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  1. Both journalists are excellent. Unfortunately the model the Star and many traditional newspaper companies have followed is archaic. They were very slow to switch to a subscription model and are now trying to shoe horn it in while still serving a ridiculous amount of ads per page. Not the journalists fault. I do think this particular exclusive last night was dropped for Click throughs. But again, just doing the job they've been told to do.
  2. Purely to generate page views (IMO) from the Star. I imagine they knew this deal was already agreed/in the works.
  3. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/batth-transfer-sheffield-wednesday-sunderland-22798627?%3F%3F= Sounds like our deal was good but Sunderland offered the option + better league position.
  4. Dunks took a LONG time to get going after his injury. Iorfa may be the same. Hutch could quite easily be injured again. I imagine it's more of a case Preston want to put him in the shop window. If he does well they can get a fee for him. He's still young so has resale value.
  5. He was first choice at the start of the season and played every game, signing a new contract in September. All down to opinions ultimately. Lowe doesn't seem to rate him.
  6. Played all his recent football in the Championship. Only just signed a new deal too https://www.pnefc.net/news/2021/september/jordan-storey-extends-stay-at-pne/ It seems like he's now surplus under Lowe. If this is hopefully with a view to taking him longer term then this is potentially a better option than Batth.
  7. Would like to see us go back in for Beevers now. He's been quality at this level for years now.
  8. I imagine the fact they are 11 points clear of us and a potential promotion bonus when they get back into the Championship is a selling point. Batth is in his 30's now so a promotion bonus and more chance of Championship football next year is probably more of a draw than we are right now.
  9. Bambo Diaby formerly of Barnsley is on trial at Preston. He's only 24, bit of a wildcard but might be worth a free transfer signing. He was banned for a year for a failed drug test but protests his innocence. Fits the mould of the type of player Moore likes to take a gamble on. Obviously isn't match fit but is available.
  10. Of course I meant if he's surplus to requirements at Stoke. He's out of contract in the summer so perhaps wants a 2/3 year deal?
  11. Would be surprised if we managed to get him to drop down a level. Was their player of the month in November and by all accounts is more than good enough for the championship. I guess geography plays a factor as we are fairly close to the Midlands where he is from.
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