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  1. trask43

    Clean sheets

    Think as other have said its mainly down to communication loovens and westwood are great talkers on the pitch. Theres also a sort of hard to describe top level mentality for me in all of loovens westwood hutch hunt. Where they seem to genuinely hate loosing they put more fear into the opposition, know when to take one for the team etc thats lacking in the current players.
  2. trask43

    Ashley Baker

    He was fine tonight and doesnt deserve any stick but truthfully he has few attributes which suggest he can seriously push palmer for the rb role which leaves us in trouble and this should have been addressed with a loan.
  3. trask43


    Think people are missing the point regarding dawson hes performed decently in every game so far just as fox and baker were both decent today. Players of westwoods standard bring something extra they demand more from players around them and save things they have no right to.
  4. We wont because to get wins you dont really deserve you need to be able to defend and sadly what ever back 5 we put out we're always gonna be liable to concede 2 or 3 goals a game.
  5. trask43

    Is it just me

    Was very poor today, he has been better in recent weeks but he still seems out of his depth for me, hes a player whos just not capable of bossing a game. Recent dm like hutch and semedo in league one had days where they just dominated the opposition and genuinely bullied them hes just not capable of this and never will be. On top of that hes just a little over eager there has been plenty of limited players over the years who've made good careers in the game by knowing their limitations and learning to read the game, watching him storm up the pitch and take a volley on off of the toes of our cf like he did today is just embarrassing. He seems a likable guy so hopefully he can improve but he needs to be rotated more starting him every week isnt improving his game.
  6. trask43

    Reach as LWB

    Its a tough call hes improving as a central midfielder all the time and starting to look like a real player in there but given the lack of options a wb hes needed there as well. However well someone like thorniley plays there hes never going to have the quality reach does in advanced areas. For now Id probably go for reach at lwb in home games when we need the extra quality more than defensive attributes and play ff behind two strikers. Away from home go with thorniley at wingback to try and keep things tighter and have reach in the centre mid for a little extra energy in there and an added ability to break quickly.
  7. trask43


    Dont really think we've approached this in the best way, we should have just started the season with him in goal let everyone know hes available and hope he starts the season with some top performances which would have encouraged interest and increased his fee the way we've done it just make him look like an abdi or jones to other clubs some injured old duffer who we want rid of. Im sure his mistreatment has done wonders for morale amongst his closer friends in the squad.
  8. Hindsights a wonderful thing but its sad to think if we had just sold forestieri when we had the chance and replaced him with a talented prem youngster on loan and not signed rhodes we'd be financially in a pretty stable position while still having a strong squad, surely someone must have advised chansiri that while it would have been unpopular at the time in was the more sensible option. Id have no problem moving anyone on now provided they were replaced with promising young players from the lower leagues or prem loan players its time for a new era. The chairmans deluded if he thinks this squad can get promoted we failed three years running with a much better side than we have now and have lost westwood, hunt, wallace, loovens and probably hooper and lee arguably some of the most talented players from that side with no real replacements.
  9. trask43

    van Aken

    Id have to go along with this he just seems to make too many errors doing simple things like constantly scuffing, or not getting enough distance on clearances, his reading of the game and anticipation seems poor as well which is essential when your not the quickest. His only attributes seem to be hes very tall and can pick a pass. If he was a right footer he might be worth persisting with but as a left sided defender pudil, thorniley and even fox all better defenders. Will be interesting to see how much faith the manager has in him if hes dropped for the next game as he probably should be you worry for his future here. Jos did him no favours though starting him as the central defender in the three.
  10. Dawson 4 Didnt really inspire confidence, poor, slow distribution and at fault for the third goal Palmer 2 Had a mare, he cant play wing back, dreadful going forward despite getting in good positions and most of the wigan threat came from his side when he was slow to react or unsure whether to follow his man or not. Lees 5 Best of a bad bunch defensively, Jos getting him to play on the right and play out from the back really doesnt suit his game Van Aken 2 Not good enough, he ambles about like a man twice his age, slow cant tackle, doesnt read the game well, not physical enough, he cant even really bring the ball out playing in the middle of a three Pudil 3 Was poor, looked good in that position last year but did little positive yesterday and should have stopped the cross for their second goal Reach 5 Did some good things, his two crosses lead to our goals but he looked strangely lethargic at lwb given he usually works so tirelessly Hutch 2 Was absolutely awful in the advanced position jos had him playing in but looked a class act in his brief time in his proper position Bannan 4 was very hit and miss tried to do to much given the lack of another competent midfielder to pass to, improved with the change of formation when joao came on Pelupessy 2 Did very little, his positioning is awful for a defensive midfielder, looks like a non league player with the ball at his feet Nuhui 4 Not his best game but was still one of the better players and got himself another goal, had lost his head towards the end and a competent manager would have seen this and took him off or had a word with him Forestieri 6 Did what he could but looked much better playing in a three, took his goal very well Joao 5 changed the game when he came on, an act of insanity to not start him, great assist for our second goal Fletcher 5 Looked sharp should have come on for nuhiu earlier Jos 0 While he deserves some sympathy for the shambolic running of the club etc it still doesnt excuse the performance. If we had gone out with a positive team selection playing a high press theres every chance we could have blown wigan away in trying to play with a defensive mindset from the off we handed the game to them.
  11. The off the field situation as bad as it is doesnt affect the fact that jos would rather play hutchinson as an advanced wide right midfielder instead of boyd, joao, ff or matias.
  12. Good post, all of which was sadly already known before kick off today though, that 99% of owlstalk could see it and jos couldnt doesnt say much for his management skills
  13. trask43


    Hes miles away from the required standard, reminds of one of them players where the manager is playing his lad, would swap him for semedo even now.
  14. trask43

    Common sense isn't it?

    Jos is clueless bless him, everyone could see what was going to happen before the game, you dont hand the initiative to the opposition particularly a newly promoted side at home ,watching a right wing of palmer, hutchinson and tom lees all in advanced positions trying to create chances is embarrassing. Particularly when you have the likes of joao, boyd and matias on the bench.
  15. So predictable everything that was spoken of before the game happened, too negative against an average side, hutch absolutely wasted playing that far forward particularly when the lad playing his dm role is useless, ff and nuhiu completely isolated if jos doesnt change things at halftime and go with joao nuhiu and ff then he hasnt got a clue.