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  1. Plenty of bad designs here... Opted for 16 as I really really dislike the distressed blue (15 was second worst for the same reasons) don't like 4, 9, 12 and 13 either for various reasons (12 and 13 are actually OK designs, just not for Wednesday)
  2. I think Hutchison's against Bournemouth was the worst/most avoidable and but I was little surprised to see him commit it. He has a history of making stupid/rash decisions. Pelupussy was bad positioning, nothing more as I see it. At least there were no red cards as was the case in November/December.
  3. Might be overly optimistic after just one game, but keep this up and I can see us on +3 or 4 by the end of October... (that is eigth games in)...
  4. So little to go on. It could easily go boobies up - but depending on how the three first games go it could be anything between sneaking into the play-off and just avoiding relegation - so somewhere between 5 and 20...
  5. Another aspect of this is the lack of geniune sponsors - chucking your own name on shirts, stands. etc doesn't exactly generate incomeand I find it hard to see how this could be condiserede sponsorships when Chansiri as far as I can gather is just a name and not a product (even in the sense that Qatar is a product).
  6. Last Friday I caught myself wondering in which way Wednesday would decide to mess it up and lo and behold the collapse against Villa... it wasn't for the first time this seaon that a chance to gain on those in front was lost - I hope we beat Reading, but it could go either way atm.
  7. The reason I started following Wednesday. I still have that large-headed plastic figurine standing on top ofmy kkitchen radio.
  8. I just hope we register at least one win in those five games. The sooner the better. Anything but a repeat of last years dismal showing.
  9. Couldn't that be because the other disasters haven't been covered up for years. I hope the relevant clubs still pay their respects, but as far as I'm aware those responsible have been named and shamed.
  10. I don't get many of the ref's decisions... 1) the penalty was very soft - Maguire had no control of the ball - it was running away from him... and the defender clearly got the ball. 2)Tudgay's goal: seems a faul on Mattock (even if he played for it), but even then Tudgay is crawling all over Buxton, using him as leverage. 3) How was Collins' fault on Maguire not a straight red? Totally reckless and dangerous - shows no regard what-so-ever for Maguire.
  11. I know it's been discussed before but would we want Bendtner if he was offered to us? Apart from being a idiot off the field (and being injured all the time recently) he is still only 26 and can score goals. Sad to say but he is the best Danish forward of the last 5-7 years.
  12. Doesn't change anything. It is still the same place. As Shakespeare once wrote: what's in a name?
  13. Any one know why Buxton got a yellow? Decent ref - but still can't figure out his reasons for giving or not giving yellows...
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