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  1. bazapeps

    Forestieri Red Card

    Looks like he has a swing for FF actually. Video on @fbawaydays
  2. bazapeps

    Forestieri Red Card

    Has no one seen the Rotherham fan that runs the length of the pitch to confront him? Fair play to FF for not reacting and may have been a reason for the extra celebration
  3. Is tickets still available 

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    2. Adie09


      Spot on pal

    3. bazapeps


      What time will you be coming mate?

    4. Adie09


      Do you want to call me pal


      ‭07470 220583‬

  4. bazapeps

    2 Luton tickets available

    Still available - collection in town or Ecclesfield tomorrow. If not sold by 4pm will take to ticket office
  5. bazapeps

    2 Luton tickets available

    Just face value mate. Can you PayPal or bank transfer? I’m at work in town centre all day tomorrow to collect or can post - whichever is easiest for you mate
  6. bazapeps

    2 Luton tickets available

    They’re with me in sheff atm. Do you know anyone that could take them down for you? Or recorded delivery next day in tomorrow’s post?
  7. bazapeps

    2 Luton tickets available

    Rather both mate but if not get rid of both will come back to you
  8. Stuck at work Tuesday now so available if anyone wants them
  9. bazapeps

    Almen Abdi

    Another fine bit of leadership by our owner. Also probably worth noting that we've only heard one side of the story. Not that that stops the mindless idiots abusing Abdi straight away. Abdi can't be happy and surely it can't be good for the dressing room to have players around in this kind of situation. So why have we not attempted to move him on the last 2.5 years? Even if someone only offered 20% of his wages for a loan, surely that would suit all parties?
  10. Rubbish! Sone fans maybe. But certainly not all. We’d been fortunate and scraped some 1 goal wins, which were dodgy to say the least. But it was evident even then that we looked a mess and that Jos had no idea re formations and team selections
  11. bazapeps

    Questions for tomorrows forum

    what are you getting Mrs C for Christmas?
  12. bazapeps

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    I’d love to know specifically what comments they referring to
  13. Hoping all the idiotic seals don’t start lapping up and clapping his utter nonsense again. Surely he won’t get away with another 45 minute rant against the fans. I’m walking out if that happens.