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  1. It’s exactly the same brand of football we’ve been seeing for 12 months.
  2. Odubajo is unbelievable alright. He is absolutely useless. It’s unbelievable that he’s a pro footballer.
  3. Dunkley starting. Big Dom in midfield. I don’t know how to feel.....
  4. You can’t really judge on 2/3 of a match. He did make mistakes, especially early on but what he did do is something that we have been missing for so long. He got the ball and ran it forward. He was the most positive midfielder in our team. Not just on Saturday but for months.
  5. Second one was good defending. But so was Bornner’s that he gave a free kick for.
  6. Simple goal. Early cross from Reach right on to Windass’ noggin 7 yards out. Pearl of a cross from Reach and a good run by Windass between the two centre backs. Will that do?
  7. I don’t know what you want. It’s a decent competitive game. We’re competitive at last. We’ve created chances.. Why is it not nice to watch? It’s better than anything we’ve seen in 12 months.
  8. Was a bit late to the party tonight but saw a replay of the sending off. Looked like a good challenge to me.
  9. Monk was a disaster for us. An VC absolute disaster.
  10. Moses on. There’s a substitution to get the juices flowing.
  11. That was dangerous play there. The lad made a back for Bornner. Serves him right.
  12. What happend after that last long throw says everything about why we don’t score. There was a load of head tennis on the edge of their box and every Wednesday attacker was running back out of their box to defend! you have to have players in the box in that situation Jesus!
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