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  1. Good to see the local MPs are on the case..,, Not Penistone Rd being one lane north bound before and after match has happened for years but coppers filming fans as they left the ground \ crossed the road is a new one and so obviously agenda driven. Where are they when cars are getting broken into? The police also have nothing to do with the stadium and how it is run. They only are needed for public areas and if the club requests them on premise. Every ground in South Yorkshire has the same issues as Hillsborough so fairs fair, apply the same to them. It is H&S after all The concourse bit they are on about on LL is allegedly the bit in front of the turnstiles and exit areas and not inside the ground. I’d like to know why the authorities constantly think football fans cannot live amongst each other. There’s more trouble in bars than football grounds, are they going to insist on curfews?
  2. Don’t forget SYP insisted on the derby match being moved to a Monday night. They also made all the arrangements on surrounding roads, coach parks etc. Nothing went wrong in the ground. All on them. The report isn’t the be all and end all. You can go to most Universities, pay money for a report or research to aid your argument. It’s a vendor lead paper.
  3. Fairs fair, everything SWFC have to do tomorrow, SUFC have to do a week on Sunday. Same ground layout, supporter separation issues and their away end joins one of their stands. Go on SAG\SYP, impartiality and all that. Ultimately, why don’t the police treat people a little more responsibility and as adults and just let people get on with their lives after a game? Heaven forbid, we might work with people who support different teams. Do we all have to be separated on football team? Those that want a punch up will find it anyway.
  4. Ironic that 30 years later, a safety issue is to open less turnstiles. Also, SYP causes all of this by insisting the Derby was played on a Monday night, their segregation rules that went wrong and the allegations of their coppers on horseback smacking people
  5. Winnall. Done nothing in 3 years nor does he have past track record to suggest he’s a championship player. If we get 4m for Rhodes, take it i do think we would benefit from a new striker. The current lot have been there 3 years plus. Things go stale.
  6. Bruce in the stands for today’s friendly as work visa hadn’t come in. No idea if assistants were on the touchline but I don’t buy this as I’m sure whatever visa you go for doesn’t appear overnight so he can’t claim tourist visa either Feels like Newcastle trying to cover the visa issue when it comes to tapping up
  7. Depends if he \ his agent approached Newcastle or they approached him If it’s the first, bin him. Lets hope DC doesn’t get to unrealistic and we get no compo. Bruce can still resign
  8. The 12m was the wage section not combined income. Where did we add that? We hardly bought anyone
  9. If it’s true his agent approached Newcastle then certainly not but who knows what really went on. Latest rumour I saw earlier on Twitter was Hughton is actually on gardening leave at Brighton and they want a fee to release him. It’s why WBA and others didn’t go for him.
  10. I’m still amazed our average wage is around 20k a week. That’s insane for the quality of player on offer I’m still struggling to see why the wage bill went up so much (12m was it?) when we only signed Rhodes, Boyd, Van Aken, Pelupessy and Venancio for 17\18 season. If Rhodes was 40k a week, that’s ‘only’ 2m a year. Where has the rest gone?
  11. Thanks. - can you clarify my other question too about July 2019 transaction used in July 2018 accounts?
  12. Can someone clarify how the stadium sale is 60m when the line item in the accounts is 38m and media reporting 38m? If it was 60m, surely we didn’t lose 57.5m before this transaction? Not stirring or point scoring here before anyone starts. Genuinely interested Another point of interest, how does a sale in July 2019 become valid in accounts up to 31st July 2018?
  13. Without really studying the accounts yet, our wage bill in the Carlos \ Jos season went up by 12 million. We bought Rhodes, Boyd, Van Aken and Pelupessy Ignoring the stadium sale, the figures mentioned are shocking and show our ticket money barely scratches the surface of what is needed. No need to have them so high, it does literally nothing
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