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  1. bazapeps

    George Boyd

    Looking back yes he's another odd signing. And at the time another one of those players that were a big name, not what we needed and as with many there was no consideration of where he would fit into our side our system. but the fact remains, he's surely not 4th best option at LWB?
  2. Does he have a future at the club? Can't help but think Jos' selections have continued to be baffling this season, continuing from last season. Thorniley did ok when he came on on Saturday but had he made a rick or had we lost then fans would no doubt we wondering why on earth he replaced Fox on the left. Boyd has no doubt been disappointing last season but towards the end seemed to do well at LWB, gave us some energy and attacking threat down that side. Fox and Thorniley barely get past the half way line and offer no attacking threat at all, which is bewildering in a 3-5-2. Boyd somehow seems to have slipped behind Reach, Fox and Thorniley for that position. Yet another decision that seems to make no sense whatsoever.
  3. There's some seriously gullible people on here. People honestly believe that Jos think KW is our third best keeper? The fact is that by not playing him we are jeopardising our own season and that would accrue more points over the season with KW in the team compared to without. Surely anyone with brain cell see's that. Now whether there is something behind the scenes going on would make much more sense. If so then I don't know why he hasn't been moved on yet. Perhaps he will still go on loan. More than likely it's our stubborn Chairman putting his bee in his bonnet and telling yes man Jos what he can and can't do/say again
  4. bazapeps

    Clare joins Swansea

    Our fans act like children. Again making judgments on a situation where the facts aren't even known. Then wishing misery on the lad. It's pathetic.
  5. bazapeps

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    Now clubs know our financial situation I suspect numerous bids for players to be received over the coming days. If we need to sell then we're in a crap place to negotiate. If FF leaves then I honestly think we've got it all on to stay up. In normal circumstances £18-£20 million seems correct now - as bonkers as that might initially sound Adams Traore just went for £18 million amongst other crazy deals
  6. Out of a day of utterly hurrendous and shocking moments, Hutchinson seemingly playing up top off the striker took the biscuit. Seriously what was that about?
  7. Just consider that for a moment. I suspect our starting line up on Saturday will include the vast majority of the players that we had 3 years ago. We all hoped that at the end of that season that a couple of minor tweaks could see us over the line. Yet look where we are now. So much for growth and improvement year on year. Just shows how appalling and frankly negligent our transfer dealings have been in the last 2.5 years.
  8. If the club didn't either realise or plan ahead in respect of FFP / transfer embargo then it's frankly negligent. Firstly you should never allow the situation to get that far but then if it does try and sort some outgoings before now. No doubt other clubs will now see we're screwed and be making cheap offers for players. IF we have a better injury record then the midfield and attack is capable of competing. If Westwood goes then over a season that will cost us points. I rate the young keepers but they will make errors over the season that cost us points. The situation in central defence and wing back is frankly embarrassing. Jos is a 3-5-2 man. Surely when he joined he must have discussed this with Chansiri and what the plans were regarding tactics / players for that formation. We're woeful short of adequate wing backs, which is a 3-5-2 is arguably the most important position. I find it odd that Hunt was sold given he won't be on massive wages, that it wasn't a great transfer fee and that we don't have an adequate replacement. And the weaknesses / lack of depth in the central defence is obvious too.
  9. bazapeps

    Getting the best out of FF

    You have to laugh how 9 of that 11 is part of the team we had 3 years ago now. Just shows how bad our recruitment has been in recent years. In terms of the formation I note some were saying about FF being on the left of a 3-4-3 or 4-3-3. I personally agree with this but it's obvious that Jos is sticking with his 3-5-2, hence the above formations.
  10. bazapeps

    Getting the best out of FF

    All a matter of opinions. With those 4 strikes you can easily make a case for each. I still maintain Hooper is our best striker, when fit. I also think Fletcher is harshly perceived. He was excellent in the second half of his first season and his partnership with Hooper was excellent. Last season he was dogged by injuries, so it's hard to even consider last season. There's certainly an argument that Joao and Nuhiu have the shirt to lose on recent form. But I'm not sure you can raise the consistency argument about Fletcher and Hooper, when you're in support of Nuhiu and Joao. Credit them for the last 3-4 months of last season but if we're honest Nuhiu was consistently awful for 4.5 years and Joao, whilst dangerous at times, remains inconsistent from minute to minute, never mind game to game.
  11. bazapeps

    Getting the best out of FF

    Surely they wouldn't go into a new season with one recognised RB, who sadly isn't anywhere near good enough. And massively short at CD. Though granted I'd forgotten we still have JVA.
  12. Whilst he divides opinion, he's on his day one of the best players in the league and I hope Jos is planning how best to utilise him next season. He really needs to be the focal point with the team built around him. I've always thought he plays best from the left but that's never going to happen in a 3-5-2. Then again I don't think he really suits playing as an out an out striker in a 2 man attack. I'd love to see him in a free role 'number 10' behind 2 strikers. Sounds very attack minded but in a 3-5-2 with 2 players sitting it should afford us that luxury. For me it means that Reach doesn't start or plays at left wing back which I'm sure won't prove popular but personally I think it would suit the balance of the team. Something along the lines of: Westwood New RWB, New CD, Lees, Pudil, Reach Bannan, Hutch FF Fletcher, Hooper No doubt the starting forwards would also divide opinion and are very much fitness dependent.
  13. Jesus - I'm guessing no one on here has ever moved jobs for a better salary then
  14. bazapeps

    Kyle Bartley

    Aaand back in the real world ....
  15. bazapeps

    We got a player on our hands!

    He's done ok. A reliable 6 out of 10 performer which the occasional slightly better performance. But I do think his reviews this season and the general opinion of him overall are way OTT. He's probably been over glorified because he's one of the only players that has been consistently fit and played regular games. Initially he played each week due to versatility and later due to the multiple injuries in midfield. Realistically that left no other options for POTS. Had Bannan or FF been fit for longer than they'd be way ahead for the POTY award. I certainly don't believe he's worth £5 million and would be gobsmacked if he even got linked to a PL team