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  1. Been released because he wants to leave and they know they can't keep him?
  2. So Hunt is expected to leave from that article? Wonder the reasons behind it and where he's going.
  3. Good comparisons. All very much fans favourites due to their diehard attitude.
  4. If I'm Hutch I'd still wanna play while I can. In a few years definately would be great if we got him in as a youth coach. Gutted he's gone. Proper diehard attitude always gave everything and more in games. Still can't really see the reasoning in not giving him another year. Got some boots to fill now.
  5. Likely we are interested in signing one or two of Storey and Dean permenantly, with Hutch leaving.
  6. Really glad Hunt and Luongo have been offered deals. Wildsmith slightly suprising but he's decent backup- would've preferred a younger no2 to learn off whoever our new keeper will be though.
  7. Is disappointing to see Hutch go. We must have some other defenders lined up now surely. Shame how it ended for him but a great servant and will be fondly remembered here.
  8. Jesus he's dropped down to playing at Mansfield?? He was playing in the Prem earlier this season- now that is a drop. Would definately take him here.
  9. Huge? I've never even heard of them. Heard of Boca Juniors and River plate but that's about it for Argentine footy.
  10. Seem more likely than us eyeing better options. Even if we found a younger option, Hunt would be very good to have around still. Gives his all and never stops getting up and down the flank which is perfect for our wingback role. Very strange news this.
  11. Good to hear DC hasn't considered letting him leave if an offer came in. Sounds like things are settled so lets focus on getting the players we need to get promoted next season.
  12. I don't mind another season in league one, as it is nice to win most weeks for a change, and put some teams to the sword. When we were in Champ, it seemed like every win we were hanging on for dear life, the past few seasons- gets so stressful over time. And it will likely be similar once we get promoted. Hopefully we can smash the league next season and get auto. We don't want to be sticking around any longer than that for sure.
  13. United played well tonight to be fair to them, they were right up for it. Forest couldn't settle at all and didn't show why they were on such an incredible run. But knew Samba would make the difference in the pens. Hope Forest go up, I studied at uni there and the city deserves a team back in the Prem at last. Cooper has worked miracles there to get them from bottom to one game away- clearly something special about him as a coach.
  14. Doesn't make any business sense to cash in, because we won't get much for him due to his age. Worth way more to us than 1mil and not even we'd get that. Wilder can f off as can Rooney and anyone else. Gregory must be gutted and want to get us up next year. He's already built a good relationship with fans and players here, really doubt he'd want to move on again.
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