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  1. Terrible league this season. 100% for the takings for anyone with a bit of clout. Hopefully Bruce is that man.
  2. A 6-month loan deal with a view to extending this in January IMO. He's a good player IMO and stretches the opponents in a way JJ used to. He managed 22 appearances across two teams last season so although not ideal it's not terrible. Players tend to pick up niggling injuries when they don't have a run of games/proper preseason.
  3. I remember Hunt saying when he left he was really good friends with Reach and that he and Lee's car shared from Leeds to training so it's not surprising.
  4. Think you're just getting worked up over Agent talk buddy. Absolutely no chance we'd sign Downing in a purely playing capacity.
  5. Difficult one. Looks a good footballer and is only 22. Played a decent amount of football at this level and also played a handful of games for Spurs. As mentioned above he's the type of player you should be looking to sign. He's English which means inflated potential resale value if he has a good season or two, strong and athletic. He's hit and miss but perhaps that is down to niggling injuries and a stop-start season across two managers. I certainly wouldn't be against this signing.
  6. Can you name these players who are available for loan and better? Genuinely asking. Also what inside information do you have on Premier league teams and their 25 man squad given they seem to be already available for loan.
  7. Agreed. Looks like he's played pretty much every single game in the past 7 seasons!
  8. https://www.propertyweek.com/news-analysis/who-owns-premier-league-stadiums/5090883.article
  9. I can totally see that. In Premiership wages he's small fry, probably hasn't achieved a promotion bonus as not their player and wouldn't cost the earth. He also seems to love the area and is happy to play second fiddle. He doesn't get injured often too. As an impact player when you're chasing a game he could work well for them. A 6 million payment for someone with his goalscoring record wouldn't be bad business. I could totally see Norwich looking to keep him.
  10. Reading comments online he was very good when played in an attacking team who passed it around. Alot of hoofball this season apparently.
  11. Josh Vela leaving Bolton. Decent age and good pedigree. Free transfer Probably not the right level of quality for us.
  12. Hooper will sign for a team in the US imo. Logical move for him.
  13. Both Hooper and Winall have looked a little short since returning from injury. I'd be looking to move both on and adding something a little different up top. Lee is a tricky one. Is he worth a six-month contract to prove his fitness and would he even take that? It's incredibly difficult to call as we don't know who Bruce has lined up (or who he'd like to bring in). That's what ultimately decides the debate. We'd still have Joao, Nuhiu, Rhodes, Fletcher & Fernando as striking options. I imagine Bruce will still want to freshen this and move some on for new blood.
  14. What's happened to Lazaar? Didn't he just say he was ill last week?
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