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  1. Yep despite the awful interviewer. He looks mature and humble for a 19yr old. Very suprised he didn't go to a Championship level club in honesty! Think it must be the Darren Moore factor like others have said.
  2. Sounds like he prefers to play wide, so right of a front 3. Speaks well and sounds well up for it, think he will be a big player for us. Wages won't be cheap coming from Wolves so will be expectation from us and from Wolves for him to be a first team player. Only very recently made his international debut too and scored 2 goals already so looks to be very promising. This is his profile photo on Transfermarkt site, think his hair is in a better state now!
  3. His record is decent at Hibs but poor elsewhere. But looking at the number of clubs he's had already he obviously didn't settle at those and maybe played a bit part at some. Never knew he had a loan at Rangers, and St Gallen thought he was worth signing from Hibs but clearly hasn't lived up to expectations since. Fresh start for him and a physical striker we need, so hopefully works out.
  4. Interesting contrast there. Sounds like he lost his way and maybe their tippy tappy one million passes to one shot style at Swansea didn't suit him. Think he's at a good age and decent championship experience already so could prove a good signing and needed competition.
  5. Seems to lack end product at times but clearly got ability so could work out.
  6. Great to be able to look back at all the linked rumours and see which actually panned out and reported by who. The Star are proving most trustworthy right now. Looking forward to seeing Johnson through the door and maybe even Byers too.
  7. Don't they all though. Guessing consistency is why Warco*k got rid?
  8. He's magic you know....you'll never get past Bailey Peacock Farrell! Nah...
  9. It's a decent statement by his standards, and at least admits mistakes and failure on his end. I'm fed up of just hearing people moaning about him on here though. If we want change we have to make it happen and protest- look at what MU and Arsenal etc have done. Chansiri doesn't read here and think oh I better sell up, the message needs to be made clear if we want a change to happen. Not easily doable right now though so I guess may as well see first what he plans to do, and at least maybe he can begin to save face.
  10. Agree with all that. Us fans in our 20's and 30's can mostly remember garbage football, and the L1 promotions have been some of the highlights supporting us. So lets hope for another of those, though this time it seems a lot more up in the air as to what will actually happen.
  11. Agreed with OP. I used to have a season ticket, but due to family reasons (used to go with my parents who aren't well enough to attend now) I haven't been down in 2 years. Wednesday just isn't important to me in the grand scheme of things these days with Covid and other problems, and the situation makes me want to pay less attention to what's going on. Hopefully Moore can start a rebuild now in L1. Younger, hungry players who are desperate for success, and on reasonable wages. Make the fans actually proud of the team again and want to get behind us. Then I'm sure fans will start to return again. I do fear very low crowds once fans are allowed back (next season?). Need to get off to a good start and get the positivity back, the players and club have to earn it first. Because this season they deserved to have no fans cheering them on.
  12. I couldn't believe what I was watching. This was such a stark change from the matches I'd seen all season and most of last I couldn't believe my eyes. Can't get too carried away and expecting a perfect performance like that from now on every week, but god was that refreshing to watch. Even if we go down I'll be happy watching football like that and hopefully we'll make our way back up again.
  13. Agree. And even if we go down I won't be too depressed. Much rather watch that style of play and attacking intent in the 3rd tier, than boring Pulis-ball getting 0-0's in the Champ. We could bounce right back anyway- Moore wouldn't have taken over if he didn't have a plan in case we went down. A total breath of fresh air watching that game. Haven't seen us play like that since 6-2 vs Leeds!
  14. Yeah you can really judge a manager based on 3 days with the squad can't you. Jesus christ, it's all down to the inept Chairman and gutless, garbage players.
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