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  1. Not usually ITK but have heard from a decent source its not happening, hope they're wrong but for the money talked about it might be wiser to wait or spend the money on a lb.
  2. I'd go down the ginger route, megson first choice if he doesnt want it try for monk or dean smith, if not orlando city legend james oconnor, after that we are scratching around between bullen, pembridge or bannan player manager.
  3. A couple of failed spells in champ and worth 10 mill we should sign that josh mceachran lad and then flog him to some german club for 10 or 20 mill. Theres a player in there though and would have taken him on a free but a bit like joao in the sense that despite the potential im not sure he has a position he'll ever really excel in.
  4. Be interesting to see if another team could get the best out of him. For me its joaos height that causes him the problem, he hates the physical side of the game and if he starts particularly as the main striker he tends to get roughed up and fades, he's better as a sub but in the main he needs someone else to be the focal point. His best spell came when playing with nuhiu and ff, as nuhiu tends to attract the opposites centre half brute and everyone loves to go and kick ff so it left him free to do his stuff. Dont really know how this can be resolved though hes still a decent player but who lacks a position as he doesnt have the work rate for the wide positions and even though hes better as the second striker he doesnt really read flick on's and run off a bigger man so not sure what formation would suit him, be reasonably happy to sell him but only for 5 mill plus and with a good sell on clause.
  5. National level is a different ballgame to league management for me, the likes of southgate, o'neil hughes, coleman etc have all done well at that level but still dont think it makes them good managers. Its largely for useless young managers and decent old managers who cant be bothered with the day to day stuff anymore.
  6. Leicester fan as well lets get him for stealing george hirst too. Joking aside twitters a cesspit.
  7. Its starting to get difficult to keep up with the drama, if I'm right so far our best guess is bruce had a 4million release clause which ashley eventually paid, they then all resigned and signed at newcastle, the sticking point being the more useless steves presumably did not have release clauses as nobody would be expected to poach them so we are unhappy with how newcastle have poached them and want extra cash for them.
  8. If by some miracle he wins a few games early on and ole loses a few he'll be on phone to his agent after a move.
  9. I know people have long since made their mind up on nuhiu but im happy for him to stay, links up far better with the likes of bannan and forestieri than rhodes or winnall. Id be content with all the players staying and competing for the shirt now but would still be happy to sell rhodes or winnall if a decent fee came along.
  10. Think that its a case of crossed wires and maybe the odd mistranslation. This guy was who the people wanting to take over newcastle had lined up as manager and thats where this has come from. As funny as it would be if bruce was left in limbo think its a done deal.
  11. In the circumstances I could make my peace with giving hollaway a shot at it for a year, seems like a positive guy who could motivate the squad and could slot straight in.
  12. Id keep rhodes now wiv finally got some decent wingers his gonna score 20 plus this season trust stevie bruce to get him and van aken firing again.
  13. 18:20 kadeem harris announces he'll be joining newcastle united
  14. Genuinely like palmer and have constantly advocated for him to stay, having reliable backup players who dont cause a fuss is an important part of a sucessful squad. That said it would have been two years for me he seems like the kind of guy who needs to be kept on his toes and the idea he will one day be a saleable asset is laughable.
  15. Houghtons the obvious stand out candidate if he would take it. Though if as is rumoured newcastle arent interested in Bruce's coaching team, then would be happy keeping everyone but bruce in place and maybe just offering someone like hollaway a shot at it.
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