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  1. Sam Hutchinson

    Best three centre halfs in a three would be hutch, lees and pudil for me. Hutch and pudil both have a good range of passing and are comfortable bringing the ball out. Venancio has impressed since coming in but hes not as good a defender as hutch. Long term van aken taking over from pudil and venancio deputising for hutch when hes injured.
  2. Rate jos so far?

    Agree with this people see what they want to see in football sometimes. In carlos' last 10 games we got 11 points about a point a game. In bullens three games in charge we got three points about a point a game. In Jos 7 league games we've got 7 points about a point a game. Its far too early to write jos off but hes achieved nothing so far. For a comparison when irvine came in we had a far worse squad than what we currently have available and he took a team that hadnt won in about ten games to win four on the bounce.
  3. Rate jos so far?

    He's done OK so far in difficult circumstances but no more if we had kept carlos or even left bullen in charge we'd probably have a similar amount of points, first few games though in particular the performances against united and cardiff he looked like he brought something extra to the table. The win against derby was impressive but at times he hasnt helped himself. The main issue is with his decision making around players. When he came in jones played probably his best few games for us and was then dropped. Rhodes looked a little better particularly against cardiff and was then left out of the squad. Fox, butterfield and loovens consistantly play poorly but get picked. Nuhiu and particularly Joao look in form and are are left out last night. Boyd has a decent game at left wing back and then isnt picked there again. Clare plays well against a top championship side and then isnt used in the next championship game. Players like nuhiu and joao are very rarely injured but have missed a ton of games due to being well down the pecking order now have there chance and are are left out to give a winger who cant get a game for port vale a chance upfront. Its hard to see that the playing staff are going to be happy with his decision making which never bodes well for the long term. The other issue is the overall direction of the club chansiri sacked gray as he wanted more exciting football. Jos came with a reputation for being ultra defensive and so far has lived up to it. In the games against middlesborough, swansea and millwall he essential set up with no intention to attack at all. Long term its hard to see this style appeasing the fans.
  4. Almen Abdi back playing

    Have to agree with this although some players are just unfortunate with injury eventually you do have to question the player. Whenever Ive seen abdi play in a Wednesday shirt he always seems to be playing at half pace and is either not interested or knows his body is limited by injury now and just protects himself and collects his paycheck. Its two easy to project all the clubs ills onto the ex manager, football is not a complicated game, abdi has been a top player at championship level so must know if you want it bad enough you give your all in training impress the manager if he doesn't pick you you ask him why every week until he does. The minute it becomes clear he doesn't fancy you, demand a loan or a transfer and tell the manager your gonna prove him wrong. Or you can do a mcgugan and sit at home collecting your money until your career goes down the pan. That said the new formation is better suited for him than a 442 so lets hope he can prove people wrong and regain some form. Im not too confident this will happen though and as someone else said we are in a position where giving game time to him will restrict game time to some of the younger players.
  5. The not playing to his strengths thing is a myth and is always used to to excuse misfiring strikers. People week in week used to say the same about stevie may and his great movement we just had no one to find him. Of course there are ways we can help his game but the question is why should we modern football doesnt work like that good players can adapt. He's lost what little pace he had so its no good sliding balls in behind for him hes not quick enough. His only remaining attributes is his movement in the box but despite myths to the contrary weve put plenty of crosses in this season he just hasnt converted enough of them. Also if he didnt think he could play in our system he shouldnt have agreed to sign. He must have watched some of our games before he came and realised the role he would be asked to play. His dad works for the club surely he would have been aware he would be asked to play a role in the system carlos had always used. All this said hes been misued by the current manager. If everyone was fit id be more than happy to write him off and move him on hes had a year and he hasnt taken his chances. But we are where we are and even the current misfiring jordan rhodes is a better option than playing joao and nuhiu together. He did ok with joao against cardiff even though they didnt take their chances we should have persisted with joao and rhodes upfront until the end of the season with nuhiu as an impact sub which suits him best.
  6. Still think we will probably just be ok but it's a very real possibility and we are easily one of the worst teams in the league right now. The main concern is that his hasn't enjoyed a new manager bounce and he needs to get a win under his belt. Winning teams are happy teams it's a simple as that when all's going well every mealy mouthed metaphor and every action taken by the manager is loving lapped up by players and fans alike as Carlos could attest to. But it doesn't take long for everyone to turn. I'd imagine the players are already a little unsure of him given how he's treated senior pros like Rhodes and Boyd, particularly the hopefully soon returning ones who have yet to play for him. A heavy defeat on Tuesday and then against Carlos's Swansea and we are gonna be in big trouble.
  7. Pelupessy

