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  1. He's in for some backlash when fans get back into the ground, that is if he is even still at the club.
  2. Id take Ashley any day of the week, at least he understands the business side and how a football club should be run.
  3. That Parma shirt is very nice, might have to see if I can pick one up
  4. Should be in Rhodes enjoying a nice adult only all inclusive, rebooked for next year and popped a few extra days on for a couple of hundred quid.
  5. Should always be club before country, its only Scotland after all
  6. S1 was good, S2 was not so good, S3 was garbage
  7. Just wondering if anyone has upgraded the HD of their PS4 ? I am looking to go from the standard 500GB to a 2TB drive but I am unsure which option of HD to go for, has anyone done this recently who can point me in the direction of a good option to go with.
  8. Be nice if the club could do something like this on Tuesday night. http://www.thestar.co.uk/our-towns-and-cities/sheffield/watch-sheffield-united-fans-pay-poignant-tribute-to-kasabian-newton-smith-after-eight-year-old-passes-away-1-8283962
  9. Thought you were gonna say the biggest waste of money ever, the guy cant shoot on target to save his life, crosses the ball worse than a guy with one leg and has the pace of a coma patient.
  10. Played through the initial part which sets up the story the game follows, graphics/gameplay is great and the sound track is phenomenal
  11. Anyone know of a stream for the match ?
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