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  1. I would probably be considered a part-timer. Probably an extreme part-timer by many.


    When I was younger with no responsibilities and still living in Sheffield I went to every home game and many away games.


    I now live 250 miles from Sheffield and I'm married with 4 kids.


    I've been to Hillsborough twice in the last two years and been to a couple of away games.


    I watch the team most weekends online. If I can't I follow the game on the Sky app. If we lose it still spoils my Saturday night/Sunday morning. I participate in the chat on here. I follow the news.


    Do I feel like a part-timer? Sort of, but I'm Wednesday through and through. Does that make me a bad person?



  2. On 28/01/2022 at 15:52, mcmigo said:

    We have just signed a centre back booted out by his manager for lack of effort- a player ‘ in his comfort zone’ and so dropped from the squad.


    we sign players no one else wants. 





    I understand the frustration but we can only loan and can't spend much cash so they're probably as good as we can get right now. The two loanee defenders did OK on Sat - we looked much more secure at the back. I think with what we have been able to cobble together we have the makings of a team if, and it's a big if, the formation and tactics are right.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Silkstone Owl said:

    Rewatch our last time in this league 


    people, including myself, say ‘it’s a slog’ for a reason 

    I know but still…, when a cross goes 30 yds past the box you have every right to be …. Annoyed, incredulous, angry….

  4. 1 minute ago, Emerson Thome said:


    It was a windy day which meant a few random bad touches or wild shots (NML in particular). Generally I don't think the top end of League One and the bottom end of the Championship is much different in quality. Hence last year's promoted teams are in 14th, 18th and 22nd this year.


    Thinking back to the end of last season we had equally poor quality games at Hillsboro against Blackburn and Forest near the end and they are both in contention for promotion to the Premier League now.



    You’re not seriously suggesting NML’s shot was deflected by the wind….

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  5. I watched the game today and my personal commentary consisted of:


    Jesus Christ!

    what the fizz was that?

    why did he do that?

    who the fizz was that to?


    oh my god!


    Easy ball!



    The standard of football in this league is ******** poor. The players cannot stop a ball, pass a ball or shoot. 

    Ipswich could have played till Wednesday and not scored. 

    we weren’t much better. 

    Am I being harsh?


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