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  1. Glad i've put me specs on now. At first glance i thought it said Sheffield Wednesday Hooligans LTD. Had visions of a board meeting with New chairman Tommo, Treasurer Sammy, and a board consisting of other people best described as characters. On the plus side the first motion passed would have been a posse visiting Gibson for a chat
  2. Whitham for Wednesday Cassidy and Barker for cunthorpe (as it used to say on the old scoreboard when it was on its last legs Along with Frimsby)
  3. Alan Woodward Shoveling S**T Tony Currie walks on water (na na na na nah the barsteward sank) We took the shoreham easy easy Bertie mee said to Bill shankly Tony Curries got VD, he said yes what a mess, so have the SUFC If anyone can pop these oldies but goodies onto a USB stick for tomorrow it would be much appreciated
  4. Birmingham came on twice in 71 &72 and stood up the top not the middle. BLUNTS??? where did you dig that from. I can categorically state they NEVER came on our kop with any intention of trying to take it. Even in Gerry Youngs testimonial when they had the numbers, they still went up to the high point of the kop and steered clear of the middle. The month of January 1969 was one of the worst. Leeds in the 3rd rd of the cup, it was going off all afternoon. 2 weeks later v Man City huge brawl at the back of the kop at the final whistle went on for 10/15 minutes. Then Birmingham in 4th rd of cup. They brought a good 15k and had a few thousand next to the middle section, again going off all afternoon. It happened and as much as the liberal left would like to, you cant rewrite, or erase it from history.
  5. If it can happen, then a front 2 of Winnall & Hooper and get a couple of million for Rhodes maybe, got my doubts about Hoopers fitness though,so could Rhodes do the job under the right manager? .Not forgetting wide men who can actually cross a ball consistently.
  6. funeral is at 1.30 Grenoside north chapel. Wake after at SWFC .Both carparks open until 9pm
  7. Funeral now 1.30 to allow crematorium time to prepare. Turnout will be massive
  8. Since the greatest game ever seen at the shrine. Coming back from 4-2 down to beat European champions Manchester United 5-4 (should have been 6-4!!). How time flies
  9. Port Vale away when the stadium announcer said "Will the Port Vale fans please evacuate the spion kop" as hundreds of Wednesday fans hurtled across the pitch towards it. We lost 2-0 in another abysmal performance so had to find entertainment somehow!!. Yet 3 nights later went to first division Wolves in the League Cup and caused the upset of the round, winning 2-1. The iconic picture of Rodger Wylde kneeling in front of the 2k Wednesday fans massed on the south bank. Great night that was despite it getting a bit lary at times towards the end and outside afterwards. The team stood their ground on the pitch and we had no choice but to do the same off it!!
  10. Before 10 minutes later bulletting in a great header....past his own keeper. Bournemouth league Cup
  11. That suggests this is taken against Man Utd the famous 5-4 in 68. They had loads on the kop that day mainly congregated around that side of the kop. Bin Dippers always went on Lep and pigs only ever had numbers right up on the peak top right hand. Nobody else in red brought numbers to Hillsborough in those days
  12. Don't think Everton had conceded a goal in the cup until the final. Although I was only 5 at the time, I still think a CH pairing of Hickton and Young would have seen us through, but what happened, happened and we can still be proud of a very young side who played every game away from Hillsborough and almost won it.
  13. It was Gerry who "scored" a perfectly good equaliser against the Bin Dippers in 68 which was disallowed. This then led to the famous cushion incident when hundreds of cushions were hurled onto the pitch from the north stand delaying the last 10 minutes of the game by about 15!
  14. Sad news. Good old school Wednesday lad RIP Steve
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