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  1. Long journey home for their massed ranks of travelling supporters.
  2. Have to say 22 shots, 7 on target is pretty poor TBH.
  3. More first choice p[layers. Attacking mindset. Wins.
  4. Couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.
  5. Moore is getting like Boris Johnson to me. I don’t believe a single word he says.
  6. You could never be a doctor Neil. You just love opening up old wounds!
  7. I didn’t see the Sunderland game (thank goodness). I expected a reaction today but this is truly awful. They are clueless. It’s like they’ve never played together before and none of them know what their job is.
  8. 10 mins to go. 3 up. At what point can we “feel comfortable”?
  9. All commentators are paid good money to talk complete nonsense for hours on end. It’s a skill you know.
  10. 5 years ago we beat Brighton in the play-off semi final. Today they held Liverpool at Anfield and sit 7th in the premier league. Why are we doomed to top to bottom bad management…?
  11. Wonder what Laws is up to these days. He knows where the manager’s office is….
  12. That is total crap. I don’t understand why managers think they can get away with this poo. Most supporters are not naive. We’ve watched football for years. Many of us have played - some to a pretty good standard. When we’re not watching Wednesday we’re watching other teams on the telly, managing/coaching kids teams or Sunday league. We’re not stupid. He can’t expect to get away with talking testicles like that. That was an awful display. We were chaotic in defence and toothless in attack. We were tentative, tackle shy and timid. The “team” was composed of players out of position and playing a “formation” they are not equipped to play. By the end of the game I’m convinced no one knew what on earth or where on earth they were supposed to be playing. I was hopeful for this manager but I honestly don’t know what on earth he’s doing and I’m not sure he does either. His attitude is awful. He’s terrified of every opponent, though if he’s going to set up teams so badly I’m not surprised! Maybe he thinks that every team In this league is fantastic cause his teams are always as bad as this.
  13. I think you’re right but if it’s Beardo they’ve definitely glammed him up!
  14. Paterson has deceptive pace…..He’s not as quick as you think.
  15. This will be my last comment on this thread. I've spent far too much time on Monk than he deserves. Monk's history shows that when things are good he can achieve results. He did that here, at Swansea and at Leeds. Unfortunately when things aren't good he doesn't know how to change things positively. He was sacked from Swansea after a run of one win in eleven. He missed out on promotion with Leeds after a terrible run in the last 8 games. Same here - a good run followed by 6 months of purgatory. He can't seem to get the best out of players - freezing senior plyers out of the team which he did here and at Birmingham is not good management. So I think he's a poor manager because he has shown in most of his managerial positions that he can't manage effectively consistently, and when the pressure is on he doesn't know what to do. You might think I'm being unfair. I don't care.
  16. I’ve seen the videos. He always scores in training……
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