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  1. I've heard Alex Neill is wanting out of Preston. That could be a goer.
  2. Believe it or not there's even been a suggestion Bullen might take it for a while until Lincoln can find a replacement... alternatively that we overpay on compo so Lincoln are actually happy to 'sell' him to us .... Weds are clearly very, very keen... That said, I believe that we have many plates spinning at the same time and there will be a few people feeling just as pursued as Danny Cowley right now... personally, Cowley would be second pick as far as I am concerned- Hughton is the perfect fit and he wants it he's got to be the man.
  3. I just know someone close to Cowley. Don't hear owt about Weds sadly
  4. Totally agree, he's apparently a total workhorse and clearly dead straight and loyal. He would love our job as he wants to stay in this area but the timing is wrong
  5. I'm not generally ITK but in relation to Cowley I am - and we've asked him four times to come for interview but he refuses to drop Lincoln in the poo so close to start of season / end of window, especially after having apparently got exactly what he asked for in terms of transfer budget. Last time we asked was Tues or Weds evening so the job was still live then. Rowett wants it bad, was interviewed and it went well but last week he thought he was second choice.
  6. If he's a charlatan, how did he manage to correctly predict the signings of Carlos (completely unknown in UK at time), Jos (ditto) and Bruce before Jos was even sacked?
  7. Yep and he got Jos and Bruce appts right as well. He called Bruce before Jo's even got sacked. He's unbelievably lucky that fella
  8. This guy would have been a big risk. That said, you are right that it would have been in line with trend ot bucking the merry-go-round approach. It is obvious to me that someone who knows their stuff is advising DC on this. There is no way that the man who sent us Carlos and Jos could possibly have proposed this guy
  9. Can't say as would breach a confidence but it's a name that's been mentioned. Tentative approach was on Sat but not going ahead.
  10. Ha good point we best get someone crap then!
  11. I'm not one to claim to be ITK but I do know that we've spoken to a very highly rated young manager of a totally different profile to the type DC used to look at. This one wont be happening but I am encouraged because this approach was the exact opposite of the Doyen / Paixao model. Fingers crossed we get this one right
  12. I agree with this but I do worry that many of our fans will simply never give them a chance
  13. I agree we'll prob never get to bottom of it. All I'm really saying is that I am sure DC is the face of a group of other investors - or maybe even a singular investor. I don't think he's doing it by himself. As to the ID of the others , who knows? Didn't know MM had a certain contact in this area but not surprised and that would maybe make sense looking at it again
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