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  1. trask43

    Well done Morgan Fox

    Hes always been a steady enough full back at this level his main problem is hes cant play wing back which is what really exposes him. Should give him song for next match, give our players some support for once watch them improve. Remember buxton getting plenty of abuse in his early days went on to be a fine full back for us.
  2. trask43

    Sad picture

    Dont really have any pity for him, the modern world is the modern world. It helps to research the job your going into and jos always seemed hopelessly naive to me particularly his media comments over the last few weeks. Its like he'd popped down local Dutch recruitment agency looking for work and was told all factory jobs were gone and so reluctantly ended up at hillsborough. Football mangement and football in general can be brutal particularly in the modern social media age, its no good whining about it, it is what it is, thats why you get paid the big bucks. A couple of years from now steve bruce will be the worst manager who ever graced hillsborough and will be getting dogs abuse, the difference is he knows what hes in for and can take it.
  3. trask43

    Van Aken

    Strange player whos been woeful every time hes played for us including his early games its difficult to believe we paid so much money for him. Truth be told though we are where we are, pudil is past it and not really worth persevering with, hector is overrated for me as sadly is thorniley who despite performing admirably whenever selected is not on course to be a top end championship defender for me despite what some on here may suggest, so van aken while a ridiculous waste of money is no worse than the rest and probably deserves another chance.
  4. trask43


    Hes miles away from whats required at dm. While he has technical and physical limitations his main problem is decision making. A massive part of playing dm is deciding when to stop play and just break up the oppositions momentum and take a booking, Im not sure Ive ever seen him do it, he just seems to nice a guy to play the role. The obvious example being the west brom game where his unwillingness to take one for the team cost us two points, the problem is Im not sure you can teach what he lacks for the role, he just doesnt have the natural aggression required. The fact he has one yellow card this season is embarrassing for the position he plays.
  5. trask43

    The 'pen'

    Was basically the vardy technique got in front of fox slowed down kicked his leg out at him felt the contact and went over.
  6. trask43


    Hes a strange player is joey. Hes basically a midfield version of nuhiu, a player who seems like a good guy always gives his all for the club, who you always want to suceed but if your honest hes nowhere near the standard required.
  7. trask43

    Team for Birmingham

    Whatever team we do play tommorrow its time for jos to decide on what he considers his best team and formation and stick to it for a few games. QPR have just played same team for three games in a week and got three clean sheets. Time for some consistency.
  8. trask43

    Team for Birmingham

    Id go for this dawson palmer lees hector fox pelupessy onomah reach bannan penney fletcher keeps midfield a little more crowded as teams seem to have just been walking through it recently, joao and nuhiu work better of the bench.
  9. Shows the importance of JR, bring him back.
  10. trask43


    Dawson 5 made a few half decent stops and cant be directly blamed for any goals but theres still a part of me that thinks a westwood, grant , carson level keeper would have done better with the first and third Baker 6 probably his best performance for us no errors, strong in the tackle and always available even if rarely used in the overlap Hector 5 strange performance looked good at times but arguably at fault for first and third goals Pudil 5 solid enough display should have had a pen but not really good enough a ch to play in a two Fox 6 solid enough display the fact that if we are honest hes probably our best lb shows that we shouldnt expect too much this season Pelupessy 6 taken individually another decent display and he seems to be improving, as a team though he never seems to be able to do anything to stop the opposition walking through us Onomah 5 good strength and quality on the ball doesnt do nearly enough off it Bannan 5 poor display by his standards personally dont think hes been the same since the leeds game when everyone was falling over themselves to praise his start to the season Joao 4 had a few moments but has struggled recently needs to be stronger on the ball but after nearly 4 years not convinced he can improve this we just need to take the rough with the smooth Nuhiu 4 not really his night and has largely disappointed after his form last season, both him and joao need matias or ff with them as their ability to run in behind gives them more space Reach 5 In and out of the game as with his recent performances, despite his obvious qualities he still needs to do a little more to affect a game over 90 mins if he wants to progress his carrer in such an advanced role
  11. trask43

    Tom Lees

    Agree with this poor management from jos, you dont drop your best defender and captain after one poor game. The only reason hes been poor this season is jos tactics and insistance on playing out from the back. If jos was absolutely committed to playing a back three then maybe dropping lees would be understandable but to change to a back four and then leave him out suggests jos doesnt see the game the same way as most of us.
  12. trask43

    Clean sheets

    Think as other have said its mainly down to communication loovens and westwood are great talkers on the pitch. Theres also a sort of hard to describe top level mentality for me in all of loovens westwood hutch hunt. Where they seem to genuinely hate loosing they put more fear into the opposition, know when to take one for the team etc thats lacking in the current players.
  13. trask43

    Ashley Baker

    He was fine tonight and doesnt deserve any stick but truthfully he has few attributes which suggest he can seriously push palmer for the rb role which leaves us in trouble and this should have been addressed with a loan.
  14. trask43


    Think people are missing the point regarding dawson hes performed decently in every game so far just as fox and baker were both decent today. Players of westwoods standard bring something extra they demand more from players around them and save things they have no right to.
  15. We wont because to get wins you dont really deserve you need to be able to defend and sadly what ever back 5 we put out we're always gonna be liable to concede 2 or 3 goals a game.