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  1. Jesus - I'm guessing no one on here has ever moved jobs for a better salary then
  2. bazapeps

    Kyle Bartley

    Aaand back in the real world ....
  3. bazapeps

    We got a player on our hands!

    He's done ok. A reliable 6 out of 10 performer which the occasional slightly better performance. But I do think his reviews this season and the general opinion of him overall are way OTT. He's probably been over glorified because he's one of the only players that has been consistently fit and played regular games. Initially he played each week due to versatility and later due to the multiple injuries in midfield. Realistically that left no other options for POTS. Had Bannan or FF been fit for longer than they'd be way ahead for the POTY award. I certainly don't believe he's worth £5 million and would be gobsmacked if he even got linked to a PL team
  4. He was a decent enough player and good back up for injuries or a change of system. But they were always better players out there. The problem was not keeping Lopez but was injuries to the other midfielders and the poor replacements signed. Kieran Lee and Sam Hutchinson are far bigger losses all this season, as is the loss of Wallace's form and I've always thought Bannan has been at his best for us when coming in from the left. The replacements - Jones / Abdi / Butterfield simply haven't stepped up. The reason for that is though another debate
  5. He's not trying to be our manager though
  6. bazapeps

    Made my mind up

    Given how Pelupessy looks id also be very wary of giving him funds for transfers
  7. bazapeps

    Made my mind up

    I keep saying it but the injury excuse has led to Jos getting away with murder. The way people talk about injuries it's as though he's had a sunday league team. It's rubbish as there's still been talented players in that squad, on big money, with promotion experience, who frankly he can't get a game out of. Yes blame the players but the manager must take a lot of flack for that. There is nothing from Jos whatsoever that gives the impression that he'll do well at swfc.I can only see us continuing to backwards
  8. bazapeps

    Joey Pelupessy

    If we're honest he looks awful. No form of creativity and gives the ball away needlessly at times, often in really bad areas. His performances have been worse than Jones and Butterfield but because he's foreign and relatively new it clouds a lot of people's judgment.
  9. Footballers reject contracts all the time. Only difference is that well run clubs don't dirty their laundry in public and don't let that situation affect the overall future benefit of the club and the individual. I'm sure there must be other similar examples but I cannot think of one where a player has been frozen out for a full year like this. It seems that the club refused to play the player, whilst ever he refused to sign a new contact. I can't imagine that young George will have ever said he wouldn't want to play unless he was given a new deal on terms x and y. The club's approach is just childish and benefits the club in no way at all. He is still under contact, so there is no benefit to us in not utilising a talented player, which may help the team, especially given the injury situation. If he does play some first games and did well then that would only be a benefit. It would help the team and points total, it may be that we then see fit to give him a better deal, or at the very worst it would increase the fee that we'd be awarded at tribunal if he did still leave.
  10. FFS it's a tough but winnable last 16 cup tie, played your best 11 and go out there and do everything to win! Is it just me or would getting to the quarter finals be huge. Even more so in an anniversary year and with very little to play for in the remainder of the season. Doesn't make a blind bit of sense to me
  11. 24 hours to go. Pretty please
  12. Still willing to pay big monies
  13. If it makes any difference I'd be happy to pay face value for 2 tickets and make a £100 donation to Sheffield children's hospital in addition
  14. bazapeps

    Avram Grant

    I was told about Avram grant a couple of days ago actually. Think this may have legs