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  1. I came on to post exactly this (perhaps with less detail). Players like Reach are far more important to the club than many realise. Hardly injured, contributes, plays anywhere and has an outstanding attitude. He's a model professional and one of those not everyone can see the value of.
  2. He has a tough job currently. He's trying to motivate players who know they are unlikely to be offered a new deal and players he most probably wants to sell on. He's been incredibly positive about all the players since he's started but you can see that he's starting to understand the fans frustration with the lack of effort/application. I imagine he'll continue to ride this out and begin to integrate other players into the team as the weeks progress. Must be really hard as a manager to motivate players who know they are unlikely to be involved next year; especially when a number of them are just on their final pay day.
  3. Rolando Aarons sounds pretty raw but has good potential. Much needed pace it seems. Achraf Lazaar by all accounts was impressive in Italy but hasn't had a look in since signing a 5-year deal at Newcastle. Championship his level?
  4. Not to go over old ground but how can anyone not have someone with this enthusiasm to play football in the squad? https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/january/i-cant-wait/
  5. Neeskens Kebano Quick, direct and can play across the front line. Certainly an area we need additional options. Would be happy with it.
  6. This one is gathering momentum. https://www.footballinsider247.com/bruce-in-hunt-for-milosevic/
  7. Sorry, cannot agree with this. He started under Carlos and then picked up a nasty shoulder injury and was pretty much out until Jos came in as manager. From then he was constantly played out of position. He's an offensive midfielder known for his engine and goal scoring abilities yet we played him left wing back? Comments on Boyd actually cemented my own opinions on Jos actually. I remember reading/listening to an interview a few months back and when asked why Boyd wasn't considered Jos said we had two players currently for his position in Fox & Penney. I think that tells you everything you need to know about how Jos approached the job and his attitude towards some senior players. Absolutely no past analysis of where Boyd has played and how he's impacted things at former clubs. I'm not suggesting for a minute Boyd is going to go on and play like this week in week out however it must be incredibly difficult as a seasoned pro to sit back and watch what happened under Jos. Nobody can deny Boyd didn't get his head down last season in our purple patch and contribute to the team (Admittedly not at his best) but he was still playing in a position which doesn't match his skills set. Let's hope he can continue to kick on.
  8. It's a completely and utterly ridiculous statement to make. If I was good at my job for a few weeks and then poo for two months do you think they would remember the stellar two weeks when I did perform? The reason we all want a new manager is purely because it's 1 win in 10 playing awful football and shipping the most goals in the league. People who he believed shouldn't be on the bench (Dave Jones anyone) suddenly appeared on the bench this weekend despite overlooking him and having Conor Kirby, Isaac Rice etc on the bench earlier in the season. Can Jones and co now suddenly play 25 games a season?. This goes against his apparent philosophy of blooding the young players as this wasn't the case this past weekend. He's confused, we are confused and nobody sees a clear, defined progressive plan of how we get out of this. Out of the three players he's signed, he's brought in two seem to be the scapegoats and the other is undroppable irrespective of how he performs. I could go on and on but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. I'd love for him to turn it around as he seems like a genuinely nice bloke but his management style and tactics don't seem to be working.
  9. Jos seems totally out of the loop with what's going on. I imagine the Chairman is getting in place someone to take over and Jos knows that. Fair play to Giddings who is usually terrible with some cracking questions and put the pressure on significantly.
  10. Perhaps reading a little into this but he seems to have a new enthusiasm for the club?
  11. I think he was purely speculating and didn't really have a clue. 3h Shop window perhaps Jack @jack231997 @reluctantnicko heard anything else about Wednesday? Kieran Westwood playing in u23s game, first game he’s been involved in all season? Jos changed his mind or been advised to? Or has he gone?
  12. Panic over. Westwood didn't play the second half so is by default still the best Goalkeeper at the club.
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