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  1. dfoster

    Hull FC U18s 0 v 2 SWFC U18s

    I really like what I seen of Shaw. Tremendous prospect. Played CB one of games I saw and he was totally commanding. Could see Jos looking at him in due course for that CB / pushing into defensive CM role that Hector is playing at the minute
  2. dfoster

    Hull FC U18s 0 v 2 SWFC U18s

    Great news. Would have hated to seen your lad propping up the Belgian 2nd division!
  3. dfoster

    Hull FC U18s 0 v 2 SWFC U18s

    Following our young teams I'm actually starting to get a bit nervous that the likes of Shaw, Rice, Hamoud and O'Brien haven't been signed on pro deals ... esp when you read Man Utd and Spurs are watching our games ....
  4. dfoster

    Wednesday U18s 1 v 0 Forest U18s

    Has there been any loan offers for the lads yet?
  5. dfoster

    Wednesday U18s 4 v 0 Charlton Ath

    This lad Hagan seems interesting. Seems to score every game. Released by Chelsea wasn't he? Wonder if they've dropped a clanger? More likely there's lads are so good he just wouldn't have had a look in ... so could be a good move all round ...
  6. dfoster

    Wednesday U18s 4 v 0 Charlton Ath

    Your lad have a good game? Also, is Liam Shaw getting back into it? Looked a great prospect last yr before his injury
  7. dfoster

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Very enjoyable thread. David Johnson. Ryan Twerton.
  8. dfoster

    Strength of our academy

    I saw Murphy once or twice and altho he was ok I would say he's a long way short in terms of potential when compared to Hunt, Waldock and Kirby in the same position - all significantly younger than him as well. Wish him well in the MLS.
  9. John did he have any other options when he was leaving Corby? If so I'm glad he chose us as four or five yrs ago our academy had a poor reputation ....
  10. dfoster

    Strength of our academy

    Scram is our academy's reputation starting to improve? I remember you saying previously it wasn't particularly well thought of? Results over last couple of yrs and kids coming into the first team and doing ok must surely help?
  11. You still think there's something going off behind the scenes? I do too.
  12. Am I the only one who thought Westwood made a lot of errors last season- not least against the Pigs? Yes he's good but the two young ones have great potential and are already not far behind him.
  13. dfoster


    Which are? Are you suggesting Chansiri has run out of dosh? I'm not saying he hasn't just trying to work out what you're saying. On the face of the the parachute payments are v relevant as combined with P&S they rig the game to look after the relegated Prem teams by hugely inflating revenue.
  14. dfoster


    What is 'the situation'? Cos I haven't got a clue. Need clarification urgently. Guess we'll get it today.
  15. dfoster

    nac breda

    I thought that but not sure and he hasn't he changed squad number now?