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  1. Can we send him back early? Guess no point as stupid loan rules mean we can't loan anyone between windows. Come Jan he has to be gone and replaced with a proper winger on loan. Seeing Josh Murphy tonight makes it clear we have the wrong Murphy.
  2. Did QPR just shun him off before we signed him or something. Why wouldn't he have had preseason with them? The only thing he should be lacking is cohesion with the team. Fitness should not be an issue.
  3. Have you not watched the Championship for the past 5 seasons?
  4. We need Aarons back instead in Jan, if no other options around. Crazy how he's gone to Wycombe and we're stuck with the big money mover but totally inferior Murphy.
  5. Impressed by him tonight. Linked the play well between midfield and attack and used the ball very well and positively. Does seem to make us play a lot more football when in there as 4-3-3, seems the preferred pick over Lee for that role. Only gripe was should've passed when Fletcher was open 2nd half instead tried a shot. The foul for the goal was just a coming together and an awful decision by the ref. Definately is fitting into the side better now which is a good sign.
  6. How can they think they'll get away with that? Is Warnock secretly friends with all the officials now or something? It was right in his line of vision, it's clearly affecting play. What a joke it was allowed.
  7. The game seemed to change when we changed shape bringing off Bazza for Adthe. Can see Monk's thinking in that he wanted more height for set pieces but the 2 up front did not work at all and suddenly we were on back foot the rest of the game. The 4-3-3 worked very well up to that point and feel we should have stuck with it and just avoided so many needless fouls (Cardiff were throwing themselves to the floor everytime though probably Warnock's advice). Problem is our subs options aren't really good enough. Pelupessy was needed then if we wanted to replace Bannan but he's not really good enough, and Murphy was shocking again.
  8. Offered nothing yet again. Don't know how he can come on before FF, shows no work rate and nothing with the ball. Can't really blame Monk as he's giving him a chance off the bench, but we need to send him back and loan someone better in Jan (Aarons???). Josh Murphy is clearly the superior Murphy brother by a mile.
  9. Couldn't go but was very suprised that Luongo didn't just come in as a straight swap for Hutch. Instead Pessy came in too and we only put one up front at home. Got the result and sounded like we played decent, but wasn't it a bit over cautious or did it actually mean we played through midfield much more? I wonder if Monk doesn't really see Luongo as a DM like Hutch. Still never expected 1 up front vs Wigan especially at home so interested to hear peoples thoughts.
  10. If Monk can get improvements out of Pessy then I think that's a very good sign. He looked well below average under Bruce.
  11. I asked this before but didn't see an answer. Were we legally obligated to pay the future fee with the intial deal for Rhodes? I can't believe that is the case, after all some teams might not have the money at that point. Therefore why the hell didn't we just back out of the deal? It was clear as day that he wasn't worth it, he only scored a couple on loan and looked nowhere near a 8-10mil player. Absolute wee wee tail up of the highest order which has set us back for years. Doubt it was CC's fault as he never really wanted him, so was it purely DC's doing?
  12. I was very anti Rhodes signing too at the time. He didn't look the same player at Boro post his Blackburn injury. Of course for a few mil I would've taken the gamble, but for 10mil you bloody better be getting someone smack in or just approaching their peak. Rhodes was past it so was utter insanity to pay that. He didn't even impress on initial loan and yet we still paid up, it was clear it would be a catastrophic signing then. Are these loan with future fee agreements legally binding or did we just feel it was still worth doing? If its the latter...what flipping idiots we must have had running transfer business!
  13. Only positives were Odubajo who is looking more composed and confident lately which is a much needed sign. Looks like there is still a player in there. And Iorfa who goal aside was very strong and solid again. Hutch was off his game, time to give Luongo a start for once. But main problems were up front where Winnall just isn't good enough, and Adthe isn't reliable enough in terms of goals. Fletch and FF with Nuhiu as an impact sub would be my preferred choice. Jordan has become a total afterthought now, don't think he even had a touch today did he.
  14. Some were worse than others and Reach was very poor and Harris ineffective. To be fair he is at least getting on the end of things which is more than can be said of others tonight, I'd be more worried I guess if he was just totally anonymous. Winnall isn't looking a top half champ striker either sorry to say, we need better than him. Iorfa may have been at fault for the goal but he was excellent yet again otherwise. Fletch was hugely missed, showing we are lacking another quality striker. Hopefully FF can fill the void as we need something different. Would like to see Luongo given a go sat over Hutch who shouldn't be able to walk into the team if he's not performing at his best.
  15. Chalk big Dom down for 10 goals this season if he plays the full season. Teams just can't live with him in the box. He's our new improved Reda.
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