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  1. rob1601

    FFP/P&S Question

    Explain the changes to Checkatrade trophy and the treat of removal of solidarity payments if EFL didn't agree
  2. rob1601

    FFP/P&S Question

    FFP can easily be solved. Owners put in as much as they like on an equity basis only. No loans to the club. FFP is partly about creating the closed shop of the Premier League. It's why FFP is different in the Premier League, League 1 & League 2. At least L1 & L2 is related to turnover.
  3. rob1601

    Agnew on recruitment

    Carlos was right. We weren’t in that sort of market and it’s stifled us ever since. Not the only signing to do this mind
  4. rob1601

    James Gregg on Westwood

    Didn’t see Gray or Carvahal have a problem with KW and he didn’t play 22 games up to this point last season due to injury (rib and hip injuries)
  5. The FA already did. That’s why he missed 3 matches in September
  6. And yet swfc v rovrum at a stadium with 24k inside just 3 weeks ago was held at 3pm on a Saturday
  7. rob1601

    Sky red button

    Red button agreement only covers 6 matches per day outside of main game hence why the EFL now split midweek fixtures between Tuesday and Wednesday God knows what difference that makes to attendances but that’s the EFL for you
  8. I’m surprised DC was prepared to allow all that money in wages to be sat in the stands for weeks on end. Yes, we don’t want the owner running team selection but at the same time as owner he should be concerned so many high value assets were not being used and his manager was falling out with people
  9. rob1601

    Sad picture

    This season, he always struck me as not wanting to be here. Can’t blame him for hanging on for the payment. Time to move on.
  10. rob1601

    Name the Ex-Wednesday player

    Tottenham. Redknapps
  11. Hey Jude as 2nd half run out music used to work well.
  12. rob1601

    thanks from westwood

    Don’t forget Westwood signed for us when Mandaric was in charge and we weren’t exactly lobbing money everywhere. That means he could be open to a new contract on reduced money. Game time, general happiness and affinity with a club go a long way with some players.
  13. rob1601

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    I know it’s all about risk management but the Uni and the club need to remember social media is full of keyboard warriors who do nothing in the flesh.
  14. rob1601

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Why not just revert to the original plan for the forum and have it at S6? So what if the room only holds 200 or whatever? First come first served and why not stream it on swfc website \ YouTube \ iplayer for free?
  15. rob1601

    Latest farce on Westwood

    Westwood last played for SWFC on Dec 9th 2017 against Norwich. I think the issues with him and Hutchinson are either George Hirst like again or purely financial. The same applies with others. I can sort of believe the 2nd part of the rumour above because since we came out of the ffp embargo, Jones, Boyd and Hutchinson have not figured once. The changes every week do make you think