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  1. I'm more bothered about us not having a decent keeper between the sticks than bringing another striker in (well aware we already have a decent keeper and we just choose not to play him)
  2. Skysports.com are saying 500k transfer fee
  3. Ya never know do you, adam armstrong couldnt hit a barn door at barnsley but couldnt miss at blackburn last season. How about give kachunga a chance? Just a thought. He cost 10 million less than proven record scorer jordan rhodes so there is that.
  4. I am judging him by the huddersfield fans comments when he left them, nothing but praise. Welcome aboard kachunga
  5. Might sign 2 strikers in the next week, calm it people
  6. Would rather have Max Kilman from Wolves
  7. Or 12 goals in his last 3 seasons, nuhiu will have scored more
  8. No we dont. We need someone who will score, chris martins goalscoring rate of late is dreadful
  9. Well that's true as well, suppose you never know
  10. Laws is thick as. Punched above his weight with us. Showed passion and made a few decent signings but little else.
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