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  1. Since he left, Carlos has done tremendously well. His Braga team is currently 3rd in the Portugese league two points ahead of Benfica. His next move will be to a v big club, not back to us probably in L1. Absolutely no chance. Sadly, whether our fans like it or not, he is simply in a different category to us altogether at the minute.
  2. https://videocelts.com/2021/02/blogs/latest-news/neil-lennon-performs-unexpected-transfer-u-turn-three-days-after-announcing-deal/
  3. Well, i think that a pre-contract would be legally binding and enforceable. However, i think that if breached the remedy would be damages not specific performance. So, it may be that a player could sign a pre contract with another club and then sign a new contract with his first club. If the first club hasn't released his registration then the pre-contract is frustrated and the club that holds a pre contract could sue the player for damages - but i don't think they could persuade a court to make the player undertake specific performance ie couldn't make him actually play for the s
  4. I just don't get it. We were here before him. We'll be here long after he's gone. His behaviour is embarrassing and i worry for the tough times ahead BUT the bottom line is the club is in our DNA and we are stuck with it for life, surely?
  5. I cannot believe Shaw - whose potential has been obvious for ages - has been allowed to get into this position. In fact - am i right in thinking that other than FDB EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE KIDS WHO PLAYED LAST NIGHT is out of contract at end of season?
  6. I think it was Jim White, Danny Murphy and Darren Bent. Granted not necessarily all geniuses but i wouldn't totally discard their opinion either. Unless i was a SWFC superfan who knew everything ....
  7. The moaning and whining in response to this update is like listening to spoilt children who haven't got the birthday present they wanted When Ivic got the Watford job i was listening to Talksport and the pundits on there were genuinely surprised Watford had managed to get him ... very highly rated and tipped for the top. Obviously he wouldn't have been my first pick but surely we need to be positive and give the guy a chance?
  8. I also think there must be something going on backstage, boardroom level. Unpaid wages, no new contracts, one signing (free agent) and no manager ... all points to a major issue...
  9. Very interesting, thanks. It's quite odd then, isn't it, that Alonso claims to own a club that he doesn't even officially own shares in. And also previously stated that he was a shareholder in SWFC but this has been denied by DC. Not a very encouraging pattern ...
  10. Interesting, thanks. Did you notice if Alonso owns any shares - i am intrigued that he calls himself 'owner' of Bali Utd ...
  11. Harrowby, have you come across the name Pieter Tanuri on your travels? Coz as far as i can see he is actually the owner of Bali and seems to be wealthy guy with major interest in footy ... it's occurred to me that Alonso may be his frontman
  12. Is the text even real though or some daft hoax or wind up? I definitely think the club will be sold as soon as DC gets offered something reasonable
  13. I wondered that soon as he came on the scene. He has been said to be the owner of Bali Utd but actually the owner of that club is an Indonesian businessman called Pieter Tanuri. Did some other digging and wondered if actually Alonso is Tanuri's front man as he tries to buy the club/ invest. All guesswork, not ITK ...
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