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  1. I know but still…, when a cross goes 30 yds past the box you have every right to be …. Annoyed, incredulous, angry….
  2. You’re not seriously suggesting NML’s shot was deflected by the wind….
  3. I watched the game today and my personal commentary consisted of: Jesus Christ! what the fizz was that? why did he do that? who the fizz was that to? what? oh my god! No! Easy ball! Haha The standard of football in this league is ******** poor. The players cannot stop a ball, pass a ball or shoot. Ipswich could have played till Wednesday and not scored. we weren’t much better. Am I being harsh?
  4. Are the counting NML’s that finished up in Derbyshire as a shot?
  5. Yes and Clowny Mc Clownface could have played one of them last week
  6. Take the Bojo approach. Just lie.”Yeah we’ve won the premiership every year since it started. Current Champions League champions. FA considering changing the name of the national team from England to The Wednesday. Best ever world beating team ever innit.” It seems to work for our PM. Give it a go and let me know how it goes.
  7. This is total garbage. If he’s going to play players out of position, he could play them out of position in any system he liked.
  8. Long journey home for their massed ranks of travelling supporters.
  9. Have to say 22 shots, 7 on target is pretty poor TBH.
  10. More first choice p[layers. Attacking mindset. Wins.
  11. Couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.
  12. Moore is getting like Boris Johnson to me. I don’t believe a single word he says.
  13. You could never be a doctor Neil. You just love opening up old wounds!
  14. I didn’t see the Sunderland game (thank goodness). I expected a reaction today but this is truly awful. They are clueless. It’s like they’ve never played together before and none of them know what their job is.
  15. 10 mins to go. 3 up. At what point can we “feel comfortable”?
  16. All commentators are paid good money to talk complete nonsense for hours on end. It’s a skill you know.
  17. 5 years ago we beat Brighton in the play-off semi final. Today they held Liverpool at Anfield and sit 7th in the premier league. Why are we doomed to top to bottom bad management…?
  18. Wonder what Laws is up to these days. He knows where the manager’s office is….
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