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  1. He did well for the short time he was on despite having to play two positions in about 5 minutes, no doubt moore will have him on left of a back three in next game.
  2. Would be best available appointment, a few Promotions on his cv and done a good job everywhere hes been, a proper manager far better than moore.
  3. Strange player coke seemed to have most things youd want from a footballer tall, mobile two good feet just seemed to lack the mental side of the game. Podcast sounds great though will put it on the list.
  4. Was a very reliable player for us probably didn't have the extra bit of quality needed for top 2 in champ but was a reliable 7/10 performer every week for us. Not usually a fan of bringing players back for the sake of it but he was always comfortably better than palmer particularly at wing back which it looks like we are playing. It's hard to attempt to defend Jos but seemed like hunt was sold at the last minute without a replacement and palmer then went on to start first game against Wigan at wing back and had an absolute mare cost us all three goals and missed a few sitters to boot. Then we started playing Baker. It's a yes from me.
  5. His finishing today was embarrassing it's not really clear what are his positive attributes other than being a bit of a trier. His performances are about the level I'd expect if we just decide to start playing someone random like borner upfront. To make things worse he's also cost us so many goals this season at the other end with his inability to defend our box.
  6. I'm a hutch fan but hes clearly done at this level in midfield now, his mobility is completely gone. Can still do a job at centre half but we've plenty of them.
  7. Who know if monk signed him or not but no doubting hes awful. Even aside from all the chances he missed tonight hes also been shocking defensively, cost us so many goals from not being able to defend in our own box.
  8. Pretty sure moore is one of those managers that insist on playing out from the back at all times so cant imagine a lees dunkley pairing might see more of borner.
  9. Wildsmith Urhoghide Lees Borner Harris Reach Hutch Brown Bannan Patterson Rhodes
  10. Think antonio has been unlucky with injuries or could have been involved more over the last few years agree its too late for him now though shame really. Godfrey is a good shout we have a real shortage of decent centre halfs.
  11. Its hard to believe the fight is there as others have said as soon as we go a goal down the towels chucked in, its been this way for a while sadly now. Watched the leicester game against slavia prague last night and the difference from our lot was stark. Long after the game had gone from them leicester players were still smashing into 7ft czech blokes. We go one down to the likes of brentford and we are done.
  12. Feel for him, its one of them bizarre unwritten rules if you just randomly tackle like that you'd get a straight red but if the players getting away from you you can hack them down however you want as the ref 'knows' your taking a yellow. That said our players coaching staff still need to make more of a fuss over stuff like this a more cynical team could have easily had brentford down to ten men.
  13. Feel for him a bit as he looks a decent footballer and seemed to be infront of at least joey and shaw at one point but we are not exactly going to overhaul our playing 'style' at this point. Not sure hes cut of for a relegation scrap in champ either though, you have to be very good to make it in the game if your his size and build unfortunately, he could have done with getting a loan to the dutch or german league similar to the one penney had last year. His other problem is bannan you cant really play them both in same midfield could be worth keeping around if we go down though.
  14. He's looked completely disinterested for a while now, he still has occasional glimpses of quality but his failings are on him not his position. He was magnificent for a while under jos playing in centre midfield, he can certainly play there. He's always been nesh but he now actively avoids anything resembling physical contact its embarrassing. The main difference in his game though is his work rate, for his first few seasons he had a great engine on him which made up for some of his other weaknesses.
  15. Makes abdi look available, has generally looked overweight on the odd occasion he's bothered to turn up. Seems like quite a few players have magically developed the same problems as what happened in carlos' third season/jos' first.
  16. Wildsmith - 5 Urhoghide - 6 Palmer - 4 Lees - 5 Penney - 5 Reach - 0 Harris - 4 Bannan - 5 Hutch - 5 Kachunga - 3 Rhodes - 4 Might add some comments to the ratings later, dont want to do it now though as I might outwork the players in doing so and end up awarding myself the man of the match.
  17. Was a top player theres been so few midfielders over the years who can genuinely affect the game at both ends of the pitch. Probably only viera and kante I can think of off the top of my head which shows the level he should be remembered at but for some reason isnt.
  18. Agree with this, some fans cant change there views on rhodes having previously been mostly right on his failings. Rhodes was a ridiculous signing at a time when we were good, had better strikers already at the club and were pretty successful playing a type of football that he couldnt adapt too. But thats all gone now and hes currently the best option for a team that doesnt play any style of football, doesnt own any strikers and is bottom of the championship. He should be first name on the team sheet until the end of the season, hes still probably the worst signing in our history.
  19. I'd go for something like this Westwood Lee Dunkley Urgohide Harris Patterson Hutchinson Bannan Reach Kachunga Rhodes about best we can muster our best players on the pitch but still a shape that can defend and has worked for us at times.
  20. Seems strange that hes had so little game time him, bannan and luongo looked like they would form a good midfield three at start of the season. Think the injury cost him really and since monk left we've given up all hope of keeping the ball on the deck so he doesnt really fit in, hes not really the type of player whos gonna impress in the odd five minute cameo.
  21. The guys just dumb as a rock dont think hes doing it on purpose, scotland will suit him as its one of the few leagues left where you can get away with diving in to tackles still.
  22. Yeah think that was the last game he played under monk. If I remember right he played with pelupessy in the middle and we absolutely bossed the midfield. He went off we brought hunt in and nearly managed to draw a game we were comfortable in. Remember him having to slot in for borner at centre half in the leeds game as well and he was a class act against probably the best team in the league. So the idea that he was losing it is not really true for me. We are where we are and both him and Westwood comfortable improve a side fighting to stay in the league.
  23. Very true my first though after we scored was oh that was what we were trying to do last week.
  24. He's a strange player even last season when he was largely poor he still looked like there was a player in there, hes competitive works hard fairly decent on the ball and going forward but he always looks like giving pens away and seems incapable of learning, could have easily given a couple away again today if the swansea players chose to be a bit more savvy.
  25. Darts from home on skysports arena at the moment about as exciting as it'll get tonight on that channel Im sure.
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