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  1. I’ve not seen this system before (which pours 4 pints in 12 seconds) at Hillsborough. So hopefully I’ll get to the front of the beer queue before the second half kicks off. Or am I missing something?
  2. ...if you sit on the Kop that is. Keep your eyes peeled for this.
  3. It would be great if we could at least trial one of these. Costs £8k but pours 8 beers in 6 seconds. https://brandels.co.uk/shop/events-equipment/multi-tap/
  4. Has it? I’ve never seen it. if that’s the case have one queue for people who want a fresh one and leave the rest of us to walk up and quickly get a pre poured one. 99% of people would be happy just to get a drink. Seriously though, how do we open dialogue with the club about this, as it’s pissed me off for years I can only assume the club aren’t aware of it. There’s thousands in lost income every week.
  5. This is the simple and obvious solution. Pre pour before half time. Also, you’ll notice the current system is designed to have one serving and one pulling. The one pulling is meant to be keeping up with demand so the one serving can turn and pick up pre poured pints. Whereas what’s actually happened is one takes payment then turns and watches his mate pull a pint which he then takes from him and gives to you. Meaning it takes two people to serve one pint. Therefore not only are they not using the system how it’s been designed to speed things up, they’re actually using it in a way that is slower than a standard bar system where one person would do both jobs. its so frustrating. I was one of hundreds that walked away from the queue on Saturday in the grandstand as the second half was kicking off. Poor fan experience and so much lost revenue. been like it for years though and nobody ever changes owt
  6. I don't know you, so don't take this the wrong way. But keep strong fella, you're worth so much more than you think. WAWAW?
  7. What's the bitrate? And is the quality the same through android app as it is on a browser? I read some yanks moaning about NeuLion limiting the bitrate on the android app (for NFL) and wonder whether ifollow will be the same.
  8. How did you get it on Firestick? I'm pretty technically minded and managed to sideload it on the firestick but the GUI resolution was massively out.
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