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  1. Pretty obvious they’re looking for to try and make an example of someone - they need a big enough name to make an impact, and it looks like we’ve potentially given them just enough rope to have a bit of a go. Will end up in court, and I don’t think there will be a shortage of lawyers lining up for a run at the whole FFP system. It will end up going places the EFL don’t want it to, strap in.
  2. It’s nothing more than a PR article for Bruce, scaremongering and laying the foundations for his inevitable narrative about why he had no choice but to leave etc etc. See below quote from article: “He has been at Hillsborough for less than six months but has found it hard to push through some of his demands behind the scenes when operating under a soft transfer embargo from the EFL (Football League).”
  3. Wonder if some of the local journos (and others have made thinly veiled digs recently too) start scrutinising every other footballer's 'character' as much as Westwood has been subject to recently? Don't care one bit if he is/isn't a bit of whatever, if he's the best goalkeeper then he should be playing. As others have said, his teammates looked pretty happy to have him back celebrating after the Preston game, hardly seemed like an outcast. This is some pretty low-level stirring (Biggs has been at it too, albeit slightly more subtle about it, about how 'harshly' Cameron Dawson has been treated etc).
  4. I’m not normally one to buy into the whole ‘local media hates us’ stuff, but at the moment a few of them seem to be quite keen to make the fans out as overly abusive, aggressive and a problem. Biggs’ ‘wild hyenas’ comment the other day too, now Howson is quoting rubbish like the fans would attack a partner and child of a manager. They are letting a minority of morons on social media cloud their judgment, just can’t work out if it’s because they are on the receiving end of a lot of stick and want to vent, or they’re being deliberately sensationalist. Dont recall them doing this with other clubs (where as others have said, there is exactly the same knuckle dragging minority). On the whole, particularly at the ground, I think we’ve been remarkably bloody patient.
  5. The only topic of discussion should be his advisor(s) - who they are, what do they advise him on, and what (if any) are the financial links between advisors and Chansiri/Club (not in a mischievous way, but it won't be done pro bono, there must be some reward)? There has been a lot of inference going on, but we need to hear it from the owner's mouth now about the exact relationship that is going off here (it doesn't have to be murky, we just need to know how the Club is being run). If we have a de facto DOF as has been suggested, then Chansiri should be willing to explain his role/remit. I'd be interested to know why, if he wishes to continue down this route, does he operate with the current arrangement instead of establishing a permanent advice structure accountable to the Club (i.e. people are listed as SWFC members of staff, and paid as such, to work for SWFC only - Sporting Director, Head of Recruitment, and so on). What is the benefit of this to SWFC (again, genuine question, but there must be a reason why he feels his current 'set-up' benefits us more than direct accountability of named members of staff). Anything else discussed is an absolute waste of time (manager and on-the-pitch issues included). We can't possibly understand these issues properly unless we understand more clearly the above.
  6. He's been dealt a rough hand with injuries, form, confidence and so on, but he has shown almost next to nothing in terms of being able to rouse a team into a coherent unit. I'm not talking about barking at them from the touchline, but there is no identity to his football, at least what he's served us up so far. They aren't playing like a team. He's not managed to galvanise any sort of spirit, seen very little in terms of proactive game management - we've either been ultra-defensive anti-football, or wide-open loose football. Sign of a good manager is being able to pull some results out of adverse situations. Not a play-off run, but even with the players he had, mid-table safety should have been the target weeks ago. Instead, we're probably going to stay up by the way of the bottom 4-5 showing no signs of life. It's no base to build on for next season.
  7. Lee is (was) one of the best players we've had post-Premier League, and fully fit would walk into most Championship (and some Premier League) teams. A shame that injuries might have got the better of him.
