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  1. I was just thinking “If only there was some way to find out about this competition…”.
  2. Absolute testicles. The Eagles Tribute band are quite good.
  3. We are truly abject. if there was some argy bargy in the boozer at chucking out time, how many of this lot would you want with you? spineless.
  4. I’m not normally one to look on the downside - a chirpy crappie most of the time but I’m now resigned to relegation. I just don’t think the boys are really up for the fight. I think we have the ability but the desire seems to be lacking. Too many flat performances. To many players not going the extra mile. I’m on the waggon too until march so can’t drown my sorrows.
  5. Let’s not overreact lad. Do you not remember the 70s? Almost relegated to the 4th division? No money to spend. Terrible managers. what about 11 years ago winding up order almost going out of business? We’re in a bad state but there have been much worse.
  6. Owls sign out of contract midfielder. frosty the snowman will have squad number 66.
  7. I was about to say his set pieces have been dogger tonight
  8. Well now we’re all behind Thompson, cue Chansiri appointing someone else.
  9. Those things are still happening mate. But we’re winning games. I agree that behind the scenes we’re a shambles but that doesn’t excuse Monk. He froze out some of our better players. He used terrible tactics.
  10. At some point Neil you are going to have to realise what everyone with any sense already has. Monk was a disaster for this club. A clueless clown.
  11. Just about to say that. Monk freezing out this pair had got us where we are. Let’s hope with them back we can turn it round.
  12. Was hoping it would be about how he’s disappointed with his contribution so far and has been working hard to up his performance level.....
  13. Remember it well. Sat in the North. We matched them for most of the games. As others have said it really felt like the club had made a change after these ties. We felt that we could get back. The love for Big Jack was huge.
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