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  1. Every single loan signing is a gamble. I’d rather gamble on a proven player like Wickham then spunk a load of cash on a ‘wonder kid’ from Liverpool, city etc and be dictated to if they play or not.
  2. Never really get why fans sing about themselves being sh*t. Bet the players love it......
  3. Iorfa switched Réda Johnson mode on yesterday. Was woeful.
  4. 1x Stoke, Adult ticket available, late drop out. Face value, meet at ground.
  5. In all fairness prior to the Cardiff game we hadn’t conceded once in the last 15 mins of any game.
  6. Monk has clearly sussed Murphy out very quickly. His lack of playing time says it all to me.
  7. I went last week and they had loads in all sizes
  8. Not just aimed at your post, but I don’t get the negativity towards Aaron’s and Lazaar. Lazaar was was fantastic until his injury, which Bruce openly admitted to causing by pushing him to another game which he wasn’t quite ready for. Aaron’s in the late stages of his loan (Bolton away) particularly was excellent. I personally felt losing him at Stoke in the warmup played a big part in the dip off in form which derailed the slim playoff hopes. Its always a gamble if bled if any player stays fit, they are both a good age, I’d welcome both back happily. If we sign Hector, Luongo, Lazaar and Aaron’s and Rhodes/Winnall or both depart i’d say we’d had an excellent window.
  9. Have you got the full game? Wouldn’t mind a link if possible.
  10. East 17 Stevie if you’ve got go away, were gunna make Mike Ashley pay, sacked by Christmas anyway, Stevie, Stevie
  11. Usually love the podcast. But some of that was cringe worthy. Whenever they put him on the spot he made a loud noise and shouted ‘come on bruv’. Some of his reasoning for falling out at clubs was laughable. I didn’t do anything but got paid up to leave.....as you do. You could tell Chris Brown wasn’t a fan in particular.
  12. Doesn't look like we’re playing Cambridge.... https://www.cambridge-united.co.uk/news/2019/may/pre-season-schedule-1920/
  13. Yeah. That’s right. Not happening now.
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