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  1. I only remember one good ball in from him for the Rhodes header. I haven't got a problem with his ability to cross either. Its more his awkwardness & indecision of what he should be doing and where he should be positioned, he seems very reluctant to get forward at times, maybe a lack of belief in himself. Odd time he does get in a position he generally delivers a decent ball. Also very nearly scored twice against Rotherham.
  2. Have to agree, Bramall Lane is by far the most hostile and uneasy feeling I've experienced. You can literally feel the bitter hatred. Even the stadium announcer is hostile!!! I sit on the West at Hillsborough & its nothing like coming out of United's away end for our visitors, that I am certain of. You'd never get a 50 odd year old Norwich fan assaulted outside Hillsborough, or a middle aged shirt wearing Bristol City fan.
  3. Still awful going forward but he's won me over defensively. That last ditch tackle/block in the second half was brilliant.
  4. Yes thats what I'm saying. You could walk up Vere Road & end up 20 steps from exit your not allowed to use any more. You mingle in with away fans at the top of the drive same as always. Its completely pointless. Just inconvenience.
  5. Its an absolute joke all this. You see one line of stewards seperating fans in grounds everywhere else in the country, in Sheffield they aren't allowed to sit near enout to even shout at each other. They only let Owls fans out at Penistone Road side of North; same with South but people wanting tram etc just walk round and mix in with away fans at end of the drive. Its like you can't have a scrap outside the stadium but the tram stop is fine. Once fans leave the stadium segregation & crowd management is SYP's job & thats what the club are charged for. The new procedure is a farse & pointless.
  6. Serious competition for places now. Forestieri is not the only one who will have a fight to get or keep a shirt. Luongo is going to be putting pressure on the likes of Lee, Hutch, Bannan & Reach. We haven't seen Bates yet but I would imagine he'll be breathing down Lees' neck in particular. Was very impressed on Saturday especially with the new faces.
  7. I'd give it an 8. A left back & Hector short of it being a 10. Glad we didn't pay the fee required for Hector though
  8. Why are we desperately trying to get a CB when we need a LB more!
  9. Wait till January & try again. We aren't desperate for a CB
  10. For once it seems we are in a decent negotiating position. Seems like Hector wants to come here & only has 10 months left on his contract & we aren't desperate for a CB now. We can walk away if needs be. We'd be crazy to give in to Chelsea's demands of £4-5m. With his contract status as it is and the position we are in I wouldn't want to be paying more than £3m.
  11. Is it just me seeing more Wednesday shirts than any others. Okay not the latest one but there are at least 3 kids in Wednesday shirts
  12. None of them are Left Backs apart from Fox who isn't good enough. The others can fill in but not a long term solution. We need a LB. Going by your logic we have Hutch, Lee, Bannan, Pelupessy, Reach, Palmer & possibly Hector who could all play in central midfield.
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