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  1. not that close. But I can see their place too!
  2. Coming down in Bristol now. Pretty heavy
  3. Gary Hooper

    Fletcher's knee was strapped up since pretty much day 1 of the season. Heavily strapped at Fulham as I remember. We've basically run him into the ground like the rest of em
  4. I can see Ashton Gate out of my window. Cold here, no snow as yet.
  5. Jacob Butterfield

    First half particularly it looked like he couldn't give a fizz. Neshing out of challenges, almost moving to avoid being involved at times. Barely bothering to get forward and support the attack. Guess it's a game of opinions but I'd have dragged him off at half time.
  6. Ref bottled it

    Also thought Hammil was lucky to avoid a yellow early doors when he kicked Wallace when he was on the floor
  7. Safety notice

    They've been putting these up fairly regularly haven't they?
  8. Jordan Thorniley

    Tried it at Brentford. Not Writing it off after 1 poor performance......but it one of the slowest, least effective front pairings I've seen in a long time.
  9. Boro

    Anybody seen any info for Boro? Expected they'd be on sale today
  10. It was bad, but I didn't think it was Preston bad.
  11. Has anyone had any kind of despatch email? Took the money quick enough but no sign of any shirt even being posted yet.
  12. Dont think they've ever gone in stock online. Sure they'll pop up later once the store quietens down.
  13. Three years ago this week..

    Was that the game Helen got two yellows but not sent off?
  14. I despair at our fan base sometimes. Hopefully Westwood realises that helmet does not speak for the majority.