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  1. Anyone in Rio for carnival and fancy meeting up for the game on Monday? Or does anyone else know where I can watch the united game in Rio, somewhere that will show the EFL?
  2. Missed out buying them like a plonker!! Need 2 tickets, I live in London so fairly flexible. Let me know Even if u have one spare. Cheers
  3. Any one been? have you got any recommendations that are off the beaten track? i'm off there this week and wouldn't mind doing a few things that are a bit different
  4. this is how i used to do it, haven't done it recently though with my new slim ps3 so not sure if that'll work http://www.applesource.com.au/how-to/soa/How-to-Stream-media-to-a-PS3-from-a-Mac/0,2000451082,339287550,00.htm oh and it aint easy, had to get a friend to help me
  5. i live in mile end, which is not too far away. i'm going to a lot of the local games on my own. if anybody would like to accompany me give me a shout
  6. sheffwed86


    i've got one, they're definitely worth it but the person at home has to watch the same thing you are. i'd recommend the sky player, the quality is much better, although u can only watch a hand full of channels (skysports included). its free if you have multi room. (i use this as well!!!) hope this helps
  7. a handy tip is setting up expose in the hot corners, very handy wen your doing uni work, surfing the web, listing to music/watching videos etc. you can do it in system preferences.
  8. the noise could be from a couple of things, it could be that the amp is on its way out, or the speaker wire isn't connected properly, depending on how many electrical appliances there are it could be disturbances from them, poor connection/cheap cables from the sound source. i couldn't really help specifically without knowing the specification of the speakers, amp and cables, sorry. good luck anyway
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