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  1. Promotion form?

    Think we're one point better off than last year.
  2. U23s 1pm ko

    Off to Man City with Dean Ramsdale (ex-Academy Manager at SWFC now at MCFC) - reason he was at Rotherham v Man City u23's last week
  3. Big Sam

    Allardyce has a clause as part of his severance at Palace that says any new club has to pay a few million in compo It's almost as if they didn't think he'd retire
  4. We'll get beaten by better teams if we don't have people covering the full backs. Last night it was 2 on 1 a lot or they had a man over. Against better teams we'll get picked off.
  5. Loans or nowt

    Training ground, pitch and stadium improvements aren't included in FFP. It'll not be long before a club pays a player to pay off his contract with his current club. Neymar was like this They could even badge it up as paying an expensive gardener as both a professionals who work on grass :-) We're allowed 5 loans in a match day squad. I think we should go down that route now. Good quality loans some of them with pace
  6. Where as we appear from the outside to be using less experienced staff in this area.
  7. http://htafccommercial.com/partners/ http://htafccommercial.com/ This was all in place long before they went up.
  8. Rhodes linked with Villa and Wolves

    He is so one paced it looks weird. He ran off the pitch yesterday with as much pace as he does chasing down defenders. He doesn't look fit again either
  9. D-Line Taxis

    Bet that is what Bullen was narked about. CC may have the taxi driver flat cap but today was Bullen's turn to do a few runs. All in aid of FFP.
  10. FF and JR

    I'd sell neither but concentrate on selling: Kean McGugan Nuhiu Joao Matias Hirst - controversial but we could get £5m if QPR can get £4.5m on someone (Josh Bowler) who has not even played for England youth teams and only 10 minutes of first team action
  11. Probably testicles but....

    Can't see the club allowing staff to run and administer unofficial club social media pages somehow
  12. Probably testicles but....

    No admins go to watch training. Another load of rubbish. All training sessions closed to those who are not staff or players
  13. Who's off to the hastily arranged Fans Forum then???
  14. Sailing close to the FFP wind

    FFP failing?? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40717176
  15. Are we covering gaps for loss of revenue with delayed kit launches, no 150th anniversary game, crap club shop? We may have improved the playing staff and pitch but has any of the Infrastructure shown signs of improvement? I'm not sure? The e-commerce bits, stuff to make people spend their money whether on matchdays or other times. It's not really there.