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  1. Aarons was excellent for us. Would definitely take him back
  2. Nah. For 1 season, if he manages for 2 I will be impressed. Yes. Nah.
  3. Tony Pulis odds shortening faster than something very fast
  4. This ones an absolute wind up. Amazing the bookies have taken the bait
  5. When he scored that goal in cardiff in thought he was going to be the next Michael Owen
  6. You do realise that 2/1 is not as good as 9/4? Not that you won but you know
  7. Now there's a decent price on us for tomorrow night surely
  8. Thornily having a great game. Everyone else poor. Why is hector playing for time at 0-0 vs millwall, boring
  9. I think Saturday is the day we actually beat someone in the league by more than 1 goal. I have a feeling. Been way too long since we actually beat a team well and truly, the Bruce era is here. Believe. Wawaw
  10. That'd sit nicely with me and my 100/1 bet on us for a top 6 finish
  11. More prolific than any of our strikers by some distance. Sign him up it's a bargain at that price. Reminds me of prime Ryan Lowe
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