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  1. It's a decent statement by his standards, and at least admits mistakes and failure on his end. I'm fed up of just hearing people moaning about him on here though. If we want change we have to make it happen and protest- look at what MU and Arsenal etc have done. Chansiri doesn't read here and think oh I better sell up, the message needs to be made clear if we want a change to happen. Not easily doable right now though so I guess may as well see first what he plans to do, and at least maybe he can begin to save face.
  2. Agree with all that. Us fans in our 20's and 30's can mostly remember garbage football, and the L1 promotions have been some of the highlights supporting us. So lets hope for another of those, though this time it seems a lot more up in the air as to what will actually happen.
  3. Agreed with OP. I used to have a season ticket, but due to family reasons (used to go with my parents who aren't well enough to attend now) I haven't been down in 2 years. Wednesday just isn't important to me in the grand scheme of things these days with Covid and other problems, and the situation makes me want to pay less attention to what's going on. Hopefully Moore can start a rebuild now in L1. Younger, hungry players who are desperate for success, and on reasonable wages. Make the fans actually proud of the team again and want to get behind us. Then I'm sure fans will start to
  4. I couldn't believe what I was watching. This was such a stark change from the matches I'd seen all season and most of last I couldn't believe my eyes. Can't get too carried away and expecting a perfect performance like that from now on every week, but god was that refreshing to watch. Even if we go down I'll be happy watching football like that and hopefully we'll make our way back up again.
  5. Agree. And even if we go down I won't be too depressed. Much rather watch that style of play and attacking intent in the 3rd tier, than boring Pulis-ball getting 0-0's in the Champ. We could bounce right back anyway- Moore wouldn't have taken over if he didn't have a plan in case we went down. A total breath of fresh air watching that game. Haven't seen us play like that since 6-2 vs Leeds!
  6. Yeah you can really judge a manager based on 3 days with the squad can't you. Jesus christ, it's all down to the inept Chairman and gutless, garbage players.
  7. Because no player would sacrifice himself for the good of the club mate. Thats one of the main problems, they don't care.
  8. The Brown corner and Harris defending were both utter embarassments. Couldn't believe what I was watching. Get rid of all these clowns in the summer. We're sick of being a laughing stock.
  9. Players didn't look like they cared, couldn't believe what I was watching. Looked like a nothing midtable game the way we were doping about! Gutless, spineless the lot of em! Then that Harris "defending" at the end....any sunday league player would've known what to do there, stop him at all costs and take a card if need be. Yet he backs off and lets him fire into the corner....absoultely criminal. Get rid of nearly all of em and start next season from scratch, with players that actually give a damn about playing for us.
  10. And if we go down he should be a good choice to help us bounce back.
  11. Fair play to Moore seeking a challenge here. I really didn't expect he'd want to take us on, seeing as we could be swapping places with them. It's a risky choice for him, so he deserves a good shot at getting this sorted here. He's as good an option as we could've got, so lets get behind him. We need to give him time, both Chansiri and fans support!
  12. He seems like a likeable chap to play for, and I think that is a big thing. Doesn't barrack the players (Pulis) or be obtuse with them (Monk), seems to give them confidence and let them go out there and give their all. Bannan, Reach, Harris all look like their old selves again after being a shell of themselves the first half of season, that must be down to the manager change. He's impressed me with his tactics overall so far, something I wasn't sure about. The next question would be his eye for transfer signings but I'd hope we have other staff to give him a lot of help in that are
  13. Been a big factor in our improved recent form. No surprise as he always makes us a much stronger team when on the pitch. Welcome back Hutch, he must be enjoying his return so far.
  14. We've seen false hopes before, can't forget that awesome hattrick at Forest then he goes missing again. Not all his fault though as he hasn't had a long run in the team. It does seem strange if we have finally realised how to play to his strengths under Tommo, but let's hope that is the case. If his goals can keep us up then at least he won't be seen as a huge transfer failure in the future- lets hope he keeps it going. He does look fitter and a bit sharper now for whatever reason so some good signs.
  15. Loads of teams not safe yet. Only Wycombe are down, it's a battle between the next 10 sides for the final 2 places. Think Brum are really struggling though they could easily be one to drop.
  16. 5 on the bounce at Hillsborough? Not since the days of mighty Meggo have we managed that Good signs. Never expected much from Thompson in charge but seems he's just what we need right now! Level head, experienced coach, players like playing for him too. It's funny how a new manager can suddenly change our home record- never in a million years would this have happened under Monk or Pulis.
  17. Proper goal from back to front. Well done lads, Thompson seems to be getting the best out of them. With Patterson, Rhodes, Windass and Marriott. Maybe we aren't that toothless after all now some are starting to fire.
  18. Think that's the key point. He had the right football advisors who were shrewd also. DC has none of these.
  19. Very gracious considering he saved us, and we would've been finished years ago if it wasn't for him. Or do you want that to happen and start again?
  20. If you were Milan and put a load of time and effort in at his age, and then see it falling to pieces again. You really wouldn't give a stuff? It's like any business you work for or run. Once you leave so still want the best for it going forward. Can't agree with people who don't think Milan will care- he always sounded like a genuine, caring person to me.
  21. So you feel nauseous about the thankyou Milan?? God only knows how sick you are feeling nowadays as things are 20x worse now mate. How can you feel nauseous about a rare positive moment in the club, when Milan had saved us and put us back on the right footing again (or so we expected).
  22. He gets very involved and affectionate with the clubs he ran. I remember him saying this club has a special place in his heart, after our thank you Milan. So was that all just lies then?
  23. I'm not knowledgable on the business side of the club, but obviously mega frustrated as a fan. I rarely hear Milan's name mentioned here anymore. He must be gutted at how his successor has made a mockery of this club- it also makes him look bad for selling to such a clueless, unreliable, useless owner. I remember the thank you Milan we did, one of the last times I felt proud to be a fan of this club. The playoff runs were obviously great but I've never agreed with Chansiri's unsustainable approach since moment one (high spend, minimal income in return). So many prospect
  24. Final point is a very good one. Hadn't really considered that so much, but I can't imagine he'd spend too much interest in finding a capable and reliable pair of hands for us. That said we'd still like to take the chance? It's going to be so interesting to see ticket sales particularly season ticket sales for next season if that's a possibility. Imo we all have to vote with our money and say enough is enough, not spending another penny till he's gone. He will have to act then.
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