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  1. Jones the quiet man

    He's the classic managers player. The fans will always prefer a hutch smashing into tackles when he doesn't need to, getting booked and giving the opposites free kicks around our box but you cant underestimate a player like jones in the dm position. Gets on with the job quietly and a very good passer of the ball for a dm as well.
  2. Reach...

    Was pretty much a perfect left back display they'll be bigger tests but he could not have done much more. Just a few weeks ago plenty were convinced he couldn't play there. Needs to stay there week in week out for the rest of the season now. Hes not good enough offensively for an attack minded player but has all the attacking strengths of a modern full back. Constantly changing position will do him no favours in the long run hopefully carlos has seen this now.
  3. Lee & Dutch Kid

    Lets hope so looks a good side to me that.
  4. Sam Winnall

    In Carlos speak: we were out shopping for lobster but saw a decent steak for a quid so got that just in case we couldn't afford the lobster. Just covering ourselves basically not dissimilar to venancio, if loovens and hutch get back to full fitness and van aken is decent then he will probably appear a wasted signing. Cant really blame the club for covering all their bases.
  5. Sam Winnall

    Don't forget martin and bent, he's gone from 5th choice striker here to fifth choice striker there not the greatest career move.
  6. Butterfield was second choice

    Seems poor form on Rowett's behalf, hopefully it will motivate the lad. I'm sure most players are technically 'second choice' just like every manager. I'm pretty sure we could have signed venancio for example in the summer given that he told carlos he'd love to play for us in preseason but we looked elsewhere and eventually went back in for him when some of our top choices didn't look like happening. The same applies to managers I'm sure after sacking steve mcclaren the derby chairman will have looked at many better options than rowett but after his top choice steve mcclaren turned down the offer to manage derby for the third time he had to settle for rowett.
  7. Would be nice to start seeing the diamond more at home if everyone is fit would go for westwood hunt lees van aken reach jones lee bannan ff hooper fletcher Wildsmith rhodes joao pudil butterfield boyd matias That would be ideal lee and bannan have the energy to make up for the lack of numbers in the middle, width coming from reach and hunt. I've no real problem with a more traditionally negative 442 away giving boyd more games but if we have any decent aspirations we have to start taking more risks at home particularly against the weaker sides. If lee is injured Id give butterfield a go, if ff is still out go with maybe rhodes up top with fletcher and hooper then in behind but the formation works less well the more changes that have to be made as the likes of abdi, rhodes, nuhiu dont really have the required mobility to make the formation work thats why the likes of matias and joao who suit this formation better need a last chance in a wed shirt.
  8. I'm glad we're at home first, its a big test for carlos and will more than likely shape the rest of his career here. A decent couple of results prior to the derby and a victory over them will ensure we end up with another season of at least the play offs, a poor run of results and a derby defeat will be the end sadly as the fans who are are already vocally anti carlos will get louder. For me if we approach the game in our usual style of recent times a 442 of solid pros like fletcher boyd jones reach will see us lose as sadly united players will have the edge in terms of commitment as wilder will have them well up for this game. Having seen them against boro they were woeful for a supposed passing team when pressed well, so this is the best option for us to win. The start in any derby is important and we need to revert to the energetic mobile players of carlos' first season with ff and hooper working back and pressing up top and the likes of lee hutch and bannan from midfield. These players pressing and their passing and movement from the first minute will be to much for united. Sadly I don't think this is how the game will end up these types of games are the ones carlos seems to struggle in. I imagine a tight game where we just grab a lead and sit back and eventually united nick an equaliser.
  9. winnall gone but nuhiu stays

    They don't play the same role in the team how difficult is this for people to comprehend. There is certain games over the course of a season in which its nice to have a plan of a big lump on the bench to defend a lead or go long. Winnall is competing with rhodes, ff, fletcher and hooper his swfc career was over the minute we bought rhodes as hes the worst of that group of players. Also footballers are humans not statistics how they fit in with the group matters. Players like palmer, fox, jones, semedo and sasso in the last few years and yes nuhiu are useful to have as they are good pros who provide necessary cover and dont get mardy when they are on the bench or not in the squad. This effects team moral which is important off the pitch which the fans don't see. Nuhiu is a well liked member of the squad winnall not so much.
  10. Abdi tonight

    He was similar for one of the goals in preseason against donny their player made half a turn in midfield and just glided away from him and he made no effort to catch up. To me either his legs have gone or hes struggling with something else thats not going away any time soon. Its nothing personal hopefully he comes good but there has been nothing in the last year to suggest he might. Its frustrating to hear people put everything on carlos, players aren't robots just because they did something at another club years ago doesn't mean they will automatically be capable of doing it again the same arguement applies to rhodes. Players get injuries they lose pace, they lose confidence or interest in the game some have mental health problems or problems at home which effects performance. Also the game moves on as more and more money comes into the prem and championship and sports science improves top players become stronger and quicker and this can mean players who arent of this type can struggle in leagues where they used to prosper.
  11. Abdi tonight

    Its not his fault though, if only that evil carlos used him properly he'd remember how to run.
  12. Carlos New Hair

    Its still to soon to say the new recruits take time to bed in and the diamond shape in the front still needs work. Give it six months if we are not looking at a norwood 1 or 2 we can start looking to a steve bruce type mrs doubtfire wig.
  13. Sam Winnall

    They are new type goalkeeper tights made by lacatoni, they reduce blood flow to the head and restrict movements in the legs so you don't come running out of your goal like an idiot.
  14. FF to Brighton

    Some people do seem to overate ff in the first season he was great and at time won games on his own the second season not so much. It wouldn't be unfair to say had he not walked out on the team at the start of the season and if he could take a penalty we'd have been in with a much better chance for promotion. It seems to me like its time to move him on if we can get a decent fee, he no longer has a position in the side as he wont play wide left and his wandering over the pitch and selfishness on the ball hurts us when he plays up top. Last season he scored the same amount of goals as danny graham at blackburn for a comparison of his contribution which does make him a fairly average championship player. Watford decided he wasnt good enough for a regular starting place when they won promotion and quickly moved him on which suggests he wasnt the most popular behind the scenes there as well. Think we've been so bad for so long that some got overexcited to sign a player as good as him and have lost a bit of perspective players who now seem like average signings like fletcher or boyd have had far better careers than ff for a reason.
  15. Carlos press conference live now

    Think he was referring to staton's question which implied ff is a good guy based on what carlos has said previously about him. The rough translation of carlos was he still thinks ff is a good guy but he is a good guy who did a bad thing (like staton and his theoretical driving misdimeanors) so he must now take his punishment which has been decided by the club or carlos. The question was badly phrased how can all these journalist be so stupid (and staton is by far the best of a bad bunch) and not realise using phrases like 'cut off your nose to spite your face' will confuse someone who is not a native speaker when they've been interviewing him weekly for years now. The other journos sounded like they'd been picked from a primary school to ask the sheffield wednesday manager a question so had wrote down a question at home and were gonna ask it anyway even though he'd answered or made clear he was not going to answer it when asked the same question earlier. Carlos seems like an intelligent guy who is probably great to talk football with in portuguese but his analogies come across a little odd and long winded in an english presser.