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  1. Thank you for all the great work you did over the last year. I am sad to see that you will not be able to finish the job you started.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I eventually found a way last night using DOM and its parent child attributes so that the upload text field and button is placed next to the radio button choice.
  3. Hi everyone! I was wondering if any owlstalkers who understand JavaScript could help me with a little problem. What I want to be able to do is within my web form, I want to be able to dynamically display a file upload input type when a user selects a radio button. I would like to create a JavaScript function that would be able to do this, but I am unsure. I have tried searching on Google, but it only seems to provide me with search results where one file upload box is already created, and dynamically add another one, but I want to be able to use a radio button to dynamically generate one.
  4. Great new Owlstalk Layout!

  5. Well I have done what you said, and unplugged my Sky+ box and then tried to rewind/pause live tv on my Sky+ HD box, and it simply displays "Live pause is not available. Call the broadcaster for assistence" But before i call up Sky, I was hoping someone might be able to solve the problem without having to go through their lengthy phone menu options and queue waiting! I also forgot to mention that this message is also displayed regardless of whether the other Sky+ box is plugged in or not. Also another problem is that on the Sky+ box in my room, the premium channels e.g. Sky Sports and Sky Mov
  6. Hi all, I was just wondering if you could answer my question regarding Sky+ HD and Sky+ in a multiroom format. Before the HD box arrived yesterday I had the following configuration: Sky+ box as the main sky box in my living room Original Sky box in my bedroom (as part of a multiroom subscription) Yesterday I successfully installed my Sky+ HD box by swapping over my Sky+ box with the Sky+ HD one and paired the card with it. But for some reason I cannot record, pause or rewind live TV any more. Any ideas? I also replaced the original Sky box in my bedroom with my Sky+ box and also cannot w
  7. Thanks Hack-Abusi, but it appears the link is dead! But I will browse around that site to see if I can find that page.
  8. Wow! I am so surprised that no one has replied with an answer yet! I would have thought at least one person would know the equivalent processors? Still, hope you can help me.
  9. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone could give me the AMD equivalent of the following processors: Intel Celeron ( 1 star ) Intel Celeron Dual Core ( 1 star ) Intel Pentium ( 2 stars ) Intel Core 2 Duo ( 3 stars ) Intel Core i3 ( 3 stars ) Intel Core i5 ( 4 stars ) Intel Core i7 ( 5 stars ) I would like to know, because I know that AMD processors are usually cheaper than intel, and it might be the only option for me when purchasing a new laptop, with my very tight budget limit. Hopefully someone can help me. Thanks
  10. My speed from sky appears to be fine. Although, during the first week of having it, I had worse than dial-up speeds! but now, almost a year in, I'm getting alright speeds as shown below:
  11. This new layout will take time getting used too..But it is great!

  12. This new layout will take time getting used too..But it is great!

  13. So then... Where do people get their "backed up" games from? Curious to know!
  14. Ok, thanks for your reply. Hopefully another person will know, because "google is not my friend" in this case as I could not find any answers from there after many different search attempts.
  15. I legally purchased a copy of it, was just wondering really if it would still work if I "softmodded" my Wii to the latest "bannerbomb" exploit, because I've looked on Google and found that people using a "backed up" version of the game found that it didn't work, and If i decide to go all the way and install homebrew, I don't want to have to find that when I insert the legallly purchased New Super Mario Bros. Wii disc, that it asks me to update my console back to the official firmware and delete the homebrew channel. Thanks for your reply.
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