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  1. I agree we'll prob never get to bottom of it. All I'm really saying is that I am sure DC is the face of a group of other investors - or maybe even a singular investor. I don't think he's doing it by himself. As to the ID of the others , who knows? Didn't know MM had a certain contact in this area but not surprised and that would maybe make sense looking at it again
  2. Yeah there's no doubt that we are not formally owned by TUF. But the suggestion is that really we are owned by a 'consortium' of some sort and I think that that must right.
  3. So do you honestly think that DC has the dosh to have downed 100m on Wednesday seemingly without blinking financially speaking?
  4. No doubt in my mind whatsoever. Google him - there's almost nothing out there at all pre dating him buying us yet people in the game say he has v deep pockets. Doesn't add up. He's a front man, in my opinion
  5. Interesting... indeed he finished their season as first pick LB - what other positions he play last season?
  6. Huddersfield and Norwich have had great success signing players with this profile
  7. Plus we wanted to sign Jerome he chose to go elsewhere
  8. I not seen much of the u18s in last two years but saw Waldock playing U18s at 16 and thought he was a very classy prospect. Sees the pass and can play it. V mature. Surprised he hasn't played more u23s or been on bench for first team. Hope next yr he breaks thru.
  9. Also, the problem with Vardy was not talent it off the field issues
  10. The abuse/ criticism Dawson gets is totally beyond me. It's truly embarrassing. Our fans can be effing ar*ehol*s some times
  11. Any sign of Bruce showing an interest in these lads yet ?
  12. Interesting. How did Liam Shaw shape up? He's looks a player to me.
  13. Seriously, there's been talk in Belgium of cancelling his contract?
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