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  1. Looks more and more like clever man management to me. Pulis told everyone Westwood was his number one, which allowed him a look at whether he was still up to it anymore (in terms of fitness and ability) ahead of January, but also put a rocket up Wildsmith and Dawson that they needed to do more if they wanted to be number one. All about making those two grasp the next chance they got, and Wildsmith has come in and been superb since Westwood's most recent injury. Its no coincidence that both his and Dawson's performances whilst Westwood was frozen out were average at best - nothing
  2. Agreed, that is by far the bigger issue. I'm willing to some degree to excuse them this summer's recruitment due to the -12 debacle. Hopefully we can dig ourselves out of it enough to stay up. But absolutely next summer (and even in January) that needs to be done with an actual plan in mind this time.
  3. Not sure its as cut and dry as that, it depends on the player's personality and also the manager's motivational abilities. Fox and Fletcher for example, would have known in plenty of time before last season ended, even if only informally, that the deals they were going to get offered weren't going to be acceptable to them and they would be leaving. They were playing for contracts elsewhere for most of last season in order to remain at Championship level. Most of the others who didn't put the yards in either ended up having to go abroad, drop down divisions, or were o
  4. This. It doesn't seem like Pulis trusts Brown in midfield at the moment (partially due to fitness maybe?). And considering how bad our set pieces and deliveries into the box were, it made sense to try and get Brown on the pitch and address that - not that he did but you can see the logic. So it was either take Paterson or Rhodes off to get him on - Paterson at least puts himself about and challenges defenders, Rhodes works hard but he's just never with the pace of the game. Its not nice for any footballer to go through that, and wasn't nice to see. You'd absolutely l
  5. The problem was not so much we didn't replace the quality, as others have said realistically that was never going to happen, but there appears no coherent strategy to what we were trying to do. Monk put all his eggs in the 532/352 basket, yet we didn't sign any wing backs. We lost our attacking focal point (Fletcher) and our next best thing (Nuhiu), then proceeded to sign 4 of the same player - Windass, Kachunga, Paterson, Brown - who all seem to be behind the striker type players. Then sprinkle in the Marriott panic buy, and our constant ability to get almost any player long-term injured
  6. True. But for full context, have to remember that was in the Premier League. And in the same interview, I believe Bannan actually praises Pulis' man-management i.e. telling him straight so he could go out play elsewhere, rather than just bombing him and letting him rot in the reserves. I'd be shocked if Bannan is not the first name on the teamsheet, still.
  7. Are we creating 'good' chances though? Surely that's more important than the quantity of shots? Stats can tell you anything you want or don't want really. Watching the matches its plain to see we don't create numerous 'good' chances from our own build-up play. We might have one, or two, a game if we're lucky, and we're then asking strikers who have never been clinical to put them away. Its just not going to happen. We need to move to a system that creates more 'good' opportunities to give our strikers a chance at converting. That doesn't mean silky flowing football
  8. For all Monk would claim otherwise, yesterday we essentially ended up playing a 5-2-1-2. One of the wing-backs is a full-back, the other a defensive wing-back at best, and we had a defensive midfielder playing who is limited to simply just giving it to Bannan, which in turn means Bannan has to stay back even more than usual to ensure he can get the ball off him straight away. The gaps this left further up the pitch was staggering (there was little width because, you know, the wing-backs are really full-backs, and two of our centre mids were back in our territory). Its no wonder we don't cre
  9. To play a formation with wing-backs, the wing-backs HAVE to be amongst the best in the league. You need them to be pacy and strong enough get up and down, be good on the ball to get the ball in the box, and defensively astute enough to defend and hold shape properly. Simply put, and this is no slight on the lads that play wing back for us, they aren't anywhere near good enough to do it. I don't think there are many players in the Championship good enough to do it properly to be honest. It is absolutely no surprise that they get pulled out of position, it asks too much of them, a
  10. Two-thirds of the long-term shareholders can veto the Premier League board’s approval of a proposed new owner. That, is absolutely crackers. So any potential takeover which might result in the 'top 6' applecart getting disrupted, can be vetoed by said 'top 6'!? Some of the proposal is to be applauded, some to be lived with as a price to pay, but then there are things like that thrown in which stink.
  11. In normal circumstances, I'd be all for hanging on until the end of the window in the hope of securing better players etc. However, as others have said, we absolutely cannot afford a slow start this year - if we do have our usual sluggish start, we're as good as down. Which makes it more baffling that we haven't adapted ourselves in the transfer market to this. Surely early business was more crucial than ever this year - we should have either upped our financial offers to get deals done early (if finances allowed), or lowered our sights and gone for more realistic targets for a l
  12. But we didn't. He had an incredibly high risk plan, that although it came close, failed. Reminds me of the phrase "if you're going to take a shot at the King, you best not miss". We've done the equivalent of clipping his shoulder and saying "oh well, we were close". And since that plan failed, we've had absolutely zero idea of a legitimate plan B. I've no idea what we're meant to be rallying around? Not at this moment anyway - people are allowed to angry about all this, and rightly so.
  13. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-wednesday-dejphon-chansiri-recap-18039401 "The Thai businessman also made it clear that his intention is to pass on the running of the club to his son Att at some point in the future." You can draw your own dots from the above, and how we are being run at present, and will continue to be run for a few more seasons yet.
  14. Reach has never been as great as his fans make out, and probably never quite as bad as his critics have made out over the course of his Wednesday career. What is ultimately frustrating about Reach is that, especially in a 3-man midfield, he should have the attributes to prosper. 'On his day' he's a fairly intelligent player, links play well, has an engine, doesn't need to do heaps of dirty work in a 3... attributes which don't put him a world away from the style of play of someone like Lee (don't get me wrong he's nowhere near the quality that Lee was at). For whatever reason, he
  15. Give over. You were even time wasting at 3-0 up - one free kick after one of your midfielders had took their turn to clip one of our players down, about 5 of your players touched the ball before it travelled the 10 yards back to where the referee was stood. Its clearly ingrained into your side, fair enough though. Its nothing to be ashamed of, its tremendously effective and we could do with being a bit smarter sometimes. Anytime we tried to break, one of your players took us down and killed our impetus. And realistically killed off our attacking threat, as that was our only cha
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