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  1. Hoping all the idiotic seals don’t start lapping up and clapping his utter nonsense again. Surely he won’t get away with another 45 minute rant against the fans. I’m walking out if that happens.
  2. bazapeps

    Bannan at full time

    Are you talking about BB or the fans?
  3. bazapeps

    Half Season Tickets

    In all seriousness why would anyone purchase one of those? Where's the incentive? Numerous season ticket holders aren't going at present and they've already paid for the ST
  4. bazapeps

    Rotherham Press Conference

    Again you’ve changed the point
  5. bazapeps

    Rotherham Press Conference

    God it’s a hypothetical situation. Hence why saying IF it guaranteed Jos was sacked then we’d take a defeat
  6. bazapeps

    Rotherham Press Conference

    Like you say it’s all about context. IF a defeat tomorrow guaranteed Jos was sacked and the appointment of a capable and experienced manager then I wouldn’t just be happy, I’d be flipping ecstatic. for what it’s worth I am going tomorrow. I’ve had a ST years but not been much recently. No interest in going tomorrow but mates up from Norfolk so going purely to keep him company.
  7. bazapeps

    Rotherham Press Conference

    If a defeat guaranteed the sack I’d happily lose tomorrow
  8. bazapeps

    Fans forum

    He also misinterprets abuse with criticism or even constructive feedback
  9. bazapeps

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Does anyone know if there is a record anywhere of the revenue brought in from hospitality, boxes, ticket sales, merchandise, sponsorships etc for say the 5-10 seasons?
  10. bazapeps

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    At the last fans forum you said that you signed Jordan Rhodes and sold Jack Hunt because the 'fans' told you too. A minority of fans may have suggested that Jordan Rhodes is a good player and that we maybe needed a better right back. But do you now agree that your actions regarding the above are an absurd way to run a football club and a business? Moreover these are actions which affect the stability of the club. Have you learnt from this and who now controls transfers?
  11. bazapeps

    When Jos is gone

    Are you actually serious?
  12. This was just another laughable moment from our chairman, one of numerous. I find it funny how the fans were asked to subsidise what we were told would be a successful squad, which would compete at the top end of the table. We the fans are not subsiding a successful team but simply subsidising a business that is being run like a circus. The ticket fiasco is just one incident of many. Even if the prices were say £100 more for a ST than previous years, it raises a mere extra £2,000.000.00, which is a drop in the ocean based in our situation and causes disharmony. It's also farcical that we do this when you look at our owners ability to waste money and total inability to bring in revenue to the club - - the farce with lack of boxes and hospitality deals sold - inability to bring in sponsorships - absurd and wasted transfer fees and wages, which the fans are then blamed for - total inability and stubbornness and failure to negotiate transfer fees and loans for players that are frozen out of the squad By way of context - we refuse the apparent £4 million pound bid for westwood and pay a seasons wages of around £800,000.00 for the last season of his contract. A total waste of just under £5,000,000.00, which is considerably more than the extra that the fans contribute. And that's just one incident.
  13. bazapeps


    Looked totally disinterested last night. Barely got out of a light jog. Another one of Jos’ feck ups. Sure FF has been benched more than starting under Jos. But we know he likes to make it harder for himself by not playing our best players.
  14. bazapeps


    Sammy is also a vocal, passionate leader. Something the current squad doesn’t have whatsoever
  15. bazapeps


    No wonder he questioned Jos’ tactics after he played him up top at Wigan