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  1. When this geezer starts playing he’d better be ******** mustard or he’ll be completely roasted.
  2. Don’t get me wrong I’m very pleased that we are next to bottom (on goal difference) rather than bottom.
  3. We created some half chances in the first half. We created a couple that you might expect forwards to get on target. Is the post a fascist dictator/ genocidal manic level of propaganda? Probably not.
  4. Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh! Palmer. First instinct to go back. We lose the ball. Jesus!
  5. That’s really useful information but can you two stop now cause it’s not really getting us anywhere.
  6. Massive improvement but not great. Their keeper could have stayed in the dressing room. Let’s hope we can actually get something on target this half.
  7. The fact we’re excited is testament to how totally boobar the last few games have been.
  8. Banan turn and plays the ball forward snd we have a chance. It’s not hard is it.
  9. Yet again we have a break and the ball goes back. Ends up sliced by the keeper and we’re under pressure.
  10. We are far too slow in our attack and have been for ages. Most of the time we’re trying to attack a set defence. Unfortunately we don’t have the accurate passers or mobile strikers who can fashion chances in that situation.
  11. We’ll just have to disagree I’m afraid.
  12. i don’t think there’s anything a mate could say to me in that situation which would make me laugh - if I cared about the situation. If I was paying him handsomely to care about the situation I wouldn’t think it was appropriate either.
  13. If I were the owner and I saw Monk laughing and joking with the opposition at the full-time whistle yesterday, I’d have sacked him on the spot. I wouldn’t even have let him on the team bus. He could find his own way home. Absolute ******** take.
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