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  1. Sure many here have longer runs. Just gone past 5 years without missing a game home or away! Saw a story on a QPR fan who hadn’t missed a home or away game for 30 years, 1500+ consecutive games. Some effort that!
  2. Not sure about the season ticket. But I wouldn’t mind a refund on the Bristol city away tickets at this stage
  3. Fair comments. He’s had a poor season this year. But he’s a good age (27) and last season contributed to 15 out of our 60 league goals. I guess the release bit was the surprise to me.
  4. Being reprinted due to demand https://www.curtis-sport.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=2507
  5. Totally agree, but I still wouldn’t have him back at considerable cost so he can do it again
  6. Might be a good manager. But why would anyone take him back so he can shaft us again when his head next got turned?
  7. Going to be fun trying to get through on the phone to do that
  8. I’m not sure I’ve seen enough evidence to suggest this fan meeting actually happened tbh
  9. In fairness to him, it probably was a bit embarrassing. Singing about him being ‘one of our own’ whilst sarcastically cheering Dawson catching the ball. Probably glad he ain’t playing. Ps. Not saying I wouldn’t drop Dawson, just not keen on the treatment of him.
  10. Not even suggesting naming names. But nothing different there to what has been said in the press.
  11. The tweet says practically nothing. ‘to hear what I’ve heard puts a different perspective on it’ ok.....tell us. They are contracted to the club so probably can’t say. But the tweeter can.
  12. Bannan has never and will never be the player to be that dominating midfield beast. We’ve been after that player since the playoff final season. if we actually sign somebody to do the dirty work we’ll see a far better Barry Bannan. It was clear Joey wasn’t upto the task when he arrived. Yet he’s still playing.
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