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  1. We're moving to D-Programmes next year. Cost £50 and will potentially arrive at an undetermined point in the future. You'll also be required to buy 3 years worth in advance. Enjoy your football.
  2. Being nice guys on the pitch hasn't exactly worked out well for this lot so far. Its not being a bunch of cheats I'm asking for. Don't need them to go diving around, or waiving imaginary cards around. However, we do need them to have each others backs, and start to put some pressure on opposition players and officials who see us an easy ride at the moment. Go back to the two decent years under Carlos, we had Wallace, Loovens and Pudil who were all very good at the game management side of games, in different ways (Loovens was more subtle for example, but he was a master at it).
  3. You don't. Would need something approaching a miracle for them to turn it around now. We could win the next 2, but the pressure would be back on them and then they'd lose the next 4. Need approaching play-off form to stay up, its just not going to happen. I think you absolutely do whatever you can do start preparing for next season in L1. Get some minutes into the younger lads we saw in the cup games from January - we're likely to need them next season.
  4. What I really, really enjoyed about tonight was how our players got in the officials' ear about what was going off, and put some pressure on him to do something about it. We didn't just shrug our shoulders and let Rotherham do what they want to kill the game. We also didn't make it uncomfortable for the Rotherham players to just drop to the floor when they wanted and so on. They really backed each other up as teammates tonight and were a collective presence on the pitch. Wait... no, that's not right is it.
  5. You won't find any argument from me that the root cause for all our problems can be found with the man at the top. We may aswell not bother playing the loanees now, and people like Lees, Reach etc who will be off too. Cobble together 11 from who will be here next year and go from there. We're down, time for us to make whatever we can of the rebuild (with it fully noted that we're doing it under the restrictions DC brings to that).
  6. I've defended them a lot this season from accusations of not trying etc. I maintained they were, but were just not good enough. I retract that opinion. Some absolutely scandalous performances tonight and collectively should be ashamed of themselves (they won't, but they should if they had any pride left). Strolling back when losing possession, no urgency to get on with the game when losing, hiding when we have possession by going and standing next to an opposition player so they don't have to receive the ball etc. Pathetic stuff at the best of times, but against a relegation ri
  7. Exactly the same as you, I don't throw the "they don't care/don't try/given up" card around lightly. For the most part the effort has been there this season (the team is just not very good, totally different thing). But to not stick up for your teammates, particularly when its a young lad taken down and injured, infuriates me. And from what I've seen of teams we've played, there isn't a team in the division that gives the officials an easier ride than us, so its hardly surprising we keep getting on the wrong side of decisions. It the lack of those things which makes me think the
  8. On the one hand, you'd think something has to be in the works. However, if we work on the theory that he has a buyer lined up who will pay x amount for a Championship side and y for a League 1 side, then you'd have thought DC would have been doing something to try and protect his sale price and keep us up? His actions so far have been signing a lad from Villa who we'll possibly hardly see this season, and let a selection of reserve/youth team coaches manage the first team. It's pretty clear he doesn't have access to resources at the moment, so I'm not sugges
  9. The more I think about the "challenge" on FDB, and the lack of reaction from our players, the more it angers me. Thompson has been saying in the press conference this morning that the players all care, they all hurt when they lose etc. Yet, bar the odd one like Bannan, none of them have each other's backs on the pitch. Doesn't even have to be a reaction the referee if they don't want, just get in the opposition's face about it. But they don't, because they've given up - so if they want us to believe they all care still and they hurt as much as the fans do when they lose, then i
  10. Yup very. Thompson has even said in his post-match interview that we went too long first half, so it was clearly not the plan to pick Windass and then just aimlessly launch it at him.. The players just either didn't listen, or aren't good enough to be brave in possession (or both).
  11. Bannan has, and always will do, need players on his wavelength. If he has them, he's absolutely a match winner. Fletcher was last year, and its why pretty much the two of them were our entire attacking output all season. When he's trying to work with what we have, it just stunts his influence completely. Baffles me why he's agreed to stay to be honest! And then there is absolutely zero else in that squad in terms of people who can turn a game on its head.
  12. I rarely accuse them of not trying, I think its an easy thing to throw around. And I think for most of this season, the effort has been there, if not the ability. Today however, attitudes were shocking across the board (bar Hutchinson and Lees - I would add Shaw but his decision making let him down, but effort was there at least). That today was a performance of a team that have given up. I think we can all take going down, but they need to do it with some fight. Though you do wonder if now a few of them are more focussing their energies on where their next contract will be. A
  13. I said in the OMDT pre-match that there was method to playing Windass, on the assumption that Birmingham would put men behind the ball, and we needed to use his pace to try and manoeuvre defenders around. It wasn't an outrageous call. The problem was we then proceeded to treat the ball like a grenade, and just launch the ball into an aimless 15-yard radius of either forward, or into the stands. Which rendered picking him pointless. If that was going to be the plan, we may as well have picked Rhodes.
  14. Its hard to get too frustrated with him. There's a reason he's been coaching and not managing most of his career, and I don't mean that in a disrespectful way. Once again, Chansiri has sent a caretaker out to the dogs. We tried to ride the wave with him for a while, and to be honest I half suspect he was just leaving the players to it and keeping it simple as possible - which wasn't the worst idea in his position. Problem with that was always going to be when it wears off, which it unfortunately seems to have. Weirdly he might still be our best bet of keeping us up (
  15. Pfft speak for yourself, I for one can't wait for the return of Alessio Da Cruz to spearhead our battle for survival in League 1.
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