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  1. That goal was pretty average wasn't it? I remember he scored two screamers the year after.
  2. Losing 4-2 away at Wimbledon in the mid 90's, i've always hated Selhurst Park. Pressman got caught doing keep-ups early on by Ekoku and Hirst missed a penalty late in the game which would have made it 3-3. I remember Vinny Jones heading their 4th close to the end and them playing 'Wild Thing' goal music for him. Just a horrible day.
  3. Theres loads of us!!! I went to Northumbria and i'm still up here as a proper grown up. Couple of the lads i used to go to wednesday games followed me up here too. Should be good craic next year if the barcodes and the smoggies go down as its two easy away games. Be warned though a lot of people up here are really daft so don't be surprised if they have never heard of Sheffield Wednesday or Sheffield as a city for that matter. Best city ever to be a student though mate, you'll love it! love it!!
  4. i'm a newcastle based wednesdayite (im not a geordie though!)
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