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  1. Boyd Jones pudil and a few youngsters I think
  2. Ignore sunderland as he was number 2 to mignolet at the time and only made 19 appearances
  3. I reckon it's appearance clauses. Hellve had same at other clubs no doubt. Look how many league games he'd played at Carlisle n coventry (ignore sunderland) 131 each and 133 for us? Seems abit too coincidental to me. If the clause is say 150 and the club dont want to let on about it, Makes sense especially if he's been "fit for months" as hes said
  4. Wildsmith Palmer Lees Van aken Pudil Boyd Bannan Pelupessy Hutch Reach Nuhiu Fessi
  5. I'm praying venancio is fit so loovens doesn't have to play. Loovens will cost us 2-3 goals tonight if he plays
  6. Loovens Pudil and Jones should never wear a shirt ever again, abdi is robocop pre transformation Isnt he? And Hirst isn't ready. I'll have what you're smoking though!
  7. I'd love to see us come away with 8 points from that but can see us only ending up with 2
  8. Any lineup where Jones Butterfield and Wallace aren't involved in will do me
  9. Still can't believe there are people out there that rate Pudil higher than fox still. Wallace Pudil kean nuhiu Jones and loovens need to move on in the summer if not in Jan.
  10. If you want him gone voice it at Hull rather than just on here. I agree it's time for him to go but with too many sat on the fence at the minute, chanting for him to go at games seems a bit taboo at the moment. He said he'd leave if people didn't want him here so lets get it done. The only other thing is will stuff like this affect the performance on the pitch? Not that it can get any worse....
  11. He's out for season I've been told.
  12. UShe was embarrassing for both sides, numerous offsides in first half missed and in second half she gave them same treatment she did us. Nothing sexist about it just an official had a very very very bad game.
  13. Anyone fancy asking what the point in going cashless around the ground is? and how they've managed to spell "animis" incorrectly on the season card?
  14. Current first team squad. Is it more ready?? Westwood Wildsmith Dawson Palmer Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Fox Wallace Boyd Bannan Lee Jones Abdi Hutch Reach Matias Joao Nuhiu Rhodes Hooper Fessi Fletcher Winnall
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