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  1. Well thats season over if we cant beat Shrewsbury.. Different players, same result.. What is up with us. Derby to get promoted before us..
  2. Anyone can miss a penalty.. You wouldnt be saying that if he scored, we seem to be all over them
  3. Great review, was a bit long winded though and too much detail for a thread all of its own. My review.. Yeah he's done alright so far...
  4. When I watched it I was thinking the celebrations were worthy of the level of that competition... Men vs Boys..
  5. 8.5/10 Some really exciting signings but we still miss that goal scorer but given the budget that was always going to be a challenge and if Windass had not got injured it may not have mattered so much but would have like a prem youngster forward. So much better than last window though and the capture of a top quality keeper who I think would be no1 in most Championship teams is amazing, Moore has done fantastically and really dont think anyone else could have done better so should really be 10/10 but you know we expect a lot.. The difference has been I thought this season was going to be mid table then push on next season but instead we have a team that I would hope would get into the playoffs as a minimum.
  6. Ladies of Sheffield beware... Lets hope he starts scoring as much on the pitch as he does off the pitch..
  7. Sounds like he knows how to score... Shame he is not so prolific on the pitch.
  8. I think it highlights this league very well, Sunderland have a stadium that can hold nine times the amount of fans than Accrington. A team with 49,000 capacity stadium in league one, that has what financial fair play has created.. Its ironic because big teams going down like us because of financial fair play issues just causes them more problems with less revenue but you cant get away from big overheads, not like you can easily shrink a ground to lower the overheads. Thankfully we had a load of big earners leave or we could have been on for more points deduction for sure..
  9. I think any striker we could get in would be no better than we have.. Decent strikers that score goals tend to be a highly prized commodity.
  10. Before the start of the season I think we would have taken this and there will always be games where you dominate but somehow lose, thats the joy of football and will be a memorable victory for Morecambe. But its over a season that matters, we are a strong team but its league one, just look at the sort of teams that are in our league, there is a reason they have struggled to come straight back up. Morecambe have a lot of heart and I am sure we have and will play worse that this and come away with a result. We have time on the training field, time that Moore needs.. Windass will come back at some point and will add that clinical finishing, we have so many options now, first half of the season is just about keeping ourselves in the fight which we are doing..
  11. Not really, its a tough league and its a reality check what a lot have been saying, we still lack without Windass that goal threat.. We just need to be there or there abouts and wait for Windass.
  12. Looks like it just isnt gunna be our day.. We still have a new squad and things need to come together, we are still having a good start to the season..
  13. Its always the way we play though, we bring it against the higher teams and seem to flop against lower teams, to be fair though Morecambe have been unlucky so far this season where as we have been lucky.. So I guess its just working itself out... Its one game, away from home..
  14. Had almost forgotten about Windass.. We are not gunna win every game, its a shame if lose this game but we have probably won games this season that we have not necessarily deserved to, thats the way luck goes..
  15. Real test of this team.. We still lack that real goal threat, I really think that is all this team lacks, the Maclean type player..
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