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  1. Was really sorry to hear of this Martin. Rob's scathing analysis of the Owls was a sight to behold for such a placid and lovely chap.
  2. Food there is stunning, I'm biased as it's my local but I've never had a bad meal there.
  3. Love this corner in The Wortley Arms - some great SWFC memorabilia.
  4. We might as well play you, and I haven't even seen you play on grass!
  5. Fantastic pic - what year do we think this was then?
  6. Reason Lance was there is my sister baby sat for his kids, which is how Francis and Waddle were there - so he served his purpose - he was also a thoroughly nice chap.
  7. Sorry for your loss pal - he'll still be singing the blues in heaven. RIP A fellow Owl.
  8. After I'd had a kidney transplant being woke up by Trevor Francis with a signed ball and letter from all the players who then sat with me chatting footy for an hour. The next day I had Chris Waddle and Lance Keys come to see me. That's the club I fell in love with.
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