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  1. I dont know we seem to have been playing better since it was shut, maybe thats the solution...
  2. You would have thought after 7 games or so under Pulis he would have had one eye at least on the management recruitment front.
  3. Cant you remember DC doing this exact same thing during a transfer window? He will wait till the end of the transfer window before appointing any manager to make sure he has an excuse why no players were brought in.
  4. By your rating then Pulis should have been a low risk... That did not work out so well.
  5. hopefully free's up enough wages to get a couple of loan strikers in..
  6. Totally agree. I think Wildsmith is ok as a deputy. I would love Westwood to stay but the problem I see it is with the wages he is on you need a decent keeper that can play basically every game. I just cant see that from Westwood, I still think he is good enough, probably not as good as he has been but way to prone to picking up niggly injuries. Would love to see him stay at the club as a goal keeper coach or something but that would mean a massive pay cut. Hopefully if we can manage to stay up we can regroup after the fiasco of the last couple of seasons, if our championship status is se
  7. Who ever we get I bet DC will wait till the end of the transfer window so he does not have to spend any money on new players or loans.
  8. If we have any chance to survive, westwood is the key
  9. I think some called it on here when Pulis was appointed that the tactics would be too defensive and they were spot on. I wanted to give him every chance but have to admit even I was running out of excuses. Lets hope we can get someone in and they can get a few reinforcements as this squad is not gunna save us from relegation as is.
  10. What the actual f**k. This has to be a bust up between Pulis and DC. Pulis has been awful but come on you cant make gourmet food with a bag of rice and a tin of lidl baked beans. DC has a history of creating termoil at the start of transfer windows to hide our lack of signings. I get the feeling there will be no new additions this window. Looks like we need to look at league 1. Always tried to defend DC but think he has either run out of patience, run out of money or gone mad.
  11. Windass is the only decent signing Monk managed to make. Him and reach are the only players that look like they might score. I am not apposed to selling as I think in the past we have not sold players when we should have but £400k when we just spent £500k on him would be nuts. If we could get £3m for him then I think we need to sell.
  12. Thank god the football calendar is not the same as the yearly calendar or we would have been relegated for sure..
  13. Its all relative... Compared to some of our players he is great. The bar is not low, he knows where the goal is at least.
  14. I think Windass is a great player but I see him as a supporting forward, like attacking midfield in a diamond midfield or as a slightly less forward in a forward 3... However we will never play this way so he will always be out of position. A great player but in a position that is not needed in the modern game. Needs to adapt to either being a midfielder or a forward.
  15. I dont think now is the time to offer a new contract but I think clearly Pulis is an admirer of Westwood and clearly rates him higher than Dawson or Wildsmith, not that that is saying much but I think decent keepers can be hard to come by. If Westwood can stay fit for the foreseeable future and keeps playing like he did today then I think we would be mad not to offer him a contract. A new contract is his to earn... I would say though some sections of our fan base and the frankly unmerited stick he has got I would ask the question would he want to stay here? I can u
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