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  1. Looks like you have got this spot on mate. Alan Nixon @reluctantnicko 1h Oldham. Frankie Bunn close to naming his new number two. #fitslikeaglove
  2. Ah yeah, apologies for that one. Still, I live in the Leeds area and a lot of the Leeds fans think badge kissing aside he's vastly overrated and a little weak against a strong opponent.
  3. swfcGibbo

    Rhodes to Rangers

    Hooper scored a bucket load in Scotland which led to a 5.5million fee agreed with Norwich. At the time (2013) that was quite a large sum. Scotland would be a good destination for Rhodes and for us. Hopefully, he'd pick up his goalscoring and confidence which could lead to us recouping some of the fee paid.
  4. I imagine he'd be looking for a move to the Premiership although personally, I feel he's vastly overrated. Bartley was the rock in the season Jansson received all the plaudits. Whenever he plays against someone with strength he struggles. We saw that at Elland Road when Nuhiu schooled him.
  5. I don't hate Carlos but I was happy for Swansea to go down. He held on as manager for us for far too long and used the friendship he had built with the chairman as an asset. Ultimately, when he got a slight sniff of Swansea having an interest he was instantly happy to offer his resignation. He's a good man who initially brought us great football, however, he will do anything to get himself in the spotlight and a big contract one day. Let's hope he gets offered a job back in Portugal though so we can put an end to these threads. He brought us some very good times but that ships sailed.
  6. swfcGibbo

    Midfield STILL Our Problem Area

    Some good suggestions. I wouldn't say we need another CB though if we sign Venancio. That would leave us with Lees, Van Aken, Pudil, Venancio & Thorniley. You then have the likes of Fox who can also do a half decent job in a back three as well as Neilson pushing through. I think that should be more than enough for the position if we are hoping Thorniley will push through to be a regular first-teamer.
  7. swfcGibbo

    Hakeeeb Adelakun

    150+ appearances (Starting and as a sub) since he broke through at 21 is quite a lot in my opinion. Compare that with Kieran Lee who has around 280 appearances to his name but is 29 (Nearly 30) then it paints a positive picture. I guess what I was trying to say (which I think you agree with) is that he's not raw and may be worth a punt :)
  8. swfcGibbo

    Hakeeeb Adelakun

    He's played ALOT of football for his age which is incredibly encouraging and seems to be getting better with every season. He's certainly one to look at as a squad player.
  9. Bannan was on the bench against Leeds without seeing any Under 23 action. FF has had 60 minutes so it makes sense for him to be on the bench on Friday. He can come on for the final 10 minutes if required. It's surely a better option than Jordan Rhodes right now who is, unfortunately, struggling to even get near the ball when he plays let alone score.
  10. Can someone name a better replacement, on the same money who wouldn't command a fee and can offer something different like Atdhe Nuhiu does? I'm all for bettering our options but it doesn't make sense to get rid of someone who still has the appetite to succeed here. We had a similar situation last year with Sasso. We didn't offer him a good deal, he went elsewhere and we were then scrambling for a replacement. It took us months to finally sign Joost (3 million + wages) who thus far hasn't shown that he is better than Sasso in any way. I'm all for progression but we need to be smart; particularly with our FFP issues forthcoming.
  11. swfcGibbo

    Jos dropped a b******* today

    This I completely agree with however those lads would be nowhere near the first team with Carlos still in charge and he's most likely the one who allowed that.
  12. Nuhiu would probably be interested in speaking with them if a new deal at Wednesday isin't on the table. He might get a 2 1/2 year contract on similar wages.
  13. Personally think we need a left wing back more of the mould of what Danny Fox was in his Southampton days (haven't seen him much for Forest). Relatively mobile with a great left foot. For me the left-hand side is a real weak link. I'd be surprised if we haven't at least tried to buy someone for that position.
  14. swfcGibbo

    Pulis n Meggo anyone?

    West Brom. But he actually did a great job up until this season. Took over in January 2015 when they were struggling and took them to a 13th position finish and finished last season comfortably in mid table and was shortlisted for the manager of the year. It came unstuck a little this season as you're right it's not pretty football but he's been an absolute solid manager everywhere he has gone. The football is poo and we'd need to tweak the team a little but we need something fresh. We've been found out and the team is stale. Two failed playoffs takes the steam out of the playing staff, management and fans alike. It needs something fresh. I'm not saying he's the answer but to say he's not a good manager would be wrong.