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  1. Oh dear. Like so many other "good coaches" terrible manager!! So many of our players at the time praised his coaching methods , which is bizarre as they managed to lose so many games!! ,Never mind though We were the East Bank Republican Army!!
  2. Just heard the 70's terrace legend Sammy is no more. RIP Sammy
  3. August 1st onwards. "Plenty going on in the background. Waiting for the chairman to come back and give the green light, so we can get one or 2 over the line/ in the building/through the door". Sit up and watch SKY sports news until COB and constantly hit the refresh button here. So Business as usual
  4. As well as FF supposedly joining the pork, I heard a less convincing story Fletch was also discussing with them as well. FF has now sorted his house in chapeltown and appears to be moving to the south of the city , so something on that front could well be happening.
  5. No doubt someone else has posted this on the 17 pages somewhere, but hes signing for grunters!
  6. Turner Rodrigues Clements Smith Pickering Craig Knighton Hornsby Sinclair McCulloch Curran
  7. In the mid 70's it was midfielder Phil Henson. Skinny as hell but a lot of ability. Out of place in the 3rd division, he generally got kicked all over. Sadly some of our fan base really gave him the dogs abuse, for what I could never fathom out. Truth was he was too good for us at that time
  8. A programme from the away match at Man City played 07/09/1960 a 1-1 draw. The day I was born. My kids managed to get me one for my 50th birthday
  9. Eric Potts, when married, lived in Chapeltown and used to jump on the chap supporters coach at 1.45. We parked up in Law brothers car park and Eric would sprint round with his carrier bag to the ground. The Port Vale 0-3 game we had the joys of watching the home debut of the worst keeper to ever pull on a Wednesday shirt. (he made Ola Tidman look like Lev Yashin) the legend known as Barry Watling. Vales first shot a tame 25 yarder head high went straight through his hands
  10. The game you are talking about, we won 1-0 courtesy of a Bobby Brown goal. It was early in the season and was an early goal. In the dying seconds Bolton won a corner and Alan Gowling put it into the net, but the ref had already blown the whistle as soon as the corner was taken, so it was disallowed. The season before, we played them on a wet foggy February afternoon. It was a re arranged game and was on the same day as the 4th round of the cup. We had just signed experienced keeper Bobby Ferguson on loan from West Ham. it wasnt an inspiring debut from him as we were 4-0 down at half time. We d
  11. No idea fella. Was somewhere around Wadsley Bridge when the alleged incidents were taking place. Would you like me to pass on any information i may glean?, You are clearly keen to find out. Whats up, do you secretly desire to get involved with the more aggressive side of football?
  12. Sorry Belfast I was waiting for GEOFFREY to come out of his attic and give us the benefit of his expert opinion. You cozying up nicely with him though I see. All puritans together. Those that understand, no explanation is required. To those who don't no explanation is possible.
  13. Just got through to him. Yes tickets still available
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