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  1. Totally feel the DC fatigue and have for a few years now. It hit us distant fans first by pricing us out of games when we could attend one. The only way I can see things changing is with major civilized protests once things eventually return to near normal. But it needs to be organised and no personal stuff, only purely criticising his running of the club and our wish for him to sell up.
  2. Theres no chance Ivic would've worked out anyway. His authoritarian style alongside DC? Would've been a disaster. Its just depressing though that we have so few good options who either want the job or would fit in here. Maybe just leave it to Thompson and hope he keeps us up, then find a young ambitious coach in the summer as a long term plan. Not that DC has ever heard of those things.
  3. Put yourself in Rhodes shoes. Would you still have the same responses to my points then? Genuinely? What do you think Rhodes family and wife/kids if he has them think about the situation? Hardly playing, never scoring which is his job, and still getting paid loads for it? Football has always had the problem that players have more power. In the real world of work, if you aren't doing your job then you get sacked. That doesn't happen to players but it should, it would have happened to Jordan over a year ago. So instead the club continues to suffer further financial peril.
  4. Teams wouldn't even take him for nothing on the wages he's on. Not that DC would sell him for zilch anyway, much rather keep paying him 30K a week to sit on our bench. If I was Rhodes I would agree terminating his contract. At least then he could actually start playing regularly and scoring again, likely the div below. Some will say why would anyone do that, I can give a few reasons: 1. He's already a millionaire so isn't needing the money. 2. Professional pride has to come into play- to actually feel like you are earning your money. I can't imagine how guilty I'd
  5. Good point hadn't considered that. Haven't heard anything suggesting they will be given priority though if we keep playing then they definately should be.
  6. And football is rubbish without fans anyway. The sooner we can allow fans the better, and that definately will be faster if we suspend pro sports for a month or so.
  7. As painful as this lockdown and most of the past year has been, there's no point the rest of us being in lockdown while footballers are spreading it everywhere and bringing it home to their families to get sick and spread further. Football needs a month suspension while this gets under control. It happened at the start of the pandemic, so why not now when the situation is arguably worse?? We can all live without footy for a month. It can still be finished off later in the summer likely anyway, just like last year. Makes no sense games continuing at this time.
  8. DC really is a muppet if he thinks these foreigners are better and more sure options than an experienced manager with a good track record here in Cook.
  9. Scrap what I just said then Someone who's seen him first hand over there I'll trust the judgement of. 13th with those big names is a shocking outcome.
  10. German's usually fit in well in England, as their football is of a similar pace and physicality. And similar climate. Seems to have a decent record so I'd give him a shot if looking for an option from abroad, rather than Cook. Good experience and CV.
  11. Whats with all these testicles biographies at the top of every page now??
  12. I just don't think as a manager you would ever be able to get a clear answer out of Chansiri. Everytime in a press conf or interview, he deflects the question or critisises it/becomes defensive. I can see him being like that talking to the manager too, so lord knows how managers are supposed to work with him and agree on things. I think he cares, he's just useless as a football owner/chairman. Compare him with Milan who although didn't have the money to spend, was honest and approachable about everything acting with dignity. If he must stay he should bugger off into the background
  13. Agree, shocking clearance passed it right to them at the end- awesome block from Harris. That aside the lad looked very decent. Nice to have someone coming through our graveyard academy- need many more of them.
  14. He never answered it. Because he doesn't have an answer. There is no plan, DC is clueless.
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