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  1. There are too many teams between us and playoffs. Its likely another team will go on a run which would block any hopes of playoff for us. Still think though we need as many points as possible to avoid relegation after the stitch up hearing and inevitable points deduction.
  2. Tough one to call. I would like to think we would have a good chance of defending ourselves given the shambles that is the EFL... However more of my thinks its gunna be a stitch up so I would go 12 point deduction.
  3. This is a complete ******** take. The amount of money they have earned then they just shaft us.... This is why the championship should have been cancelled for the season. If we get relegated now its a complete joke..
  4. I was trying to find it but yeah look at the spelling of official "Offical" Twitter really should ban these sorts of accounts that are clearly trying to imitation companies people or organisations.
  5. HMRC don't seem to have had an issue with it which seems strange to me. There are two ways of doing accounting, Cash accounting and traditional accounting. I am only guessing here but basically the difference is one is where you account for the money when the money comes in/goes out, the other is you account for it when you invoice or when you get and invoice. Both are valid accounting practices. I would guess SWFC have used traditional accounting and so have put the sale in the year when it was invoiced rather than when the money was actually paid. As far as HMRC would be concerned my understanding is that this is fine. I think EFL have an issue because it is being used as a loophole and are throwing their toys out the pram cause its not in the spirit.. I could be wrong but that is my guess. Im sure there is more complications to is.
  6. There is no way that you can call SWFC a business. The guy has pumped in so much money that even if we reach the prem he would not be likely to get the money back. I don't get the impression he is doing it as a good business move, its more of a play thing but fair play to him it would be easy given the grief he has faced to just cut his losses and go enjoy his money elsewhere but I think he is a very honourable man and would see that as a be-trail. Given the alternative of Dave Allen calling fans cretins and taking legal action against innocent fans I will take Chansiri any day.
  7. Has this been moved forward so when they find us guilty (After a fair hearing of course) They have time to squash the enevitable appeal before next season starts?
  8. I would say any waiving of FFP rules while also punishing us meaning we get relegated would be grounds for a legal battle.
  9. So totally independent and not being influenced by other clubs or the EFL then... Sounds like a fair hearing is definitely going to happen.
  10. Hmmm I dont think this is good... EFL statement - Sheff wed will have a fair and unbiased trial which starts on tuesday, they will then get a points deduction in 3 weeks time. Maybe ive been watching too much Monty Python.
  11. Norwich City vs Everton... Crowd chanting "United till I die" and "Come on you reds"... Game stops for and injury - Crowd Gasp at a missed shot... Seriously though is there gunna be a delay between a goal and the fans reaction? I just cant see how they can get this right without it sounding a odd, wait to be proved wrong though.
  12. I think some players may be more concerned about finding a new club than a short extension.. For some they might find a new club willing to take them on from 1st July. They may not want to risk getting injured. I see several staff/players have tested positive in the prem.. what I want to know is will teams be expected to still play if they have one or a number of players self isolating.. A return to normal training and if one catches it then it could quickly spread to others. Hardly seems fair if one team has half thier players self isolating.
  13. What will happen if one team gets a possitive result and the whole team and opponents have to isolate for 14+ days.. Will they still have to play thier fixtures? How many players need to be off before the fixture is postponed?. Its not a case of if this situation arises but when, footballers are extremely low risk of dying but they can still need to isolate and get ill so unable to play.. What if clubs cant afford to pay players an extra months pay for those clubs with lots of players out of contract, could those players demand massive pay rises to play the extea month. All it will take is one player to refuse and there will be litigation if that team is relegated.
  14. I wonder if any points deduction could be applied to this season... a 9 points deduction would if no other games are played keep us up on goal difference.
  15. It may be attractive to the prem to have 23 teams next season as it could appease sponsors and TV rights etc if although they miss out on some games this season they get more next season. It would also be obviously beneficial to the EFL as they allow the teams at the top to be promoted avoiding at least some of the possible litigation. All we know at this point is our hearing is in July so any points deduction will be for next season and so far the Prem and EFL are determined not to cancel this season, it all adds up to the perfect storm for us. Maybe if this is the plan they will reduce the points deduction but given how the EFL have come after us I doubt they will do us any favours and although I doubt they will do anything on purpose to screw us, if it is a byproduct of a decision I get the feeling nobody in the EFL is going to stick up for us. We will have to wait and see. I would like to think things with change in football and in life in general but companies will still exist, profit will still be king and we will very quickly fall back into our old ways.
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