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  1. Article works for me. Id like to see Nando stay. Hes got the quality and work rate we need, only question is where Bruce thinks he can rely on his fitness. Joao and Rhodes havent done enough, cash in on both if we can.
  2. Great article and both seem like top guys. Shows what Bruce went through at Villa which must have been horrible, but also how well respected he is. We are pretty lucky to have him in our current state, perfect man to sort us out and eventually get us back into the Prem at long last.
  3. Sounds like he could be a gem on a free. Young pacy so gives us something different and his versatility will be extremely handy. Some worried about his injury but he played 35 games for Brentford last year. Only thing puzzling is the Bees declined to renew his contract, is that because he told them he wanted to move onto a bigger club or because they still had fitness concerns long term? I trust Bruce wouldn't sign anyone he has fitness concerns about though, so I'm excited about this one.
  4. Liked the idea of signing Moses as competition for Palmer. Heard he's out of contract and would make a good signing imo. Any more news? Bruce clearly rates him and knows how to use him and he's still young so makes total sense to bring him in.
  5. Shame as he seemed a good lad. My age too so seems crazy to be retiring already, bad luck but hopefully he'll find something else soon.
  6. I thought youtube vids were meant to make all players look amazing Struggling team in BL2 not exactly promising unless he was a standout player for them. Norwich were interested though so guess he must be pretty good.
  7. Sounds like Bruce rates him and wants to give him a run here. Hope not as I dont think even Bruce will get him back to his best, his legs have gone. Worrying. Hopefully theres truth in this article, cant see why theyd want him though.
  8. Appears like Lee is on reasonable wages, so a one year extension I would be happy with. Really want him to stay as he was a great servant before his horror injury, and Bruce once again shows his knowledge and appreciated that even before he joined us I'm sure based on his comments. Looks like his fitness and quality is there based on what we briefly saw on sat. He's worth the risk as he is a top 6 quality player, and he had a brilliant fitness record prior to his injury. Would make our midfield much stronger giving competition and backup to Bannan, and an ability to play wide when needed. Don't think we need Hooper anymore with our options, and he has had many more injuries and is older and never kept in as good shape as Lee did.
  9. Hard call between Fletch, Bazza and Hec. All 3 have been invaluable and the spine of our success with the turnaround. Went for Bazza though. Just feels like without him we are a different side, he is the heartbeat of the team and everything goes through him. Hector has been immense too.
  10. With a different manager I wouldn't think we have much chance. But under Bruce I'm quietly confident we'll find a way, whether it's through selling another player or as another season long loan. It seems Hec loves it here so we have a strong chance of getting him back, lets hope finances allow it as we desperately need him. If it isn't possible though I have confidence Bruce will find an alternative, even if not quite the same level. He knows what we need so maybe he'll surprise us signing an upcoming player from a smaller club.
  11. As long as it's on reasonable wages and no more than 2 year deal then I'd be happy with him in. Bit worried that he's already been injured here but trust Bruce if he thinks he shouldn't be a fitness worry going forward. Do like what I've seen of him, better defensively than I was expecting with a good left foot and he's quick and hard working.
  12. Just seen the highlights, some big saves and very happy for him getting a much needed clean sheet. Don't understand the criticism of him in past, he was playing in a shockingly leaky defense who were much more to blame than a young lad just starting out. Really want our young academy lads to develop, hopefully he can do so here. Wildsmith is another, but probably best he moves on to get more games elsewhere for his sake.
  13. If he shows consistent form for the last few games and no fitness worries, and is a big part of Bruce's plans then I wouldn't be against it. Still think we may see how things go until Jan before making a decision though, which I'd agree with.
  14. I think Bruce's comments about working him very hard to get fit, show that it's not a case of attitude but fitness as to why he's been so under par even when playing this season. Tonight he looked fully fit and was absolutely outstanding even the worldy goal aside. Great work rate, dribbling, and some fantastic passes to Fletch- would've scored 2 if not for a blinder save from Krul. Showed he's still more than got it in him, hopefully we see it consistently through the last few games now. Him and Fletch on that form would make a dynamic pairing next season.
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