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  1. Its just a general idea but my main point is put Reach as a winger and play 4-4-2 with 2 main strikers. Bully is totally against doing this it seems and if he sticks to 4-3-3 he can kiss goodbye a chance at the job full time. Other teams can hack it playing 4-3-3 but we have never been effective in my memory supporting swfc. We never get enough support into the box so lone frontman is constantly isolated. Never works. And having our striker options and Rhodes who cant play a lone role to save his life makes it even more obvious.
  2. Agree, they are a brilliantly run club but paying even a 350k fee would give them a nosebleed. They buy for pennies and sell for pounds. So as usual its an inexperienced squad and one we should honestly be overpowering.
  3. Umm read it again,. Its 4-4-2 formation with 2 players vying for each position (ok FF is counted twice). Maybe you need your glasses on
  4. Exactly. Clueless in CM, but as a winger he's a very decent option. With 3 wingers for 2 positions, he'll definately get enough game time there over the season. Silly decision from Bully to play him CM. Luongo would be a much better option.
  5. Edited for you. Simple system and competition in all attacking areas. We have the players, Bullen must use them correctly or move aside.
  6. Always been a fan of him. We should be playing 2 strikers up front so that he can be more of a regular option and yet still not relied so much on for goals (which we know he is erratic). We'll never get anything out of Rhodes playing as a lone frontman either. 2 strikers is the way to go, just like Bruce saw last season.
  7. Anyway it's clear as day that Iorfa needs to replace him now. He had a very impressive end to the season with us, so absolutely should be first choice for now.
  8. Then you're a soft bugger. Moses shouldnt have his hands on him but the player was looking for a pen like so many do nowadays.
  9. I've never been convinced by us playing 4-3-3. We've never had success with it in recent years, because our no10 doesn't get fair enough forward to support attacks and so we only have one man in the box usually. Took Nuhiu coming on and 2 strikers to really put the pressure on them. We should be starting vs most teams with 2 strikers. And Bullen won't even play 2 strikers at home. Keep Bully but no thanks as manager.
  10. Very pleased with the start, but wary that we haven't played anyone good yet. And Millwall beat us at their ground. We should be beating those sides, so tougher tests ahead. Lets see how we do vs those first.
  11. I don't see the time it's taking being any problem right now. We're top of the league. Would much rather give Bullen time to test him in the role first, than lump a 2 year contract for him as manager and see things go south soon after.
  12. Agree, he's better on the wing where he actually runs with the ball. Now he's a backup to Harris/Murphy. Would rather see Massivo or FF instead, depending on our tactics for that game.
  13. I don't like him using 4-3-3 at home. Think it sets us up for poor games at home like 1st half if you only have 1 main striker in the box. With all our strikers, only playing Fletch each game makes no sense. Why can't we play 4-4-2 with wingers at times? That said, keep things as they are for at least another 5 games and then decide. No point rushing to give him the job to find results fall flat on our face. If he's earned it after 10 games or so, then he'll have deserved the chance. Also agree that Reach has looked average in the no10 position, FF deserves a chance.
  14. Cheers. Very odd then. Harris just robbed them and about to cross it and it freezes buffering. Very annoying.
  15. Why is our sky stream so poo? All other matches run fine for me, ours just buffers and cuts out.
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