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  1. If we play 3-5-2 I imagine Reach and Harris are the wingbacks. Could work but is Harris really suited for wingback? Might blunt his attacking threat as he's picking the ball up deeper and has to be mindful to defend more. Worth a try though I agree, as we have 3 good CBs and some good midfield options.
  2. Thought Rhodes was largely anonymous on his first start in ages too. Tries hard enough but his legs have gone and there is just little remaining now apart from a possible goal poacher (which even that looks questionable now). Can't blame Monk for giving him a start but he really hasn't shown anything to keep his place. He passed the ball more to the opposition than team mates. Can't see how we'll get anything for him in Jan though, so probably stuck with him. One atrocious signing has had such catastophic consequences.
  3. Yes 9. We'd be better off with Murphy in the stands. Offers nothing, no desire, no workrate, no quality and shows no interest. Beggars belief how he went for big money, clearly rock bottom confidence currently but we can't afford to keep carrying him. Feel quite embarassed watching him he's so bad. I've backed Oddjob before but another piece of dodgy defending, letting their attacker get goal side. When are the errors going to be rectified? Then to get sent off rubbed salt in the wounds, Palmer can come back in at least. Made zero sense the Harris for Murphy swap, unless he had a knock? We had no one to carry the ball forward after, hopefully lesson learned that Harris needs to play. Murphy needs flogging back to Newcastle in Jan, and get someone in who can actually make an impact!
  4. Probably get a pen a game for the next 10 now. The luck's gotta even itself out eventually, maybe now it's finally happening.
  5. After recent games it makes a refreshing change to have a bit of luck go our way for once. We deserved some luck and got it today. Thought they deserved a point, very decent side who could end up in playoffs if their best players stay fit.
  6. Seems to have aged in reverse the past few years. Plays like hes 5 years younger than Rhodes. Vital to us, need him to stay fit all season. Model pro for any young striker for fitness and attitude/work rate.
  7. We need to keep him long enough to at least get a huge fee. Definitely don't sell this Jan. If we dont go up which is very likely with a points deduction, then its likely he'll be sacrificed in the summer. But absolutely 15mil minimum. Worth 25mil imo. Special, special talent.
  8. Awesome again. We had him to thank for keeping Watkins and Benrama at bay, one superb tackle on him which would've been a goal if he didn't make it. Only thing I think he can work on still is heading out from the back, at times like today it can be more up that out. But he's going to be in high demand in a year or so, just hope we can get up before the big boys come calling. At least we should get big, big money due to his age.
  9. Thought he was very good, would like him every week over some of the useless clowns reffing in this division. As soon as he let that Hutch cruncher go early on in the game it was clear he would try and let the game flow I swear most refs would have booked Hutch for that.
  10. Below par? He was completeiy utterly flippin garbage. Didn't look like he gave a rats arse, back to the poo he showed earlier in the season. He doesn't even put effort in winning it back after he constantly wasted the ball, and offered no end product at all. Doesn't even have a trick and constantly loses the ball. Useless player, send him back in Jan and bring in someone else. I've seen enough of him, embarassing performance today.
  11. He wasn't even bad first half. Put in a couple of decent balls, we just never used him enough instead favouring the useless Murphy. 2nd half it all changed and they couldn't cope. We need to keep feeding him for 90 mins.
  12. Had him massively to thank for the win today. Drove us forward all 2nd half. Love how he can knock fullbacks off the ball with his strength and has the speed and skill to go by them. Rarely fails to deliver a good ball in too, and plays every game never seeming to tire. When was the last time we had a two footed winger? We'd be an average midtable side without him this season. 10x the winger Murphy is.
  13. Beat a very good team today with a lot of quality forward players. Especially Benrahma who is a total class act, did well to keep him fairly quiet. Thought they deserved a point but it's about time we won a game like this after not getting our rewards in past games. Had Harris massively to thank though, drove us forward all 2nd half. Don't know where we'd be without him.
  14. I prefer Moses honestly. Better athlete and offers more going forward. Neither are great defensively.
  15. Absolute dogshite today. Such an infurating player to watch. Offers little going forward and doesn't even bother trying to win the ball back. I've had enough of him now, send him back in January and bring in a different option on loan (Aarons?).
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