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  1. swfc-dan

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    Yep the feel good factor is starting to return. Finally such a relief that we have a manager that bloody knows what the hell he's doing in this league. Can tell by the way he spoke about FF that he already had prior knowledge of our players before coming here.
  2. Must be challenging being sent out on loan to different countries as a young lad and not knowing language, so should've made him mentally stronger. Didn't realise Aarons was still so young, he looks rapid and tricky which is something we so desperately need. Lazaar has played 50 odd games for Palermo in Serie A so he can't be a mug. Never got a chance at Newcastle possibly because he's attack minded and Newcastle wanted him to play defensively at FB and in the prem he would get exposed. If we play him in a wing back role here I think he could surprise people. Fox is the only competition so he will play! Both good low risk signings, have to imagine there's views to permenant signings here too (finances allowing)?
  3. Great comments from Benny. Still a legend in my eyes. Carbone believes in him and Newcastle must have to sign him, so lets hope he works out. LB is our weakest position so won't take much for him to be an improvement!
  4. Sunderland now spending 1.5mil in league one...worlds gone mad.
  5. swfc-dan

    Bruce's 11?

    Yep very much how I'd be expecting us to shape up. 3-5-2 has been Bruce's favoured formation for years. Actually works for us seeing as we lack any good wingers, and now these wing back lads coming in. Might be Joao/Nuhiu over FF and Westwood in net. Interested to see how Aarons fits in if we do play this way, presumably a striker or wing back?
  6. At least we are bringing in some goddamn pace, whether they are world beaters or not. Both were signed by Newcastle for a reason, sometimes just doesn't work out and they need a change of scenery. Iorfa could be a great signing. Definately think that means we will be playing Bruce's favoured 3-5-2 with attacking wing backs being Lazzar and Iorfa. Interesting to see if Aarons is used as a striker though.
  7. Yeah that make me chuckle, good to see Bruce isn't expecting a budget even after all he has achieved as a manager. He came across better than Chansiri, but the journalists are the ones at fault for asking him so many damn FFP questions. In Bruce's unveiling? Wtf
  8. Aarons looks lightning and tricky so definately worth the gamble. Hopefully can stay injury free and theres a view to a perm signing if successful.
  9. Love how it says reminds us of: Fabio Grosso. I'd take that Looks quick with decent delivery so worth a gamble as it's much needed.
  10. swfc-dan

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    Brilliant. Bruce's sides have often been based around the full backs/wing backs so he seems like a key addition. Wouldn't be suprised if Bruce's desired formation is 3-5-2 wing backs.
  11. The atmosphere was amazing, glad Bruce appreciated it. Probably the biggest pull for him joining us honestly.
  12. swfc-dan

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    Know Max Aarons at Norwich but only heard the name Rolando Aarons, don't remember seeing him play much. But he should be decent in this division, no idea on Lazaar. Don't know much about Iorfa honestly, but sounds on here like he's a top signing so hope we get them in!
  13. swfc-dan

    Forestierri 14m

    I'd be amazed if Premiership teams are interested now. Much more likely a Championship side pushing for promotion like Leeds, Norwich etc who feel he could push them over the edge. If we are demanding 14m then the policy is totally wrong, no wonder we never sell players. Chansiri seems determined to hold onto all our better players no matter what, he still hasn't worked out when to sell and when to buy players.
  14. swfc-dan

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    Well said Bruce, but he should never have had to defend himself. Murphy and Guillit really ought to apologise to him, both a disgrace. I like how he was still watching how the England team's coaching and the differences. So the trip wasn't for just relaxation either.
  15. swfc-dan

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    Glad that AB is getting support from others in the game like Wright, Dixon etc defending SB as they actually know what he's been through. Alex Scott was sticking up for Bruce and just bullied by the 2 twats, Gabby Logan should've been more informed and given a justification in response. God knows why they don't choose a pundit who's actually followed the league one of the teams playing is in, they would be able to give a proper informed response right away, and make them look like a right pair of twats. If Bruce needed another month to get himself fully right for the challenge ahead I would still accept it. We want him to do more than a short term job here, and he is the best we could attract by far- need him to be fully refreshed and raring to go here as it's a big job ahead. The MU comment by Guillit was a disgrace and offered nothing. Would he be saying that about Chesterfield in conference too? Prat.