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  1. I completely agree he should have got it months ago. I do understand why he's taken it. Win Win for him IMO. Hopefully he gets some momentum and we can turn the corner. He strikes me as an inspiring guy to be around.
  2. Danny Cowley is still in high demand he's just looking for a particular type of job. He's (bizarrely may I add) still getting linked with Championship jobs. I think there's probably a million other managers who've taken the leap and it's worked out. I think from Moore's perspective it's worth the risk.
  3. I don't get that rationale at all. What's the worst that could happen? He gets sacked and he'd pick up a new League one job easily given his performances over the past two seasons. Alternatively he does well here and has a well paid job at a big club. Sometimes it's worth taking a risk and from Moore's perspective I completely get it. Donny are doing well but he'd get another job like that easily. There's always an attraction to turning a sinking ship like ours around.
  4. No brainer from both sides for me. Young, well thought of manager who did pretty well at West Brom before achieving well at Donny. It's a no brainer for Moore as he gets a pop at a 'big club' with nothing to lose. We are 6 points adrift. His remit will be to keep us up but if he doesn't he won't be blamed. If Chansiri then replaces him he'll get another League one job easily. I can see why he's taken it and i think it's the right appointment now for us. We need to unfortunately have one eye on League One and we've appointed a manager who has been managing down the road.
  5. I'm mostly going to focus on the issues of this season. I was never a huge fan of Monk however he assembled a capable backroom team in the Summer. He should therefore have been given at least until Christmas given we invested in a backroom team and the playing staff he wanted. Chansiri pulled the trigger and replaced him with Pulis who was ill prepared for the job (understatement of the century). Didn't seem to understand the playing personnel we had, his trusted backroom team were not available and it all seemed a little 'rushed' with the Owner out of the country (Pandemic obviously
  6. The uncertainty with Lennon at Celtic tarnishes what would be a good opportunity for any young player. Last thing Shaw wants to do is leave Wednesday to move to Scotland, a new manager arrive and be cast to the side. That's not to say signing a new deal with us is the right option for his career but he should 100% consider his options if Lennon might be leaving. Fingers crossed he decides to sign with us; at least to give us some protection over the usual tribunal fees.
  7. I commented 'No' to you Neil. My response was in connection to the comment which said '6 months from 35' which is completely untrue. He's 33 when his contract expires. That's the same age as Fletcher NOW (34 in a month) whom everyone was 'frothing' to re sign in the summer.
  8. So he's not 35? February 2021: 31 years old December 2021: 32 years old. December 2022: 33 years old. July 2023: 33 years old.
  9. He's 31, just had a baby and the captain of the side. I kinda get why he's staying irrespective of the league we are in. Perhaps if we do get relegated he'll want to bring us back up or perhaps there's a clause which allows him to leave if we do get relegated. Either way I am happy he's signed and hopefully we can push on and claw ourselves out of the relegation places.
  10. Big blow this. Swansea had a difficult game on Wednesday night so the day extra recovery for us would have come in handy.
  11. Absolutely I really enjoyed watching him in a Wednesday shirt. Incredibly intelligent player. If he could have added more goals he'd have played Premiership football all day long. Him and Tudgay were cracking January window signings.
  12. Thought this was going to be a BBC Bitesize article on how to control the ball on your chest when it's launched at you from the moon.
  13. I think we need to focus on staying up. If we do I believe Shaw, Bannan & Lees will sign new deals (Unsure on Reach).
  14. As I mentioned previously I think Shaw's best position is box to box similar to Kieran Lee. The midfield trio of Hutch, Bannan and Shaw compliment each other quite nicely. Shaw is similar to Lee in that he's good on the ball, has a fantastic engine and can actually nick a tackle or two. Hopefully we can keep all three fit.
  15. Class above. Hutch has played 3 games in 7 days having played 5 in 6 months prior. Unbelievable athlete and attitude.
  16. It's a good job the returning player is quality as I completely agree with you otherwise.
  17. To be fair to the recruitment team it's quite a hard sell. 1: Persuading players at other clubs to sign for us knowing it's possible their wages may be delayed. 2: Persuading other clubs to loan us players when it's throughout the press we've been holding back payments. Can't imagine it's an easy gig to persuade people to come here over other options.
  18. They have Douglas who by all accounts has been outstanding this season.
  19. a 37 year old Glenn Murray is not the answer for me. Especially given he's played 28 games and scored 1 and not played for months.
  20. Interestingly I thought that when I heard it. I wonder if he's angling for a coaching job one day.
  21. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/january/hutchinson-on-his-hillsborough-homecoming/ Great interview. Sounds like an appearance based incentive deal.
  22. I 'feel' Thompson eyes Shaw further up the park in more of a Kieran Lee style role. Having a midfield 3 of Bannan, Hutch and Shaw has a little bit of everything. Could work well.
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