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  1. I've just watched a few of this kid's goals and have to say he reminds a little too much of Stevie May!
  2. We only need him if we are getting shut of a few ... it would be good management, of course, to get him before shifting the others out, if that's what we want to do .... curious that their Chairman has named us? Whereabouts is that mate?
  3. Jordan Lonchar seems to have had a disappointing season. I don't get to see the U18s really but did see glimpses of him in 2016/17 And he looked a real talent. As good as Hirst. But seems to have done nothing last season and not caught Jos' eye. Anyone know the problem? He been injured?
  4. What would a manager with champ experience have done better than Jos?
  5. One of the world's most promising young players??????
  6. dfoster

    Eyad Hammoud

    I've seen the lad and he is looking promising. Did he have some other options then?
  7. dfoster


    It was a day or so before and he still broke it..No one else got the name or even close. I'm not saying his word is gospel but he's a well informed journo who doesn't just make stuff up
  8. dfoster


    And he called Luhukay. Another lucky guess, no doubt
  9. That's rude and uncalled for. The fella is voicing a genuine opinion. No need to be snide. Most owls fans welcome positive comments anyway. It's strange you don't seem to.
  10. Presumably it was Hirst they looking at? Altho I hear Waldock has done v well this season ... Arsenal sent Brian McDermott to watch Hirst last season and ended up nicking our trialist Cohen Bramhall if i recall correctly...
  11. Fraser Preston seems to be really kicking on. Outscoring Hirst at the mo by quite a long way. Question to those wonder these games regularly- is this lad a potential first team prospect? We're desperate out wide, especially as Jos may be looking to revert back to 4231 ...
  12. Do you know why Hirst Sr left? You hint about it a lot but I'm afraid I've missed the bit where you explain exactly what happened.
  13. dfoster

    hirst to united

    Interesting... but sounds v close to a deliberate breach of the rules ... Not saying it doenst happen but it's a dangerous game
  14. dfoster

    hirst to united

    Interesting. Would maximise signing on fee which I am sorry to say I do think might be a factor in all this. Scram, now he's 19 and not a total barn anymore, what sort of level you see him progressing to?