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  1. What I thought too. Porker sure has gone down in the world relegated to matches like that.
  2. I thought Fessi would leave and we'd cash in for around 10mil to greatly help our finances. Wouldn't that have been beneficial and then bring in a player or two who Jos wanted? As much as I love Fessi I don't think this team is promotion contending so felt now was the time to move him on.
  3. Going to be torture listening to this idiot every away game this season.
  4. Who the hell is this new commentator? Annoying me already!
  5. swfc-dan

    Westwood linked with stoke

    Its time to save money and move him on and give our capable younger GKs the chance. Westwoods had too many injuries to be reliable now, as great as hes been for us.
  6. swfc-dan

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Uunderstatement of the year. Nuhiu has a fantastic fitness record whereas Fletcher was injured most of last season. Fletch reminds me of old Nuhiu, hard worker and good team player but cant finish his breakfast. For his wages we have far better, get rid please and use the money elsewhere.
  7. I watched it in Sheff on the big screen, had a distant view mind! Wasn't Kanes missed chance which hit the post offside? Either way we clearly didn't deserve to win. Knew our midfield would be our weakness and it finally showed, no players comfortable receiving ball in tight area and keeping possession, and no one to play creative passes to hurt the opposition. Whereas Croatia are full of them, and I'm not even sure we saw Kovacic all night, another very talent midfielder. Most of the team did well over the tournament and can hold their heads up high. Thought Dele Alli was garbage though, aside from one header he's been a ghost the whole tournament- what does he ever offer? Never should have kept his place, Loftus Cheek would've been a better option with more power and pace or even Dier to shore things up. Alli doesn't put tackles in, doesnt show for the ball and gives it a way a lot, he's a hugely overrated footballer coming off a poor year for Spurs. Pickford, Maguire and Trippier were the pick of our lot I thought and should be very pleased with how they did. At least it was a world cup campaign not ending in utter humiliation for once. We did as well as good have been expected with this crop of players, over achieved in terms of a semi-final but that was purely down to the draw.
  8. Wasnt impressed by our Colombia performance but today we were top class. Our best team performance I can remember in ages. Created loads of chances could easily have been more, although needed Pickford for a couple of top saves. The team actually looks like they enjoy playing with each other for once. Henderson, Tripper, Maguire were all fantastic today, well done lads. We can beat the Croats as they will play open too which suits us, final here we come!
  9. Colombia were an utter embarassment, couldnt believe what I was seeing from their antics. How they had no one sent off is a miracle, ref didnt control them at all. Used to be a fan of their style of play, not anymore. Adios amigos, good riddance you have been a disgrace to the world cup. Have enjoyed most of these world cup games but didnt enjoy tonight at all. Not just because it was England, it was a really poor game for a WC last 16 match. Thought we shouldve put them to bed but just wouldnt do it, Sweden aint gonna be pretty next.
  10. Do you disagree if so how so? Only saying if he turned it down, surely it only makes sense he was asked- he came on for pens.
  11. Is Vardy didn't have the balls to take that last pen he should be dropped from the squad and not play again. He is the regular pen taker for Leicester and has scored loads all his career, and yet we gave one Rashford who hasnt scored a professional penalty and the pub player that is Dier. Utterly crapping myself when he stepped up for last pen, bad pen and lucky to score it.
  12. They were a disgrace to the whole world cup. Had been played in a great spirit up to tonight, they totally shamed themselves tonight. More glad theyre out than glad we're through. We were average and poor in ET but finally the penalty hoodoo is over.
  13. Really doesn't seem like David has been giving a stuff about us throughout this whole saga. Sad as he was a club legend, soured his status a bit now though. Doubt he will be greeted as welcoming as before. Certainly gone down in my estimation.
  14. swfc-dan

    Sam Byram

    Id like to improve both FB positions (Hunt defensively weak) so Id be interested. Really has struggled making an impact there but still at good age. All depends on fee though and Palmer would then have to be got rid.
  15. swfc-dan

    The future of Joao

    We can't rely on Hooper now getting back to his best after a huge layoff. He never was the fittest either, sure he can play a Rhodes poachers role but not sure his pace/work rate will be up to scratch anymore as hes getting on for a striker. Joao offers a lot more in terms of creating chances but his finishing is unreliable. Id definately want to keep Joao as hes not far away from becoming a gem. With Adthes transformation and Jos preference for young players, I think Joao will play a big part and it will be Hooper playing the role of super sub which could be a great formula. Just like pre 2018 Adthe, all hes missing is more conistency in front of goal.