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  1. I don't know you, so don't take this the wrong way. But keep strong fella, you're worth so much more than you think. WAWAW?
  2. What's the bitrate? And is the quality the same through android app as it is on a browser? I read some yanks moaning about NeuLion limiting the bitrate on the android app (for NFL) and wonder whether ifollow will be the same.
  3. How did you get it on Firestick? I'm pretty technically minded and managed to sideload it on the firestick but the GUI resolution was massively out.
  4. It's 46 games. Away games included.
  5. This article was written about NFL game pass and gives a top 3 VPN's to use. NFL game pass uses the same NeuLion software as ifollow so should be applicable to us. https://securethoughts.com/best-vpn-for-watching-nfl/
  6. Anybody know a good, reasonably priced VPN which will support live streaming of video content? If not, I'm happy to do some research and post my findings, but don't want to re-invent the wheel if some of our resident experts have experience of this already?
  7. You must follow our great club All around the country We've been to Exeter We've been to Notts County And now we're on our way back To the Premier League (needs work, feel free to add/change)
  8. Like I said, they're grown men. If I was consistently underperforming in my job and not taking enough responsibility I wouldn't expect my boss to come and stand behind me and clap. I'd expect a rocket up my arse, which is the motivation I'd need. It's no good being soft.
  9. They need to be told when they're poo . We need a reaction. Politely clapping is hardly going to do that is? They're grown men FFS, not 4 year old girls. flipping booooooooooo Wednesday
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