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  1. Is it me??????????????????

    Agree about font size but I got our three pints about 90 secs after getting queue
  2. Under 23s today....

    It's not a fact. It's an opinion.
  3. Owls - Forest - Tactical Review

    Interesting read, thanks
  4. Reach...

    Very good player
  5. George Hirst and Doyen Sports

    I can't, off the top of my head, think of a single example of a young player with no experience moving to a Prem U23 team for loads of dosh and then being a success .... there may well be someone out there who has done it but I can't think of anyone. This stuff is all wrong for a lad of his age. He should be 100% focussed on footy for now. The dosh will come. I can't help feeling those that advise him want a big up front contract on the basis that that will do him and it doesn't matter what follows ....
  6. George Hirst and Doyen Sports

    I didn't say that. I have no idea. Not ITK. BUT it seems to me at least possible we have made him a good offer but they think they can get more elsewhere.
  7. George Hirst and Doyen Sports

    It'll have to be something very surprising then as I can't see why anyone needs to apologise. I still think it's incredibly strange that out of thirty odd players at the club, G Hirst is the only one who gets a crappy contract offer.
  8. George Hirst and Doyen Sports

    What can you tell us then? Rather than hinting ... no one wants to feel that a club legend is working against the club.
  9. George Hirst and Doyen Sports

    Very interesting point. The Wolves experiment certainly seems to be along these lines.
  10. George Hirst and Doyen Sports

    So every single other player at the club does get good offers but this lad doesn't? If that's true it's extremely odd. As is the coincidence that he's represented by a company we are or were paying 400k a yr to help us sign players.
  11. I see young George is represented by Doyen Sports agency. The same agency that brought us Matias and Joao - maybe others. And whom I also believe our accounts revealed we were (at one point, at least, maybe still) paying 400k a yr to for scouting type / recruitment services. Does anyone know if we still retain their services? If so, it must be hugely frustrating for the club given the problems with sorting what should be a v straightforward contract. Equally, if we've dispensed with their services, could this problem with Hirst be Doyen's payback to us? I find it very, very hard to believe that we have not made the lad a good offer. If i recall correctly, each of the following players has felt able to sign improved contracts with the club since DC arrived; westwood, Lees, loovens, hutch (twice), Lee, Bannan, ff. So we made offers good enough for these quality, established players to be happy to extend. We have in fact not lost one first team player to another club. We've also signed numerous young players to pro deals - lonchar, Penney, Lee, Kirby to name but a few. Why is Hirst the only player in nearly three yrs of DC's reign to feel unable to sign a new deal? Yet he's a sheffield lad, son of a true legend and a supporter of the club? Very, very strange. And it's all very much against his best interests of course. I only hope that those who are meant to be advising him and protecting him are not in fact distracted by other priorities.
  12. True .... but Nuhiu does a very specific role .... Anyway I agree he's prob better than Nuhiu but he's simply nowhere near as good as Rhodes, Hooper, Fletcher, Fessi and Joao. Not yet. Under young Lonchar is banging in the goals for the U18s again this season and he got shedloads last season too. And Waldock who is an U17 is becoming a regular in the U23s. Hirst is not the only good young player at the club and may not even have the best future ....
  13. Probably because he isn't yet as good as the players in front of him.
  14. Opportunity for George Hirst

    Even those who have got it in for Carlos, think about it this way; surely if Hirst was better than the players in front of him CC would play him purely out of selfish interest? He wants the team to win. He picks the best players. There's nothing else to it is there? The truth is that he's a really good young player but simply well short of the players in front of him at the moment. Anyone notice former Blades wonderkid Diego DeGiralimo joining bottom of L2 Chezzy on loan this week? Great prospects fail to make the grade all the time ....