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  1. He was actually brilliant in the spell around November when we had no one else. My issue is he takes quite a bit of time to get going and seems to pick up injury niggles despite getting over the worst of his injuries. I would probably try move him on because i think as a player he needs regular football.
  2. Look at Hunts career. He hasn't missed a beat for 7 seasons. We talk about signing players who can play week in week out and he's one of them. I hope he stays as he's 100% a top 5 League One player.
  3. Agreed. IMO we can properly judge Moore next season. He had a massive personnel turn around, poor club morale, restrictions from the league as well as a ridiculous injury crisis. Barring his indecision with the formation at the start of the season he's done pretty well to get us to 4th and 85 points. We now have the nucleus of a good team and a lot of the off field issues seem to be sorted. Next season the target cannot be anything other than automatics but there's no doubt Moore deserves another crack at it.
  4. Dunkley out of contract this summer is he not?
  5. Perfect summary. Said the same in another thread. Top man!
  6. The expectations can be ridiculous at this football club. I've said this in another thread but Bannan did an interview last June with the BBC (I believe) where he was unsure of what was happening at the club. Since then Moore has rebuilt the entire team largely from scratch. From where we were having been relegated to now is pretty extraordinary. I give full credit to Moore for this. Has he made mistakes? Of course he has. Starting the season with recruitment for one specific formation and then changing mid season was poor. Not recruiting another centre half when we had Dunkley and Iorfa coming off the back of big injury spells was a big one. Perhaps without that we may have got promoted. The spell without any fit centre halves was what damaged our points tally. He's only had free transfers and loans to work with (fitting within a EFL framework also) and he's managed to muster together a competent squad. Our injuries again have been obscene too. Yep like everyone else I do feel like he overthinks things sometimes but overall we finished the season on 85 points despite all of the above. The second half of the season was brilliant. We scored a ton of goals, proper got at teams and enjoyed our football. It's another big Summer as he's still got the nucleus of a good squad. What we have to do now is replace those hit and miss signings (both loan and permanent) with better quality. The likes of Brown, Kamberi, Sow to be replaced by the next stage of quality. Couple that with reducing the average age of the starting 11 a little and we should be at the next stage of our progression. It's a rebuild but I am absolutely confident with the atmosphere he's created in such a short space of time that he's the right man for the job. Good season, we just fell short due to the reasons above. Two games don't define a season.
  7. Someone said he will get a top championship club next season earlier in the thread and I just can't see it. 13 in 40 is a decent return but hardly top end championship. He's 23 so he's still young but not what you can call raw. George Byers is central midfielder and has a similar run rate given the games hes played and we got him on a free as Swansea wanted him off their books. Hirst is decent don't get me wrong but top end Championship doesn't seem right.
  8. Despite his reputation he seems like a nice, down to earth and quiet bloke too. I can't see him leaving if he's offered a deal. Grass isint always greener and he's found the home he wanted here.
  9. I actually think he wanted it but Chansiri (or his advisors at the time) weren't keen. He ended up going to Huddersfield I believe having initially rejected their advances. I think he was holding out for the job here but it never materalised.
  10. Fine margins in seasons. Take Michael Smith out of Rotherham's team for a month or so and I imagine they would struggle too. Lose Richard Wood and your other experienced central defenders and they would go on a losing run too. 82 points and we played a pretty large spell with just one recognised central defender. With Gregory and Windass and without the defensive injury crisis we'd have made automatics there's no question. All in all he's done a great job IMO; especially given the personnel turnaround.
  11. Said at the time and will say again I never questioned him leaving us. At the time we were a real mess and even Bannan came out in an interview and said he didn't know what was going on. What I did question was the choice of club. He wasn't ready for Celtic and had apparently been offered a deal at QPR, a couple more championship clubs and plenty of League One clubs. He should have gone somewhere he could have had guaranteed game time. He'd played 19 competitive games in his entire career and he's not that young (22 in July). He needed a full season of competitive football at a good standard (League One). He could have then worked up to the Championship if he was the real deal. From the reports in the Scottish Press he's not on mind-blowing money so I don't by the whole 'made for life' lines. IMO he was right to leave (although in hindsight we'd have been good for him) as at the time we were a mess but he should have gone to a club where he'd be confident of regular football. He's now essentially wasted a year of football when he was just building momentum.
  12. Took a pretty epic injury crisis for him to get a new club....In March! Needs must for QPR and very slim pickings. I wish him the best.
  13. Nobody ever doubted Lees to my knowledge. He was always a good player for us it was merely time for a change; for us and him. The rest we were correct in our assessment. Rhodes has barely started a game (granted he was out with an injury), Reach has been tepid at best for WBA and Odubajo started well but by all accounts has been average since the new year. He was poor for us though and cannot deny that.
  14. He's been outstanding! One thing I am confused about is why didn't we give him a go in the Summer? We were rattling around for players and he arrived Late October/November? All I can assume is he was holding out for a Championship club but everything about him seems far too good for this level. He also seems to be genuinely enjoying it at the club.
  15. In his post match interview he talks about the atmosphere and getting goosebumps. Perhaps lip service but ultimately I don't think it was meant like that. Perhaps a sign of 'i've arrived' vs shutting the fans up. He's not played enough for us to criticise him yet!
  16. Other than the times when he's been wreckless with sending's off (early in his career with us) I don't think so no. He always plays pretty well, even when the team on a whole play poorly.
  17. Not sure it was meant in that way to be honest.
  18. He was a regular for Swansea in the Championship a couple of seasons back and he's still only 25 so if we can keep him fit he could prove to be quite a steal on a free transfer.
  19. There's also the new lad from Arsenal who didn't have a bad scoring record at this level with Donny. But you're right it's not looking great without Windass or Gregory!
  20. Wing hasn't been in the squad for the past three games. Middlesbrough offered money to move him on and get him off the wage bill. Quite straight forward to understand why he's left and moved somewhere on a permanent deal.
  21. Real shame. I like him a lot. Would have been perfect to have Adineran & Dele-Bashiru rotated in that 3rd midfielder role.
  22. Just hasn't clicked at all unfortunately. His physicality is a real concern for me. Just doesn't seem to impose (or want to) himself on the game.
  23. With the amount of home games we have a huge opportunity to kick on. Fingers crossed we can do so and build some real momentum. Still think we are lacking in midfield. One injury to Massimo Luongo and we don't have the balance in the middle three. We just need to keep the current crop injury free and get some more bodies back.
  24. 'I've never heard word of him being 'toxic' in the dressing room or anything of the sort. He's the club captain, he wouldn't have ever been given that honour if he wasn't well respected by his peers.' https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-sign-birmingham-city-captain-harlee-dean-the-expert-view-3542644 Local Brum journalist seems to think him and Bowyer just had a fall out and he's never been seen as toxic. On paper he sounds perfect for our needs.
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