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  1. About right for me, pudil has impressed as a left side centre half and will need him next year as thorniley and van aken learn the role. Hopefully nuhiu will sign but imagine given his age and recent form hes hedging is bets and seeing if anyone comes in with a big wage for what'll be his last decent contract. Be interesting to see what happens with venancio if we are not splashing the cash can see why we've not agreed to pay the fee as theyll probably be better value around for free or on loan but can imagine us ending up in a sasso like situation where we are back in for him later hopefully for a smaller fee.
  2. trask43


    Hopefully not, can't see what he will add and is not well thought of by Sunderland fans despite being a local lad. Mcnair would be a better option.
  3. trask43

    Westwood in demand?

    Very true, a player like lees will want promotion next season. Given his age and the fact he is performing to a high enough level, he could easily push for a move away and without wanting to be too harsh on the young players hes probably at a place in his career where doesnt want to be helping wildsmith, thorniley pelupessy etc through games but wants to be playing at best standard that he can with the best players around him. If the club are in trouble financially then it is what it is and some players will have to be sold, I just think there is other areas, particularly in the striker department where the cuts would be less noticeable.
  4. trask43

    Westwood in demand?

    Would be a statement of intent from the club that we're not interested in promotion for the next few years. We'd get about 2 or 3 million quid for an ageing westwood it'd cost us a good 10 points over the course of the season. Wildsmiths got potential but he's miles away from being a no 1 at a top half championship club, it'd be like selling hooper, ff and joao and going with hirst and borukov to spearhead our promotion push.
  5. To me its a case of getting the best out of what you have, if you have Bannan, Lee, ff, Wallace (first season when he could still run) you have fast/nippy/ players who can cluster around the opposition, nick the ball and break. If the press doesnt work they can get back behind the ball. With the likes of Nuhiu, Jones , butterfield, Boyd etc. they dont have that mobility and if instructed to press they get taken out of the game and cant recover leaving you wide open.
  6. What a strange article, is there really that little wednesday related news to write about. The gist of the article seems to be that we struggled against qpr because we missed a bit part midfielder who left two years ago. He then concludes that moving forward wednesday need someone in midfield with some strength and ariel power. Lopez was 5ft 7. Lopez was a good tidy player with plenty of quality on the ball but he wasnt particularly suited to the english game and he's overrated on here. This largely comes out of the odd idea that we would have been better against hull with him in the team (we wouldnt hutch played well enough far better than lee, bannan and wallace and was one of the few in our team that put up a resistance against the physicality of livermore, diame and huddlestone). There were games that completely passed lopez by, particularly the 2nd leg at brighton which we would have lost were he not replaced by hutch at half time. His replacement was jones whos since occupied a similar backup to hutch role and despite his critics he played plenty of games last year in which we finished two places higher than the season lopez was filling in for hutch doing at least as solid a job if still disappointing overall in his time here. The problem we have when hutch is out is the lack of mobility and closing down which neither lopez or jones particularly have, hopefully pelupessy is the man for this role one thing howson did get right is the jury is still out there. Cant wait for his next article on how we missed modou sougou against hull.
  7. trask43

    #SWFC - new Injury Update

    Its getting ridiculous now, think we need to go to a back three at hull, we ship too many goals with 4 at the back under jos with the current defensive options, if everyone is out go dawson venancio lees thorniley hunt reach pelupessy jones matias ff rhodes
  8. trask43


    Be a tough decision regarding venancio, for me has largely been solid, just seems to get on with doing his job with little drama which is usually the sign of a good defender. There is a few ifs and buts though, if jos is staying and we are sticking with three at the back he'd be a good signing, with hopefully lees venancio being mainstays and whoevers still left out of pudil/hutch/van aken/thorniley competing for the last place. Not sure he is quite good enough for a two though and if theres a chance of westwood leaving and wildsmith being no1 we could do with a more dominant header of the ball .
  9. He's not gonna change his personality overnight so it is what it is, personally I think this current group of players would benefit from a manager who is a more obvious leader given the lack of obvious leaders on the pitch. But ultimately footballs about winning games, you win games your calm and cool on the sidelines you lose your inactive and too quiet, the narrative is created later, carlos takes us to the premier league and his analogies and self centered press conferences are signs of genius you dont win games and you quickly become a clown.
  10. trask43

    Video - #QPR vs #SWFC

    Such soft goals to concede, wildsmith at fault for first two, third is just poor all round, keeper, fullback and centre halfs. For the pen lees has just lost his composure, even at three nil down theres no need to dive in like that. On the plus side if we could defend we seemingly did enough at the other end for an away game, nuhiu was unlucky not too have two and peleupessy had an excellent chance as well as the two goals which were both decent.
  11. trask43

    Team for sat

    Its a fair point but just feel joao is the sort of player who needs to be kept on his toes and his standards have been slipping last two or three games, would still be the first sub on when needed. Also with ff fit again there are times particularly away from home where we cant accommodate nuhiu joao and ff in starting line up.
  12. trask43


    I dont really want to scapegoat the lad hes been impressive at times this season but the ball for first goal comes a long way and he just misjudges the flight of the ball and gets caught under it meaning he cant get much of a punch on it. The second is as poor as you'll see at this level he fumbles a tame shot but still has the chance to react to knock it out for a corner and instead knocks it straight back out into a dangerous area. It would be harsh to blame him for the third as you said the cross comes from inside the area the fullback needs to do more and the back post defended better but its a quality cross.
  13. trask43

    Player of the Season?

    It really is slim pickings but as reach's form falls away its looking to me like nuhiu has the chance to clinch it with a few more goals between now and the end of the season. Nuhiu barely played in the first half of the season under carlos and has been largely impressive in the second half since he's been a regular so has no real blame attached to him for the poor start, you also feel like it'll probably mean more to nuhiu purely for the length of time that hes been here and the turn around in his goalscoring ability, added to the fact that however much abuse hes endured hes always given everything when given a chance. There really is few other players who you can make a case for, pudil has arguably been the most consistent performer over the season but its been consistently 6/7s rather than 8/9s, lees, bannan and hooper have all been good when available but been out injured for too long, wildsmith like reach has contributed some top performances but equally contributed too many poor ones.
  14. trask43

    Team for sat

    Dawson venancio lees pudil hunt reach pelupessy bannan matias FF nuhiu Id go with this, basically how chelsea set up last season although pelupessy and nuhiu are no kante and costa, fernando in the hazard role bannan in the fabregas role are a bit closer, think overall it would suit the players available particularly matias and ff.
  15. trask43


    Time for dawson to play until the end of the season, wildsmiths a good prospect and has had some excellent games this season but hes a long way from a first choice championship keeper his kicking and command of his area need alot of work. In an ideal world play dawson until the end of the season and let him be no2 to westwood next year, wildsmith would benefit from a year as no1 in league 1.