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  1. Wasn't it suggested by some that we have some sort of buy-back? It was meant to be a loan originally but we ended up going for a full transfer with an option for later if needs be? I could be mixing things up, and it sounds too much like a sensible thing for it to be true anyway.
  2. I think that while ever we are/were a Championship club, he'd retain his ownership as he probably thought that there's always a chance we'd stumble upon a promotion and solve all his issues. We know from his comments to Monk about play-offs etc this season that he's occupying a parallel universe in this regards with the players we have; delusion, desperation, or blind optimism who knows. As soon as we're relegated, that "puncher's chance" disappears and he has to face a reckoning. And that comes down to resources. If he doesn't have the resources for us anymore (which the evidence we have about late wages etc suggests could be true), then its either sell up, or dig in and run us on a shoestring budget. And the latter makes it incredibly difficult to see any return for him, beyond the money back for the stadium in rent.
  3. Agreed. This can’t be a procedural thing we keep falling foul of. Once maybe, twice ok, but this is ongoing. You’d work out an alternative way by now if so. It stinks of plate spinning and having to move money from x y and z to then put into the club.
  4. The odd time he’s played further forward, he’s never got on the ball and we’ve been worse off for it. He had to watch Pelupessy or the centre backs belting it over his head or out of play instead. I’ve never got this obsession with getting him up the pitch either - his shooting isn’t good enough for a start. He’s at his best with the game in front of him, undoubtedly for me. You don’t have to possess all of Alan Irvine’s coaching badges to know that playing three centre backs, a defensive midfielder, and a deep lying playmaker is a recipe for trouble though, as you’re too congested centrally in your own territory. With 3 at the back we could have done without a defensive mid, but our defenders are that limited that I think managers are reluctant to play without that protector. But then that impacts Bannan and the space he needs. Luongo (or even Lee, but I’ve done that to death) were at least able to break through the pitch and that gave Bannan space and options. Our other centre mids haven’t been able to and it’s killed us and our one creative player.
  5. I think as soon as it goes out of your own hands, the nerves aren't really there as much. If we take it to the last game and a win definitely keeps us up, I'll be all over the place. Tomorrow though, meh.
  6. I think even had he been appointed straight after Pulis (instead of waiting months for the wheels to fall off again under the caretaker and be forced into making a decision) and we'd have probably just had enough.
  7. IF we are in an OK position as a club at the time he leaves Leicester, I'd say we would have a reasonable shout of having his final season or two with us. He is actually a proper fan - not one of these types who says they follow x or y, but really doesn't care that much. He'll have made more money than he'll ever need, and with the character he is, I bet he'd fancy a go at it here. His career has also had such a narrative to it - and coming back to his boyhood side for his final year closes it quite nicely for him. The issue with this plan is I fully expect that, unless the ownership changes, we'll still be playing League 1/2 football by the time he retires. And I'm not so sure he'd do that. The fairytale finish to be dangled is returning to your hometown club to help them get to the Premier League, not to secure a midtable League 1 finish.
  8. I find it more than a bit coincidental that he had Alonso in and around the place for so long. Who knows what his role actually was (was hit to help broker a deal and transition between ownership?) but I find it a bit hard to believe he was just here as a commercial adviser. There could be all sorts of reasons why he rejected the Alonso “offer”, it may not purely be down to the amount not being high enough. With the way the club has been run this season, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s looking for an out, particularly now we’re down. While ever we are in the Championship, there is always a (slight!) chance you’ll get lucky and go up. Now we’re about to rejoin L1, so much extra work and resource is required, and his actions this year don’t look like a man willing or able to do so (that January transfer window being proof). His best bet now might be to sell up with a deferred payment if we reach the Prem?
  9. Even IF we recruit well and comprehensively, it will still ask a lot of them to gel and hit the ground running. And that’s even accounting for us recruiting properly. In reality I’m assuming our business will consist of some more Cardiff/Derby cast-offs, and releasing then re-signing Hutchinson.
  10. Our squad is notoriously mentally fragile. Pulis tried the ‘calling them out’ method and found himself out of a job a few weeks later. Thompson apparently did the same and results fell away for him too and they packed in. This lot collectively just can’t hack it - you only have to look at how many points they’ve chucked away over the past year or two, or how they never recover from going a goal behind, to see that fragility. A proper squad could handle being told hard truths, our lot just can’t. The only minor chance Moore had was probably to give them crazy amounts of positive reinforcement, and hope it coaxes them into something. I don’t for one second think that he actually believes what he’s saying. He should be judged on what he does next season.
  11. The Lee formula should be our first go-to. That is players who previously had long spells at academies of the top clubs in the country, who then had to drop down and successfully prove themselves at a lower league club. If you can find players who fit into those parameters, you're more likely to be getting a technically sound player (due to their years spent at a top academy) who has potential to progress up the leagues with you, and also has desirable metal attributes as they've bounced back and started to rebuild a career doing the hard yards in the lower leagues. I don't know enough about L1/L2 players to know if there are any that fit within that category and are realistic signings financially.
  12. He probably has to play purely because the alternatives are either worse or too inexperienced for a relegation run in. He was Watfords best player in injury time. Once when he strolled to get a ball to take a throw in in 91st minute, but then 2 minutes later he jogged to retrieve a ball for a Watford throw and somehow ended up throwing it further away. Just no urgency to his game at all. He’s one of a very small number of players who could make a difference. You can hide behind not getting your preferred position or tactics or whatever, but it’s up to him whether he goes beyond the bare minimum or not.
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