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  1. With a different manager I wouldn't think we have much chance. But under Bruce I'm quietly confident we'll find a way, whether it's through selling another player or as another season long loan. It seems Hec loves it here so we have a strong chance of getting him back, lets hope finances allow it as we desperately need him. If it isn't possible though I have confidence Bruce will find an alternative, even if not quite the same level. He knows what we need so maybe he'll surprise us signing an upcoming player from a smaller club.
  2. As long as it's on reasonable wages and no more than 2 year deal then I'd be happy with him in. Bit worried that he's already been injured here but trust Bruce if he thinks he shouldn't be a fitness worry going forward. Do like what I've seen of him, better defensively than I was expecting with a good left foot and he's quick and hard working.
  3. Just seen the highlights, some big saves and very happy for him getting a much needed clean sheet. Don't understand the criticism of him in past, he was playing in a shockingly leaky defense who were much more to blame than a young lad just starting out. Really want our young academy lads to develop, hopefully he can do so here. Wildsmith is another, but probably best he moves on to get more games elsewhere for his sake.
  4. If he shows consistent form for the last few games and no fitness worries, and is a big part of Bruce's plans then I wouldn't be against it. Still think we may see how things go until Jan before making a decision though, which I'd agree with.
  5. I think Bruce's comments about working him very hard to get fit, show that it's not a case of attitude but fitness as to why he's been so under par even when playing this season. Tonight he looked fully fit and was absolutely outstanding even the worldy goal aside. Great work rate, dribbling, and some fantastic passes to Fletch- would've scored 2 if not for a blinder save from Krul. Showed he's still more than got it in him, hopefully we see it consistently through the last few games now. Him and Fletch on that form would make a dynamic pairing next season.
  6. Same for me, looked like the Fessi of old again. What a change! Absolutely superb from minute one, needs to show this consistently now until the end of season. Won't see a better goal than that, what a screamer. The whole team performed, especially Fletch, Iorfa, and thought Matias was very lively too. Pessy had probably his best game I can remember for us in the holding role. Only Onomah looked rusty, not convinced he's worth bringing back next season from what we've seen which isnt huge amount admittedly.
  7. Spot on. What a twaat. They deserve a pts deduction now for thinking they can police the league. Wouldn't that be funny.
  8. Someone should tell Bielsa the interviewer isnt on the floor. What a bore of a personality.
  9. For me we are playing like the "new manager effect" but it's every game. The players are working their absolute testicles off each and every match. Now that could partly be some playing for new deals. But others with existing contracts have been equally excellent, so I think it's more down to the high standards Bruce sets. What a difference he has made. Chalk and cheese. You can see the togetherness with the celebrations.
  10. Exactly thats the thing. We need to evaluate every player SINCE Bruce arrived, as almost every player is playing at twice the level than under Dross. Haven't seen enough of Matias under Bruce which makes it hard to judge. Tonight he was excellent but needs to repeat that in every game remaining to be in with a shot of a new deal for me. He definately has that pace and directness we really could use...if he can stay fit.
  11. Like basically every player, he's massively improved since Bruce has come in. He was shot of confidence before and the major boo boy target. Now he's a solid dependable member of the team. Not brilliant, but definately the best I've seen him play tonight. Looked very solid against their winger and kept possesion well. I've no problem with him staying as a backup if his wages are reasonable. But a first choice LB is desirable.
  12. Westwood - 8 Unbelievable save 1v1 with grabban Palmer - 6 Lees - 7 Hector - 8 Fox - 7 Another vastly improved under Bruce. Deserves a lot of credit for overcoming the boo boy tag. Matias - 9 Great goals, could've had a hattrick if not for that wonder save. Pelupessy - 5 Not up to scratch though he tries Reach -7 Not too comfortable in CM but hey he did win a tackle! Fletcher - 7 Not his night but an absolute warrior as always, got battered throughout. Boyd - 8 Worked hard and great strike Joao - 7 Really worked hard tonight, deserved a goal
  13. It is staggering when you see some of them playing like they are now. Even Fletcher is looking twice the player he's been since he joined. Him and Hooper look a class above the division now. Really glad Matias is getting to show what he can do at last. Such quick thinking for the 1st goal, and great persistence for 2nd. Question is can we trust him to avoid another major injury?
  14. I thought the first half was decent. We had Reach and Pessy in mid, we're never going to create lots. Had a number of decent chances. 2nd half we blew them away. The energy we are playing with is incredible, it feels like the new manager effect happening every game. Steve Bruce is brilliant. And well done to Matias particularly, that 1st goal was such quick thinking.
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