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  1. Agree, its not the Wednesday way to beat the odds... Even if we make it to the final day, we will bottle it... We always do.
  2. There seems to be a definite different tone to DC in this meeting, everything is about SWFC being sustainable, he is happy for the club to break even. The problem is even under Dave Allen where we spent very little the club could not break even, now we have more outgoings by way of having to rent the stadium. There is no way the club will break even, especially in league one. Look at how many clubs make a profit, there are one of two ways.. 1. Be in the prem with all its riches, especially if you are a massive club like Man Utd etc then you get all the european money
  3. Most bizzare moment.... end of last season - Monk having guided the team up to third just before christmas goes on an appalling run of games that sees the club tumble down the table and mean that points deduction is delayed till the next season as it would mean relegation... DC decides - Yep he is definitely the manager to trust to rebuild and move forward... (We all know how that worked out)
  4. No.... If it does come about it will take years.. Its more likely a power grab for the big 6 to get more money.
  5. I think. EFL - 5% - They screwed up the points deduction and dragged it out, if we had the right points deduction of 6 points we could have had it applied last season, there was definitely a point to prove. Chansiri 45% - We all know he spent too much which got us in this situation, he should have sacked Monk sooner and as the man at the helm must bare the brunt of the responsibility Players - 15% - Players have to take some of the responsibility, there is not many players that can hold their heads high and be proud of how they have played through this season. G Monk
  6. Instead of us would be nice... But not likely..
  7. I totally share that, however who would you rather face in league one next year?
  8. With Derby really trying to get relegated... Who would we rather have relegated with us.... Rotherham or Derby
  9. That sounds horrible.. Really wish he gets better, I am sure he will be watching the game and can be ready to make decisions of who stays and who goes but its more important that he gets better... Puts things in perspective.
  10. If you draw 2 games you get 2 points, if you win 1 and lose 1 you get 3 points... So I think the saying comes from the fact that you should really go for the win as even if you only win just over a third of those games and lose the rest you are still better off. In reality some you will still draw so all you really need to do is win a quarter of the games you were going to draw so its worth going for the win in most occasions
  11. Improvements in the club will take time... This is a great sign, would love to see a few of these players in the final games and/or next season. The name meantioned Alex Bonnington is 18 so why not, just tell them to ignore the relegation battle, its over we are down, just go out there and enjoy yourselves and show what you can do..
  12. First thing we should be doing is any player that will not be here next season should not play another game. We should have a look at any youngsters and give them some game time to see are ready to step up to league one. We should be looking at any potential targets for league one, highlighting where we need to improve the squad, working out our budget. Getting a small team of scouts to identify potential prospects. We should be looking at premier league youth teams and starting to see if there could be any season long loan deals for some up and coming stars.
  13. I think the problem is who would come in with the club in the state it is in? There must be so many other clubs that are a better prospect, we have massive overheads, an old ground (Which we dont even own now), a lower income level fan base (Im thinking comparing to london clubs), playing staff and coaching staff is all over the place. Chansiri has made so many mistakes, his heart is in the right place and we almost made it to the promised land but he rolled the dice and we lost, now we are paying the price for that. We all know Chansiri needs to get people in to stea
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