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  1. According to this table the Prem have put out to justify not helping the EFL, DC is said to be worth £5bn plus. Anyone know where they got that figure from?
  2. There's a lot of truth in this. Plenty of fans glory in shooting players down. Always the same keywords - 'garbage', 'fraud', 'stealing a living'. I'm sure all clubs have loads of fans like this, not just us. It's just a depressing aspect of football.
  3. Him, his dad and Pearson got their heads together and ripped us off. Dc got wind of it and binned him. Correctly. l don't wish him I'll but I'll certainly never support him. Nor take his side in this argument AGAINST OUR CLUB. I don't understand why any Weds fan would? This is also the reason I don't want Pearson as manager - these guys were great ex players for us but fans need to realise they don't give a plop about us any more ....
  4. Mark Robins has done an incredible job at Cov especially given they don't even have their own ground...
  5. I have no ITK info at all but I've thought since summer that the signs are there DC is gonna sell / step aside. Here's one for the accountant/ bloodhound types- why did DC do a £20m or so share issue this summer? I'm no business lawyer but I think I'm right in saying share issues often precede investment or sale? And if he or businesses in his name are the sole owner, what possible point could there be in issuing further shares? FWIW I've never believed DC is really the sole owner of the club. It just doesn't add up. Other than references to us there is almo
  6. That is a very fair point and has cost us millions- if we'd taken 12m for FF we'd be in a much better place
  7. So he can't win then He can't win then? In the days of FFP where we trying to correct first two yrs overspending DC simply MUST use the loan market. Only the major Prem sides don't loan players
  8. Yes we have. We've signed them on loan. We havent bought them. This is an example of being prudent which is something DC is criticised for regardless
  9. I've seen lots of people- including Biggs endlessly on Twitter- going on about how DC has to change his recruitment policy. No more Abdis, Dave Jones' etc. Go for younger players who are hungry and will increase in value, good value Bosmans and the odd loan. Well - and no doubt there gonna be some I've missed here - since Carlos went we've signed; Joey P, Onomah, Hector, Moses, Luongo, Borner, Harris, Iorfa, Windass, Wickham, Da Cruz Some really good signings in there. Total outlay less than 2m. Iorfa, Borner Harris and Luongo would get good money. Hector wa
  10. We've 'got ' a lot more than 5m but we're not allowed to spend it
  11. Cant be it's a different process altogether- this is arbitration flowing from our complaint i think
  12. Not my area but my guess would be we have tried to make a counter complain within the EFL own internal but been rejected and thus have instead 'issued' proceedings in court. This is a guess but word issued usually refers to the formal commencement of court proceedings. Given we seem to be arguing breach of legitimate expectation it would be necessary, to enable a court to accept the case, to show that the claimant has exhausted all internal remedies before going to court.
  13. Completely agree. Our statement was exactly as I had hoped - just wanna see some personal claims for defamation added to the Corporate one for unlawful prosecution/ breach of legit expectation.... would the EFL have the balls to fight on with all that litigation risk at play?
  14. You can't 'keep your powder dry' or ambush people in legal proceedings these days, all gotta be set v explicitly in written statements and evidence
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