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  1. Was a bit late to the party tonight but saw a replay of the sending off. Looked like a good challenge to me.
  2. Monk was a disaster for us. An VC absolute disaster.
  3. Moses on. There’s a substitution to get the juices flowing.
  4. That was dangerous play there. The lad made a back for Bornner. Serves him right.
  5. What happend after that last long throw says everything about why we don’t score. There was a load of head tennis on the edge of their box and every Wednesday attacker was running back out of their box to defend! you have to have players in the box in that situation Jesus!
  6. We aren’t pressing anywhere near as effectively as in the first half.
  7. Well that was the best performance from Wednesday for months. still need to attack quicker and with more purpose but much, much better.
  8. It was exactly the same poo as we’ve seen for the last 10 month mate.
  9. He was not his best today in all honesty. A corner that bounced before it hit the first man? The flick that wasn’t towards the end? As others have said though he is our only creative player. When he’s off we have very little chance.
  10. I ticked that I expect us to win. I always expect us to win. I’ve lived in a state of almost permanent disappointment since the 90s.
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