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  1. rob1601


    No idea but Andy Rhodes is a very good keeper coach. Still a big loss and a tough act for Weaver to follow.
  2. rob1601


    Andy Rhodes is a big loss. He's the one who developed our keepers in recent years and made them what they were.
  3. rob1601


    I remember at the end of the Norwich game last season (Dec 9th), he was going crackers on the pitch at someone and Bannan had to pull him away and down the tunnel. He's not been seen since. Wonder if owt kicked off in the dressing room after that game which meant no way back?
  4. rob1601

    Worst Signing Ever

    Robbie Mustoe was rubbish. Proudlock was a waste of the limited money we had at the time Chris Carr!!
  5. rob1601

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    I think the loss of Andy Rhodes is going to be a massive factor in the development and abilities of all 3 of our senior keepers. Nothing yet to suggest Nicky Weaver is going to have or not going to have the same effect on the keepers but it’s a tough act to follow
  6. Final say on transfers could (and it does happen in the modern game) be simply, we're buying on of these 3 players, which one Carlos? He'd have no input on scouting or anything.
  7. Price bracket A* - platinum members only
  8. Some of the cars had tickets as well.
  9. Confirmation in the write up that we do get unfair treatment with regards to the Hillsborough disaster. As we suspected but wrong all the same
  10. rob1601

    The Midfield Battle

    One thing is for sure, Pelupessy isn’t the answer and never was. The midfield battle in Dutch football is a million miles away from the power, pace and standard of the Championship. The same is true for Van Aken in defence. You need people who get stuck in and aren’t all about finesse. People who get English football
  11. Pelupessy should have gone off for tactical reasons not Hutch. That said, not buying the tactical reasons statement. More like half time falling out over the conceding of the penalty or a senior pro calling out how poor this system and lack of direction is
  12. Wasn’t Doyen but another person \ company who has been mentioned on here before but seemingly cannot be any more in case it all gets legal
  13. Warnock is mates with Talksport. It’s probably him sniffing round or causing trouble
  14. Lees is no captain - he needed Loovens to organise things
  15. Exactly. He now needs to leave it all to experienced football and commercial people to build bridges and offer olive branches. The best owners are those you don’t hear or see