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  1. Didn’t Derby sell their stadium to the owner for significantly more than it is worth? Isn’t the shirt and stadium sponsorship value rule separate to stadium cost hence Gibson’s issue
  2. Selling FF isn’t the silver bullet to P&S. While we are paying the wages we do with such limited income streams, this scenario will be an annual occurrence. We need to stop making £39m of losses over a rolling 3 year period
  3. Shame, we can’t convince Bournemouth to buy him for £7m now
  4. Here’s a thought DC, sell sponsorships, Exec boxes and other match day packages and adverts like every other club does and you’ll raise more money for P&S than any other schemes that pleads to fans. You can still advertise your family name and non functioning businesses. It’s all good hand in hand.
  5. Sell him if we can because if we get an embargo, soft or not it limits contract renewals too if we did want to renew anyone even on vastly reduced terms.
  6. Explain the changes to Checkatrade trophy and the treat of removal of solidarity payments if EFL didn't agree
  7. FFP can easily be solved. Owners put in as much as they like on an equity basis only. No loans to the club. FFP is partly about creating the closed shop of the Premier League. It's why FFP is different in the Premier League, League 1 & League 2. At least L1 & L2 is related to turnover.
  8. Carlos was right. We weren’t in that sort of market and it’s stifled us ever since. Not the only signing to do this mind
  9. Didn’t see Gray or Carvahal have a problem with KW and he didn’t play 22 games up to this point last season due to injury (rib and hip injuries)
  10. The FA already did. That’s why he missed 3 matches in September
  11. And yet swfc v rovrum at a stadium with 24k inside just 3 weeks ago was held at 3pm on a Saturday
  12. Red button agreement only covers 6 matches per day outside of main game hence why the EFL now split midweek fixtures between Tuesday and Wednesday God knows what difference that makes to attendances but that’s the EFL for you
  13. I’m surprised DC was prepared to allow all that money in wages to be sat in the stands for weeks on end. Yes, we don’t want the owner running team selection but at the same time as owner he should be concerned so many high value assets were not being used and his manager was falling out with people
  14. This season, he always struck me as not wanting to be here. Can’t blame him for hanging on for the payment. Time to move on.
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