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  1. Am I the only one who thought Westwood made a lot of errors last season- not least against the Pigs? Yes he's good but the two young ones have great potential and are already not far behind him.
  2. dfoster


    Which are? Are you suggesting Chansiri has run out of dosh? I'm not saying he hasn't just trying to work out what you're saying. On the face of the the parachute payments are v relevant as combined with P&S they rig the game to look after the relegated Prem teams by hugely inflating revenue.
  3. dfoster


    What is 'the situation'? Cos I haven't got a clue. Need clarification urgently. Guess we'll get it today.
  4. dfoster

    nac breda

    I thought that but not sure and he hasn't he changed squad number now?
  5. dfoster

    nac breda

    Who's that? Apologies in advance if I am going senile
  6. Might be thinking of Lonchar. He doesn't seem to have recaptured his pre injury form yet. He looked really outstanding 12mths ago. Hope he gets it back.
  7. What a snide, sarky, unnecessary reply.
  8. It seems to me that there was an element to this contract dispute that made the chairman v unhappy. Well beyond the usual. Maybe he got wind of the Belgian move. So the chairman did what many employers do when an employee hands his notice AND the employer fears trouble from the employee if he stays; gardening leave. We gardened Hirst off. It's no big deal.
  9. dfoster

    Sean Clare

    I agree with this but it works both ways. Don't expect affection and understanding from the fans. We are not workers looking for the best deal. We are irrational supporters stuck with SWFC for life, for better or worse!
  10. dfoster

    Sean Clare

    Interesting re agency fees. Didn't know that. To be honest I get the impression that the whole thing is a totally unregulated Wild West. Re Clare, we've got two v promising young CMs in Hunt and Waldock who are Owls and want to make it with us. I wouldn't like to see this kid, who seems to have no attachment to the club whatsoever, hold up their development.
  11. If he'd really wanted to stay he could have. Even if he was made an offer below market value there's no law saying he MUST go and search the world for the largest amount of money possible ... Weds would no doubt have paid him at least 250k a year for 4 yrs and there was a solid career plan spelled out to him. If he'd really wanted to be part of it here he could have, without doubt. As for his dad, I know two people to whom David made remarks v similar to Buxtongent reports. Quite why his dad seemed so determined to move the lad on perhaps we will never know. If George has moved against his wishes but on the advice of those he relies upon then it really is a great shame. He had the chance to become a true hero here but he took another path.
  12. But as has been said the only reason He's going for free is coz he's signed for Leicester's European sister club. That's nothing to do with Chansiri
  13. Yes. And if he signs for signs for Leicester any time during the currency of his previous contract we should complain to FA or UEFA whichever the appropriate body may be.
  14. Totally agree with every word. Scored one goal in four for the U23s I think. Fraser Preston scored four or five goals in the same matches and Borukov was also scoring at higher frequency come the end of the season. The right choice would have been to extend his contract with us, take the pay rise and security, move on loan last August and continue to build his career. As with my many careers i honestly believe that if you focus on becoming v good the money will follow. He has focused on the largest possible short term financial boost at the detriment of his progress and I honestly think, as Quist has said, he's under a lot of pressure now. An average season out there will not look good. And he's no baby - turns 20 in Feb.
  15. Why do you think this is so unforgivable a crime? Is it worse than furtively trying to get a move away behind the club's back? Is it worse than joining in with a deal that seems designed to enrich every party other than the club he claims to support? AT WORST we placed him garden leave. So what?