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  1. Why do you keep referring to my job? I never refer to it. I don't make comments on here as a lawyer, i post as a fan like everyone else. Is it designed to unnerve me, to make me feel a bit intimidated? Clubs select and thus pay players on the basis of their worth to the club. Not international caps - full or youth. How many international youth caps did Steve Haslam, Alex Higgins, Peter Holmes and Kevin Nicholson have between them? Hundreds. But never did much in the pro game. I've heard others say those young players i mentioned may end up better than Hirst, even tho he's ahead of them right now. That's totally fair comment isnt it? No one can be sure about these things. After all, hirst is no Rooney or Owen, is he?
  2. Do we know one another? You seem to have a problem with me. Do let me know. Privately if appropriate. I did try to be accurate. I thought he had played for the U21s. He's certainly beem called up. How many times has Wildsmith played first team footy? And how many times on bench? And how do these figures (the ones that matter, after all) compare with Hirst?
  3. As has been suggested earlier, all our other promising kids (and we have a few) have been happy to sign. Plenty of people i know say Waldock, Penney and Lonchar are at least as promising. Wildsmith - who's played league football and for England U21s, so waaaaaay ahead of Hirst - also signed without issue. In the first team, Westwood, Lees, Hutch, Bannan, Lee, FF all felt able to extend their contracts under DC/ CC. Yet GH doesn't. Very odd. Whats different about his situation?
  4. Excellent post, in my humble opinion
  5. I totally get where you coming from there but surely, and esp with FFP biting, we can't justify spending 30k a week on a lad who's never started a first team game and never scored a first team goal?
  6. And we're off again! Quite funny to be honest. I hope one of Chansiri's (very detailed and intetesting) answers to the fans is in response to this question. I think the absence of anything substantial on the record is the main reason for all this conjecture. That and the genuinely huge disappointment of how all this has turned out ...
  7. Unwise, to use an expression coined on this thread
  8. Yes now he has brought himself to my attention i am combing thru some of those as we speak ... And about Doyen, it would seem.
  9. Yes now he has brought himself to my attention i am combing thru some of those as we speak ...
  10. Thanks. Obviously doesnt make any difference to anything but don't know how he knew. A bit odd. Ps he'll remember that about you now as well!
  11. Like 99% of other posters on here my posts are based on my impression of the situation and my opinion. I didnt and don't claim to be ITK here. But as a fan of football for a long time i remain convinced that this argument is about money. And that's fair comment within the context of a footy forum. Look at this way. If we'd offered him what he wanted, do you think would have signed? By the way, I didn't in this post and rarely if ever do make reference to working in the legal profession. I don't know who you are. I don't know why you felt it relevant to mention my job. Unless you trying to creep me out a bit for some reason.
  12. Bit of a strange message - is the financial side of the contract agreed then?
  13. V unimpressed with the article. Plainly a whining leak from GH camp. Why didn't the reporter approach DC for a reply to allegations? Anyone who believes that this contract is unsigned due to an argument about where he went on loan needs their bumps feeling. This argument is about money. End of. GH has been spectacularly badly advised and he (not those around him) has my sympathy. I also think it's a bit rich to play the fan card. He could have signed, earned a lot of money and progressed his career but chose not to. So he's not a fan, he's a pro player like the others.
  14. Dunno

    Ryan Jones
  15. Chansiri

    I have also noticed a little group starting to slag the chairman. Unbelievable. Also, Blades are amongst us so no doubt this is partly their doing.