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  1. Well Hull have made it clear they don't want him and agreed a fee and now want more, they are playing a risky game as we can just move on to another target.. Not like there is a lot of interest in him apart from us, given that if they do come back before we find someone else I would offer them half what we initially offered.. Deserve them right..
  2. That can be an issue however when you go up you get more money... I think the important bit is that we are not paying them too much so if we do need to get rid of any players we can sell them on to the likes of Derby next year... The problem with loans as we have seen is the reason teams send out players on loan is to develop them or get them match fit.. We saw with BPF that second half of the season he was so much better than the first, now I know part of that was the system and defence but he did cost us a few points with his inexperience at the start, that was the difference between playoffs and autos... Clearly Moore is wanting to get experienced league one players in so unless we get players like Harlee Dean etc then think we still need one or two more, we have really so far only got players on free transfers, we need to concentrate on getting promoted and not presume like its a done deal as its going to be another tight league this year..
  3. I'm not too bothered either way, he would surely be 4th placed behind Gregory, Smith and Windass anyway so only reason to pay any money for him is age and he provides something different but given last year a dip in form and injury problems, add to that he is in last year of contract... Not really worth that much imo..
  4. Just look at some of the top teams in that table though, they are hardly Man Utd or Chelsea etc... What it shows is how much money DC has pumped into the club and continues to do so, football clubs don't make any sort of business sense, not many people have bought football clubs and made money, they are play toys for the super rich, a status symbol, rich people own cars, really rich own yachts and planes, super rich own sports teams..
  5. Given his age I can't see anyone offering us more than a couple of hundred thousand which we wont be able to replace him with so can't see him going anywhere.. If someone does want to pay silly money then obviously we would be silly not to cash in and if it allows us to go for someone like Alfie May then fair enough..
  6. But what if we get three injuries or loss of form, maybe we should get two more.. It is generally agreed that you should have two players per position, we always have the loan market and the likes of Cademarteri, not ideal but my point is do we want to spend a lot of money on a player that is technically out of form and injury prone? I would rather give Cademarteri a start if needed... If we can get someone in that is better than we have then yes but I am not convinced Wilks is any better than Gregory, Smith or Windass.
  7. Lets not forget although Wilks has a pretty good league one record, its only about 15 goals a season and last year he struggled with both form and injuries... We all know we have over paid for a striker that used to be good in previous seasons then ends up losing it and has injuries.. When you compare him to Smith, also would you put him in above Smith or Gregory, presuming Windass is going to be played out on the flank? (Otherwise above Windass) It would be a great headache to have..
  8. No parent should outlive their child, has to be one of the worst pain's and feeling of injustice... Thoughts go out to Paul and family at this tough time..
  9. We have Windass, Patterson, Gregory and Smith.. I mean ok Patterson is more of a utility player, not saying we couldn't do with another striker but wouldnt say we desperately need another striker...
  10. Do we desperately need him? Surely we have enough options, maybe someone on loan if needed.. Would be a good addition but no need to break the bank.
  11. Yeah but bet Rotherham wont let them train with them... Seems a bit petty but I can imagine DC doing the same in a similar situation... Few days wont make a massive difference..
  12. We will see.. He got 25 last season, if you watched us play we often created soooo many chances, we were lacking in the clinical phase.. Smith clearly knows where the back of the net is..
  13. I would have liked a bit more youth but given the fact so far they have all been free transfers then I think we have done a great job.. We have a decent keeper, bpf had a few clangers and he cost us points in the first half of the season so to have such a good keeper from the start for me is more important.. Smith is a 20 goal a season striker and for free whats not to likr
  14. We needed someone to actually score last season, a 20 goal a season striker for free is a great bit of business despite his age, still has a few years in him yet and a real statement of intent..
  15. I know everyone dismisses this competition but for that very reason I think its great, we can play a few players around the fringes of the starting 11 to keep them match fit and some youngsters can play in a competative game, see what they can do, would be a great test for Cademarteri..
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