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  1. Jesus what an animal. No wonder he was frozen out. How can his team mates even bear to look at him.
  2. He’s not match fit. Maybe a few under 21 games first.....
  3. The only thing a manager can be confident about is that one day he’ll be sacked. The fact that Monk has been sacked so many times is irrelevant. The only relevant issue wrt Monk and sackings is that he didn’t get sacked from here soon enough!
  4. We get shots in. They’re usually from outside the box. They get blocked or they miss. We get crosses in. They are too long, don’t beat first defender or not accurate enough for the few players we get in the box. Our approach play is too slow and deliberate so we are usually attacking a set defence. we need to attack quicker and our strikers need more support from midfield. Our wide men need to spend more time practicing crossing but they need more people in the box to aim at. we need more movement in and around the box to give players in possession a pass.
  5. Just read the support the striker section. The first paragraph is music to my ears. I hope he remembers it.
  6. The only choice that matters is the owners I’m afraid.
  7. Look, most of us wouldn’t want him under normal circumstances but we are not in normal circumstances. Of all the names mentioned he’s got to be one of the ones we’d be most confident of to avoid relegation. let’s just focus on that and support him in achieving that objective. The football might not be pretty but it hasn’t been pretty for the last 12 months. I’d rather have ugly winning football than ugly losing football.
  8. I’ve been a huge critic of Monk and I’m glad he’s gone but.... ...classy statement.
  9. Oooh! All the people at work will be wondering now.....
  10. You must be crazy. With his record he would definitely have us relegated. Anyone, literally anyone is a better bet.
  11. He took a team that were firing and delivering promotion performance and turned it into a team that can’t create a chance. Terrible manager.
  12. fizz ‘em. Stealing a wage. Terrible manager.
  13. Had a great day.In Spain. Sun shining. Nice breakfast. Bit of DIY. Brother-in-law’s birthday dinner. Great food, few drinks. Get back and see this. Hallelujah! What a great day. Monk is a hopeless manager and I’m glad to see the back of him. He’ll be lucky if he ever works again. Next appointment is key.
  14. When this geezer starts playing he’d better be ******** mustard or he’ll be completely roasted.
  15. Don’t get me wrong I’m very pleased that we are next to bottom (on goal difference) rather than bottom.
  16. We created some half chances in the first half. We created a couple that you might expect forwards to get on target. Is the post a fascist dictator/ genocidal manic level of propaganda? Probably not.
  17. Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh! Palmer. First instinct to go back. We lose the ball. Jesus!
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