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  1. I know enough to know it will be one sided tripe
  2. Start was ripped off from The Duel and the ending was sh*t
  3. No thanks, written by someone who lives in Liverpool so guessing it doesnt tell the full story
  4. Pretty sure I have a copy somewhere but for the life of me I dont remember ever playing it
  5. Exactly although aside from the antisemetic comments reports are coming out that he sent inappropiate text messages to a 17 year old girl in which and I quote said "u know what I wanted to do on the plane?" and "I want to grab you push u up against wall and kiss you"
  6. One of the best but they need to pull their fingers out and get some new ones recorded
  7. Have they started using the correct pronunciation of Hillsborough yet or they still saying Hills-Bu-Row ? Bloody Yanks
  8. kopman9


    After just under a year trying I have finally been able to snap one up
  9. I recently purchased a Dell laptop with Windows 10 and now I am being offered what I presume is a free upgrade to Windows 11, has anyone upgraded ? if so is it painful or straight forward ?
  10. Just think of all the companies that are going to be fighting over him with endorsement deals.
  11. We're winning at home/away** We're winning at home/away** How sh*t must you be ? We're winning at home/away** ** delete as appropiate
  12. DM obviously doesnt rate Dunkley, no way he is going to get a new deal in the summer
  13. For the last 18 months or so SKY have been prominent in promoting that there is no place for discrimination of any form in football yet they have been spaffing their pants about the takeover by the Saudi led public investment fund backed by the Saidu crown who himself has a very shady background and a reported disregard for human rights which makes a complete mockery of what they have been promoting. Even the Newcastle United LGBTQ group dont have any real concerns other than releasing a statement against their club being taken over by the investment fund, I guess if they have the money nothing else matters.
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