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  1. I really appreciate the trust’s effort. Sadly today though for me just reaffirms that there is nothing we can do as a fan base to help or protect our club whilst this guy is in charge. We’ve had 6 years of this abhorrent drivel and incompetence. I have serious concerns about the clubs future. But worse than that is the situation that we can’t do anything about it and have to sit back and take in this poo show.
  2. I’m not necessarily supportive of Pulis. But I’m always dumbfounded at how large chunks of our fan base lap up chansiri’s drivel and some how take positives from it
  3. Going on about him Losing money not the fans etc. He has no idea at all how much this club means to so many people.
  4. The absolutely irony in how he says the fans are damaging the club.
  5. Is there anyone or anything that he hasn’t shifted blame to yet? He’s shown he’s literally incapable of working with anyone - relationships are always strained and most staff last 2 minutes working with him
  6. Does my head in when he says he’s done things because “the fans” wanted it or told him to do so. I certainly didn’t want or ask for it. I just wanted him to run the club with some competence and structure. This is a real football club and business.
  7. - please provide honest reasons for why Pulis has left? - Pulis referred to a planned meeting with you that kept being pushed back and pushed back. Why didn’t this happen? Isn’t it vital for a manager to have open dialogue with the chairman? - if dialogue isn’t possible with the chairman doesn’t it make sense to have people in Sheffield running the day to day aspects of the club? - why haven’t players been paid in full? - has the issue with pay now been fully rectified? - given you’ve recently paid to sever 2 managers contracts, bought Patterson, windass etc does this mean funds are
  8. It’s hard to properly judge any of the previous managers given the structure and constraints they’ve had to work under. Who knows have any of them would have done with a bit of stability and leadership
  9. In fairness to chansiri those issues at Dover / Calais have created serious back logs
  10. Re FFP issues is that actually correct? I mean have we even submitted our delayed last lot of accounts?
  11. I honestly don’t care. It’s largely irrelevant who the manager is given who they have to work under
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