  8. It's a very key point to a lot of our problems at the minute - there is not a single leader out there (and I include Loovens in that when he plays too). Bannan or Hutchinson would have tore strips off all four of the actors in that sorry goal. There is no one with the confidence to tell his teammates to shove what the manager wants them to do at every opportunity, but to play the game they're in instead. Although I am becoming increasingly concerned that Jos is persisting with this approach - the players he has as his disposal at the moment clearly don't have the footballing intelligence to execute what he wants (as should be expected, really). He'd get away with it with Bannan in there, but he's simply asking these players to do something they can't. Very rarely do you see a player seemingly thinking for himself in this current injury-ravaged team, which seems indicative of players thinking too hard to do what the manager is demanding of them, and they're getting trapped in the poor cycles of play. With the players available, I'm pretty shocked we just haven't gone for a 'back-to-basics' 4-4-2, get it up to Nuhiu/Joao and get Reach and Clare feeding off the scraps. Remove the ball from our third at the very least. That's kind of what I expected of a 'promotion expert' style manager, not demanding his second team play neat triangles out of defence constantly.
  9. Brighton away last season was perhaps the moment for me. Had them level and down to ten men from around the hour mark, then we proceeded to miss a penalty and generally faff around with it for the next half an hour before we had two sent off in stoppage time after Brighton had hit us on the counter late on. With a win there, the top 2 really looked on with the momentum we had. However, the team just seemed to startle itself at the opportunity once Brighton went down to 10 (froze much like they seemed to in the PO final), and I think we went a bit jittery after that for the rest of the season. Even in the games against Hudds, we just never looked like we really believed, and I think you can trace it back to this Brighton farce. That game just struck me as the moment when you realised this collection of players just didn't have it - whatever it is to get out of this league - whereas teams like Brighton had it in spades. The subsequent failure to address the problems (and that includes refreshing the squad by selling big name players if needs be) was all the more baffling.
  10. First half he grabbed hold of one of our players' arms, almost yanked it out of its socket, then chucked himself on the floor trying to claim he'd been hit by our player. He's not just a diver who goes down cheaply, or a wind-up merchant who "gives as good as he gets", I can handle all of them in the game (we've had a few) - Snodgrass is a full-on cheat. It's a shame because he can actually play football, but that's what he's chosen and its probably why he gets bombed out of the Premier League every time he gets a sniff of it.
  11. This would not surprise me in the slightest, and I've had a nagging doubt something has been up for a while now. He's just looked like a man with other things on his mind recently, (amazingly, some things are bigger than football) and health reasons could well answer that. Not that he hasn't been trying, but he just hasn't looked really there. Hope whatever it is is nothing too bad, if there is something.
  12. I'm not sure what the rest have to offer though, sadly - they're mostly just not very good or over-the-hill. I don't think its that they need to pull their fingers out, try harder and perform better, I think they are what they are. You can hide 2 or 3 in your team at once, but not 8 or 9.
  13. The point of having a big squad is so you have replacements for each position, and hopefully you only ever need to call on 2 or 3 at once to supplement your key players. You have almost any combination of 2-4 injuries to any position covered. The point of a big squad is not to be able to turn out all of your backup players at once and expect them to be anywhere near as good as all of the first choice players they're replacing. What we're seeing right now is exactly what you would see from 99% of other teams that had their entire first team unavailable all at the same time. I'm not one to hide behind injuries normally, but this is something else.
  14. Hope he proves me (and everyone else wrong) but I've yet to see anything from him that suggests he can play centre midfield for a team serious about promotion. Just doesn't back himself - reluctant to shoot, can't tackle, lack of movement, seems prone to moments of stupidity (how many penalties has he given away so far, 3?). Hopefully a rocket or two from the new manager sorts him out, but thats a worry in itself if thats what he needs to get going at a club where he's trying to earn a transfer. That Burton performance from him was one of the worst I've ever seen from a footballer, just went into hiding.
  15. Jones is what Jones is - pretty limited, just a cog type of player. With the right partner, he's OK (at best). Butterfield though, I've not seen many a worse performance than that. At least I kind of know what Jones' role should be, with Butterfield I have no idea. Seemingly can't pass, tackle, shoot or track players. He looks like one of those players who thinks he's a hell of a lot better than he is.
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