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  1. Joey Pelupessy

    If we're honest he looks awful. No form of creativity and gives the ball away needlessly at times, often in really bad areas. His performances have been worse than Jones and Butterfield but because he's foreign and relatively new it clouds a lot of people's judgment.
  2. Footballers reject contracts all the time. Only difference is that well run clubs don't dirty their laundry in public and don't let that situation affect the overall future benefit of the club and the individual. I'm sure there must be other similar examples but I cannot think of one where a player has been frozen out for a full year like this. It seems that the club refused to play the player, whilst ever he refused to sign a new contact. I can't imagine that young George will have ever said he wouldn't want to play unless he was given a new deal on terms x and y. The club's approach is just childish and benefits the club in no way at all. He is still under contact, so there is no benefit to us in not utilising a talented player, which may help the team, especially given the injury situation. If he does play some first games and did well then that would only be a benefit. It would help the team and points total, it may be that we then see fit to give him a better deal, or at the very worst it would increase the fee that we'd be awarded at tribunal if he did still leave.
  3. FFS it's a tough but winnable last 16 cup tie, played your best 11 and go out there and do everything to win! Is it just me or would getting to the quarter finals be huge. Even more so in an anniversary year and with very little to play for in the remainder of the season. Doesn't make a blind bit of sense to me
  4. 24 hours to go. Pretty please
  5. Still willing to pay big monies
  6. If it makes any difference I'd be happy to pay face value for 2 tickets and make a £100 donation to Sheffield children's hospital in addition
  7. Avram Grant

    I was told about Avram grant a couple of days ago actually. Think this may have legs
  8. I'm still happy to pay £100 a ticket
  9. And a £50 charity donation. If anyone decides the post Christmas money is worth more to them then attending the game then fair enough.
  10. Well done to Carl Nuttall

    Might sound fussy but the good little things with his design aren't on the shirt - the black buttons in his design looked better, the '150 years' has been replaced by elev8 and the badge is different with the lack of stars above it. Collectively those things to me make a huge difference to the overall design and appearance. The changes also take away the anniversary kit theme.
  11. Some people won't like that at all. Only got 600 points so got no chance. Some will say go to more games etc - tried for Burton, Brentford and Forest just for a start but couldn't get any of them. To me paying more money to be at the game doesn't bother me. So if anyone feels they would rather make some money selling 2 tickets rather than going to the game then so be it. Feel free to inbox me.
  12. Ben Pearson and Jordan Hugill

    We have better players than both Pearson and Hugill already. They are performing well, in a very average, over-achieving championship club. If we signed the, they'd be average for a couple of games and we'd never see them again. We need to stop buying players that we simply don't need and instead focus on getting a manager in who can get the best out of the best squad of players we've had in years and years.
  13. Whilst the majority agree that we need new direction, it seems a large voice keeps saying that there is no else available. Personally I think that smacks of arrogance, that fans feel there are no other suitable candidates that can progress us (surely it wouldn't be difficult at present). There are managers out there with good experience - Lambert, Davies, Pardew et al, all managers with experience of promotion. Elsewhere you have the likes of Paul Hurst and Paul Cook, with excellent lower league records, who appear ready for the step up. The most obvious choice for me at present is Dean Smith. I fully expect to be shot down as he's not a 'fashionable' name but he's worked wonders at Walsall and Brentford. He plays open attractive football, his teams score goals, he develops youth, has an eye for talent, seems to the type to take no bull and most importantly gets the very best out of the players he has (the opposite of our manager). He's consistently had his teams over achieving based on the financial budgets he's worked with. His experience at Hillsborough as a player can only help too.