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  1. wiggy

    Red Button Coverage

    Not being funny, but if somebody had said even 2 years ago that all midweek games were available live on sky sports red button, people would have called you insane and said it will never happen......now we are moaning about a lack of replays and HD picture
  2. Feel for you mate. I had it season before last. Struggled with it all week and went to the Forest home game on the Saturday. Thought I was going to die when we scored a 90th minute winner
  3. Geographical blackouts are the way forward.
  4. wiggy


    Agree with that mate at most aways. But i would argue that unlike most grounds you have option to stand properly at Brentford. Would kind of expect those who want to stand to go in the standing section.
  5. I thought the sky article specifically referred to 'midweek rounds' but who knows
  6. Millwall should be on sky red button for free
  7. wiggy

    New song

    Only fools tune: No shirts in stock, no commentary, No players signed, cos of FFP. Blue and White, Rich or poor, Adthe’s gunna fu#*ing score... i’ll get my coat
  8. wiggy

    3rd Kit

    We used the previous seasons Yellow shirt again as a 3rd shirt with Chansiri on it in the season of the first pic you've used We had a Black away shirt in the second....and brought out a white 3rd kit......
  9. wiggy

    3rd Kit

    Never said anything about wanting a 3rd kit. Just looking at a dark home shirt and a dark away shirt and wondering what the logic is......
  10. Blue back on the home shirt, Black away shirt.....anyone expecting a 3rd? Surely be clashes this season. Birmingham/Ipswich spring to mind.
  11. wiggy

    Chansiri's kit review video

    Yeah, doesn’t look stitched like last seasons does it. What do we expect for a bargain £59
  12. wiggy

    Soft launch??

    Not sure I’d be that confident based on last season mate
  13. wiggy

    Soft launch??

    Sounds like it
  14. wiggy

    Soft launch??

    Does the mean after tomorrow that’s going over £100?
  15. wiggy

    Soft launch??

    Im answer to my own question....thanks wiki https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soft_launch reading between the lines.....we don’t have many shirts available