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  1. My post wasn't in the context of this particular move of DC, more in respect of the consistent negligent running of the club over a number of years and the behaviours to try and get around it. We wouldn't be in this position in the first place if it wasn't for his appalling running of the club.
  2. The ironic thing is that there are still a huge amount of fans for whom DC can do no wrong. Yet 100% these same fans would demand fairness and a full EFL investigation had all this rubbish been conducted by another championship club
  3. Is it just me that finds this very worrying? More p/l sustainability issues causing a desperate need for more income and on quick basis? If not then it makes no sense to me from a commercial business point of view. We're about to enter the busiest retail time of the year in the club shop, a period when customers will no doubt be spending a lot of funds for xmas even had it not been for this offer. By doing this offer it may mean that we sell more in the next couple of weeks but as a long terms plan it will surely reduce income given the substantial freebies that will be given out next year.
  4. Those taking the p1ss or suggesting to eat otherwise are missing the point. The fact is that the club pay someone to organise this sort of thing and the service is a farce every week. It also has been the same for years and years now. You would think that as a business the club would have looked at this long before now, especially given the profit and sustainability issues. Surely we should be maximising every income stream and doing our all for a good match day experience, to keep folk coming to games. The food has been awful, runs out early etc etc for years. You can't get a pint. Even if you go down on 40 minutes you'll still struggle to get served before the start of the second half. All the while there tends to be 2 kids serving, who take the order, then individually pull each pint and then take the money, it's so slow and backwards. All the while there are other staff stood behind them doing absolutely nothing. I went to Twickenham a couple of weeks back and it couldn't be more different. One person pulling pints all time, others serving and passing the drinks. It runs smoothly and people get served in no time. There were even staff walking round the concourse selling pints. It's really not rocket science.
  5. Why the heck wasn’t this addressed in the summer
  6. We were bloody awful in first half too
  7. 6 foot German with a massive ...?
  8. Out of our squad who do you reckon gives the best hugs?
  9. I like Hector but do hope we play hard ball. £2 million max for me. This is a player Chelsea haven’t given a squad number to and would be released on a free next summer otherwise. There must be better options out there rather than paying over £2 million.
  10. 100% correct. Im all for people making mistakes but not if lessons aren’t learnt from them. Even with all our problems we’ve sold 0 players this summer. And still have 6 strikes on the books
  11. Bruce will have been sacked by Newcastle before this has all been sorted
  12. Depends on the weekly wages but 3 years seems a bit much. He improved last season in contrast to before but was only really ‘ok’ in my opinion. We desperately need a decent established left back and I’d say both Iorfa and Odubajo would be ahead a right back. For footballing reasons he perhaps should have dropped down a level to play week in week out and kick on.
  13. Apparently all but agreed Cant blame him tbh especially after first half of the season. Should never have been able to wind down his contract, shocking club management
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