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  1. Should've made Danny Murphy do it....
  2. Last minute drop out. Got 1 adult spare £30 face value.
  3. wiggy

    All Wednesday dvd

    Watched it, loved it. Sums up the highs and lows really well. Looking forward to watching again
  4. wiggy

    Is forrestieri injured?

    I heard it was a clause in his contract saying if he plays another game for us in Wales he is entitled to 50% shares in D Taxis and one of those golden elephants from the south stand. Expect him back for Preston......
  5. wiggy

    Is forrestieri injured?

    Jos said he was going for a scan after the game. See you after Xmas Fernando
  6. wiggy

    Tom Lees On the Fans

    Bang on. Well said Tom
  7. But all the away games sell out and the points system is unfair and it’s impossible to break to closed shop
  8. I think it would make a huge difference and reduce the pressure we put our already struggling defence under. We give the ball away away for fun, it regularly takes only 1 or 2 passes and teams have already bypassed our midfield totally without so much as a challenge. The fullbacks are rarely protected and often put in situations where they are overloaded and easily beaten. I think we all know we have multiple problems, the whole balance of the team is just not right. I think being more combative in midfield would certainly help us. I do agree with the need for a settled back line. Just think we have a lot of issues contributing. Shape and style of play included.
  9. I don’t think the ease at which opposition teams get through our midfield with little attempt at a challenge or any pressure can be totally ignored in our current defensive plight to be totally honest...
  10. wiggy

    Red Button Coverage

    Not being funny, but if somebody had said even 2 years ago that all midweek games were available live on sky sports red button, people would have called you insane and said it will never happen......now we are moaning about a lack of replays and HD picture
  11. Feel for you mate. I had it season before last. Struggled with it all week and went to the Forest home game on the Saturday. Thought I was going to die when we scored a 90th minute winner
  12. wiggy


    Agree with that mate at most aways. But i would argue that unlike most grounds you have option to stand properly at Brentford. Would kind of expect those who want to stand to go in the standing section.
  13. I thought the sky article specifically referred to 'midweek rounds' but who knows
  14. Millwall should be on sky red button for free