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  1. It's nothing to do with desire or hunger with Nuhiu, crazy to suggest that if you watch him every game. It's just the finishing hasn't replicated from last season yet. It's not like he's had bucket loads of chances though, so Im hesitant to say he's reverted back to old just yet. Give him a run and if he can a goal or two we could see the player of last year again. Or we could just play the 2/10 or 7/10 enigma that is Joao...yeah I'd stick with Atdhe.
  2. swfc-dan

    Joao get him off

    Dreadful, ineffective and lazy today. At one point he actually tried tracking back only to trot at the same speed as their player dribbling forward so never got close to challenge him and waited for another player. He's an impact sub thats all he is. He doesnt offer hardly anything in open play and is lazy as f**k! Drives me mad watching him. Adthe must be fuming watching Joao start over him. I knew we wouldn't create much with him up top over Atdhe to start, when the hell will Jos start to realise.
  3. Probably because we didnt have a shot on target or take the game to them until 80mins...
  4. swfc-dan

    penney may be off

    I notice he's casual too, really annoys me. The lad's done well but needs to work harder, if he thinks he's suddenly made it he's badly mistaken. Still reminds me more of a tricky winger in honesty rather than a full-back. Questionable work rate but good dribbler and crosser.
  5. swfc-dan

    Lees why...

    It was a blindingly obvious pass which makes me agree that they are being instructed to play through midfield rather than to full back and a longer ball forward. It doesnt work though. So its not all Lee's fault in honesty, no one was open and Jos's tactics need to be seriously questioned. Forgot he was at fault for 1st goal too, make it far to easy for Besic to get space to shoot. So he does need to sort himself out despite the tactics.
  6. Cant understand why Joao is on over Nuhiu based on recent performances. Need a hold up player!
  7. Need Rob and John to do commentary every game. These other Ifollow replacements are annoying to listen to. Giddings on RS is not much better, at least Woody's there top lad.
  8. swfc-dan


    Cheers, didn't realise. Hopefully he will find his way back into the defence as we need his composure and quality back there. He seems a solid defender, I was just disappointed in his distribution. 2nd half he couldn't find a man, or when he did it was a pass along the defence putting us right under pressure.
  9. swfc-dan


    Peoples thoughts on him? Looked very nervous tonight, strange after apparently playing very well vs Villa. Some good defending but got skinned a couple of times, and his distribution was terrible. Hopefully it was nerves and lack of match practice, as in the 2nd half he couldn't find a man with one of his passes and it kept us on the back foot. Think the experiment playing him in midfield looks very questionable watching him play. Also don't understand why Pudil was dropped after playing so well vs Villa. Thornley has done great for a young lad but doesn't look nearly the player Pudil is yet, seems naive to be choosing the weaker player just to be getting him more experience doesn't it? Feels like Pudil is firmly a backup, which isn't fair to him and makes little sense right now as his distribution in defense is way better than most of ours.
  10. Agreed, I thought we were terrible tonight. Very fortunate to not have lost, if not for Reach's worldy strike. We didn't press enough to win the ball back, and when we did we had no options and continually lost it time and time again. The formation just didn't work at all but why didn't Jos change it? Nuhiu should've come on earlier too, at least he got the ball to stick a bit more up front as Fletcher was totally ineffective vs them. Jos needs to be more assertive making tactical changes when things aren't working. We are so lucky to have gotten a point tonight, had we lost then fans would be slating the performance much more.
  11. swfc-dan


    He's having a sticky patch after his great form last season. It shows a lot that Jos is sticking with him, clearly saying you are my no1 right now and putting confidence in him. I think he'll come good again, does need to learn better judgment of when to come off his line though I agree.
  12. We have Lees who is fine on the ball, and Pudil too. Why in hell was Pudil on the bench again with Thornley playing? Hardly rewarded for his great performance vs Villa. Hector's distribution was terrible unforunately, hopefully nerves because he looked way short of what we need. I don't see Pelupessy's impact enough either. Some games he does it, but total he was a total bystander. Hardly got a foot in, and the amount of times Leeds got between our defence and midfield was scary. Surely that is his job?
  13. What I thought too. Porker sure has gone down in the world relegated to matches like that.
  14. I thought Fessi would leave and we'd cash in for around 10mil to greatly help our finances. Wouldn't that have been beneficial and then bring in a player or two who Jos wanted? As much as I love Fessi I don't think this team is promotion contending so felt now was the time to move him on.
  15. Going to be torture listening to this idiot every away game this season.