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  1. It's almost as if Bullen cannot win in the eyes of some fans. Last season under Bruce we had some absolute shockers (Rotherham away) but grinded out a point. At the time that was down to having a good manager who knew how to take points when not at your best. Last night it's because Bullen is not right for the job. I'm not advocating we hire Bullen as manager but let's give him a fair crack before dismissing him based upon a sluggish 45 minutes.
  2. I think he's been playing defensive midfield for QPR and actually sees himself more as a box to box midfielder; despite his tough tackling. I think he's competition for Lee and not for Hutch (although could cover that position). I still think Pessy is seen as cover for Hutch and Luongo as the box to box option. Our game is all about high energy now and every single option we have offers that (even Bannan can get around the pitch). It's an exciting acquisition and one which will certainly move us forward.
  3. It's the game you play with loan signings and it's a game we are fully aware of. They either work out incredibly well (Hector, Kenweyne Jones, Marshall) or they flatter to deceive (Josh Onomah, Rodri etc). You go into this knowing you have them for the season and if they play well you are priced out of the deal. It happens at every single club going and it's a system we haven't used enough in recent years. Hector was fantastic for us but he came to us on the back of an apparent average season for Hull. I didn't feel like we had a great deal of competition to sign him but his stock has risen massively since then. We made the right decision to leave this deal. It's almost as if just because we sold Lucas for a tidy sum everyone has forgotten about the absolute poo storm of a mess we made with FFP and signing players. I also think we need to give Julian Borner a run in the side before relegating him to 3rd choice. He's come to us highly rated, captained his previous club and looks a player.
  4. Bristol are desperate for a striker and keep getting knocked back. Perhaps Rhodes is making way?
  5. 100% the right strategy. If Chelsea are wanting ridiculous money for Hector then that's familiar ground for us. We've been here before and should look at different options. There's still the January window if he doesn't go anywhere.
  6. Four wide players in Aarons, Murphy, Reach and Harris would be pretty much perfect. That allows for real squad rotation and also allows Reach to move inside if injuries crop up.
  7. I think having Rhodes around pushed Teemu Pukki (He was poor for Celtic) so perhaps they are looking for the same again? Rhodes worked for them and is a reliable back up player. 4 million is chump change for a Prem team; especially when it wont be a one payment deal.
  8. Chansiri playing a good game IMO. Norwich may buckle and pay good money. Prem teams usually do near the end of the window. Could work well for us.
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