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  1. Exactly my thinking. The likes of Hutchinson were moved along on the premise we replaced them with younger and fitter players who could train every single session. Luongo cannot stay fit and seems to have a long standing issue which worries me and we've had to play with Pelupessy for the vast majority of games. Shaw looks a great talent but we know the younger players tire as they are not used to the intensity over every game when stepping up to competitive football. On the basis of what's available and fitting into the infrastructure I wouldn't be against it. He can also help Shaw nurtu
  2. Could it be to related to 'accounts' and budgeting reasons? Otherwise I am completely stumped. I think a lot of players figured they would get deals at a specific rate and perhaps that hasn't transpired. I know we were in for Jackson Irvine and he's now ended up at Hibs which feels like a step down. Hopefully the Pandemic has brought positive changes to the salary expectations of footballers.
  3. Pulis wasn't open. He was playing the media game. Apparently it's his strategy and it's well documented on here. He did the same at Boro too.
  4. We've still managed a few like that. Lees cost us 50k and Leeds couldn't give him away!
  5. Looked shocking but hopefully he's better when not feeding on scraps/working in a more attacking team. My Derby supporting friend really rates him.
  6. Surely a lower Prem team would want him? Unless they don't want to loan him out to a Premiership side.
  7. Does nobody understand how modern football works? There's a recruitment team, agents, advisors who all recommend players. The manager has some input but largely the decision is by committee (perhaps not the Roeder type ;)). I believe Luongo, Bates & Murphy were all signed when Bullen was still in charge last time. It's the nature of the modern game.
  8. To be fair to him when Oxford signed him they were calling him a right back which he clearly isin't. If he plays in midfield he will be a cracking signing for Burton.
  9. Remember this from Pulis. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-38136496
  10. This is what @mcmigo was saying from the beginning. Pulis was playing the fans and press game like a Saint. I think Neil alluded to this also.
  11. https://twitter.com/reluctantnicko/status/1343874686153875456?s=19
  12. Nixon has confirmed he didn't take much money to part with him. I believe Pulis was underprepared for the job. Couldn't get his usual backroom staff, didn't seem to have them lined up until after the appointment, wasn't aware of our financial situation. He seemed out of touch and not prepared. I think this has shown in the results.
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