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  1. Cooldude

    New Site

    Thanks, yeah we are
  2. Cooldude

    New Site

    Iv'e rarely posted on here lately as I like to watch from a distance but i know there are a lot of avid games on the site. This is something I've been cooking up for the past year with a couple of friends and I just think it would be a good place for some of you! Only decided to share now as the forums just gone up. The site is www.crazyhorsegaming.co.uk . Any feedback aswell would be greatly appreciated :).
  3. Cooldude


    Would I be alright to take the x com steam key from ya? Got on ps3 but can't help but feel this'll be much better on pc
  4. Can anyone remember the site from Thailand where they sold cheap football shirts for a Tenner. Can't seem to find the original thread.
  5. Oops my bad . I copied wrong link, mines an advent-well this one
  6. Kinda being ripped off on both of them. If ya pop into pc world and go right to the back, they often have refurbished laptops which they sell off at the cheapest prices. I got this one for 150 quid like 2 weeks ago and its amazing: Pc World
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