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  1. Really enjoying it. Keri Russel is also awesome.
  2. Currently living and working in wakefield in the sandal area. Great only having 25 min journey to get to a game.
  3. I thought it was a great final series of what has been a great programme over the years. Will certainly miss it. As for Tom Quinn coming back, I was hoping he would and that was all that was needed, kinda wrapped up his story??? Also as as been said by others, I also felt a little affection for the new woman. :-D
  4. ceders123


    freesat also carries an exclusive 24/7 on demand channel of Jeremy Kyle not available on sky or virgin.
  5. Ive got a load of bon jovi stuff from around this time and since so will have a root in the loft and hopefully find a kerrang or something. ugly kid joe were 100% defo at gateshead though with van halen, but as i wasnt at don valley i can only go on what i remember from press, reviews and stuff from the time.
  6. Bon Jovi Crossroads Tour 1995, June 21st, 1995 - Cardiff Arms Park, Cardiff, UK, support act Thunder, Ugly Kid Joe, Van Halen June 23rd, 1995 - Wembley Stadium, London, UK, support act Ugly Kid Joe, Van Halen June 24th, 1995 - Wembley Stadium, London, UK, support act Ugly Kid Joe, Van Halen June 25th, 1995 - Wembley Stadium, London, UK, support act Ugly Kid Joe, Van Halen June 27th, 1995 - Gateshead International Stadium, Newcastle, UK, support act Ugly Kid Joe, Van Halen June 28th, 1995 - Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, UK, support act Ugly Kid Joe, Van Halen
  7. Got their first ep and album somewhere. The ep had "hate everything about you" on as well but iirc without all the little rap bit at the end. Or was that just on the video? "well i dont really care about your sister roger the little ***** i already kissed her one thing i did to the lady put her on the bed and she didnt say maybe" the older version just went "well i know you know everybody knows" etc etc about 3.18 in the video Love panhanlin prince.
  8. didnt watch it as the trailers have been annoying the flip out of me for weeks. "im gonna ger on it lyykee a car bonnnitt"
  9. I was very impressed when he saved the long range effort on about 55 mins i think. Just before, he nearly came for the ball off the corner, he took a couple of steps forward and realised he would never make it, got him self in to position and made a good save. As has been said before on here, most keepers are good shot stoppers, decision making is what lets a lot down.
  10. I don't think there is anything irresponsible about taking a baby to a match? I would say It becomes irresponsible if they are not dressed for the weather, become upset and the parents do nothing, need changing and parents do nothing etc. We took Ty at a couple of months old, coincidently the same first game as Jowl & Lucas, went in the grandstand, plenty of room, pretty quiet and very warm up there actually. He slept for most of it in a harness attached to the misses and she left with about 15 mins to go to avoid any rush. We'd decided if it was too much for him then she would have left however much of the game was left. He's now 13 month and I'm sure we'll take him again at some point.
  11. yeah i'm watching, but I just find him funny.
  12. it'll be poo poo without a zipstick.
  13. My favourite version of this song. Cohens favourite too apparently. Great song whatever version tbh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3CLPUdsxvw
  14. I haven't been able to get on it for weeks.
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