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  1. ceders123

    North East/Teesside Owls

    Mmmmm parmos. I miss parmos.
  2. ceders123

    owls in west yorkshire

    Currently living and working in wakefield in the sandal area. Great only having 25 min journey to get to a game.
  3. ceders123


    I was very impressed when he saved the long range effort on about 55 mins i think. Just before, he nearly came for the ball off the corner, he took a couple of steps forward and realised he would never make it, got him self in to position and made a good save. As has been said before on here, most keepers are good shot stoppers, decision making is what lets a lot down.
  4. ceders123

    Young Children (below 1 year old)

    I don't think there is anything irresponsible about taking a baby to a match? I would say It becomes irresponsible if they are not dressed for the weather, become upset and the parents do nothing, need changing and parents do nothing etc. We took Ty at a couple of months old, coincidently the same first game as Jowl & Lucas, went in the grandstand, plenty of room, pretty quiet and very warm up there actually. He slept for most of it in a harness attached to the misses and she left with about 15 mins to go to avoid any rush. We'd decided if it was too much for him then she would have left however much of the game was left. He's now 13 month and I'm sure we'll take him again at some point.
  5. ceders123

    OWLSTALK sorted the Takeover

    I see a T-shirt idea coming on. Reckon you'd sell a few.
  6. ceders123

    How much...

    beswetherick just won the euromillions! We're saved!
  7. ceders123


    if i could id throw a pint over you :-)
  8. ceders123

    5/1 to win league?

    Heard someone has put £500k on this.
  9. ceders123

    Guess the first fixture!

    When the fixtures are released, can we post them in full on here? Swindon home Home AFC Bournemouth Brentford - GHS Brighton & Hove Albion Bristol Rovers Carlisle United - Tyto Charlton Athletic - 19swfc91 Colchester United - Mrs779 Dagenham & Redbridge - Neal M Exeter City Hartlepool United - MrOwls Huddersfield Town - Nobsworth Leyton Orient - johnowls Milton Keynes Dons - DundeeOWLS Notts County - York Owl Oldham Athletic - PeteG_1984 Peterborough United - barmyowl1212 Plymouth Argyle Rochdale - themaskedowl Southampton - Donny__Owl Swindon Town - Ceders123 Tranmere Rovers - MichaelSwfc1867 Walsall - Adamrivers25 Yeovil Town - Harry Cannister Away AFC Bournemouth - jpbruce Brentford Brighton & Hove Albion - the_vinyl_frontier Bristol Rovers Carlisle United Charlton Athletic - NEMESIS Colchester United - HOOTIE Dagenham & Redbridge - Gornaldo Exeter City - brian joicey Hartlepool United - Onslow Huddersfield Town Leyton Orient - KivoOwl Milton Keynes Dons - matt68owls Notts County- Patheard Oldham Athletic - Sam779 Peterborough United- Warbinton Plymouth Argyle - eckintonblue Rochdale - gringo69 Southampton - owl-zat Swindon Town - Tamworthowl Tranmere Rovers - royalowlisback Walsall - Wimbledon Owl Yeovil Town - jimmyallen
  10. ceders123

    Bye Bye American pie

    Brilliant. I always look out for these. Sort of brightens the day up. I remember one you did a couple of years ago about the state of modern football, and that eveyone will end up watching stelling on soccer saturday instead of in the grounds. I'd defo buy a copy of your works. :-)
  11. ceders123

    No Boro Bar for Owls.....

    Also just been told today they only serve bottles, no draught apparently.
  12. ceders123

    No Boro Bar for Owls.....

    Behind the goal is always reserved for away fans. Some teams only take a small allocation which enables them to segregate the concourse to provide a perk for boro fans and get them in the ground early. We're taking over so they can't segregate. :-) We will still have beer. * Panic averted. *so i've been told by my mates. if there aint though it isnt my fault.
  13. ceders123

    boro sold out

  14. ceders123

    boro sold out

    Yeah you have to buy a ticket before going to the turnstile. They use a barcode/scanner thingy and don't sell them on the turnstile. Even if our end gets sold out there will be loads of room in the boro end. I've been offered 2 season tickets since i bought my away end ticket. :-)