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  1. I agree. I’m as pro vaccine, wear your mask etc as they come, so no conspiracy theories or anti-vax agenda here. I’m no medical expert, but is there anything in the theory that everyone’s bodies, whether you’ve had the vaccine or not, will be working harder to try and hold off covid? And will covid be impacting the whole health ecosystem and making other traditionally milder illnesses stronger (almost everyone seems to have had this mega cold already this winter), which again is putting more pressures on bodies? With these factors, and professional sportspeople pushing themselves to the limit anyway, could this be part of it?
  2. No need for any qualms about commenting how poor we were for that spell - it was showing few signs of life and needed calling out. Credit to the players and management though for having found a way through it. I wasn’t sure if they would, but the signs are very positive. The key is now consistency, I’ve not seen a side to even remotely fear this season at Hillsborough. If our players continue to put the application in that they have past few games, it’s there for the taking this season.
  3. I agree - think there was a belief that we were just going to rock up, roll the ball round, and cut through teams at will without breaking much of a sweat. And the start we had to the season probably fed that further too, which perhaps made it harder for us to then deal with reality when that poor spell hit us. Good that the penny has dropped - even if you have one of the best squads, you still have to scrap in this league.
  4. Interesting. If true probably means this week is crucial for him. 2 games at home against promotion rivals. Got to be looking for 4 points minimum really given the ground we have to make up. Mess it up then could be curtains if the quoted post is correct, but get it right and sets us up nicely for a busy period and we make ground on some rivals.
  5. Surely it adds further weight to the problem that racism has been running rife through the professional game for a long time now. And that counties and the ECB need to be aware of their responsibilities and do more to make sure their players are better educated and aware, and take proper action against players who aren't willing to learn/change if needs be. I don't in any way see how it suddenly lets Yorkshire off the hook for how they have handled reports of bullying and racist behaviour.
  6. Probably. But all this talk in the media of 'launching investigations'... seems a bit OTT. Sure our injuries are bad, but this isn't anything new, and in the context of other clubs... I don't know, are we that bad? Surely the point of putting a squad together is to minimise impact of injuries? Did we do that properly, in hindsight? We didn't bother signing a proper left back, and went into the season with our centre backs containing someone just coming back from a serious injury, another a long history of injury issues, another having had a double leg break in the not too distant past , and another clearly signed injured as we didn't see him for months until he proceeded to get injured again. Can you really protest about injuries when you go in with that sort of squad? Anyway I'm derailing the thread with injury talk and managerial speculation when its one about the wages. 2+2 together and probably getting 7.
  7. Doesn't change a thing. Football is largely self-preservation though, and if its enough for a prospective future chairman to think 'oh you had a bad hand dealt there' then it might get him a better job than he would have otherwise. Although I suspect his largest mitigating factor will be the working environment here if recent history is anything to go by! I'm being very much speculative too, but it does seem funny timing that they're really ramping up the injury chat at the moment as rumours are starting to come out that his position might be under threat.
  8. Indeed. And when you put that in the context that Moore is making more and more of a deal about the injuries at the moment (opening investigations etc), then is he laying the groundwork for his mitigating circumstances if he's sacked?
  9. I've nothing against game management, it happens. And yes we don't do it well enough. However, I'm not sure I've ever quite seen anything like that yesterday, and I've seen a lot of teams come to Hillsborough and time waste from minute 1. The corner we got second half, and I think it was three (!!) of their players then sat down injured, was a disgrace. If we started to do that, yes I would complain.
  10. Spot on. A lot of their antics weren't just gamesmanship or 'sh*thousery', but outright cheating. However while ever they were allowed to get away with it, why wouldn't they do it. They tested the waters early on, saw the ref wasn't up to it, and took advantage. There is a recurring issue this season with L1 referees trying too hard to not look like they are favouring us, as if they are trying to prove they aren't swayed by the crowd and the occasion etc (I suspect similar happens at Sunderland too). (And before someone says, this is not an excuse for why we lost).
  11. In a sense you are correct, formations can become a slight red herring at times which I'm as guilty as anyone for falling for. What probably matters more, is how Moore sends his teams out. As I said in my post earlier, if we change formation to 352 but then continue to play at the same tempo, with the same ideas for trying to form attacks, it won't make a big difference really. One of our biggest issues is we are far too ponderous in possession, and allow teams to get back and set up to close off our attacking routes easily. Whether you play 4231, 352, 442, or 443, you will have the same issues. Until that is sorted, we're perhaps not addressing a cause of our formation issues.
  12. Good OP, and agree with the gist of it. I think he does have time, just, to turn it around. But he’s got to want to change his ways. I can’t work out if he’s being too clever for his own good or just doesn’t know what he wants to do - regularly in interviews goes on about playing different formations, personnel for different types of game etc. Which in theory is all fine, but for L1 players… really? The players look confused at times, and it’s no surprise it takes us ages to get into games sometimes as we are trying out another new tactic. I think we’ve played at least 4 different formations this season, players come and go into the team at random, and despite poor performances certain players can’t get a look in. You need to be tactically versatile sure, but we chop and change so much it’s hard to get any momentum or understanding developed.
  13. The only way I can see 352 (or let’s be honest, it’s 532 in current mode) will work for us with our players, is if we give the spare centre half license to break up field when we are asserting ourselves (and without worrying about someone covering them as we did on the odd time last night, which just cancels it straight back out). Last night Cambridge just set their banks up and left our centre backs space to just pass between themselves. At that point, certainly Palmer or Iorfa would be capable of taking the ball forward, but they were reluctant (orders maybe?). But if they don’t the opposition will just overwhelm any gaps higher up and make it so difficult to break down. Commit a man to you, pass into the subsequent space. I’ve no badges but seems obvious to me. It’s a bit Wilder-esque too, but you could have say Iorfa breaking forward off the ball from a back 3 with his pace and power to create an overlap centrally etc. That would force the opposition to pick him up and create gaps for us to play in higher up the pitch, and still allows Bannan to operate where he’s best without it becoming a back 6. Wing backs could just about work for us, but it can’t be another iteration of Moore’s slow ponderous build up which just allows teams to block us off up the pitch and leaves us rolling the ball around between defenders. Has to be braver all round.
  14. We signed 14 players in the summer, how many would you consider leaders? Gregory, I think that's probably it. It's staggering really, as this has been an issue for years now since the Loovens/Semedo era, and we still haven't addressed it.
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