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    I base my opinion on Nuhiu having watched him for over 4 years, not based just on last nights performance. It's tended to be chance for Nuhiu, missed. Or balled played into, end of attack! The myth that he wins headers and holds the ball up is incorrect and just an assumption by people cos he's a big man. He actually doesn't do either. I was criticised at the end of last season for saying I didn't think he deserved a new contact. The fact was that 12 decent games (ish) over a spell of over 4 years, didn't warrant a new deal and it was a great chance to get him off the books. Most strikers over a career will have a short purple patch at some point and the end of last year was his. I've nothing against the guy, he's just not good enough. Those suggesting that his poor form now is because he's got a contact, well that's utter garbage IMO.
  2. bazapeps

    Tom Lees tonight

    Apart from calling us 'sheffield'
  3. Out of interest in what basis do you think is the right man? tonights line up again appeared like he'd pulled names out of a hat. Not for the first time.
  4. I never realised Jos was so popular! 1 win and he's a hero and a genius. Im delighted for the young lads and really hope they improve from the experience. Thorniley in particular was excellent. But over 46 games a line up like that sadly looks like relegation fodder. Even Sunderland won the odd game last season. Im not trying to be critical of those particular players but the situation remains in the grand scheme of things. Just look at the money we've invested and then look at the back 5 we had out tonight. Prior to the game there were very few that agreed with that line up.
  5. Unbelievable reaction to a first win, it's like the whole past is forgotten. Im delighted to win of course but some perspective is needed. I don't credit Jos (or whoever is responsible for that line up and tactics) in anyway way at all.
  6. Who has cos I've not heard them? perhaps some have suggested the odd youngster but most likely gradually blooded in over time with largely experienced players. chucking dawson, thorniley, penny and Preston all in together is appalling and potentially damaging to those players. Especially given their playing with players such as palmer, pelucantpassy and Matias who have consistently shown they're not adequate. I'll support them for 90 minutes but it doesn't change the fact that the situation isn't acceptable
  7. Seriously what the heck is that? Are we supposed to believe that sort of line up can compete at this level? We're paying top whack to watch line ups such as that tonight. Dear God
  8. Really interested to know if there's many season ticket holders simply not attending on Wednesday and / or Saturday? I missed a large amount of games during last season and it's been nothing but a chore walking down to the ground, for each game so far this season. The motivation and passion just isn't there. No doubt i'll now get a load of abuse for not being a proper supporter etc etc etc. But I'm sure I'm not alone?
  9. bazapeps

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    Spot on! after that initial tirade at the forum I was losing the will to live. Some looked really to leave, some had their heads in hands. I thought I must live on a different planet when some people then clapped.
  10. Not quite sure how any of that is related to what I said.
  11. Why when the owners clearly don't know how to use the money wisely? They don't and have never had a long term strategy for the football club. It's basically been poo or bust, which is frankly negligent. It's almost laughable that we even discuss minor savings for tickets, or things like a tiny bbc reduction, when we have players at this club earning over £20,000.00 and have spent £8 million on transfers. It's a drop in the ocean financially. Even more so when we turn out or refuse to engage in negotiations for things such as sponsorship, which would put some proper money into the club.
  12. I have a season ticket and feel like it's a chore to go to games at present. I felt the same last season. So God knows whose going to be enticed by a ticket scheme for the reduce sums of £30.00 - £36.66 per match
  13. Whilst I've said from the outset that Jos isn't the right man, it's now almost impossible to judge him because we have no idea what decisions he makes are actually his or what he is forced to do / say from the powers at be.
  14. bazapeps

    George Boyd

    Looking back yes he's another odd signing. And at the time another one of those players that were a big name, not what we needed and as with many there was no consideration of where he would fit into our side our system. but the fact remains, he's surely not 4th best option at LWB?
  15. Does he have a future at the club? Can't help but think Jos' selections have continued to be baffling this season, continuing from last season. Thorniley did ok when he came on on Saturday but had he made a rick or had we lost then fans would no doubt we wondering why on earth he replaced Fox on the left. Boyd has no doubt been disappointing last season but towards the end seemed to do well at LWB, gave us some energy and attacking threat down that side. Fox and Thorniley barely get past the half way line and offer no attacking threat at all, which is bewildering in a 3-5-2. Boyd somehow seems to have slipped behind Reach, Fox and Thorniley for that position. Yet another decision that seems to make no sense whatsoever.