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  1. So i hear but never seen him play ...
  2. Hunt can play but he needs time and matches. I hope Wing goes back and Hunt returns for Jan so DM can assess if any improvement. If he's no further on then loan him out again ... i think he's worth persevering with. Any of youth team experts on here seen much of Rio Shipston in the U18s? I've heard good things about him, even suggested he could be overtaking the older kids in CM quite quickly ...
  3. I've asked two people who would know if wages weren't being paid and been told emphatically this is untrue and there are no money issues at all (as things stand - you never know what DC might do next i guess!)
  4. Golden elephant botherer? Is that type of comment OK on here then?
  5. Has he not been relegated twice? I'm v unconvinced by Warne. Not taken Roth forward, just stood still. He's ok, don't get me wrong, but nothing special. Moore got Donny into the play offs places in L1 - that's impressive. If Moore isn't going to be given time then for me the best candidates are Gareth Ainsworth, Ryan Lowe and Alex Neill. But I'd still give Moore a bit longer. The reality is that if he does go then it will be Thompson for an unspecified period of time and clearly we've all forgotten what that was like once the new manager effect had worn off ...
  6. What possible part of that could be interpreted as having a dig at the manager?
  7. Lots to respond to there and not really much point but in relation to the 48hrs .... we played tues and weds will have been recovery so that leaves thurs and Friday. Also, we clearly do have the players to play 3 at back and in particular Hunt, Brown and Johnson are all good at wingback. Gibson and Palmer comfortable CBs in a back 3 and it will also suit Hutch to drop back into as he his legs have gone
  8. How about every time we lose, sometimes even just when we concede, many of us want to change the manager? Anyway, who you bringing in to replace Moore?
  9. I'll admit i am a big advocate of giving moore time. That said, convince me there is someone out there who a) would take us on (mid table L1 under a transfer embargo with totally unrealistic fan expectations) and b) would be better It's not enough to just 'change the manager' as a knee jerk to the disappointment we all feel. There has to be something constructive behind change. So, let's hear the candidates ...
  10. Moore needs two seasons. Who on earth do we think we gonna get better? When are we just gonna get behind a guy and *support* the club as we rebuild? Watching the childish tantrums and toys going out the pram is really embarrassing. He has literally only signed free transfers and loans - by definition players unwanted at their previous clubs. This will take time. He did OK at WBA and excellent at Donny. No one any good is gonna want the job anyway. It takes time to build a team and rebuild a club. Just show some maturity and support the club
  11. Guys, with Leojo i heard that Man City only let him come back to Sheffield due to a personal/ compassionate issue. If that's right, maybe this same issue had something to do with his form or availability for selection last season? These things not always as clear cut as they seem
  12. So i understand. Hunt refused it, was desperate to go and disenchanted. Things have moved on a lot since then though and surely if Josh and Dom have been talked into it Alex will be too. TOtally different feel to place from this summer.
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