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  1. Well this worked, ticket booked and logged out by 9:07
  2. I'm in and just keep clicking between pages on it to stay logged in, hopefully when it hits 9 I can buy tickets, or it's backfired and I'll be place 5000 in queue
  3. Happens with every major manufacturer now with the templates, think last year Swindon and Barnsley had identical home kits.
  4. Reading to drop out, possibly Leeds too. Norwich to come in and possibly Derby but would prefer it if Derby un-workable off
  5. Wednesday have always been bigger, better and more successful than those dirty pigs.
  6. First site I look at when I wake up along with rlfans, sky sports and racing post app. Then have a read when I get to work, and multiple times at work, then read again when I get home. I don't bother with Facebook, but probably spend same amount of time reading Owlstalk as my wife does on Facebook.
  7. Black and yellow Sanderson puma shirt, 9th birthday present.
  8. At home, or if me watching football causes an argument, somewhere in Halifax.
  9. Backed us from -1 goal to -5 on the handicap tonight.
  10. We play in blue and white stripes, that's all the kit needs to be, v neck, black shorts hooped socks. Some horrific home kits being produced.
  11. Beast on fifa 13, was part of my Premiership winning Wednesday team
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