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  1. Yeah think that was the last game he played under monk. If I remember right he played with pelupessy in the middle and we absolutely bossed the midfield. He went off we brought hunt in and nearly managed to draw a game we were comfortable in. Remember him having to slot in for borner at centre half in the leeds game as well and he was a class act against probably the best team in the league. So the idea that he was losing it is not really true for me. We are where we are and both him and Westwood comfortable improve a side fighting to stay in the league.
  2. Very true my first though after we scored was oh that was what we were trying to do last week.
  3. He's a strange player even last season when he was largely poor he still looked like there was a player in there, hes competitive works hard fairly decent on the ball and going forward but he always looks like giving pens away and seems incapable of learning, could have easily given a couple away again today if the swansea players chose to be a bit more savvy.
  4. Darts from home on skysports arena at the moment about as exciting as it'll get tonight on that channel Im sure.
  5. No Im suggesting that some people appear to be waiting/hoping for him to make a mistake, get 'injured' etc and will no doubt gloat somewhat if he does.
  6. Of course. Im sure if westwood makes a mistake tonight you'll barely mention it.
  7. The joy from some people to be proven right is scary, in these poor times for our club can we not just hope that one of the best players to play for us in recent years can recapture some of his previous form and see us through until the end of the season, if he cant Im sure pulis will bring in a new keeper in January.
  8. Its been said before but he just never adapted his game. He seems to have lost half a yard of pace so even with his decent movement defenders can recover against him. The comparisons with sharp are always interesting as they probably were similar types of players early in their career but they're not now. As sharps got older hes improved his fitness and put plenty of work in the gym. Jordan by comparison still looks and plays the same way he did when he was 20 and still gets brushed of the ball far to easy. He must be taller than sharp too so there is no reason he couldnt bulk up a
  9. Was it Barry Horne who we had on loan for a brief spell. He seemed like an absolute throwback last player I really remember who would launch himself into a good few two footed tackles every game at a time when they were on the verge of being banned from the game.
  10. Watched the bayern game yesterday on two different streams (legally of course) Interestingly the american coverage had some fan noise playing over the commentary, while it is sort of stupid if you think about it too much it made the game much easier to watch. The games so far just seem so flat otherwise.
  11. Not usually ITK but have heard from a decent source its not happening, hope they're wrong but for the money talked about it might be wiser to wait or spend the money on a lb.
  12. I'd go down the ginger route, megson first choice if he doesnt want it try for monk or dean smith, if not orlando city legend james oconnor, after that we are scratching around between bullen, pembridge or bannan player manager.
  13. A couple of failed spells in champ and worth 10 mill we should sign that josh mceachran lad and then flog him to some german club for 10 or 20 mill. Theres a player in there though and would have taken him on a free but a bit like joao in the sense that despite the potential im not sure he has a position he'll ever really excel in.
  14. Be interesting to see if another team could get the best out of him. For me its joaos height that causes him the problem, he hates the physical side of the game and if he starts particularly as the main striker he tends to get roughed up and fades, he's better as a sub but in the main he needs someone else to be the focal point. His best spell came when playing with nuhiu and ff, as nuhiu tends to attract the opposites centre half brute and everyone loves to go and kick ff so it left him free to do his stuff. Dont really know how this can be resolved though hes still a decent playe
  15. National level is a different ballgame to league management for me, the likes of southgate, o'neil hughes, coleman etc have all done well at that level but still dont think it makes them good managers. Its largely for useless young managers and decent old managers who cant be bothered with the day to day stuff anymore.
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