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  1. How much is Monk on a week about 4/5k robbing ********.
  2. RIP boys. I went to that match and thinking that some one lost they life's in unbelievable.
  3. I think it will be the location more than anything if he does go there.
  4. Can't remember when it was must have been round about that time but the weekend away pre season friendly at Celtic was one of the best away day/weekend I can remember, also WBA away when we were losing 1-nil with about 5 mins left NP and TF I think got the goals, great day.
  5. I'd want more then £300 to go and watch that lot, give me £400 and you have a deal.
  6. Or just watch it on sky sports. Ifollow have had my 1st £10 and last £10 would not spend another penny on that rubbish service.
  7. I know and only for around £20,000 a week it's wrong.
  8. Its not the players, its the manager if that's what you can call him.
  9. What so called manager has to have a sheet of paper to give a press conference?. Who is he really ? but don't forget he cost more then CC, yep pull the other one. We ( The Fans) are being treat like mugs, just over 2 seasons ago with had 1 of the best keepers in the league, Westwood is better then the other 2 keepers put together but can.t get in the team. I've always felt it but Wednesday fans never seem to do anything about it apart from sat on their keyboards and moan about it on here, at least we could chant Westwood name at the next home game and let Jo
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