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  1. Was a safe option from bruce and the only thing he got wrong tonight. Boyd doesnt deserve criticism he works hard its just the legs have gone. Matias or nuhiu would have been the better options, no ones favourite players but matias works hard enough and is capable of offering a genuine threat in behind as he doesnt run like hes towing a caravan. Personally id have gone with nuhiu, he could have played up top and fletch is more than capable of playing the link role, the game was pretty likely to be decided by a set piece and at least nuhiu offers something in both boxes.
  2. Palmer for me barely put a foot wrong in two positions, hector played well as well but skewed a few clearences and as soft as it would have been he could have easily gave a pen away.
  3. Realistically its not happening but its great that there is a sniff, beat united and the season is alive and well and we have something to chase, bristol and derby are perennial bottlers and nothing special so you never know but it'll take something extraordinary.
  4. With no offence to the young lads played by jos who all had their moments but playing baker over palmer, dawson over westwood and pelupessy over hutch is probably the worst judgement ive seen from a professional manager. If them three had played all season we'd be sat comfortably in the playoffs at the moment.
  5. Im not entirely convinced but would like to see it given a try, he's far better with his back to goal at keeping possesion than joao, it would force us to keep the ball on the deck as well.Think theyd be games where it bamboozles the opposition defences as he drops deep and the opposition dont know who to pick up.
  6. To me it doesnt exactly matter what we do its more just about having a consistant plan and getting players that suit the system, this is how teams like united have had success. Given potential financial restraints its hard to see a complete overall of the squad. Bruce seems like a 442 man so realistically as unpopular as it would be its probably some of the players who dictate our play but dont quite fit the system like bannan, ff and joao who we'd be better getting rid of particularly if we can get some money in. Just play one of the two lumps with one of the two contracted scorers would give us half a chance something like westwood Iorfa lees thorniley lazaar/new new winger hutch new/diame type reach nuhiu/fletch winall/rhodes It wouldnt be the way Id do it but a team like that under bruce could trouble the playoffs The other more modern way which would suit more of our existing talented players and if we ever get everyone fit we could experiment with this season would be something like westwood Iorfa lees hector lazaar hutch onomah bannan reach aarons ff Not sure bruce would be the man to go for something like that though
  7. Westwood - 5 - Not his best game but still made some crucial saves Palmer - 5 - Again not his best game but not to blame for the goals Hector - 3 - Awful performances such a strange player can look so good one week but always has a mistake in him, today he was at fault for both goals managing to make about three errors in a row for the second goal, also tried to give them another one in the first half Thorniley - 5 - better than hector and cant have been easy playing next to him today Fox - 6 - typical of his recent performances solid if unspectacular got an assist for the 2nd goal Bannan - 4 - Never excels in overly competitive games just cant deal with the physical side of games Reach - 6 - Typical of his recent performances you feel like there's more he could do and like bannan neshes the physical side too often but he also got another assist and theres plenty that need criticism before reach Hutchinson - 6 - Solid enough performances Boyd - 4 - Did some good things and did well prior to the first goal but still looks like yesterdays man FF - 7 - Back to the standards you expect from him not afraid of getting kicked unlike some of the other players Joao - 3 - Just cant play the central role hates the physical side of the game and is at his best with the ball at his feet facing up the opposition
  8. I'd go westwood iorfa lees thorniley lazaar aarons hutch bannan reach fletch joao Slightly harsh on the likes of palmer and fox but the new lads need a chance, we win they can stay in again for brentford and maybe the derby they dont show much then let the old ones come back in. Hector has to be dropped after rotherham game he was unbelievably bad. Go with the two big lads up top and try and get some balls in from wide areas with the new full backs.
  9. Id like to see that line up next saturday as well the new lads deserve a chance but lets be honest that team would get battered against united.
  10. Think people are being a bit harsh on palmer, while hes no world beater hes currently playing well and he's at a good age for a defender. Sometimes its just a case of better the devil you know, we'd be very hard pushed to find a lad whos played well over hundred games in championship, regularly shown he can be part of a defence that can keep clean sheets, wont cause a fuss when benched and never injured, all for a relatively small wage.
  11. The only player in the squad this season who actually read any of fletch's flick ons was matias whos pace, movement and anticipation etc is pretty good even if the rest of his game lets him down.
  12. I genuinely like fletch he battles hard holds the ball up well but it doesnt change the fact that hes basically a minor upgrade on nuhiu and not enough of an upgrade to justify his wages. He also doesnt seem to have a great understanding with the other strikers. Joao and FF seem to play better with nuhiu, fletch only seems to have a good understanding with hooper. A tough decision going forward but we have the players to try a more mobile forward line, a front three of joao FF and aarons would cause plenty of defences problems at this level particularly away from home.
  13. Its bizarre that he never gets taken off today swapping him for aarons seemed like a no brainer if we wanted to add a bit of pace and try and win the game.
  14. Cant see too many changes particularly defensively, millwall are strong in the air which means making changes like putting a small foreign left back in over fox who for his flaws is strong in the air are not really wise. Same logic will probably apply to keep boyd in and at least one of nuhiu or fletch. I'd probably just swap ff for joao and go with the same team again injuries aside, bring the pace of ff and aarons on as they're tiring.
  15. Hes one of those very talented players that has never quite fit a position on the field. When played centrally hes to poor defensively to play as the deep lying midfielder and avoids any 50/50s, although this seems to be where he prefers to be on the pitch. When pushed higher up as the attacking midfielder he just doesnt score enough. He must have one of the worst shots to goal ratio for a midfielder in the league and has about six league goals in nearly 4 years for us. When onomahs back fit I'd be tempted to give bannan a go in the boyd position.
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