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  1. When Borner plays week in week out he's not a bad player. When he comes in from the cold he looks like he's won a raffle to play professional football. I like him though. Incredibly honest and whole hearted player.
  2. The Bristol City game and losing that goal was a killer. If we'd have got the 3 points in that game I think we'd have a fair chance of staying up but that goal has more than likely removed all chances. Let's be real though the sheer amount of points we've thrown away this season has been unbelievable. It's a very poor league this year. There's in reality 13 poor sides but the manner in which we've lost games has been mind blowing.
  3. I think the thing with Penney is he's hardly had competition at left wing back this season yet not managed to get into the team. Id be looking at someone like Luke Garbutt for next season who has had two good seasons in League One and I believe signed just a 12 month deal at Blackpool.
  4. Pulis wasn't sold anything. He didn't do any due diligence before he took the job, realised it was a mistake and then tried to engineer his own sacking. He's admitted himself that he took the job hastily as he couldn't get overseas on holiday. Poor appointment by Chansiri but Pulis didn't do any analysis or due diligence before taking the job. He couldn't even attract his usual backroom staff. The whole fiasco was a farce.
  5. The start up world is littered with individuals who front a fun to grow a business. You see it very often that investors sink millions into a company who are all growth and no profitability. It's becoming more common with football. Someone well connected can easily put a fund together or take investment from a rich backer. The prize is the Premier League and that would be financially huge for these investors. Look how Burnley is structured. The purchasers haven't actually put up much capital at this point. It's largely structured in a way where the club is doing the borrowing.
  6. My main issue with Monk was he seemed hell bent not to play Rhodes. I've mentioned this previously but we looked good with Rhodes & Windass up front for the first 3 or so games. I believe we beat Cardiff and got a good point against Watford. He then started chopping and changing trying to implement the new signings and things didn't seem to click as well. Rhodes then suddenly became 5th choice striker and was largely not used after that with Monk in charge. I just didn't get it. The first game against Cardiff we were similar to what we were today (just more of an aw
  7. I found the treatment (particularly in the past 18 months) of Rhodes to be bizarre. Him and Windass started brightly and we beat a good Cardiff side 2-0 followed by a 0-0 draw against Watford (who look like they'll get promoted). Team looked solid but then he was shafted from the team and at the end of the window he was 5th choice. It just doesn't make sense whatsoever. I am not suggesting for a minute he's had a glowing SWFC career but this season he's had a rough deal for no apparent reason. Windass and Rhodes when played together has always seemed solid to me. When you have a pla
  8. Our midfield is absolutely sh*t and I cannot imagine we are blessed with options given we are 9 points from safety with just 10 games remaining. We are operating in the free agent market which typically contains players with baggage/poor injury records. I can't comment on whether he's the answer but we are really struggling for options centrally and an extra body would be useful.
  9. I don't disagree with you re the substitutions but we are clutching at straws. Issues run far deeper than Moore. You could argue that Paterson missed a chance he should have bagged right at the death. If he'd have scored that and not scored an awful Own goal then we'd be praising Moore for his substitutions. It's all if's and buts but thin lines between success and failure.
  10. You're comparing Apples with Oranges. Birmingham have a largely fully fit squad, far more stability (currently) and aren't seeing the staff turnaround we will be seeing in 3 months time. It's not a fair comparison at all.
  11. I just can't see how Moore can be blamed in any shape or form. The amount of injuries we have is unbelievable. The squad and shape of the team has to change every single week due to injuries. Granted some of the substitutions have been a little suspect but overall he cannot be blamed. If you look at the games thus far we've actually been far more competitive. - Rotherham: Freak goal and heroic goalkeeping. - Reading: We looked comfortable until the sending off. Lees also hit the crossbar. - Norwich: Good first half but our fitness is a concern. Norwich have picked off teams left
  12. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/former-swansea-city-coach-cameron-19127982 They sacked their British manager and replaced him with an overseas coach. I imagine this, Covid restrictions and the inability to see his family regularly meant he was unhappy and came to some agreement. I personally believe he never wanted to leave and it was forced on him by Monk wanting to bring in less injury prone (how ironic) players. But any event, there's a perfectly good reason as to why he left Cyprus and came back to England.
  13. That's what I thought. What a strange comparison; especially given the tricky period the world is in.
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