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  1. You'd think if we were planning to play 3 at the back all season we'd have signed more central defenders. It suggests to be this was an afterthought and the plan was indeed to go ahead with 4 at the back with the overloaded midfield (hence signing multiple players who can play out wide). 3 at the back seems like an afterthought and with injuries we just don't have the personnel for it. It feels bizarre to shoehorn players into specific positions instead of playing a formation we have the personnel for and going with a flat back four.
  2. For what it's worth id give Moore a little more time. Odd management decisions but apart from the final 10 mins (I know) we looked much better at the weekend. But if we did want to get Lowe he'd jump at the chance. I remember before he took the Plymouth job he asked for some time to mull over the move as geographically it was a huge upheaval for him (He's very family orientated). If we wanted him id be very surprised if he didn't want it.
  3. Does strike me as odd that people aren't allowed to say players made a bad career move without being branded as obsessive. IMO both made poor choices in joining Celtic. That's not to say they should have stayed at Wednesday but i believe there was interest from QPR for Urhoghide which would have been a better move. Out of both I think Shaw was naive to leave. Local boy, a team with a depleted midfield and the chance to play regular football. I think staying here (or at least at this level) would have given him better long term career prospects. I hope he gets a loan move sooner rather than later so he can pick up some experience and ignite his career. He's played less than 30 professional matches.
  4. This is how he constantly speaks to the media. I started following Bolton when Lee signed and this is his rhetoric every single week. Literally every game this season they should have won according to him. I'm not saying they didn't play the more progressive, attractive football but he gives these media interviews all the time.
  5. I personally prefer a more consistent lineup. I'm all for tweaking a little but more me we actually have too many players which makes it difficult to keep them all happy.
  6. This is a very good interview and shows the aspects of management you perhaps overlook. It also echos the job Moore has done in terms of changing the personnel and the attitude around the club. Wilder also goes on to say he's good mates with Moore and he'll do a good job. Hopefully the performances will come but when people talk about what Moore has actually done it always disappoints me as he's completely rebuilt aspects of the club which were broken and rotten to the core. I still feel like we need to give him time; whether that results in success or not.
  7. There's a thin line between success and failure. I watched the game back on the extended highlights today and Berahino missed an absolute sitter. His goal was a more difficult header. Couple that with Bannan's penalty miss and we are 3-0 after 30 minutes. The same can be said about the Morecambe game. We missed a boat load of chances and were made pay for it. Teams don't tend to play at that intensity for 90 minutes but if you miss a number of chances and the opposition then equalise then uncertainly naturally creeps in. My main concern (ironically given the slow start to the transfer window) is that we've signed too many. No Byers, Paterson and Brown yesterday. Brown started the season very well and is incredibly hard working. Unless he's got an injury then why is he not in and around the squad? My concern is that we have too many wide players so we aren't getting the consistency in those positions. Have we actually had a settled period of playing two of the same out wide? I doubt it. Overall it's not great but not terrible. The games we've lost bar Plymouth we should have comfortably been out of sight.
  8. I remember everyone in pre season absolutely rimming Ipswich and their signings. They haven't won a game yet. Let's give it a little time yet before we start panicking. The early goal and mistake by BPF really set the tone for the game today.
  9. He said before the game at the weekend he wanted to sign a new contract and stay at the club. I wouldn't be against him going but this is bullsh*t for me.
  10. I think Moore said in pre season they share a house together so perhaps just banter?
  11. Goalkeeper and the back 4 are completely settled and I imagine won't change unless there's an injury/rested for cup games. The rest of the team can be rotated dependant upon whether we are at home, away, physicality of opposition and so forth. It's quite an exciting dynamic to have so many options. We still haven't even seen Sow, Corbeanu or Windass this season.
  12. I actually think Pulis was the one of the worst appointments we could ever make (I say this in hindsight). He constructed this bizarre mentality where he was above criticism and it was just down to personnel. His interviews were all about how lovely the fans were, how much money the owner had spent and how the team needed completely reshaping. Some of his decisions were utterly bizarre (including playing our best centre half in midfield). I do believe if we'd have appointments Moore sooner and given him the January window we'd have stayed up. In terms of Luhukay I think he had the right ideas (in terms of a younger, fitter squad) yet he should have phased the senior players out vs wholesale changes for individuals who were just not up to the challenge (Goalkeepers for example). He's also struggled since. All in all a cluster f*ck of bad managers since Carlos (bar Bruce). Pulis was the worst for me as he took absolutely no responsibility and took the job on a whim without any due diligence.
  13. He seems to ABSOLUTELY love it.
  14. We also don't know how much Green is getting paid. Could be a decent earner.
  15. Looks like Moore gave him pre season and a couple of games to see if he had what we needed and decided against it. We have plenty of options in that department so I believe this is best for all parties. Shame it didn't work out but Moore seems to demand a certain type of player and Green doesn't seem to have fit those requirements All the best to him.
  16. I thought it was an odd choice for Osaze Urhoghide. He'd had plenty of game time and was beginning to become a good player. I expected him to move somewhere with more guaranteed league football. He'd perhaps not even got that with us but would have certainly been 3rd choice centre half. I imagine he's on good money at Celtic mind.
  17. Thought he looked slightly above that level but I appreciate the games will do him good. Hope he does well.
  18. My concern with all these signings is that Corbeanu won't get any game time. He looks like an absolutely fantastic prospect.
  19. Doesn't specifically say which direction the option is in but appreciate it's typically in the clubs favour. Regardless he's signed out right for two years which is great news.
  20. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/josh-windass-sheffield-wednesday-transfer-18869323 Says two year deal with the option of a third here.
  21. Good news and not a stupid length. The players seem to really want to play for the club and the manager.
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