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  1. FF miss.

    Reach was falling over as the ball came into him to lay off or shoot. He was slipping around a fair bit on Saturday.
  2. Agents fees in the Championship.

    Take out the teams on parachute payments and we're high up the list.
  3. Morgan Fox

    Fox always seems knackered after an hour or so. His lack of stamina causes problems as well as him not being Championship standard.
  4. Throwing points away

    24 points dropped from winning positions this season. The worst in the league apparently
  5. how much is membership again? Seems like another deterrent to people watching a game
  6. Jos Should Walk

    it doesn't matter who the manager is, they don't pick the team anymore so whoever is in charge has to work with the pile of crap they are presented with
  7. We could have the Man City owners come along and invest but FFP screws everyone without parachute payments. It’s about time FFP was scrapped, football is insolvent in most cases anyway. Wolves are using the model talked about in another thread where the agent buys the player for the club and then takes the profit when the player is moved on. If player makes no profit, player cost back to agent remains. I suspect we may have a similar arrangement with Paixao which means we’re stuffed if that was the case
  8. Whilst I enjoyed the first two years, it’s DC money to put in and lose so I have little sympathy with him when it goes wrong and this stretches to all football owners. He’s continually been taken advantage of by agents and seemingly doesn’t learn the lesson nor does he when fans voice their concerns on a whole series of subjects be it shirts, ticket prices, sponsorships. We may have a new scoreboard but no one can advertise on it because the owner has priced everyone out. I’m sure we could have got more than 1.2m per year if we’d got everyone involved in sponsorship not just him and his family especially after Wembley. I also don’t like the ego trip of an owner on the team photo and would like someone to show me where DC is a top businessman because I cannot find anything other than Chansiri senior and TUF.
  9. Tell you who we miss

    We’ve gone backwards since Helan retired to Mecca (not the bingo) :-)
  10. Sheffield Wednesday

    Could be worse. Could be Sheffy Yoonitud as some local football club owner and property magnate says
  11. Another one, who has had to wait weeks \ months with an ongoing injury and then finally has it operated on. Lee, Lees, Fletcher, Forestieri, Abdi probably others. I get that ideally surgery should be a last resort but these players are expensive assets and should be fixed up asap. Weeks of waiting for a natural solution isn't working and is costing us.
  12. Sean Clare

    But he played for the u23s last week. Hirst doesn't get training time never mind u23 action
  13. Sean Clare

    Clare hasn’t featured for the u23s either has he? If not he’s likely injured too
  14. Fox and Palmer

    Still think Hunt isn’t fully fit so JL doesn’t pick him in case he pulls up injured again. Hunt has been injured a fair bit this season, like everyone else almost. As poor as Fox is, he does try but at the same time looks tired after 60 mins almost every game.
  15. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    Clarify why at least 2 players have had surgeries on pretty serious knee injuries months after the injury occurring. Fletcher last played against Hull on 2nd December. He’d had a knee injury since last season but played on. He only had his operation 3 weeks or so ago. Forestieri and others are the same, can’t play but we wait ages for ops. It’s cost us big time.