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  1. Whilst the majority agree that we need new direction, it seems a large voice keeps saying that there is no else available. Personally I think that smacks of arrogance, that fans feel there are no other suitable candidates that can progress us (surely it wouldn't be difficult at present). There are managers out there with good experience - Lambert, Davies, Pardew et al, all managers with experience of promotion. Elsewhere you have the likes of Paul Hurst and Paul Cook, with excellent lower league records, who appear ready for the step up. The most obvious choice for me at present is Dean Smith. I fully expect to be shot down as he's not a 'fashionable' name but he's worked wonders at Walsall and Brentford. He plays open attractive football, his teams score goals, he develops youth, has an eye for talent, seems to the type to take no bull and most importantly gets the very best out of the players he has (the opposite of our manager). He's consistently had his teams over achieving based on the financial budgets he's worked with. His experience at Hillsborough as a player can only help too.
  2. Probably some Pat Rice, a Paolo WanChop, a little bit of Mo Salad and for pudding a John Terry's chocolate orange
  3. SWFC sick bucket, signed by Lloyd Owusu, £300. Buy 2 and Lloyd will stick his fingers down your throat for free
  4. Given that villa tickets categories looked like going to those with 580+ points and I'm on 570 points, I wondered if anyone needed derby tickets and would therefore get and swap for 2 villa tickets? Assume would only interest those that didn't get and now want to get to derby and can't make villa. Suspect this is unlikely but worth a post
  5. Added time tonight

    I'm a bit sad and stopwatch added on time at the end of the game. 4 minutes were added going on the board. We'd played 3.15 at the time of the injury and I stopped my watch at that point. We ended up playing just over 5 and a half minutes. Not sure where the extra 1.5 minutes came from. When they got the corner I was fuming and convinced they'd score.

    £6 million for Jota is great business. Makes you serious question why we're not accepting the £12 million for FF and using just 1/2 of it on what at present is a better player
  7. I'll take all 4 if available ?
  8. It's fair to say that some of our transfer business has been careless, if not baffling at times. But the Fox signing really stands out as odd. Why was he signed? At the time, correct me if I'm wrong, we had Pudil, Urby and Reach. He was clearly not needed and no better than what we had. He didn't really have any pedigree or particular promise for the future. Charlton must have been laughing when we offered a Million quid. Some signings may be based on potential but I doubt that seems the case either here. Suspect he's now third choice and will be yet another one of our squad (through no choice of their own) that will be sat on their @rse all season picking up wasted wages.
  9. Winnall to Brum

    I meant to post 2 weeks ago - met winnall's cousin on holiday in Jamaica and he said he thought he'd gone to QPR. Ex owl Hayden white was in the same hotel too
  10. Forestieri's Wife

    Don't be rediculous he wants to get back for broadchuch finale
  11. Biggest game since the playoffs last season. Huge 6 pointer and very winnable. Lets stick together and get the atmosphere ramped up on Friday. Roar them on for the full 90 minutes.
  12. Miserable moaning sods

    How arrogant are we to assume that it's burton so we should automatically win. We played some good stuff tonight. Played far worse and won. If you want to moan about a performance at least wait until after the game and get behind them for a bit
  13. Seriously the lack of support, constant moaning and negativity is appalling. It's like now we have money the fans assume we have a divine right to turn up and watch up win 5-0 every week. Constant moaning and lack of support helps no one. We've battered the opposition again and it just wasn't our night. But in those circumstances with 15 minutes to go the kop should be roaring them on.
  14. Tango's Grandad........

    Been there for ages. Doesn't actually spend much time watching the game. Spends most of time walking round shaking hands with men and kissing women