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  1. In the circumstances I could make my peace with giving hollaway a shot at it for a year, seems like a positive guy who could motivate the squad and could slot straight in.
  2. Id keep rhodes now wiv finally got some decent wingers his gonna score 20 plus this season trust stevie bruce to get him and van aken firing again.
  3. 18:20 kadeem harris announces he'll be joining newcastle united
  4. Genuinely like palmer and have constantly advocated for him to stay, having reliable backup players who dont cause a fuss is an important part of a sucessful squad. That said it would have been two years for me he seems like the kind of guy who needs to be kept on his toes and the idea he will one day be a saleable asset is laughable.
  5. Houghtons the obvious stand out candidate if he would take it. Though if as is rumoured newcastle arent interested in Bruce's coaching team, then would be happy keeping everyone but bruce in place and maybe just offering someone like hollaway a shot at it.
  6. Could be a decent celebration down at hillsborough. Whats chances of dc getting her in if bruce goes, doesnt seem to be in many films recently we can tempt her with the feminist angle of her being first woman manager in champ.
  7. Can we not just loan him to them for a fee everyone wins. We keep the rest of the team and bully then he can come back in when hes inevitably sacked. Joking aside its obviously a massive blow not a great look for bruce either goes against nearly all the nonsense he prattled on about in order to get a long holiday before starting. Need to be going all in for houghton or just have a season punt on hollaway not much else out there.
  8. Cant help but wonder how differently things would have turned out if he had signed on a free instead of chucking money at van aken certainly wouldnt have conceded 4 against united if him or sean morrison had agreed to come at the start of that season.
  9. Not for me its a shame for the lad but seems like the typical player who was exceptional at youth level and constantly told he was destined for great things but never really coped with the demands of the mens game, We have had plenty of midfielders over the years who dont effect the game enough being tidy in possession is not enough. Its also difficult to see what his positive attributes are, do we really need a midfielder whos failed at a mid table championship side, cant defend, never scores and struggles to create. would rather we saved a wage and gave one of our own youngsters the chance to step up on the occasions that bannan and lee are out.
  10. Was a safe option from bruce and the only thing he got wrong tonight. Boyd doesnt deserve criticism he works hard its just the legs have gone. Matias or nuhiu would have been the better options, no ones favourite players but matias works hard enough and is capable of offering a genuine threat in behind as he doesnt run like hes towing a caravan. Personally id have gone with nuhiu, he could have played up top and fletch is more than capable of playing the link role, the game was pretty likely to be decided by a set piece and at least nuhiu offers something in both boxes.
  11. Palmer for me barely put a foot wrong in two positions, hector played well as well but skewed a few clearences and as soft as it would have been he could have easily gave a pen away.
  12. Realistically its not happening but its great that there is a sniff, beat united and the season is alive and well and we have something to chase, bristol and derby are perennial bottlers and nothing special so you never know but it'll take something extraordinary.
  13. With no offence to the young lads played by jos who all had their moments but playing baker over palmer, dawson over westwood and pelupessy over hutch is probably the worst judgement ive seen from a professional manager. If them three had played all season we'd be sat comfortably in the playoffs at the moment.
  14. Im not entirely convinced but would like to see it given a try, he's far better with his back to goal at keeping possesion than joao, it would force us to keep the ball on the deck as well.Think theyd be games where it bamboozles the opposition defences as he drops deep and the opposition dont know who to pick up.
  15. To me it doesnt exactly matter what we do its more just about having a consistant plan and getting players that suit the system, this is how teams like united have had success. Given potential financial restraints its hard to see a complete overall of the squad. Bruce seems like a 442 man so realistically as unpopular as it would be its probably some of the players who dictate our play but dont quite fit the system like bannan, ff and joao who we'd be better getting rid of particularly if we can get some money in. Just play one of the two lumps with one of the two contracted scorers would give us half a chance something like westwood Iorfa lees thorniley lazaar/new new winger hutch new/diame type reach nuhiu/fletch winall/rhodes It wouldnt be the way Id do it but a team like that under bruce could trouble the playoffs The other more modern way which would suit more of our existing talented players and if we ever get everyone fit we could experiment with this season would be something like westwood Iorfa lees hector lazaar hutch onomah bannan reach aarons ff Not sure bruce would be the man to go for something like that though
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