for some reason decided to change their minds... Not exactly DC's fault.
  2. What are those robust rules? If there was a piece of land next to your house where only you and your neighbour could gain access and you and your neighbour really wanted to have a bigger garden, that land in essence is pretty worthless however as the only land available and two parties desperately wanting that land what it sells for and its inherent value can be two very different values... What the EFL are trying to imply is that if the ground is sold for more than its value then its dodgy, my point is lots of things sell for way over their inherent value.
  3. this is ridiculous, the value of something is based on what someone is willing to pay.. Valuing something like a football ground is extremely subjective and there is also emotion involved. For example i'm sure to the 85 year old lady down the road the ground has not value to her. It may only be worth that much to one person, just like i am sure certain sentimental items may have very little value but certain people would be willing to pay a huge amount, in this sense as there has been a sale then the value is what was paid, even if it is only worth that much to that one person. This is just the EFL not happy that a few clubs have found loopholes in their stupid rules so are trying to make up new interpretations of rules to try and punish them. Mind you given what happened to Bury it does make you wonder if the EFL see clubs as an annoyance to their organisation that they would rather be without.
  4. Basically its like going to the night club and managing to pull a right stunner, way out of your league (Bruce). then you are disappointed when her head is turned and they go off with the much more handsome fella at the bar (Newcastle). The problem is now you have had a stunner you think your standards should be much higher but in reality your not as attractive as you think and need to accept to lower your standards or it will be another night on your own with mother palm and her five daughters. We have no budget for new players, we have a mid table team but we expect playoffs. We have a few players that are really high earners but don't fit into the system or just have not performed for a number of years. There are much better prospects for the likes of Hughton that know if they come to Wednesday and don't deliver which it would be very difficult to deliver it would harm their earning and career potential, Hughton is the stunner and just as Bruce found out if you let an ugo pull you then the stunner might not be too happy as they might feel like they are out of your league. Well it made sense to me anyway... :)
  5. Nah just say sorry the club needed money and Newcastle had the money, we managed to get a few players in with it which is what was needed. Now we've fleeced them lets get on with the job... Agent Bruce out..
  6. That's the bit that scares me, We have not got the best track record over the last few years.. hopefully lessons have been learnt.
  7. Would it not be a bit of a stain on his career? Saying that you could say a big pay day when he is sacked.
  8. To be fair I think the championship season needs a squad rather than an 11.
  9. To be fair I got banned because controversially years ago I was against the owls trust when we were trying to find a buyer at the time when most peoples opinions were that Allen should sell the club to the owls trust but that's another story. Not sure why it says I have no posts.. probably any I made fell out of date.
  10. You may very well be right, although if he is unceremoniously sacked after say 8 losses he might have something to prove.
  11. Bullen is doing great I totally agree but will be have the contacts and the know how in the transfer market... he is a legend at the club I kinda don't want him to spoil that which I think it will when he gets the sack. Its only been 4 games and last 2 have hardly been convincing.
  12. Ok so ive not seen this anywhere on here but here me out... Bruce has not exactly got off to a flyer at Newcastle and is bookies favourite to be the first to get the sack. Personally although I don't like he left us it was for his boyhood club and it was his last chance to manage them which you can understand, the way he went about it was not great but I think given its likely the additions were Bruce and co's players he did put us in a good position and unlike anyone else could come back and know the squad... Would the players be happy to see him return? Would fans be happy to see him return?
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