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  1. It’s nice to come back to this thread and in the main people that seem to be on planet earth. Having had various chats on TWS on Facebook yesterday where the majority seem to live on planet zippy. Actually they aren’t really chats, more people saying how fantastic DC is (much my shock and dismay) and people hammering anyone that posts even remote and clear concerns about the running of the club. It’s utterly bizarre how people see things so differing. I gave up on TWS yesterday. It’s just impossible to have a reasoned discussion and debate about our chairman. You make a valid post an
  2. I wonder what is more likely to put off sponsors: - an owner that clearly doesn’t know how to run a football club - EFL charges and points deductions - bizarre and embarrassing rambles from the owner to the press or - Gary from Shire green on Twitter disagreeing with the formation played at the weekend
  3. I can’t recall the figures, but didn’t the stadium sale offset those concerns? Given the year it was then out into.
  4. I need to keep off the Facebook forums, there’s numerous people praising DC, making out like he’s a hero and a genius
  5. Plenty of people would be interested but it’s a complicated sale and no doubt is almost impossible due to DC’s pie in the sky valuations and inability to negotiate
  6. What dummy spitting? My post was a fair reflection of where we are as club right now. Others seem to agree. It wasn’t inaccurate or an over reaction. If you believe it was please explain what was in accurate. Dummy spitting refers to over exaggerations or inaccuracies. I can’t see either in what I said. Certainly don’t think it was reactionary either. In what content will ‘it be reyt’? Many ways to consider that.
  7. Strange response. Interested to know the thought process behind it? you believe the criticism of the owner was unfair? That the club is run well? That the signings are good? That we should never say anything negative even when it smacks us in the face? That I’m in some way a poor awful fan by not renewing my season ticket? Genuinely interested to know what it is
  8. As far as I’m concerned the fans aren’t now spoilt entitled brats; more there’s a huge sense of frustration as to the situation our owner has stuck us in through utter incompetence.Had the club been run properly there would be the usual pre season excitement and dreams of what could be. Instead staying up looks an incredibly tough feat and our squad is the weakest it’s been in years. We’ve lost Our better players and have replaced them with limited numbers, limited ability and experience. Our squad looks painfully weak, even without a points deduction. But we can’t attract decent p
  9. 1. Chansiri’s actions of the last 5.5 years certainly make you wonder as to his business credentials (in football at least) and we’re honest his actions make you question how bright / stupid he may be. 2. the report even confirms that we didn’t proceed and get the required legal advice. Our actions are beyond incompetent and embarrassing
  10. Ultimately the report shows that both the EFL and DC’s incompetence is beyond comprehension. I’m at a loss as to how people are still claiming we’ve done nothing and continue to support the chairman. The report is there in black and white. The punishment seems correct. However, it’s clear that it should have been dealt with and enforced back in the 18/19 season. Or at least early on in the 19/20 season. i think we’ve been fortunate that the commission found that that it shouldn’t apply to the season just gone because we had no opportunity to rectify it on the position a
  11. This issue with charge 2 appears to be a total lack of a timely and thorough investigation by the EFL into those points (re dishonesty etc). That’s where the criticism of the commission comes from. But that delay and lack of investigation may have actually helped us there, as a number of entries and quotes in the full report don’t provide confidence in our practice and certainly raise areas of concern.
  12. Macclesfield repeatedly failed to fulfil fixtures and pay players. They broke numerous rules (the rules that the clubs actually set as the clubs effectively are the EFL). The EFL appealed the decision and the outcome was given by the independent panel. If an independent panel have decided that then what’s the issue? also everyone slamming the EFL for failing to help clubs like Macclesfield. But what about teams like Stevenage who has been relegated but obeyed and complied with rules, whilst others didn’t. Surely this is a fair and just decision for them? i think everyon
  13. That utter moron in charge of our club is an utter disgrace
  14. I messaged Betfair other day and they confirmed it was settled in error
  15. Some bloke now saying Steve Cooper (Swansea manager) is in pub in Outibridge visiting his sold and told people clubs already know we’ve been docked 12 points. I very much doubt Steve cooper would know and would doubt Steve cooper would be in Sheffield night before a Swansea home game
  16. IMO Chansiri is incompetent and nothing surprises me when he’s involved
  17. Geoff Stelling is definitely part of the EFL corruption against SWFC
  18. Which bit? If you think something I posted was incorrect be mature about it and say why it was wrong and which bit etc
  19. What a fantastically mature and insightful response
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