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  1. I’m in the same boat mate. Pretty sure our refund situation is down to Wednesday and not Bristol City. I don’t believe teams pay in advance for away tickets sold.
  2. Bristol City are refunding this seasons season ticket holders, pro rata per game on the Monday following the game. We’ve not even bothered with last season.
  3. To be honest, given the lack of new stuff in the store (no kits, no new training gear) I’d rather they deferred them then forced us to use them now.
  4. I’d hope some info will come out this week about them. Got £120 myself and looks like nothing to spend it on.
  5. I wonder if the club paid for them in advance. I think the away ticket arrangements vary from club to club. Sure somebody on here will have an insight
  6. If we don’t make a hash of the throw in down in the opposite corner about 30 seconds prior (Reach/Windows) none of it would have happened.
  7. They did a promotion in store where if you spent upto £200 you received the same back in vouchers to spend this season during the same period.
  8. Appreciate it’s a bad time for a lot of businesses. But this really is poor.
  9. Colchester posted something regarding the revenue share from ifollow which was quite interesting.
  10. https://www.efl.com/news/2020/september/clubs-confirmed-for-weekend-pilot/ not us then
  11. It’s been apparent for some time we aren’t getting in the ground. Not even a holding statement from the club. I’m all for Monk and the players trying to engage and interact with the fans, but it needs to be throughout the club. I appreciate it’s a difficult time, but nothing is worse than something to say ‘we are finalising the package blah blah’. Oh and still waiting for a refund on Bristol City away in March......
  12. I thought they’d said pre orders would be here for the start of the season. Which is today isn’t it? Won’t hold my breath.
  13. Ironic that during our game at their place this season they spent half the game singing ‘we’re f#*king rich’. You can’t use it lads and you aren’t.
  14. To be fair, the shirts this season are pretty unique when they have the sponsor on. Not too many knocking about. a previous auction this season I think Bannan and Forestieri went for £1000+ too rich for me. it’s all for a good cause, so each to their own. Plus it’s only kinky if you sniff it
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