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  1. It's not an expectation. TV Personalities and Rock Stars are typically self employed and are still making money so that doesn't really make sense? The furlough system is for businesses whose revenue has been hit by the virus and is a way to retain staff members while taking the financial impact away from the business; surely Football comes into this category whereas a bank is still likely to be profitable? It doesn't come down to expectations but if the football clubs revenue has been slashed considerably then surely it's not within the realms of possibility that football clubs can do this? I believe some of the lower league clubs have done.
  2. Gives us three weeks to sort out a new manager and let him get to know the players.
  3. Is anyone actually saying Hutch is a world beater? I think the majority are saying he's MILES better than anyone currently in the team. He was pretty much available for every game this season (Played 23+) and that was when we had a decent run of form. Dropping him entirely from the squad doesn't make sense unless we replaced him. We didn't and instead chose to sign 3 strikers; one of which is on huge wages. It's the same as Winnall. He started away at Leeds which was a great performance, scored against QPR in the cup and then was completely shafted from the squad. The decisions by Monk have been bizarre and it's clear the harmony of the squad has been impacted. There's deeper rooted concerns but let's be real none of these were coming to a head when we were 3rd in the League.
  4. Look at the fixtures. Winnall, Rhodes, Hutch all in the squad for the QPR game. I am not for one minute suggesting they are world beaters but to completely drop them from ANY squad (even with our injuries) is insane. Look at the run of results since and tell me the team harmony wasn't disrupted by Monk's decisions.
  5. The deep rooted problems don't fall at Monk's door however he CONSTANTLY keeps saying the entire team has to change in the Summer. We all agree with this but that's just not how you motivate a workforce. Although I agree with some of his sentiments he's essentially telling everyone they won't be here. This doesn't give you the enthusiasm to work week in week out irrespective of what you earn. It might not necessarily be Monk who is the problem but he doesn't seem like the right guy to motivate and get us out of this mess.
  6. I can't get my head around those backing Monk. We have issues of course but he's elected to remove Westwood, Hutch, Winnall and Rhodes completely from the squad. I appreciate Rhodes didn't offer much but we weren't getting rolled over then like we are now. Hutch especially. If he wasn't deemed a first team starter from January until the end of the season then why wasn't he replaced with another combative midfielder. Let's not forget Pelupessy couldn't even make the squad when Monk took over. It's laughable and Monk must take some of the blame.
  7. Some of Monk's decisions have been straight baffling. Winnall was the leading striker after Fletcher's injury and now he can't even get on the bench. Hutchinson has played 23 games this season. He's not played the past 5 games when we've hit our terrible patch of form. I completely understand picking Dawson if he sees him as the future however how Hutch cannot get into the squad is beyond me. When Monk first came in he didn't pick Pelupessy for any of his squads so why the sudden switcharound? He doesn't know what he's doing.
  8. Absolutely miles ahead of what's currently in the team whether you or I like it or not.
  9. When he was first appointed his tactics were spot on. He seemed meticulous with details and would tweak the team slightly to win the game. I remember Middlesborough away he knew their weaknesses and the team picked was to exploit these. We were out of sight by half time. Now he's chopping and changing, leaving senior players out of the 18 completely and playing four strikers with one as a wing back. It's an absolute bizarre turnaround. I actually think it's worse than Jos playing Boyd at wing back. If he's not the man to take us forward then id be looking at replacing him now vs in August. We can ride the new manager wave for a few months.
  10. From what I have read Palace will subsides his wages. It makes sense for them. I think long term they want to move him on so if he plays regularly and bangs them in they may get a decent fee for him in the Summer. Whereas now he hasn't played a great deal I imagine they'd struggle to command much. I think it's a win win for both parties.
  11. I think Michy Batshuayi will end up at Palace as well as another. They are doing pretty well so will strengthen with quality.
  12. From the reaction of Reach at the game and now Palmer & Luongo on Instagram he seems incredibly popular with the players.
  13. The fine was actually 20 million (Including legal fees). The other number was the write off of loans. They also have had 10 YEARS to pay off the fine so it's just 2 million a season. Remove a few expensive players from the books to cover it. I am sure we'd take that all day long. Legally Chansiri has found a loophole and sold the stadium. QPR actively announced their losses.
  14. I think at that point he hadn't found a solution. Chansiri had no conviction in the idea behind the ground sale. He waited for Reading/Derby to make the first move and then followed suit. Unfortunately as a result the land registry dates and the tax submission dates didn't match. I believe this is the main issue. Even though everyone knows the ground is sold to escape FFP sanctions if the dates match there's nothing really the EFL can do (it's a loophole within the system). Given Chansiri's lack of conviction they now have grounds (pun intended) to sanction us
  15. hahaha I thought Willy Wonker was Massimo Luongo
  16. I completely agree with this and you're absolutely within your right to have an opinion. The Rhodes line has just got a little stale. We all get it and have seen numerous examples from you as to why it didn't work. I feel the same and the benefit of hindsight many others probably do too (Including the Chairman). But you're right you should be allowed to voice your concern in a constructive manner.
  17. Mate you're absolutely over the moon it didn't work with Rhodes :D Every single thread i log into you somehow manage to segue how much of a poor signing Rhodes was into the conversation. We all get it. He was a poor signing. The difference between Monk and Rhodes was that Rhodes was on a downwards trajectory whereas from numerous accounts by Brum fans Monk worked wonders with them and was unfairly dismissed by the clubs hierarchy. It's a decent appointment which if Monk was to be the manager should be been done far sooner and allowed him time in the transfer market as well as time to potentially bring in his own coaching staff and methods. But here we are so let's crack on and get behind him.
  18. I don't really get the issues? It's clearly a language barrier and limited English. I think also that's merely Chansiri's resting bit*h face :D Monk didn't actually say he wasn't bringing his own staff neither. It's clearly been a whirlwind appointment so he's probably taking stock before making a decision. I like Monk. He's a direct speaking, modern manager and i hope it works out for us. I honestly think this was a case of a last minute Press conference and a Chairman whose had a lot of poo to deal with recently.
  19. Couple of comments from a Brum friend of mine: Yeah I really rated him! Got us well organised and playing to our strengths which was much needed after the Zola/Redknapp/Cotterill fiascos. I felt we were on an upwards curve last year and if he had had the same amount if investment Pep Clotet has had, could have maintained a Play off challenge this year. Weve got some good results this year but more from luck than quality play IMO. He also brought back a sense of pride and passion to the club - hence rising attendances last year - and did some good work in the community. Still sad that we lost him. Theres been a lot of stuff in the press about his relationships with agents etc. but I can only judge him from performances and results on the pitch and I think you have got yourselves a good manager there! Better than Brucie anyway!
  20. That's just it though isin't it? He's just an 'ok' appointment. I do like the football he plays though and he did incredibly well at Brum.
  21. Brum fans I know thought he did an outstanding job. I am ok with this. Knows the league and hasn't done a terrible job anywhere he's been.
  22. Cowley would bring something a little different IMO. A winning mentality, a different philosophy and something fresh. Pulis wouldn't be my choice however he's always there or there abouts.
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