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  1. Interesting part for me is Brentford’s position, they use the moneyball style approach to recruitment. Seems to work? Changed coaches a few time and still performed pretty well throughout.
  2. Young Aussie lad just signed for city. He’s a cracking little winger, we should try and loan him.
  3. iFollow has been perfect so far here in Australia. Great to have video & commentry!
  4. Totally agree they had the better chances and missed a couple of sitters. It's just frustrating that we took our chance and it was incorrectly ruled out. Overall we lack pace on our flanks to get in behind like they and utd did on a regular basis
  5. Not a entertaining game, I thought Birmingham had the better chances. We didn't create enough with all our possession. However, Hooper was onside and should have had 6 in 6!
  6. Centre midfield isn't the issue, we don't have fast wingers that get in behind
  7. Agree year on year progress. Yes I'm gutted but with a couple of additions at cb and wingers we'll be set.
  8. We've made year on year improvement! We've learnt a different style to combat the way team have played against us. We finished 4th after long periods of missing key players. I'm devastated to lose on pens but we were better than we were last year. Recruitment wise I like most people were super excited by Abdi, mcmanaman, Rhodes, Fletcher & Winnell. But impact hasn't match initial expectations. Thought we over paid for Reach but he's been solid without being outstanding. we continue to build Carlos still has a dream!
  9. Pig and whistle either on the mall or Riverside.
  10. Very poor performance, never really got going. We had a little spell after halftime but only lasted 10mins. They had a plan which worked a treat on us. O'Grady had a great game for them, he bullied hutch/Semi/Pudil all night long and won 90% headers etc. he then linked up with the fast wingers to great effect. We had no answer to it.
  11. I think Huddersfield will be a surprise package this season. Their manager likes to play a similar style to us but didn't have the squad for it last year. He signing from where he knows (German leagues).
  12. Just signed on loan for Huddersfield from ManCity. I think he'll be a good signing.
  13. That Mooy fella isn't good enough for Man City. He'll be out on loan this season, We should get a sneaky loan bid in.
  14. Yeah how amazing our fans were making the cameras wobble! It was mental! It got a little side tracked......
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