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  1. There's a real need for pace at the top end of the pitch. Windass is fairly quick but Musa is rapid.
  2. I just don't understand why he wasn't training with the first team anyhow. Monk was weirdly coy about it and just said he wanted to go with the future but it didn't explain why he wasn't third choice. While contracted every player should train with the First team. Good move already.
  3. Is this the same Boro who got into the Playoff's once and missed out on goal difference the second time? They then proceeded to replace him with Woodgate who had them near the bottom of the league until Warnock (similar in style to Pulis) had to save them? I am not saying he was my first choice but the outcry against Pulis is f*cking embarrassing. We are 6 points adrift of 20th position. It's imperative we stay up this season and build. Pulis feels like a solid choice for the brief in hand.
  4. Just so i am aware unless I missed something this is the opinion of a club he managed 20 years ago?
  5. Look at the clubs who thought the grass was greener. Stoke have been on a downward spiral since he left. They had stability and Premiership football before. The wheels started to fall off when they replaced Pulis with Hughes. Middlesborough were looking like relegation candidates after replacing him. They had to go back on the strategy they adopted (with Woodgate) and get someone of a similar mould to Pulis in with Warnock. From experience watching his teams it's never pretty however I don't think right now is the time for us taking a punt on someone inexperienced. Chansiri n
  6. It's a nice statement but we all know Garry Monk is an intelligent bloke. He's done some really good stuff for the club but seems to massively overthink everything.
  7. There's absolutely no way Eddie Howe would come this far north. He got a nose bleed when he went to Burnley. Won't do that again.
  8. Yep exactly. Also having a lot of cash doesn't mean you necessarily use it. Leveraging debt is perfectly normal in the business world and can make sense. It just feels a bit spooky as it's tied to the stadium and there's been instances in the past of Football clubs losing the stadium.
  9. I think it makes perfect sense. He doesn't have a plan as the top (government,EFL) haven't really offered any type of support. As such it's impossible to plan as he doesn't know where the next lot of revenue is coming from (Season tickets, merchandise, food and beverages etc).
  10. Am i right in saying Chansiri still has to pay for the ground? I know the Derby Chairman paid most/if not all of it in one go but ours was in installments.
  11. Don't think the plan was to sign another centre back. I think injuries have forced this. In any event given the time sensitive nature of the signing i think we can be relatively pleased with him. Great in the air and plenty of experience. He's a bit of a donkey with the ball at his feet but it's unsurprising given his size. As the centre of a three he should do ok though.
  12. The 200 defender search has turned into 200 defender bids in a day!
  13. Cocu is a mad man. They signed Colin Kazim-Richards yesterday and shipped Marriott out to us.
  14. He was on loan at Leicester last season! Quite BALLSY to go for him I must admit.
  15. He's already bagged this season and has played 4 games. They've essentially got him fit for us. With -12 it's a great signing; irrespective of the clause for January. If he bangs them in and gets us out of the bottom 3 then we can reassess in January and recruit him or someone else for a fee. It's imperative we stay up so you get the best player available to you. I think we've assembled a pretty impressive forward line.
  16. I did worry about that part. Unfortunately it's where we are with -12 that it's the type of player we attract if we want a bit more quality.
  17. Largely had one good season in League one. He's an interesting option to have but he's certainly not the target man option. Perhaps we don't need him now we have Paterson who is good in the air?
  18. According to Wiki 58 goals in 10 years for the prodigal son https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernando_Forestieri
  19. Id be pleased with this. Right age, versatile and did very well for Cardiff in their promotion season.
  20. Staton had his pants down to be fair. Comes across as a tad arrogant but obviously hard to judge from one interview.
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