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  1. I was wondering that. Really interested in it, but just seemed broken.
  2. I ended up giving up on the Bristol City refund and changing it for shop vouchers to get the shirts in August. Not my preferred option, but it was money I’d have spent at the club anyway so easier to do that then wait for an infinite amount of time for my refund.
  3. Did he play at Cardiff away Ninian park? Or have I got him confused with someone else.
  4. Yeah, agreed. It’s not as easy to slot it in. I guess if it’s done early enough they could push back the winter breaks a year and continue with the domestic fixture list. It’s a logistical and legal nightmare I guess like you say.
  5. They cancelled the euros I guess. Don’t see why they couldn’t delay the World Cup if needed.
  6. If it’s only giving you one for two days and you’ve been vaccinated check if the app has record of your vaccines. It could be it’s not synced with you vaccination status. It should give you 30 day passes if your double jabbed. You can check in the app underneath the Request COVID pass option.
  7. Doubt we’ll get many more if any. Section only holds 3k. They stick you up in your gods. Can’t see them offering a second section.
  8. Plus the fact it’s 3 weeks before Christmas. Epic timing as ever.
  9. I can’t remember which order it came in but didn’t we do a 5-0 at reading the season before or after too. I’ve not even got to the 5-0 home debacles against Wimbledon and Norwich
  10. In addition, it’s not like people are mocking Southampton for winning it whilst they sit snuggly in the premier league. It actually played a part in them rebuilding as a club.
  11. I sort of get it. Each to their own views. I think it’s an interesting debate. But surely to back up our delusions of grandeur a better way would be winning the lot? Proving we are above the level by winning football games. Not just saying ahhh well it’s Micky mouse while Hartlepool pull a relatively strong 11s pants down. Not to mention a practice trip to Wembley could have come in handy if we end up in the playoffs.
  12. Not that it’s only your sentiment. Why would winning anything be embarrassing? I wish the club had a winning culture. At the end of the day, we are where we are. This cup provides a realistic chance to get to Wembley, win a trophy, maybe even gain a bit of exposure and we could even try to claw back some of the generation of fans we’ve inevitably lost to the Blades by people seeing us winning at Wembley and thinking they fancy a bit of that. I think people think the papa John’s trophy and indeed league one is beneath us, and I think in general that is part of the overall problem at the club.
  13. Add it to the long list of spineless displays we have put on since relegation from the prem. Exeter 5-1 Stevanage 5-1 Leyton Orient 4-1 1-4 home to Peterborough 3-0 Rotherham 3-0 Plymouth (twice) I could go on all day. Which says it all.
  14. Papa John’s Trophy Round Two – w/c 29 November 2021 Papa John’s Trophy Round Three – w/c 3 January 2022 Papa John’s Trophy Quarter-Finals – w/c 24 January 2022 Papa John’s Trophy Semi-Finals – w/c 7 March 2022 Papa John’s Trophy Final – Sunday 3 April 2022 https://www.efl.com/news/key-dates/
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