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  1. It's not about being a better fan, it's about being fair. Why should someone who for what ever reason doesn't go to away games get a ticket ahead of someone who goes to pretty much every single game. The "I have work commitments" is rubbish. Get another job.
  2. Wonder how many of those desperate for a ticket will be going to Bolton. But cus it's Man City they are desperate.
  3. Leeds fans are cat cats. Never had any trouble at their place. Forget looking for excuses not to go, its about supporting the boys. If ya scared just go early and wait to leave.
  4. Those that say we cannott moan about JOC playing cus we are 2nd in the league live on cloud cuckoo land. The reason we have been winning is because we have a great squad of players for this level. When JOC plays its like we are playing with 10 men. He adds nothing out wide, nothing at all. Only by the fact leyton Orient are poo did JOC get away without costing us last week (when they hit woodwork after JOC left their player), If JOC is injured its a shame for the lad, but its great as far as our promotion push is concerned because we may actually now play with 2 wingers.
  5. The crowds will pick up in the second half of the season if we are still at the top end. I dont think Megsons style of football helps the attendences, but I think once people see that we really are serious challenges more and more will get down.
  6. If James O'Connor had not started against pigs we would have won the game for me. Megsons is just a negitive manager - always has been and always will be. He would rather have a player who does buggar all but runs around showing effort than a player who can create goals and attack. That said, look at where we are. I personally do not think we have been playing well but our results have been bloody great. I absolutely detest Megsons style of play, but its working. We are grinding out results and are 2nd in the league. This league is absolute garbage with the exception of huddersfield, and when we start playing well teams are gunna start getting hidings from us. With the way Megson likes to set his teams up, i suspect that Prutton will take the wide spot on his return.
  7. I think one thing is for certain, Sky will not be showing many more wednesday matches whilst Megson is in charge. 3 games shown and all dire games for the neutral.
  8. O'Donnell 6 Reynolds 7 - MOM Baath 6 Jones 6 Buxton 6 Semedo 5 Prutton 5 Lines 5 Marshall 4 Sedgwick 4 Madine 5 Subs: Lowe 5 Morrison 6 O'Connor 5
  9. It takes time for players to settle. He came in having played most of his career at centre half, got played at left back, had a few bad games then saw his manager who signed him leave. Was also the same for Michael Morrison. O really think he needs to be given a chance. Would love to see him geta good run in the team and see how he does.
  10. The problem is hes a central midfielder not a wide man. Personally i'd love to see him get a run along side Prutton, but cant see that happening. Think he could prove a real bargain if used right.
  11. A really tough one to call. They have scored quite a few goals.... surely they must be due an off day?? I'm going for a 1-0 home win. Can see us scoring early then deffending for the rest.
  12. My point was they had many draws in that unbeaten run, which is why they missed out on auto promotion in the end. Had they turned a few of those draws into wins and they would have gone up. Draws kill you at this level as much as defeats. You need WINS. Something we are not going to get unless we start attacking away from home.
  13. What is Beyond Belief is people think we played well. What game were they watching. Apart from Lowe getting injured, what actually went against us other than Megsons tactics?? People say its a good point cus they were 2nd in the league - Theres only been a few soddin games. Its like those saying Bournemouth is a tough place to go... oh yea we are the only team they have beat. I go with what Clinton morrison said on Talk sport - We should be going to places like Charlton and all grounds to win. We created virtually nothing today. Not because the oposition were good, because of how we set up. We even had to make a sub after 20 mins because Megson messed up the tactics. Huddersfield showed last season that Draws in this league kill you. They went on a stupid unbeaten run and failed - too many draws in that unbeaten run. All the teams that get promoted from this league have one thing in common - they attack home and away and play for wins.
  14. Just a realist. Why go to games believing something thats probably not gunna happen?? Its best to go expecting whats probably going to happen rather than setting yourself up for dissapointment. Do you think Megsons really going to change his way for this match???
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