    Sadly he doesn't look impressive so far. Looked off the pace today and wasted the ball and a good opening when he hit a woeful shot with good options on. Reminds me too much of the Melo, bus, vermijl signings a signing just for the sake of saying we've signed someone. It's hard to imagine we'd be any worse off if Clare had been given a go instead of signing him. If we had to take a chance on a cheap signing it should have been a left back.
  8. Team for Dingles

    wildsmith venancio loovens thorniley hunt reach jones wallace boyd rhodes joao
  9. David Jones

    Its bizarre that jones was dropped after the games against cardiff and united were arguably his best in a wednesday shirt. He was far more aggressive in the tackle. He also seems well suited to a three in midfield as his main downfall is he can get isolated in a two in midfield due to his lack of mobility but its less of a problem when there are more bodies in there. Its nothing against pelupessy but where possible its preferable for new players to not just be thrown in particularly when they are younger and unfamiliar with the pace of the league just give them the occasional chance via sub or cup games to earn the shirt off of the more established players keeps everyone on their toes.
  10. The Legacy of Coco

    This is the basis of what annoys me in this debate. That carlos is the root of all our problems and that 'jossy' whos achieved nothing so far will fix them all with ease. Its not based on any form of reason.
  11. The Legacy of Coco

    True. But my only real point is the vitriol and blame game has gone to far. I dont think carlos did a particularly brilliant job for the money we spent he achieved roughly as expected league positions maybe slightly overachieved in his first season and lost his way in the third season. We say thanks and move on.
  12. The Legacy of Coco

    With the obvious exceptions of garry monk (twice), steve bruce, harry redknapp , leonid slutsky, steve mclaren, paul clement, alex neil, lee johnson and thomas christiansen who've all spent similar amounts over the last couple of seasons.
  13. The Legacy of Coco

    We'll have to agree to disagree, for me 'jossy' hasnt turned anything around yet hes played ultra defensive football and amassed three points in four games something im fairly sure we would have achieved if we had carlos or bullen or katrien in charge of the first team. Ultimately I think the extremes of the argument are unnecessary, carlos wasnt the worst manager ever ive no interest in hoping his new team fail or slagging him and blaming him for everything wrong at the club. Equally jos has done nothing in particular to impress me so far, lets hope he does, if he lasts anywhere near three years and leads us into the playoffs twice I'll be suprised and his reign would probably be considered a sucess.
  14. The Legacy of Coco

    Its literally his job. Its what hes being paid for carlos is long gone, yesterday was probably the worst performance of the season and middlesborough wasnt much better. His new manager bounce seemed to have lasted two games getting us two nil nil draws. Plenty of managers in our recent history from laws to stuart gray to sturrock seemed to have quickly turned around the mindset of previously demoralised players its perfectly possible. Im sure his decision to leave rhodes out against his former club and then omit him from the squad completely will have done wonders for moral. Im sure the likes of jones having put in probably his best two performances of the season feel great having been booted from the team for pelupessy.
  15. The Legacy of Coco

    To me hes still making it harder for himself than necessary by dropping players who did OK for him in the first two league games, pelupessy could have been eased in as jones was playing well. Thorniley could have stayed in the team and loovens could have been brought back in if necessary. Boyd is as capable of playing cm as reach and wallace can do a job there. For me a midfield of jones boyd wallace is no weaker and possibly stronger than reach pelupessy butterfield. Clare has probably earned a go at some stage as well so hes not lacking in options. If we are going to stick with 352 for the rest of the season hunt and reach need a go at wingbacks there offer far more than palmer and fox. Agree with the rest of it though survival is all that matters from here.