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  1. That utter moron in charge of our club is an utter disgrace
  2. I messaged Betfair other day and they confirmed it was settled in error
  3. Some bloke now saying Steve Cooper (Swansea manager) is in pub in Outibridge visiting his sold and told people clubs already know we’ve been docked 12 points. I very much doubt Steve cooper would know and would doubt Steve cooper would be in Sheffield night before a Swansea home game
  4. IMO Chansiri is incompetent and nothing surprises me when he’s involved
  5. Geoff Stelling is definitely part of the EFL corruption against SWFC
  6. Which bit? If you think something I posted was incorrect be mature about it and say why it was wrong and which bit etc
  7. What a fantastically mature and insightful response
  8. You’ll need to go into more detail if you’re saying that
  9. That first paragraph I absolutely agree with. Managers have openly said they aren’t involved in transfers. DC also even said he sold Hunt because the fans wanted to see Palmer and signed Rhodes because some fans asked him too. What a way to run a football club
  10. I’d love to see it mate. I wouldn’t make any sense
  11. Sorry to go again but when people are posting utter nonsense like that I had to go further and get the numbers. Huddersfield’s net spend on transfers was £2.7 million. Ours was £9.81 million. Our wages were also an absurdly higher amount than Huddersfield
  12. Not sure where you have got that from. Huddersfield had the same budget as Rotherham that season
  13. You make it sound like this was his master plan all along. Sorry but it wasn’t; he stumbled across the loophole at the last minute, rightly or wrongly. And even then may have made a pigs ear of it. I still find it odd how at the fans forum he was harping on about FFP worries (whilst doing zilch about it) when given the date of the stadium sale it should have actually been dealt with pre the fans forum. there’s also loads of cases were stupid spending doesn’t bring success; it’s not a given. Just look at the clubs that have been promoted in recent years - running a club with plans and structure can go a long long way.
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