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  1. Leaves a bitter taste how him and Westwood left, after the service they've given. They should have left with their heads held high but both leave with a bit of a whimper. Real shame.
  2. Much deserved win. Wickham starred showing what he can do now he's got some confidence from a few goals. This 3-5-2 looks much better for us. Really suited Lee who looked much more like his old self again. Bannan too. Murphy also impressed me with his forward running and even tracking back which he rarely used to bother doing. MOM for me, looks a different player. Thought we looked much poorer once we swapped him for Oddjob. Glad to see Luongo back too and scored a tidy finish. Likely need more performances like this to stay up.
  3. At least one has given his all and been very productive when on the pitch. The other, well, a one season wonder for sure. Much easier to accept the Fletch wages when at least we've had some good years out of him. Scandalous that they are leaving on frees though. Why can we never actually sell anyone??
  4. It's a good idea I'd thought of something similar. The thing is can teams really play each other only once? Will be a lot of luck involved about who you play home or away etc. I think the season is toast now too. No way should they award any promotions or relegations based on the current standings, that would be an utter disgrace (especially when teams have games in hand and easier opponents to face etc). Scousers will have the pitchforks out once we're all out of isolation, but apart from that it seems the best solution. Hopefully can restart in time for the usual start of next season.
  5. Agreed, thats the simple solution. Have to make a rule that an extension for same wage is on the table for all clubs and players should they wish to take it.
  6. Agreed. Just bin off cup competitions next season and make it a shorter season. Could even reduce fixtures next season, up to half. So we could even start next season in the new year if needed and make it an abbreviated one. This one has gone much too far to cancel it, would be an insult to clubs battling for promotions and Liverpool obviously. It must be completed first before anything else. Obviously I'd much prefer it to be cancelled, due to our predicament. But I think the fair and right thing to do is ensure it gets played out to completion.
  7. We could get battered today. Brentford don't let up. The players clearly dont care anymore. Embarrasment almost all of em.
  8. It cant be that he's picking the players who give more work-rate, as Cruz's is nil. He either really is being forced to play every game, or Monk is just hoping he produces a moment of magic- which we have seen no sign of.
  9. If so thats just laughable. He hasn't shown any reason to be starting, yet FF and Harris are benched.
  10. How long can DC keep blind faith in Monk? Looking at the next 4 games makes me feel sick, can't see us getting a point from them.
  11. Has Monk shown you any signs that he should be the man to make these huge changes in the summer? Can you really trust him given the uninspiring loan signings, poor man management, rock bottom team morale/confidence, falling out with players, and clueless tactical decisions? I am scared shitless of how badly Monk could screw things up in the summer should we stick with him. We shouldn't still go down so we absolutely need to find another manager who actually has promise and fans can see he has a plan. Even if we went down but could see a clear plan would be preferable to seeing Monk potentially royally roger up things in the summer. There are enough very poor teams that we shouldn't go down anyway though, so it's time to decide is Monk really up for this job??? All the signs are saying no.
  12. He's like a Hollywood extra, there in the background but doesn't do anything.
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