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  1. Mass Boycott

    Non starter.
  2. Three years ago this week..

    Was that the game Helen got two yellows but not sent off?
  3. I despair at our fan base sometimes. Hopefully Westwood realises that helmet does not speak for the majority.
  4. Does anybody know that the club have done the design around the dream scene? Looks a lot like those available on the artists website to me. http://www.jamiecooperartist.com/new-products/
  5. Coming for you

    ......He bought a flute for 20 quid
  6. Yeah.....because nobody has access to see our previous games. The cat is out the bag
  7. Will we ever bounce again??

    Probably on Wednesday night aye

    Harsh on Hooper imo, best of a terrible bunch.
  9. Does anyone actually want the plaque though? I don't. I want the 'free' season ticket.
  10. Wonder what you can write in the west stand. Nice message for the away fans? "You have won the lucky seat draw, £1000 cash prize, contact a steward for details"
  11. I thought this had already been said around the deadline? Could be wrong but thought one of the RS lot tweeted something about Bryson.

    Errrrm https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/july/dream-scene-sheridan-in-the-squad/
  13. Does anyone know if these are in the club shop now?
  14. Owls in the park 17

    Yeah, why would you read the official site or look on the official twitter or Facebook for info when you could just ask on here
  15. Owls in the park 17

    Yes, Sunday. Seen nothing advertised? I can remember at least 4 articles on the website about it in the last few days.