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  1. Any sign of Bruce showing an interest in these lads yet ?
  2. Interesting. How did Liam Shaw shape up? He's looks a player to me.
  3. Seriously, there's been talk in Belgium of cancelling his contract?
  4. U16s seem to be getting good results and doing well. Anyone know if there's a few talents in that side? Coming up to time of year when FT academy deals get handed out isn't it?
  5. Liam Shaw looks a real player to me on the couple of times I've seen him. Maybe moving to CB now? Wouldn't surprise me given his height and strength
  6. I remember you saying this at the time. There's no doubt at all that, whatever role the club in the whole fiasco, Hirst Jr has received terrible from those that re relies upon and his career is now in serious jeopardy. He's 20, not a baby. Unless of course the only thing he was ever bothered about was money, in which case I am sure he will be fine as Leicester will have made this a lucrative deal having avoided the 2m fee almost completely. The whole thing is a such a shame and a waste.
  7. Why? He said Bruce and DC in 'constant dialogue'.
  8. Looks an interesting one to me. We've been awful at the back this season. Awful. This kid has 5 caps for Sweden so must be decent.
  9. Interesting chat fellas. I've always thought that it seems surprising DC could buy and fund Weds single handedly- there is almost nothing about him on Google pre his involvement with us. I've always wondered if he was a figure head for other investors. I now wonder if for whatever reason they've stopped backing him, leaving him up the proverbial creek and causing the sleepless nights he referred to the other day ....
  10. Agencies can't have a direct interest in footy clubs- hence the probs Wolves had to fend off re Mendes last yr
  11. Why? What on earth have the club done wrong this time? This reflects terribly on our fans and the way they express themselves on the web and SM. Truly shameful.
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